Konec dívčích snů 2: Vzpomínky a činy

(Část 1) — Tak prý mám říct, jak to celý bylo. Že prý je vhodný až nutný, abych se vyjádřil, a popsal celou tu věc ze svýho úhlu pohledu. A že to pak ten mizera Švejk prý sepíše, a bude… Continue Reading

Konec dívčích snů 1 (End of Girl’s Dreams)

Část 1: Dívka z lepší rodiny (English translation will follow soon) — Konečně měla Prahu za sebou. Zuzana se pohodlně uvelebila v kožené sedačce luxusního SUV Mercedes, očima mechanicky sledovala známou silnici, co vedla od Radotína do Černošic, a konečně… Continue Reading

Brit Marling: Inside a New Age Cult

The information flow in present Western society is overwhelming. Millions of various information and data sources with fluctuating quality provide us with endless flow of warnings, recommendations and “good advices from top experts, scientists and doctors“, how to be happy, rich,… Continue Reading

The sectarian heritage of OSHO

OSHO (or Rajneesh, 1931-1990, India) left a wide heritage for millions of followers of his wisdoms, helping them to find the sense of life, and to become happy and satisfied, as they always wanted. From all his quotes, it’s hard to select… Continue Reading

She’s The One

One young woman can change our world, and her destiny. When the famous fashion brand “Woman´s Destiny” started, they used this line: “Discover your true Self.” But who is Denisa, actually? Is she on the good side, or on the… Continue Reading

VIP Girls Need Love Too

Regardless if we were born into rich or poor material conditions, many of us still had to fight for love of our parents and family, to be accepted and valued. And VIPs have the same struggle, as you will see… Continue Reading

Svejk Goes To A Fortune-Teller by Alan Svejk

Many people seek the truth about the world, about their mission, about their place and about themselves. They feel, that their own mind is limited, it carries the burden of logical thinking, assumptions, worries and past bad experience. Sometimes, they… Continue Reading