Tales from a Mosque (15): The Imam’s Daughter

Indeed, Imam Faraj had a daughter, caled Sanaa’ (=Eminence), and she was a very special person, talented in so many ways, be it singing, sport, photography, arts, public affairs, but it seemed, that Allah wanted to walk her through many strange ways and places in her life, until she will maybe return home one day, back to her family, becoming the woman she was always supposed to be: a female Imam, continuing in the family tradition, maybe even going farther in her religious duties, if Allah will permit, and she will become an important part of Austrian political life, unlike her father, who denied even to think about such things.

“Any servant of Allah is exactly, where he or she is supposed to be, by the will of Allah,” he always said, when the brothers from AAIC (=Association of Austrian Islamic Communities) persuaded him to enter politics, to acquire more power for the Islamic community, Ummah.

Instead himself, he recommended them her daugher, but the brothers were not willing to be ruled by women, maybe even overshadowed by them. Of course, that they knew, how tempting and beneficial for the community it could be, to have their own Islamic female asset, to ride on the dark wave of current women empowerment movement in Europe, to get advantages for all Muslims. On the other hand, the girl not only kept distant, but she also clearly indicated, that she is a free person, and she has other personal agenda.

What could her father do? He had to let her go, and she went to the wealthy Switzerland, where she worked on a quite low work position, hardly with a perspective of some shiny career. So, why did she go there?

“I will tell you, why, father,” she explained to the Imam honestly. “Because I don’t want to be a part of this eternal, exhausting fight, which we Muslims are leading against the Jews, our archenemies, and Americans, who want to stop us, and destroy us. I know well, what my Islamic duties are, but I simply want something else in my life, not living only Islam, like you. I am still a proud Muslim woman, Allah is my witness, but there is more in life, than this mosque, and I want to see it all.

Maybe one day, I will become a small Imam, I will learn from you, how to be a good woman of faith, inspiring others, helping others, serving others, maybe even living for others, except Allah of course, who will be at the first place of my values, ever, and I will worship only Him, until my last breath.

It was you, and Allah, who decided to take me from my distant home into this strange infidel land. We came here with a purpose, you agree? You found your place immediately, because at home, you would do the same, but what about me?

I hope, that I am not disappointing you, as a daughter. Maybe one day, you will understand, why I do all this, and why it’s important. I don’t know myself too well yet, but I feel, that such is the will of Allah for me, to be in Geneva, although maybe I am not paid too well, but I come into contact with very powerful, and important persons, who can be extremely useful for Islam.

Not long time ago, I read an interesting article about that Islamic Czech woman, Marketa Korinkova Maryam, who worked in a night club in the Emirates, as a VIP hostess, but imagine, she was doing the sacred Da’wah there, because she wanted to invite the most powerful people of the world to Islam, who were coming into the ‘Armani Prive Lounge’ in Dubai. A very clever move… she could persuade thousands to become Muslims!

I am still rather learning, how this strange VIP world works. I am not a shining fashion model, like her, so the Swiss aristocrats rather ignore me, like a piece of furniture… but maybe I will find a way!

Father, I don’t say, that I will never return home, that I despise my family, or something like that. Just give me a few years of freedom, accept my present path, please! I am learning, how the world works, and one day, it will be a very useful information, I believe that… and I am not so far away from you!”

“But you are thirty years old, Sanaa’!” the Imam wondered, like a proper father, who wants happiness for his daughter. “You experienced much of the world and life already, and you know, that Allah advises to any Muslim, to marry, to have a family, because it’s the ultimate Da’wah of them all! Or do you want to remain alone, yet, to postpone it with convenience, until it can be too late?

Who will marry you, like this old, if there are thousands of younger women out there, who can be more healthy mothers? How many children can you have, yet? Your body gets old already… your ultimate life mission is still expecting you, you haven’t even started, you are single all the time, rejecting men without any doubt, not giving them a slightest chance!

Go, wherever you want, Sanaa’, do what you want… but remember, you are a woman, and you should have a family, to be complete, to fulfill your destiny!”

“And my husband won’t return home one day, leaving me with the children alone,” Sanaa’ said with sadness. “He will be a good Muslim, fighting for our cause, defending his home and family responsibly, showing his male strength and devotion to Allah… and then, he will become a martyr, because there is so much enemies to fight out there, and I will remain in all the mess alone… this is what I am afraid of, father!

Moreover, I don’t want to be dependent on anyone, I want to be out there, between people, creating something, seeing events, speaking about issues publicly, making my own qualified opinion… what if Allah wants me to do this Da’wah? And other women should have children? Am I worse, then? You said, that every Muslim has his or her place!

I don’t feel excited by the children, anyway… maybe I am even missing the maternal instinct. No, I don’t feel any desire to live for the children, to let all my dreams go. Why should I force myself into this change? One day, Allah will send a good man for me, I am certain, and I won’t resist him. But he has to deserve me, and all the men I meet, they are not the one. They promise, they offer… but it’s always the same, and they only want me to sleep with them, to seduce me to sin.

They can speak well, promising me paradise… but they are corrupted by faithless, decadent Europe, thinking, that I am the same as the local infidel women.

You think, that there is thousand of good potential grooms running out there, father… but let me tell you honestly, there is maybe two, in the whole Austria,” Sanaa’ smiled, and sighed. “As soon as I will meet him, I will marry him at once, I promise! And you won’t be able just to count the army of babies we will have together!”

The Imam had to smile. She was always able to disarm him, like when she took a football, even dressed in a hijab and long Islamic skirt, and started to play that competitive game, when you have to keep the ball moving in the air as long as possible, using only your legs, head and chest, as the soccer rules allow.

Although she was not completely slim and her buttocks and thighs were little bit too much wide, Sanaa’ had unusual sport talent, and she was able to keep the ball in game very long time, creating public admiration, and also amusement, because she looked simply cute, doing such strange activity, not typical for women and their interests.

So, in the end of their discussions after the family dinners, he only nodded, and let her go.

He let her, to live her life, and she knew, how to keep balance. So, from time to time, she returned home, speaking at some local Islamic events, visiting the Mosque, meeting with other women, who respected her, as a daugher of the Imam, rumored to be a hafiz (=knowing the whole Holy Qur’an from memory), like him.

So, she maintained the connection with her local community, like if she would like to keep the doors back open, because she will return soon… but she prolonged her residence permit in Switzerland again and again, and nothing was changing, including her career, which stagnated, at best. She was indeed losing time… or was she working hard, to find a good husband, so she travelled here and there, to have more chances to meet him?

She was still a virgin, of course, willing to be deflowered only by her future husband, after marriage, and she never drunk alcohol. Indeed, she was a woman of Islam… but somehow modern, different, and who could know, how her tale will end, where she is heading? Is she lost in life, wandering, or pursuing some very special goal?

More years passed, and Imam Faraj never used to her lifestyle. She was honourable, meeting with many men, but she remained only her sister, never accepting their courtship. Why? Did she wait for a prince, or she was simply too demanding? Or was there something else?

The Imam never found, and he was not willing to share his family matters even with his most trustworthy female aide, Fatima. This was a personal matter, and choice of his beloved daughter: and honestly, both women had a cold relationship, at best, because Sanaa’ never forgave to Fatima, that originally, she was sent by the Austrian Intelligence service to infiltrate the mosque, allegedly to prevent radicalism, and identify potential terrorists and wahhabists.

Sanaa’ always told the Imam, that Fatima can’t be trusted, and he shares too much of his official, internal Islamic agenda with her, while the woman still keeps close contacts with her infidel superior officers, delivering them who knows which information. But maybe Sanaa’ was simply jealous, suspecting her father and Fatima from some preposterous love affair, as they spent too much time together?

Maybe he was too soft on her, giving her too much freedom, maybe he was living in the mosque too much, instead of home, making too much sacrifices out of his family… these infidel lands were not a good place for faith. But he still trusted, that Sanaa’ will make only good choices in life, approved by Allah.

It was the late afternoon, when Fatima finally reached her destination: the beautiful Geneva, the capital of Switzerland, symbol of cleanliness, financial stability and sustainable future. Indeed, when all the world will fall, the Switzerland will still prevail, protected by the tall mountain peaks of alleged Alpine Redoubt, where Nazis once planned to continue the lost war, and they were able to persuade the Western allies, that nothing is over.

But even here, the progress could be seen, and Islam was spreading here too, like everywhere in Europe.

So, when Fatima reached the reception of luxurious Hotel de la Paix, a five star Ritz-Carlton partner hotel, followed by porters with her heavy luggage, a woman in hijab was called to serve her, even without asking.

This other Islamic woman was rather small, than tall, she had childish face and black hair, but in the service sector, she was as asset, able to negotiate with anybody, persuading the customers to make a good choice, to spend money… without regards to their religion.

At first, she smiled professionally, but then, her face changed, when she recognized Fatima, and she was sure, that her strict hotel superiors are not watching.

“You are not welcomed here,” the receptionist said silently. “Did my father sent you? Why?”

“Oh no, just a business trip in Geneva,” Fatima calmed her. “Is it forbidden, to accommodate in this hotel? The world is not turning just around you, Sanaa’. But why so much denial and hatred towards me, always?”

“Your room key, madam,” Sanaa’ changed back to fully professional mode, when her hotel colleague came near. “Have a nice stay,” she added, but together with acerbic face.

“Oh, one more thing,” Fatima remembered suddenly, like a proper absent-minded hotel guest on vacation, or demanding business trip. “Sister, where is the nearest mosque?”

Sanaa’ said nothing, and just wrote an address. “Don’t think, that you will play your tricks on me! I will count hours, until you will check-out, and disappear. I will tell my father, that I am not pleased by your move.”

“You can tell Imam Faraj, what you want, I don’t work in his mosque anymore, as I am leaving Austria towards the States,” Fatima explained indifferently, and took the paper. “But we can have a coffee together, no? Before I will disappear, as you desire. Or do you want me, to prolong my stay in this hotel for a few days more, to provide a good company for you?”

“I won’t let you to extort me,” Sanaa’ was irritated, but then she noticed, that her female superior is going towards her desk.

“Everything is OK, madam?” the manager asked Sanaa’ with the widest smile you have ever seen. She never like Sanaa’ and Islam, and any pretext would be good to complain about her, and get her fired on the spot.

“Of course, I was just asking this kind receptionist, where the nearest mosque is located,” Sanaa’ explained with a smile too. “I have an address, but this city is large, and I don’t want to get lost… maybe you could ask the receptionist to escort me there at the evening, madame manager? She seems like a very nice person, and a trustworthy companion.”

“This is not any problem,” the manager welcomed the request, as this was a five star hotel, where almost nothing was impossible. “Sanaa’, you will take of it? You will take our dear guest to the mosque? Your shift is almost over, anyway.”

“Of course, with pleasure! It’s not far from here,” Sanaa’ had to agree, but she despised Fatima yet more. This shady sister always knew, how to get, what she wanted!

An hour later, both young women were sitting at a large terrace of a luxurious restaurant, located just at the shores of Lake Geneva, and snow-capped Mont Blanc could be also seen. It was simply a breathtaking view, and the prices here were… well, ruthlessly high.

But Fatima had enough money: she never returned or consumed that cash advance of 5000 EUR, provided by her BVT superiors, to get closer to the social elite of the Austrian city, where she worked until just yesterday.

When she realized, that she is leaving her old life, it was sad… but Allah simply needed her elsewhere, and America seemed so tempting, if you had so good companion, as Countess Theresa Von Laubringen with you.

“Your father didn’t send me, he is a honorable man, you know him, he would never do something like that,” Fatima explained then, and tasted the local coffee, which cost full 10 EUR for a small cup. “But many things happened lately, and this is the best way, how to inform you about latest development. You are the Imam’s daughter, and the situation there is unstable. So, it’s proper to get the updates from the city, no?”

“I don’t want to be involved into your matters anyhow,” Sanaa’ was almost angry. “You always bring me troubles, disturbing news, bothering me only… why don’t you ever stop? I told you clearly, that I am not willing to participate. It’s your matter, I have my life right here, and I won’t allow you to take it from me. I am not returning, understood, sister? Even if you would tell me anything!”

“Good, so take it just as an innocent Islamic tale for the goodnight sleep,” Fatima suggested. “It’s not concerning you, you are living in this Swiss paradise, and you are right: why should you care? But you should know, what happened, and it’s directly related to your father. Or you don’t care about him? Imagine, that he needs you now, only his decency can’t allow him to ask for help openly… and you say, ‘I don’t care’? If I made the trip here, I have something important on my mind, don’t you think?”

“Fine then, fine,” Sanaa’ resignated. “But tell me quickly, and rather tell me directly, what you want from me, so I can refuse the request at once.”

“Right now, the future of Islam in Austria is shaped, with the permission of Allah, and it concerns not only your father and me, but you too,” Fatima revealed latest development in the distant city under the Alps. “This situation is tense, and it will need to be dealt with properly, to use all the opportunities, which Allah provided for us generously… but I need to leave Europe now, at least for a month, and your father needs a trustworthy aide, but also a capable one, able to orientate in the current affairs well, to make correct decisions.

As you probably know, there was some kind of crisis lately, and there is a shift in the balance of power there, I mean in the political environment, as the mayor was forced to abdicate after that nasty tabloid media affair, backed by the Chinese, who wanted the construction grounds, where the mosque is standing.

People are saying, that it was me, who contained this crisis, by inspiring a very powerful American businessman to convert to Islam, even to cancel his planned marriage with a Swiss female aristocrat, to start walking on the Straight Path, so the community gained an ultimate asset, and any demolition of the building was out of question… but the people are exaggerating, like always. I didn’t achieve something too extraordinary.

But this tale is not over yet, as we had the most strange visitor in the mosque today: I was just to leave the city, when sister Yarah called me to come back, that it’s necessary. It was some young Czech woman, coming from an influential family, but what is important: she allegedly has a child with a man, who is a highly positioned executive in a very powerful Chinese multinational corporation, called “Wu”, with their interests everywhere in Europe, including massive investments, as they have allegedly unlimited financial resources, by being well connected to the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist party.

The question is, whether this is just a coincidence, or some ingenious effort of the infidel enemy, how to get close to us, and your father will be under their attention now, so it’s necessary to divert their possible malicious actions from him, towards someone else, otherwise, he would be under extreme pressure.

With all respect to sister Yarah, she is not a person, able to handle this complicated affair. If you were ever needed in the mosque, sister, it’s right now: you are called for duty, but not because of your father only, it’s the interest of the whole Ummah, as we can’t send some stranger there, who has no trust of the community.

Not speaking about rising female influence in the mosque: the numbers speak clearly, over 60% of the visitors of the Islamic Cultural Centre were females lately, and who will take care of them? I think, that when this particular girl came, your father realized his own limits in handling the female affairs. But who else will take care of these women? It has to be you, Sanaa’. There is simply no one else as suitable for the mission, as you.”

“Poor Czech woman,” Sanaa’ said with disdain, looking directly into Fatima’s eyes. “She comes to a mosque, a sacred temple of Allah, she searches for understanding, support and confidentiality, and what you do? You check her in the Intelligence databases immediately! This is really terrible approach… it’s really good, that you are leaving, at last!”

“We have to know about the believers,” Fatima insisted. “To have control over the community. And these outsiders have to be checked, you know that, from many good reasons.”

“So they can’t infiltrate the mosque, like you did,” Sanaa’ reminded with complete disgust.

“It’s not comparable, sister: these people, connected to the Chinese, are completely different league, than mere state security services,” Fatima disagreed. “Let’s say, that new times are coming, and if you perceive me as some monster, then these people can be thousand times dangerous. In other words: it will be either us, or them, who will win in the city.

They are expanding their business and political operations there covertly, in all senses, and they have no emotions, playing their game really ruthlessly. More power we will receive right now, they will try to play games against us, to steal it from us, even to destroy us.

But not from the political or ideological reasons: they don’t care about religion, only about power and money, as they are serving to the Chinese people, that’s over billion people, not to their private goals. China wants to rule the world, but not using weapons, wars and armed interventions: rather indirect approach, when they are hidden, using others as their cat’s pawns, and proxies.”

“Oh, stop this nasty tale, you are making me a headache… so, you are telling me, that Chinese are yet worse, than infidel Americans and Jews? That is really a good news, to have yet more enemies! But what if it’s only your imagination? Your life and way of thinking is really sick, you see only enemies everywhere,” Sanaa’ really thought about leaving, to stop listening to this bothering talk.

“This is simply me,” Fatima acknowledged. “Maybe I don’t take so many things lightly, as you, but your father always trusted me, and I proved my trust to him countless times, Allah is my witness. Maybe I could even say, that he needed me, don’t you think?

We are still sisters in Islam, and we have common interests. So, here is the key from my appartment in the city, take a vacation from the job, they don’t like you too much anyway, it seems, and visit our beautiful city under the Alps. You will make your own opinion.”

Sanaa’ said nothing. There was some truth in those words.

“Only one thing interests me,” she changed the topic. “That woman, who visited my father today. You are speaking about her, like if she would be important, and for my father too… but why? Because of her family, and the Chinese? The father is not kind of a man, who would be impressed by infidels too easily… so, what was so special about her? Or did my father fall in love?” Sanaa’ smiled.

“I can’t say exactly, to be honest,” Fatima revealed her own uncertainty. “But your father seemed disturbed by her, even before I checked her personal details. Why? It’s a riddle for me too. She was quite fine, she only demanded to be accepted into the community, without her mother and people back home knowing.

Then she disappeared, and I doubt, that she will ever return to us. But it seemed, that she brings some kind of change. Maybe that was the reason for your father to be disturbed: he is getting older, and rather conservative, not able to catch the wild flow of present time, it awaits us all one day.

And there is one more strange thing. Her mother is the owner of a fashion boutique, which sells ethnic fashion, including Arabic. It was her, who provided this beautiful collection I am wearing, because she wanted to make her name in the Austrian VIP circles, where I had to go.

But it was maybe a coincidence, because I asked one of the sisters to provide some proper apparel for me, knowing, that she works in a fashion boutique on the main pedestrian zone, near the main square. We made a private the deal with the mother then, I was there. She seemed as a businesswoman, nothing more.”

“So, you think, and my father too… that those people will be somehow important for the future of the mosque, if Allah will allow it?” Sanaa’a asked, now without any hostility.

“Possibly. And this is the reason, why you need to be there from the beginning, to be initiated into the affair, to be ready for any further development. They are our neighbours, in certain sense… we don’t know, what their goals are, but we need to watch them closely, and in extreme case of danger, we could use them, and the child, as a counterweight against the Chinese,” Fatima recommended ruthlessly, as a proper Intelligence operative. “As soon as I will return from the United States, in a month or two, depends on how the things will develop in the city, I will take care of it myself. We will be in touch, and anything would be needed, my BVT superior can meet you, and ‘arrange things’ for us.”

“Are you joking?” Sanaa’ wondered. “Should I even take over your Intelligence activities in the mosque, during your absence? Are you mad? You want to make me a paid informer against my father? To sell myself for a few infidel coins, issued by the Devil?” she was astonished.

“This connection of mine can help you with many things, you will see. It’s just about proper explaining to him: to counter the foreign Intelligence efforts in Austria. He is very useful, although he is an infidel,” Fatima ignored the attack. “And I would bet, that you will need his help soon.”

“Hmmm. And what do you want me to do with that two Czech women? Just wait, or to investigate?”

“Do nothing, or it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy in the end,” Fatima warned. “However, the younger of them, her name is Anne, she is our sister now, and she is grateful to your father. And her mother is our asset in the luxury fashion industry, whereas one of our sisters works in her boutique, so she can provide all the details about their business activities, and most importantly, their future visits in the city, and social connections.

Makes me think… you designed some clothes yourself, even manufactured them, no? You even had a small shop here, in Geneva, selling your original fashion… maybe you could get to her mother somehow, by telling her, that Islamic clients are important, and you can deliver some genuine Arabic designs for their boutique, to acquire more of VIP clientele? Moreover, our new sister Anne will be pleased, to have some Islamic support near her, if she has to hide her faith now, living between all those filthy infidels.

Decide yourself then, Sanaa’. You could really create our future, if you would influence her, as her older, reliable sister in Islam.”

“At least I will discover the truth about this mystery, and I will prove my value to my father,” Sanaa’ said with excitement. “You are so lucky today, Fatima… otherwise I would never follow you!”

“It was the will of Allah to send her, maybe, so you can find your own destiny,” Fatima said wisely. “But there is the last thing you need to know, although you will start to hate me yet more: there is some dumb and overweight infidel man, always drunk, working as an aide of Anne’s mother. And imagine: we have him in our databases, because he is suspected from participating in the tabloid media affair in our city. He, and the Chief Reporter called Novotny, are allegedly members of some shady paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, to gain influence in the society, both in Czechia and abroad.”

“It gets better any minute,” Sanaa’ sighed. “Maybe it’s time to relax from all the avalanche of disturbing news. You have some plan for the evening, sister? If not, then join me and several of local sisters, my friends, we go to a dinner together. But please, be nice, and don’t embarass me in front of them! And not a single word about my father!”

“As you order, Imam’s daughter,” Fatima said, and she couldn’t resist to smile. “By the way, what about that marriage, which your father wants from you finally? Any promising male project on the horizon? I could leave my devoted admirer to you… he is a convert, an American, but extremely wealthy, and now, he is becoming a politician in our city, so his power will be immense. Sounds good enough for you, sister?”

“You are really nasty woman, Fatima. Anything you say, it’s sick… but Allah had his reasons to create you, so I will try to accept you. Let’s go for that dinner!”

Several days later, when Sanaa’ occurs in the door of the Austrian mosque under the Alps, back at her former home, Imam Faraj can’t hide his utmost surprise.

“I am here just for a short vacation, father,” she explains in advance, to clear any misunderstanding. But she has her covert reasons: she wants to use the mighty and wealthy Hasselblatt family from Prague to fulfill her own dreams: a shining international career in the luxury fashion industry, which is hard to achieve for a single woman without wide financial and social support.

That was the reason, why Sanaa’ failed in her own small business in Geneva, losing her personal savings, and it created indeed a painful slash in her memories: but now, the wise Allah sent these Czechs, so Sanaa’ can use them, as her own cat’s pawn.

“It always pleases Allah, to see the family united,” the Imam says then, and invites his daughter for a glass of water, for a refreshment after a long trip.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIn the distant Czech Islamic city of Teplice, an Islamic enclave inside the infidel lands, full of pork, dogs, alcohol, adultery, sins and worshipping false prophets, there is “Sultan Café”, where local Muslim men like to meet, to drink the strong Turkish tea, to have a chat with brothers, to play domino, to smoke waterpipes, while their women are down the road, in the Sanov park, taking care of the countless children, playing there in masses, including wealthy spa guests from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other Persian Gulf countries. Indeed, the Sanov park during summer, it’s an Islamic miracle.

Although infidels are not forbidden from entering into the Islamic café expressively, it would be against the local law anyway, you can almost never meet them here. But today, it’s an exception.

“They call it ‘Small Kuwait’ here,” an overweight man with short dark blonde hair and apparently innocent blue eyes comments the vicinity with amusement. “I haven’t seen something like this in my life, and my famous Grandpa, let him rest peacefully, he could testify, that I have seen much! I know all the pubs of Prague-Liben, the famous city quarter just perfectly, where many military heroes, including me of course, were born!”

A distinctive blond woman, slim, beautiful and noble, well dressed, who is sitting with him, creating indeed an unusual and highly unbalanced pair, just smiles. This man likes to talk much, mostly his endless beer tales and strictly classified military secrets, but after some crazy invervention of higher places of the state, he is serving as a liaison officer of the Special Forces of the Czech Army.

“Just look at them, at those Muslims,” he speaks then, and his voice changes. “Their Allah makes them so strong, but the Chinese are yet stronger. The question remains: where is the place for us, and our Czech national interests? Will they both only take from us? No, no!

This is the reason, why you, Katerina, have to enter the affair directly. It was enough of hiding: if we want a piece of a sweet large cake, which is just chopped in Austria, following our efforts and precise chess play there, you have to enter into this mess, and grasp as much opportunities for us, as you can, because the whole nation is watching you right now.”

Katerina Rihova Microsoft blonde horse rider business executive VIP V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs OR“I knew, that this fateful moment would come one day,” the noble woman, called Katerina Rihova, or Asset A78, codename BLACK HORSE, a successful businesswoman, reputated horse rider and a covert member of Political Warfare department of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, replies with a sigh. “That I will have to risk everything, my whole life, just everything, for the higher interest. That I will regret many things maybe, many bad choices. But this is the life I have chosen… and no perks are for free in life.”

“Men are risking their lives at the battle lines, fighting with those Islamic State terrorists, who once even conquered Prague, our capital, and your key mission is in Austria, that’s why we pampered and protected you in all senses, remember,” the man says calmly, but ruthlessly, looking right into her beautiful eyes.

“You can’t lose, on the contrary, you will discover the hidden qualities inside you. Don’t forget, you will have extremely wide support behind you: media, money, Israelis, USP-PSYOPS, you can name it… the only question remains, whether it will be enough for you, to counter those Muslims, and their Allah?

They will be everywhere around you, like it’s here, in this Islamic city, and it’s hard to keep your beliefs, because the pressure of Islam is immense. It soaks into your infidel skin, mind, heart… and you start losing yourself, willing to submit to Allah, to worship Him.

If you will fail… you know, what I mean… the command counts with this option, and you won’t be reprimanded anyhow. You are, in certain sense, a calculated loss.”

“That sounds really nicely,” she only sighs again, realizing, that she is only a pawn of a big game of the higher places now.

And who was she just yesterday? A Czech celebrity, admired by many, courted by many, drowning in the sea of money, travelling the world, her aristocratic background opened all the doors for her… but in the end, it was not enough, like that fool just said, and Katerina started walking on an unexpected path. And now, she hears, that she is a “calculated loss”… to Islam.

“Someone has to go there, always, and there is nobody more qualified in this country, than you,” the dumb man tries to comfort her. “We invested vast resources into you, and your time simply came, to return everything to your homeland, to deserve your Captain’s rank. Whether you will survive… well, at this particular place, where we are sitting, I can only say, it’s in the hands of Allah. Who knows, what you will find there: maybe even real ‘you’.

That Imam there, they call him Faraj… you have to conquer him, subjogate him, so visit him, and confess to everything deliberately. Play the female game on him, misuse his mercy and compassion… he has to have some weakness, we need to find it, and to exploit it

I am also aware, that it’s maybe the last time, when we can speak together, before your possible, let’s say, ‘transformation’. Because next time, you can be somebody else, not a sister in arms anymore, pledging allegiance to someone else… ah, so sad to lose you! It was good times… but we are just soldiers, and we have to go, where they send us, even if it means, to lose friends, even to lose lives, like that time in Prague, when our brothers defended the Town Hall against terrorists. Such a pity, that I was not there! The fight could finish completely differently, I am telling you! The soldiers from famous Svejk family never betray their homeland in her most difficult hour!

Anyway, remember: Suzanne Hasselblattova, is first. Sanaa’, the Imam’s daughter, is second. Anne Hasselblattova, third. Imam Faraj, fourth. The man from ‘Wu’ corporation, fifth. Anthony, the American-Austrian business tycoon and convert to Islam, is sixth. These targets must be influenced, using all means possible, including advanced chemical we equipped you with, an improved version of PHE-X, the artificial female pheromone. It won’t fail this time, like in Dubai!

Let’s pray, that all was planned correctly by the blessed heads of our superiors, and you will succeed in designated goals. Don’t worry, I will be close… in certain sense. And don’t get bitten by Alpine Marmots! These small whistling beasts like to bother tourists, to get sweet carrot, and if you don’t comply, they bite! I even heard an amusing urban myth, that some of them are able to speak, simply asking you politely at first…”

A Turkish barman approaches, and asks the man, if he wants something else to drink.

“Such impressive woman you are, Katerina… a blonde goddess, you have everything and yet much more, expected from a woman, every male has to turn, when you go around, many would even kiss the ground, which your feet touched… but this man, a Muslim? He ignored you completely, like if you wouldn’t exist. He avoided you with his eyes.

This will be difficult, girl… so, walk with God now, and if everything will go well, we will meet at ‘Chalice’s Pub’ at six o’clock after this war.”

But she won’t be there, she will lose herself in a large city under the Alps, where Imam Faraj serves in his mosque to Allah well, and the world slowly crumbles to the persistence of Islam…

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