Tales from a Mosque (11): Anthony’s Decision

In a large Austrian city under the Alps, where a modest white mosque is standing proudly and calls all people to praise Allah, the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful, a surprising and shocking media campaign occured, like a fire from the sky, just when the famous wedding between Anthony, an American business tycoon, and Kathrin, a reputated Austrian visual artist with aristocratic roots, was still going on, in a baroque chateau of noble Von Mandorff family, under strictest security precautions, with more than two hundred guests attending, including two Muslim women: Fatima, the Imam Faraj’s trustworthy aide with an Intelligence background, and her friend, Layla, working in the luxury fashion industry.

The pamphlet was distributed for free, to achieve the widest possible social penetration, using big red letters and classic tabloid media psychological strategies, causing a social earthquake in the city center, even at the highest local political levels, particularly the Town Hall.

The vicious wave allegedly came from Prague, as a key Czech tabloid magazine with extremely questionable media reputation, called expressively ‘Heavy Slander’, tried to expand abroad, using the critical information they were allegedly able to obtain directly from the Austrian VIP and celebrity environment, serving for their malicious interests well.

But without any doubt, the affair far exceed only some media or financial plans. Many interests were meeting in the cause: beginning with bold and reckless move of Countess Theresa Von Laubringen, who tried to eliminate Islam from the city, persuading the people to promote a public park, instead Imam Faraj’s mosque. To achieve this task, she allegedly connected with a powerful Chinese multinational corporation, who desired to get the ground for themselves, for construction purposes.

And there was yet another dangerous player, hidden in the shadows, whose existence was never officially proved or denied, only indicated by countless media speculations: a classified Special Forces unit of the Czech Military, specialized in so called Psychological Warfare, which allegedly invented an efficient measure to stop spread of Islam in Europe, and they possibly decided to test the new tactics directly in the field, orchestrating a “theft” of a classified NATO document, describing the new strategy in detail, and suggesting using the Chinese as a cat’s pawn, allegedly the only one in the whole world, able to counter the immense overall power of Islam.

Countess Von Laubringen activated the operation in large, without realizing, what kind of massive and ruthless avalanche will be created, reaching the highest levels, as the alleged Special Unit C102: PSYOPS was experienced with executing such high-profile media games with wide social and political consequences from the Czech Republic.

There were rumors, that they are using tabloid media for their purposes, including ‘Heavy Slander’ magazine, particularly for precise Psychological and Information operations on the Czech public, financing their activities from black, completely unaccountable funds, and operating as a chain of inconspicuous, shell business companies, maintaining no official and provable relation with the Czech Army deliberately, to avoid any control from the Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons.

But all this information and speculations was not known to the Austrian public, when a massive delivery of the ‘Heavy Slander’ pamphlet reached the streets, distributed freely by many hired collaborators, mostly students, dressed in bright red color, to be harmonised with the magazine style.

Heavy Slander Gossip Magazine - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs H

“Dear Austrian readers”, this surprising ‘Special Issue’ started with a personal statement of its Chief Reporter, Mathias Navratil,  a famous Czech tabloid journalist, rumored to be Unit’s top collaborator.

“I was returning home from visiting the impressive Austrian Alps, feeding hungry but cute Alpine Marmots with carrot, when I stopped in your beautiful town,” the text continued. “And I met with some local friends, your neighbours, who informed me about very disturbing affair, running in your city right now, and without your knowledge. But believe me, you should know, what is happening: it concerns your city very seriously, and it concerns you, your children, and your future,” the Chief Reporter lured readers with experience.

Thus, as my highly reputated journalistic honor never sleeps, either in domestic Prague or abroad, I decided to launch a full scale investigation, and to create this ‘Special Issue’ for you, to present you all gathered facts, and to lead you to the light of truth. From some unknown reasons, your corrupted media and your corrupted politicians don’t want you to know the reality, maybe thinking, that you are only small pawns, so you don’t need to be informed.

They all are playing their big VIP game, smiling at you publicly, but despising you actually, expecting you to be passive, to be indifferent, like always, so your world can be changed, without any chance for you to express and assert your opinion, to realize your sacred civic law, to have your voice heard.

I sincerely hope, that following information will help you to realize, what you have in stake right now. As a foreigner, I can’t recommend or suggest you, what to do next: but the knowledge is beginning of all remedies.

So, take some personal time, make a good cofee, find a convenient place to read, open your mind, prepare for an unbelievable adventure… and begin the journey.

Part 1: Anthony’s Obsession

Every man has his personal demons inside him, never able to be completely destroyed and removed, always waiting patiently for another chance for their resurrection. Be it women, power, money, alcohol, gambling, violence, war, hatred, ego… if a man can’t cope with his own demons, he will surely come to the edge of life, sooner or later, where he will start to hurt others, becoming ruthless, seeing only himself and his questionable interests, as he is obsessed to fulfill his dreams at any price.

There is a man, who came into Austria from the United States: his first name is Anthony, you all certainly know him, that extremely successful and wealthy business tycoon, visible at all that VIP parties and shiny glamorous magazines, given as an example to your children, during all that lectures at schools, when he presents his life experiences and impressive achievements, to be a desirable example for others.

Anthony is a young, very successful man, who came here to find his destiny, like a wandering soul in the desert, and eventually, he really found, what he maybe looked for: but it was not his superb success in love, meeting an Austrian female aristocrat, Kathrin… no need to introduce her as well, that famous painter, who had the famous vernissage just yesterday, and many of you were present there, admiring her latest artistic collections.

She was smiling, she was happy there: but believe us, as soon as she will finish reading of this issue, she will have her heart broken, like no one else in the city.

Pity her, and pray for her: she will need it, when she will be exposed to the highly toxic truth. Her wedding is still running, she is just dancing her bridal dance, she is looking at Anthony like at a sacred painting, holding his hands firmly, believing him, that he is the man of her life, she surrendered to him, she gave him everything, her present, her future… but her deep love was not able to treat him from his demons, who took control recently, and as you will see, he treated them with the way that concerns you too.

His demon, his curse, who sent him into the most questionable crusade, is called ‘The Glass House’. All of you heard about this brave construction project: at the main square, a house has to be razed, so this ultimate building in the price of 100 million EUR can be created, changing the square forever, bringing a new dominant to the city centre, controversial but powerful, bold but ingenious.

Some of you agreed with the project, reasoning with investments and future available jobs, while other of you protested. Some of you even took steps to set back the project, becoming civic activists, as you believed, that the current building from the 19th century should be preserved, that the Glass House is too aggressive in its design, and it would hurt the square, and the historical landmarks around irrevocably. You simply used your sacred civic right, and it was nothing personal against Anthony, who created and backed the project, who brought many foreign investors here.

Anthony was the kind of a man who wins often, who is capable, and who has the necessary luck as well. Of course, that he sustained losses in his previous business operations, but you know him, he is the man, who never turns back, who never cries when he lost some money: he simply continues, and in the long term, he is in the impressive positive numbers. In other words, you know Anthony as a marathon man, who plans for the long run, where some temporary delays don’t matter, and you admired this feature.

Of course, that Anthony anticipated, that many of you will stand against his controversial project, so he hired an army of experienced Public Relations specialists, he gave them good money, and ordered: ‘Create an effective strategy, so the public will not only tolerate, but they will support the project’. He simply wanted to persuade you, by promising the bright future, investments, jobs, economic advantages for the city, which are indisputable.

But those people, these ruthless mercenaries of influence and persuasion, they disappointed Anthony somehow, all that PR elite in expensive suits and with the best U.S. universities absolved, who arrived into your city using a private jet from New York, the central of famous ‘Ogilvy PR’.

Maybe you didn’t like their style of media communication, or they deployed a bad strategy to influence you, underestimating you. Anyway, in the end, the resistance against project has only arisen, and nothing helped, including ‘The Open Day’, when you could see the documentation, models, and talk with the architect, to hear about his vision, to present your objections to him.

The time was passing, and the imagination of the house standing was disappearing slowly, making Anthony more and more anxious, as this should be the key project of his career. Originally, he planned to retire after it, marrying Kathrin, starting a new, family life, adjusting to another life priorities.

When the things complicated, Anthony tried to be patient at first, believing, that it’s necessary to overcome obstacles in life, to never lose eagle’s eye by some temporary setbacks, and we fully agree with this wise approach. Through time, Anthony even found his inner peace again, realizing, that simply the circumstances are too complicated, and some bold dreams have to be put to ice, at least temporarily. As the American hustlers say: ‘You win some, you lose some’.

So he realized himself somewhere else, not losing precious time, making other good business transactions, particularly in the financial and banking industry, his home, where he feels very certain, having a good sense for perfect deals, making good money in the process.

And you know well, that he was never obsessed with collecting wealth, he knew his duty to participate in various charity projects, to share his wealth with those less fortunate, and it’s another reason to appreciate him.

But the demon, Anthony’s desire for the ultimate life achievement, was still sleeping inside him, and one day, just recently, it was awoken so strongly, that the chain of key events started moving.

Part 2: Meeting His Destiny

Maybe it was just a coincidence, or fate, that he met the religion of Islam, taking the form of a young woman, a devoted servant of Allah, whose identity we know, but we feel no need to reveal it at the moment, as every man is responsible for his own actions, and it’s only his choice to accept or deny what the world offers to him.

These two people would probably never meet under normal conditions, but again, maybe it was fate. The woman approached Anthony with a pure intention to save the mosque in your city, as its existence is currently jeopardized by your civic effort to change its grounds to a public park, serving for thousands, instead of the mosque, serving allegedly only to several hundreds followers of Allah, so we can speak about higher interests here.

This woman captivated Anthony completely, once and forever. Suddenly, he could see all his old lost forgotten dreams inside her. Without knowing it, she offered him exactly the solutions which he needed, and he fell in love with her in the process, as deeply as a man can love a woman.

But he fell in love not only with her physical existence: he found, that exactly Islam is what he needs to be the man who he wanted to be, to be balanced, to feel and live your purpose. It was like meeting your destiny, the moment you were waiting for all that long years, maybe for the whole life.

Everything changed for him in that moment of meeting the Muslim woman. His fiancée, Kathrin, was nobody in comparison with a secretive, proud and impressive Middle Eastern beauty, fascinating culture and history she represented, framed under the religion of Islam, the only complete and perfected religion, impressing many people everywhere, as the number of converts to Islam is rising steadily, influencing masses.

Many of you may ask: ‘What is so impressive about Islam, that so many people from the whole world accept the submission to Allah? How can only the reciting of Shahada, and following Five Pillars, change a man or woman so much?’

There is only one correct answer to this complicated question: you would know immediately, if you would become a Muslim yourself. Islam, it’s more than a mere religion, it’s a complete way of life, it’s an ultimate life adventure, as the converts report with enthusiasm, never looking back.

Meeting her, Anthony saw, that all his dreams can be fulfilled, he can find what he was looking for so long, if he will answer the call of Allah. She became the fateful woman of his life, not his beloved fiancée Kathrin – and any man is waiting for such woman, dreaming about her arrival in all those sleepless nights, dying with desire to meet her, and accept his destiny.

The Muslims believe in destiny, and it makes them ultimately free. Unlike you, who have to analyze the flow of life events endlessly, only followers of Islam enjoy the real liberty, as they always know, that whatever happens, it’s under the control of Allah Almighty, the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful, who leads and protects His followers wisely at any moment, never leaving you, never forgetting you, as you are His creation.

This way, any Muslim from any cultural or social background gains an immense power, as he or she is liberated from all fears and grieving. All that eternal questions a non-believers asks: ‘What will happen? What will be tomorrow? When will I die? Does he or she love me? Will I have job, will I have money?’, those have no validity for a Muslim, so he or she can fully concentrate on serving Allah well, asking for His mercy and worshipping him by regular prayers and making good deeds, taking care of his or her affairs and vicinity more responsibly.

Anthony hadn’t a slightest doubt in his heart, that Islam is exactly what he needs to become complete. He was listening to her as attentively as never, when she was explaining him, what immense advantages Islam brings to any man or woman. It was the kind of call you simply have to follow, there is no hesitation or choice, there never was: you simply follow your heart this time, and you join all those brothers and sisters, willing to accept you, regardless who you were, as long as your faith is pure, and you are willing to substitute your ego and self with submission to Allah, becoming His servant, living according to Islamic beliefs, gaining immense rewards, becoming protected, pampered, pure, moral, truthful, and generally a better person.

We can’t imagine, how hard was the last night for Anthony. He knew, that his love towards Kathrin was now only relative, he had his mind full of another woman, and full of Islam. He wanted to follow the new woman, and all what she represents. She became a messenger of Allah in certain sense, bringing another lost sheep back into the herd, where you can find inner peace, freedom and destiny. She was the one who could satisfy his endless thirst, giving him all the gifts he wanted and needed… who would and could resist?

Any human being needs love and appreciation, but the corrupted, decadent Western society made these qualities hard to obtain. But in Islam? Live ‘Five Pillars’, follow Qur’an, and you will have hundreds of millions of loving brothers and sisters, who stand up for each other, taking care of each other, like a family, where no one is remaining in the corner, on the contrary: when Muslims pray in congregation, they form regular rows, shoulder by shoulder, and only those who connect the rows are rewarded.

But the best thing is, that you even don’t need them, you don’t need any ther human being, with their weaknesses and imperfections, if you have Allah: only Him is able to give you anything you need, never disappointing you, never leaving you on the rough street of life. He is the only one, who can provide certainty and thus security in this world, as all other people and values are only transient. He is eternal, He is the light, the only one worth of following without doubts.

There was this well known event, when a non-believer man visited the local mosque, asking Imam Faraj for advice, feeling completely overwhelmed by life.

The Imam examined the man, saying: ‘Have a look, how heavy burden you are carrying on your back. It must be so tiring, so exhausting, fighting with this large bag daily, full of plans, fears, dreams, visions, worries, experiences, thoughts, assumptions, memories and wrong judgements. Do you have to suffer like this? It’s your choice, because you maybe see no other option in life, you do, what you think it’s expected to do, to be happy. But the way to happiness is not through suffering and struggle: only through returning to the roots, to the absolute simplicity, realizing, what is the only purpose of life: to worship Allah, only then the other things follow. In such life, all that fears and worries and assumptions are missing, so they can be substituted with good deeds. Escape from Allah, you will suffer; accept Allah, and you will be free.’ 

Part 3: Tale of Islamic Love

The Muslim woman gave everything to Anthony. She awoke deep feelings of love and affection inside him again, as the relation with Kathrin became rather something like a business cooperation through years, fading into pursuing common interests, joining forces beneficially. But now?

He felt, that he was alive again, and he felt so deep gratitude to Allah, who sent the Muslim woman to him, to awake him, to provide him all what he needed. He felt increasing power inside him, because now, he has a purpose: before, he simply lived as best as he could, solving problems and challenges, like some animal in a wood. But now, life became something much more pure, simple, and pleasant, an adventure, worth living.

He knew, that her love maybe doesn’t even exist, he suspected her, that she was only using him, as a tool for the interests of the Ummah, the community of Islam. She never told him anything about love, she never lured him: but still, she shined, and she started a big fire inside Anthony’s soul.

Yes, he wanted her so much. He would ask her to marry him on the spot, after talking to her for five minutes… without thinking and evaluating her physical imperfections and other possible problems. It was a complete love, a total love, and every man or woman should experience it: love in Islam is much stronger than in the life of non-belivers.

Any further second he spent with her, influenced by her energy, he knew, that she is the one. That no one else can ever give him as much as her, simply because her faith creates the best person from her: balanced, calm, certain, firm, stable, peaceful, but also sensitive, caring, loving, entertaining, exciting, surprising. Women of Islam: it’s a miracle indeed.

She influenced him and then she left, like a ghost, leaving him alone, with all that thoughts, but with increased power and might, as Allah slowly took control of him, willing to accept Anthony’s submission. In the end, it was not important, whether she would ever love Anthony: there are many good Muslim women around the world, and anybody is replaceable. The most imporant was, that she showed him the Straight Path, and for that, he could never be grateful enough.

Who knows, whether she had some feelings. Rumored to be an Austrian Intelligence operative, maybe she was trained to keep the distance from the “objects”. Maybe she would marry only a Muslim by birth, not a convert… and maybe she wouldn’t marry anybody at all, as she could have thousand reasons.

And there was no question that she wouldn’t sleep with him: Muslim women have extremely high honor, unlike their Western counterparts, and Islam forbids all sexual contacts before marriage, saving people from all that eternal, painful desire, so they can get to know each other better, and they take relationships more seriously, more responsibly.

In the end, Anthony really married Kathrin, as we are witnesses right now. He doesn’t love her, he can’t, his heart now belongs to Allah and the other woman; still, he had to make the hard decision. To believe a dream, to follow it immediately, from hour to hour, to burn all bridges, to break all original promises… or to simply flow with the events, not struggling with the fate?

What would you do, before you will judge him, if you would have such fateful meeting just hours before your wedding? Would you escape from the altair to pursue some spectre, or would you stay faithful to your original beliefs, even if your old faith is lost forever, and you know that?

Part 4: The Fate of Scapegoats

In practical sense, Anthony is a Muslim now. It doesn’t matter, whether he will stay with Kathrin, or he will start his long voyage to conquer the heart of the woman he really loves. The important is, what implications this change has for you all.

For him, all changed, but the big game for power and influence in your city is still running. Just look around you, and look towards the Town Hall, where all that polished politicians are sitting, watching the events developing, like attentive hawks, calculating their advantages and options, and one of the variables is the local Muslim community, now gaining extremely valuable asset: Anthony, the powerful businessman with VIP status, with wide social, political and economic connections, not speaking about immense personal wealth. The question is: how will this change influence the city?

The wedding is not finished yet, it barely started, but you now have the responsibility of knowledge: Islam is coming into your city, in large, and no stone will remain untouched. But you noticed certainly, that Islam prevails everywhere: only in your home, you will see in practice, what a VIP converts means for the present and future. Will he continue in his efforts to build the Glass House? Or will he redirect his energy and money somewhere else, where he feels right?

The mosque you wanted to raze yesterday becomes the center of power of today, right now, at this moment. And this ‘today’ will mean, that the Town Hall, your voted deputies, will become only a secondary source of power in the city, in the whole region: Vienna is now thousand light years away from you, and you personally will experience and face the future. Will this newly set future be better, than yesterday?

Behind the walls of the mosque in your city, Imam Faraj is sitting in his modest office, reading the same pamphlet. Those of you, who met him personally, know very well, that he is a man of honor, who never grasped for any power here, who is favored even by non-believers. However, in certain sense, even him will face the new and demanding challenges, as some Muslims will most likely approach him, suggesting, that he should use the new asset, for the benefit of Islam. How will the Imam decide? And the woman?

She is a believer, but still only a human being. If the other Muslims will recommend her to accept Anthony’s natural courtship, again, for the benefit of Islam? How will she decide? We know, that she is unmarried, so practically available for courting. Will she let Anthony, and his massive power empire, to be grasped by other woman, and potentially misused against Islam? Will she let this ultimate and unique chance, beneficial for the whole Umman, to be lost? Does she realize, that more than her personal preferences and interests are in stake right now?

Accepting Anthony’s inevitable offer for marriage could prevent all serious troubles the mosque has in the present, even secure a sustainable future for the Muslim community, as Anthony could be controlled desirably, and influenced daily by his beloved wife. Isn’t it another reason for her, to consider accepting the proposal?

Without you knowing it, the revolution is going on in the city streets. You will only watch now, together with the Town Hall. Tomorrow, you will cry, you will complaint, maybe you will organize a public rally, where you will wave with some pretty slogans, calling for ‘change in the public affairs’, ‘citywide ban on Islam’, ‘expelling Anthony from the city and Austria’, and so on.

But the Town Hall will remain closed. Silent. The Mayor will have to leave for a sudden, allegedly urgent business trip to Indonesia or somewhere very far, to sign an alleged business contract of critical importance… oh, Joachim, will you be a man this time, or a dodging rat, like always? Never willing to face problem openly?

The big problem for the mayor is this: if he will allow the Glass House to be built now, you will blame him, that he is too accommodating for the demands of Muslims, too soft, maybe fearing them secretly, or he is even their secret follower, sympatizer, or even a clandestine convert himself.

On the contrary, if he will keep the project on ice, Anthony will have no other choice, than to gain a political power for himself next year, to overthrow the current politicians, blocking his plans, and then, he will be able to sign anything he will like… but it will also mean, that Muslims will gain open political power in your city, maybe even majority. And this is what Social Democrats will hardly allow just like that, losing this city, the desirable influence, the power.

Our experienced political analysts insist, that the current mayor will resign in 7 days at latest, as he will be persuaded by the top leaders of his own political party, Social Democrats, to take responsibility for the situation, so all blame for losing power in the city can be put on one poor scapegoat and the party can wash hands in front of you, voters, seducing you to believe them again, as ‘… it was all the fault of one man, he operated behind our back, without us knowing, otherwise everything would be different, our beloved citizens, so stay loyal’.

But most likely you still stand behind Joachim firmly, so we challenge anyone of you for an innocent stake: if our estimation will fail and the mayor will hold for 7 days since this moment, we will pay a mass prize of 120.000 EUR (after taxation, we are not those thieves) to all of you, who will publicly stand behind the mayor, betting on him, pledging him support.

During this time, we will maybe release yet one more Special Issue, to ease your – and Mayor’s – decision. To assure that no malicious censorship efforts from the side of the Town Hall will succeed, we have alternative distribution channels prepared, so don’t worry, you will get to the truth, as no one can deny it from you!

Part 5: All Begins With a Mother

If the future of Europe is Islam, you are now witnesses of the future. Remember this moment, this minute, when you will narrate tales to your grandchildren, about the ‘good old world’, when you were young, powerful, full of dreams, but then life got complicated, you got old and melancholic, trying to resurrect the past, which is long gone. All your past loves, all your missed chances… nothing can be retrieved.

But Islam promises a new start for everybody, forgiving all previous sins. You still have at least one door opened, and Imam Faraj will be waiting in the mosque, to be a witness of your Proclamation of Faith, the Shahada, so nothing is lost.

And by the way… did you know, that Imam Faraj has a daughter? A well hidden gem, a young woman, determined to change the world, she only waits for the fateful signal of Allah maybe, she is still hesitating, still not willing to fight for the future, maybe she needs a powerful man beside her, who will unleash the ultimate power inside her.

Many rumors are circulating about her in the local Muslim community, that she will cure the world one day. Some call her ‘The Mother of All Muslims’, some call her ‘The Small Imam’, although some even don’t believe, that she really exists. But if she will come one day… will you let her to cure your soul too?

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