Islamic Princess Maryam (31): Prayer Far From Home

An extremely important transport hub, the Prague Airport, named after Vaclav Veskrna, famous Czech President and a rumored Communist CounterIntellienge StB operative, who “invented” the controversial term “humanitarian bombing”, it doesn’t have a dedicated mosque for the travelling followers of Islam, worshippers… Continue Reading

VIP Islamic Tours: Discover Islam in the Emirates

You always wanted to know more about fascinating Islamic culture of the Middle East, which always attracted you so deeply, but you were too afraid, that your domestic CounterIntelligence service will label you as a potential security threat, jeopardizing your… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: VIP Islamic Tourism. Discover Islam, Convert to Islam, Submit To Allah. Emirates, Al-Andalus, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Desert Gate Dubai

Organized by Desert Gate Tourism LLC Part 1: Dubai, United Arab Emirates Part 2: Granada, Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain), Hotel Alhambra Palace Just besides Alhambra, the Islamic wonder and a local key mosque Mezquita de Granada (Mosque of Granada, 2003) Part 3:… Continue Reading

Tales from a Mosque (13): Matter of Love

In the lively streets of a large Austrian city, lying just beneath the Alpine mountains, with their tall sharp peaks still covered with snow, where cute Alpine Marmots enjoyed the Spring sun, climbing on the rocks, there was a lot… Continue Reading

Islamic State deploys heavy weapon of endless attrition war against West: mass extortion of Western females

As the Islamic State continuously hits the Western civilization with many small wounds in endless war of attrition, in order to force West to slowly bleed to its defeat, very disturbing news were revealed to the public, pointing at total… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: VIP Tourism Operator Desert Gate LLC Dubai United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Organizes VIP Islamic Tours Front organization / Backed by Sheikh Al Maktoum for da’wah (incoming premium VIP tourism into UAE for spiritual relief, discovering Islam and converting to Islam Radka Fisarova – Me, Muslim Woman Desert… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: VIP Time Travel Tourism

Using the ultimate scientific invention of history, The Device, brought to the welfare of human kind by Wu Corporation, you are allowed to visit limitless historical events, and become their direct participant, in Wu’s Time Travel Tourism. The allowed past… Continue Reading

Wu Corporation: VIP Tourism

To satisfy the highest demands of VIP clients, who expect something special and unique in their exotic travels, Wu Corporation offers VIP Tourism, directed at the most fascinating destinations of the world, but not going there as a mere tourist,… Continue Reading

Boys from Abby want to play. Postmodern men: no battle, no control, no dominance, just fun and sex

Just have a look at them yourself. You will understand instantly, where some of postmodern men, like this ultimate hipster Lorenzo and the rest of the band Abby found their place, their mission, their fate and salvation. Just skating, music,… Continue Reading