Wu Corporation: Rumored and Suspected Human Assets, Collaborators, Allies, Pawns, Puppets, Victims, Slaves, Conspirators, Bribed Rats, Symphatizers, Supporters

Surely, might of China and Wu Corporation attracts many rats, or many poor loser are coerced to cooperate with the Chinese, to help them to achieve their global dominance… —

Islamic State: Far From Defeat. The terrorists infiltrate European Police Forces with barmaids

Although the corrupted Western media reported with joy and relief recently, that the front lines of the Islamic State, the ultimate terrorist organization in human history, are crumbling in Syria and Iraq under ruthless Kurdish pressure, and more and more… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: Basic Questionnaire For a Client, Employee, Asset, Operator, Supporter

In life, everything comes for a price. If you wish to become our client, employee, operative, supporter or symphatizer, the reputated Wu Corporation doesn’t ask only money and devotion from you, as we have enough of these, cheap in this postmodern… Continue Reading