Tales from a Mosque (16): Girl With A Marmot

In central Europe, there is a country called Austria, known by their famous mountains, called the Alps. And high in this mountains, you can find a very special animal species: Alpine Marmots, ground squirrels, who make all visitors smile by their funny and courageous behavior. They are not afraid of humans, on the contrary: they show boldly, that those are their lands, they rule there.

Brave Marmot Tale by Alan SvejkWhoever travels on famous Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse in Hohe Tauren National park, will sooner or later meet these cute animals. They even have own traffic signs there, because they cross the roads freely. Usually, they sit on rocks, watching their environment closely, and if a danger occurs, the attentive guards whistle loudly, to warn other marmot colleagues, who live in large colonies there.

It’s well known fact, that Alpine Marmots support Austrian tourism industry very widely. There are even rumors, that the Austrian government had to make a deal with marmots, so they don’t hide in their burrows and play show for the astonished tourists. And marmots, very clever, bold and good negotiators, were able to get many advantages and perks for their economic efforts. But they had even more plans, how to spread their fame further!

It was the summer, when local marmots near Edelweissspitze (2571 m), the highest point of Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, famous mountain road with magnificent views, made their annual meeting, to plan their further moves, to get more influence in the society, using advanced Public Relations measures.

Living near the chateau of same name, these marmots had almost free access to the Internet inside, so they were precisely informed about current world developments, and they could communicate with their colleagues around the world. Many mysterious disappearances of laptops and cellphones in the chateau could be explained very easily: but usually, marmots returned them honestly, when their batteries was exhausted, so nobody noticed, only the devices were a little bit dirty suddenly, and the telephone bills were sometimes high, as transatlantic calling to Yosemite National Park in America costs something! But marmots needed to share the news with their American colleagues!

“This social media seem interesting, we should use them more, I am telling you!” one of them suggested, “Shaggie”, who attained even University education, during secret marmot trips to Salzburg. There was an unofficial deal between marmots and owners of the chateau, that they “overlooked” marmots, who crawled into their cars, to make an important trip to the city. Even marmots had their special interests there, and any Austrian driver then took them back to the Alps, if they asked politely: or he was bitten seriously, for betraying his countrymen!

“Honestly, I have another concerns now, than some PR games,” said Mama Marmot, older female, respected by the whole colony. “We have some small marmots here, and I am afraid they won’t survive the harsh winter. We should find a way, how to get them a shelter and warm environment during the winter. Some of them can hide in the chateau, but what with the rest?”

“Maybe we could insert them in the backpacks of unsuspecting tourists, and they will take care of them during the winter. And in the Spring, our colleagues can return,” wise Papa Marmot suggested.

“That’s too risky, and not too honest. But there is a good way, how to spread our fame worldwide, and how to protect our small ones. They could pretend that they are cute toys, sold here in the chateau as tourist souvenirs, and people would buy them for money, unaware of buying the real animal. And then, our assets can fulfill special tasks,” Shaggie suggested another approach.

Everybody around was astonished by this idea, and wide discussion between gathered marmots started, whereas Mama Marmot brought some nuts and radicles hospitably, so the company could refresh during the gathering. But one of those mentioned small marmots, called “Whistlie”, because he compensated his small body with really loud whistling, to be noticed, used this opportunity to enter the meeting boldly.

“I don’t want just to survive, that’s not the purpose of life! I want to live it fully, and to become somebody! And humans and their assets will help me to achieve this goal. One day, and soon, you all will just stare, how far I got! I plan to infiltrate the VIP society, to become the Austrian nobility! Nothing can stop me!” he announced them his bold plans, and whistled.

All other marmots smiled at this courage. But they knew, that this is the best solution. So they made a plan.

Second day, Whistlie and several of his brave marmot friends rode to Salzburg, as there was a toy factory “GWS”, manufacturing those cute toy marmots for tourists. The delegation of animals visited the management offices, being treated with utmost respect, not to be bitten and deafened from whistling revenge, so the marmots explained the situation in the mountains, and asked for a favor: to make a new series of toys, so precise, that nobody will be able to recognize a toy from the real animal, at least during common inspection.

It also needed some adjustments: so the marmots were equipped with a tag on their backside, where the price of the merchandise had to be marked, plus their town and country of origin, in case they will get lost in the world, so they’ll always be able to find their way home.

“The tag serves as a passport,” Shaggie instructed them, when he returned from the Austrian state office with written confirmation. “Anyone of you, who will present this tag at an Austrian embassy anywhere in the world, will be entitled to be transported back home, by a luxurious Mercedes Benz vehicle or a diplomatic airplane. So, if things will get complicated on your journey, you can always come back and find another benefactors.”

In that moment, small marmots fully understood, how dangerous their journey could be. That perhaps they’ll never see their Alpine home again. But they accepted this challenge, so the marmot species will get additional fame everywhere in the world, where the tourists will take them, when coming back to the places they originated from.

And Whistlie, he had yet bigger, private plans. So he was eager to start, to hide in the rack with souvenirs, and to wait for a right benefactor!

All emissaries supported each other, and they were happy, when one of them found a new owner, who took them to the cashier’s desk, but also, they were sad to lose their long time friends, even scared, unknowing what is awaiting them. But they tried to choose their new owners very carefully.

For the whole day, Whistlie watched the parking lot, where the tourists parked their vehicles, before entering the chateau. He was firmly decided to find the best owner, helping him with his private agenda!

Then, one September morning, Whistlie noticed a silver LandCruiser, an intimidating vehicle indeed, escorted by two other SUVs. “This seems like a good off-road car, suitable for mountains, so they could take me back here, for a summer vacation!” Whistlie thought.

A well-dressed woman got out of the car, and after enjoying the ultimate view around, she headed for the chateau, to buy some souvenirs. She was accompanied with a small girl, about seven years old, a young blonde princess with a ribbon in her hair, and several roughly looking men, who followed them in distance. “She will take care of me, my fur needs regular cleaning!” Whistlie watched the girl very closely.

He hid in the rack quickly, his small heart beat rapidly: this could be his moment!

“I am taking them!” he announced to his animal friends decisively.

When the girl went around the rack with souvenirs, just browsing there, Whistlie intentionally jumped into her palm, but it seemed as an accident, that she touched it and the toy fell down.

She watched the fur animal in her hand. “It’s so cute! Can I take it?” she asked her mother, whereas Whistlie remained absolutely silent and motionless, just his small brown eye was watching her, and his ears were listening to that foreign language.

The price was 7.99 EUR, so the mother agreed, when she saw girl’s enthusiastic smile, to own such cute, unusual animal in her toy collection.

So, they took Whistlie to the counter, where a cashier packed the marmot into a small plastic bag, very gently, and accepted the money.

The mother opened the trunk of their car, and inserted small Whistlie inside, with some brochures and postcards. When she closed the door, Whistlie fully realized, that his life is changing. Now, he was completely alone, without knowing, what is awaiting him. Will the girl be good to him? He could still run away, but he had to trust his choice and his fate.

If necessary, he will whistle and claw, he calmed himself eventually.

Still, when the car was leaving the Alps, his birthplace, heading for the town of Salzburg and then to an unknown destination, he was a little bit sad, saying goodbye to his home.

His destiny was expecting him, and small Whistlie decided to use it the best, for his interests, but also for the higher interests of his species. He had an important mission, and he felt the responsibility for benefit and survival of his colony.

So small, but he will show the world, what Alpine Marmots can do, that they don’t lose the right direction and sense for opportunities!

Whistlie’s choice of human companions, critical for his future, emerged to be very wise.

The vehicle stopped in front of a nice five-star hotel in Salzburg, where the family was residing temporarily. The girl seized the package from the Alps and carried it personally to the hotel room, without any idea, what surprise could be waiting inside. Whistlie noticed, that her mother called her Nicole, and she had really good manners.

She unpacked Whistlie from the bag gently, and introduced him to their fancy room. “So, here we live now, mister cute marmot, I will secure a nice place for you to rest. And I will introduce you to your new friend!” she surprised him, and put marmot down on a pillow, beside a strange animal: a small mole with black velvet fur.

Whistlie examined his new animal friend with curiosity. When the girl left, he started sniffing, and the mole spoke to him silently. But he used an unknown language, so they didn’t understand each other. However, Whistlie had new friend on his journey! It was great news.

The family remained in Salzburg for two more days, because Nicole’s mother had a business there, so both animal friends could acquaint properly, using the Czech-German vocabulary, because the mole was from Czech republic, and also the ground animal in nature, so they had good topic for conversation immediately, like the most advanced methods of deepening the burrows and underground tunnels. “We live in Prague, the country’s capital,” the mole informed Whistlie.

The marmot studied the world map, and he was delighted. “That’s not far from the Alps! From Prague, if I would take the southern direction, using the integrated compass in my ears, I will arrive into Austria conveniently! Every year, I will persuade the humans to take another trip to the Alps, to visit my colony!

And the capital, it sounds good, many opportunities for me! Do they have some luxurious shops there, like famous Getreidegasse here in Salzburg? Because I am a top quality marmot, the Alpine nobility, and I request only the best stuff for me! Well, I have to find out soon, and to send the humans there, for a small shopping!”

“You will be delighted, my Alpine friend, because they have even a fashion boutique at Getreidegasse, and in Prague too. They come to Salzburg regularly, to take care of the business,” the mole revealed another very good news.

“And why that men are escorting them?” curious Whistlie wanted to know yet.

“That is called security. For protecting the mother, and the girl. They are important, so they need to be safe,” the mole explained, and Whistlie felt like a real VIP too, although he was a little bit uninvited!

The girl left a cell phone in their room, so Whistlie grasped it without hesitation and called home immediately. He left the message at the chateau, that he is well, and where they are heading.

Under these favorable circumstances, when women will leave Salzburg eventually, Whistlie will feel no regrets or anxiety. He was not alone, and he will be not far from his home country!

Also the mole was glad to have a company. The family had him for a year, from their work trip to Jihlava, where the girl accompanied her mother again. “The girl is fine, she tooks care of me well, always finding a good sleeping spot for me!” he shared the living conditions with Whistlie.

But Nicole surprised them both: when she returned back, she gave them a long black shawl, bought in Linz, and she accommodated them on it. Since that moment, both animal friends had their firm, warm place to sleep and rest, and it was from Austria, so Whislie always felt at home.

But when the humans left the room, you can bet, that they started to be naughty. Particularly Whistlie!

Firstly, he examined the vicinity closely. He found some secret stashes of biscuits and similar delicacies, and he tasted them, of course, without any regard that somebody could find out, that they have a mysterious and sweet-toothed visitor! He also discovered a laptop in the mother’s bedroom, and he absolutely ignored any privacy, entering there often, stamping on keyboard, when he needed to find some important information on the Internet.

But at the evening, everything was revealed. Whistlie forgot that he has to remain silent, and when Nicole put him down on the pillow not enough gently, he started whistling discontentedly!

“So you are a real animal?” she wondered. “That’s great! You can help me with my homeworks!”

She was really lucky, that Whistlie couldn’t understand her! Then, she would experience some whistling! “I am not for some work here, you have to feed me and to take me to your luxurious shop! I want to get a nice fashion accessory, to decorate myself appropriately!”

But a good opportunity to obtain a nice accessory occured soon. The mother had her birthday, and she invited some female friends to the suite for a small party, and she bought something to drink for her guests: a bottle of cream liquor. And there was a nice red ribbon on the neck of the bottle, so Whistlie decided to confiscate it!

Nicole understood without words, that he wants her to attach it to his furry tail: and it made Whistlie really happy.

He declared his affection and gratitude by stamping on her body, running wildly here and there. It made her smile. “For eight EUR, it was a good buy, what do you say, Mr. Mole?” she took both her animal friends in her hands with joy.

But this long day lulled the small marmot to sleep. He embosomed to the mole with his tiny limbs, like if he would be back in the Alps, in his burrow, embosoming to his marmot family… but he was satisfied here too, not far away from home, so he slept calmly and with smile on his cheeks.

Second day, the mother asked Nicole, to accompany her into a large white building, called masjid (=mosque), where they always went, if they visited Salzburg, and Nicole’s grandmother was not with them.

“We need to meet some important clients there, Nicole, if your grandma would ask you, OK?” the mother always made sure, before visiting the place.

“Of course, Mom, I am not so small, I can keep many secrets!” Nicole replied, pretending to be offended, and not speaking a word about their new companion, which she took with her, putting both animals into her school backpack.

Seven years ago, after Nicole was born, her mother, called Anne, converted in this mosque to Islam, with Imam Faraj as her principal witness.

He was still serving there, now over sixty years old man: but he was content in all senses. The local Islamic community flourished, and his own daughter Sanaa’ married eventually, as he suggested to her for a long time, so this issue was resolved.

The men from Anne’s VIP Executive Protection unit were trustworthy and discreet: they knew, that this trip into the mosque has to remain secret in front of Anne’s mother. It was a miracle, that the young woman could hide her faith for so long, although sometimes it was difficult. But she was still too dependent on her mother, a regular sociopath, who promised to provide perfect material conditions for Anne, and Nicole.

Eight years ago, Anne’s mother, Suzanne, made her master move: persuading a man from extremely powerful “WU” Chinese multinational corporation, that a child, expected by Anne, a 18-years old student of high school then, can be his, with effort to make him to share his valuable connections, and resources, as the influence and importance of the Chinese in the world affairs was immense, and getting stronger every day.

Indeed, Nicole became a breaking point for the family: through the man, Suzanne acquired massive financial support from China, establishing her own fashion brand, called “Woman’s Destiny”, and later even the support from rich Saudi Arabia came, so the sale was expanded into the Persian Gulf, making a good competition even to established luxury fashion brands, like Prada, Hermés or Louis Vuitton.

Recently, Suzanne even considered marrying the man, alleged father of her granddaughter, after his marriage with a Czech actress collapsed, because she was afraid, that when he would insist one day, to make that DNA tests, never executed yet, the unpleasant truth could be discovered, and he would see no reason to support and protect the family further.

So, she thought, that this move could integrate him into the family with final validity… she was always a player, moreover, after all that many years of business cooperation, they were quite close to each other, both almost 50 years old now, so they both knew, that it will be better to secure a sustainable mature age for them, when you have someone to take care of you, when your strength starts to leave you, as you get older.

Anne, mother of Nicole, made her own move here, in the mosque: by converting to Islam, she got vast support by the worldwide Islamic community, called Ummah, and particularly Sanaa’, the Imam’s daughter, who asked to be a designer of original Arabic models for the family fashion brand.

Sanaa’, now 38 years old, made also her own private business long time ago: when approached by Katerina Rihova, now 41, a Czech female aristocrat, horse rider and businesswoman, and allegedly a member of an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, specialized in Political Warfare, called Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, both women made a mutually advantageous deal: Katerina will allow Sanaa’ to make a perfect international career in luxury fashion industry, by using her connection to Suzanne’s fashion brand, and as a repayment, the Islamic community of Salzburg will support Katerina, running for the mayor’s office, as she had the dual Czech-Austrian citizenship, and she was sent here, to assert Czech national interests, in the effort to expand abroad, except Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

But all this were only old tales. The flow of history never stopped, and fine kids, like Nicole, became the symbol of the upcoming generation, bringing new challenges for the mankind.

Today, Nicole’s mother Anne wanted to ask Sanaa’, the Imam’s daughter, also called “The Small Imam”, whether the mental capabilities of Nicole are sufficient enough, to suggest her to convert to Islam, or to revert to it, to be exact, as there is an Islamic opinion, that all children are born as Muslims.

While both women discussed it, before the Friday congregational prayer will start, Nicole sat on the thick red carpet of the mosque, where the lines for prayer were designated, putting the bag with the questionable animal content aside, and some other children joined her in chat, as she was the kind of positive person, always attracting others towards herself.

Whistlie heard all the voices, so he protruded his small furry head from the backpack, seeing a strange, so large interior. And as he wanted to run a little bit, to stretch all his four tiny legs, so he climbed up from his cover, and leaving the mole sleeping inside, the reckless animal started running away. He never seen something as vast, as this place, so he wanted to explore it properly!

But when he reached the front part of the mosque, designated for male prayer, some boys noticed him, and started to hunt him.

“Imam Faraj, Imam Faraj,” one of the small Muslims approached the Imam. “There is a mouse! A very big, fat mouse!”

“What do you say?” the Imam asked calmly.

“A mouse is running there, look! And it speaks! Should we capture it?”

“This animal is a creation of Allah, protected by our Lord, so catch it, but very carefully, so it stays unharmed, and return it to the nature, where it belongs,” the Imam ordered, when he saw Whistlie, who stood on his back legs, to appear taller and more intimidating, now about ten centimeters tall.

“I am not an animal, but an Alpine Marmot, an Austrian citizen under the international protection, and I demand respectful behavior and handling!” Whistlie showed his back to the Imam, where the tag could be seen, with “GWS Salzburg – Made in Austria” clearly written.

“This animal really speaks,” the Imam was really wondered, and also amused, when he heard Whistlie’s bold proclamation. “You were hearing many tales and urban myths about them, boys, but maybe you never believed, that those speaking marmots really exist. But their uniqueness only confirms the endless might of Allah.”

“This is a mosque, Herr Marmot,” the Imam explained to Whistlie then. “We are all Muslims, we believe in oneness and uniqueness of Allah, our Lord, who created us all and whom we worship, and who created you too.”

“There is so many strange places in this city under the Alps,” Whistlie expressed his surprise and whistled. “But you say, that this Allah created even me? In our Alpine colony, they told me, that it was Mama Marmot, so I should worship her!”

All the boys laughed to Whistlie’s distinctive knowledge, but Imam said: “And who created Mama Marmot, do you think, Herr Marmot? Allah is the beginning and end of all affairs. He created you, like your Mama, and her Mama. Indeed, Allah is Almighty: and He protects us all everywhere we go, including you.”

“Then Allah is good,” Whistlie seemed satisfied, whereas a small blonde girl with a ribbon in her hair occured, running quickly, completely ignoring, that this part of mosque is dedicated only to males.

“Whistlie! You ran from the backpack, although I told you to stay there, remain silent, and sleep, like your friend mole!” she told the animal with agitation, and Whistlie rather hid behind a large pillar, to escape the flow of remorses.

“Salam Alaykum, sister. We just had an interesting conversation with your furry friend… you are Nicole, no? I am Imam Faraj. Please, collect him, and return him to his backpack,” he asked the girl, to restore the order.

When Whistlie realized, that he won’t be reprimanded for his reckless behavior, he returned, and jumped on Nicole’s shoulder.

When the girl and her furry friend left eventually, returning to the female section of the mosque, the Imam watched them thoughtfully, together with small boys, who gathered to watch the show.

Fortunately, Whistlie couldn’t understand the concept of genders… otherwise, he would whistle, because which man would like to be dragged in to the female world, if he belongs between his male peers?

“So, this is Nicole,” the Imam said, when most of the Islamic believers left the mosque after the prayer, and the Islamic Cultural Centre, where he had his office and accepted guests, was a good place to have a small refreshment, before next duties of this devoted servant of Allah.

“Really cute, isn’t she?” his daugher Sanaa’ said. “So small, but she is a leader already. All men from the Anne’s security are saying, that in a few years, she will be a male heart-breaker, and she will make their service really tough.”

“That’s proper infidel thinking,” the Imam commented it with tolerant smile. “If you worship a woman, instead of Allah, you will be led astray.”

“Sanaa’ recommended her mother, Anne, to convert the girl to Islam at once. She seems capable enough to understand the concept of submission to Allah, and there is one more thing: there are rumors, that the Islamic State wants to take aim at the family, as their large social influence and immense wealth is too tempting target for the terrorists,” Fatima Al-Hamdani, his trustworthy female aide with Intelligence connections, also present in the room, sitting at her common place at the corner, said carefully.

Many years ago, she was sent there for infiltration purposes by the Austrian Intelligence, BVT, but all ended differently, than the infidel masterminds planned. But the mosque, and the Ummah, the Islamic community, could use her special services and connections well, to be informed about everything, what is happening in the city.

“And what exact intention do they have with the family? Can we prevent it?” the Imam asked. Indeed, such dangerous development could be expected, as the reputation of Hasselblatt family was immensely high, not speaking about money and good position in the VIP circles in Prague, Austria and even Persian Gulf. And the terrorists were always searching for ingenious ways, how to acquire money and support for their treacherous operations, expanding their influence in Europe without rest.

“The terrorists will approach the family friendly, by sending women with children to visit at their home, suggesting, that they should support the local interests of Ummah, paying something as a tribute, to establish a local ‘free time club’ for youngsters, that’s how they cover their terror cells,” Fatima informed with a cold voice. “That is their common approach, not punishable by law, but a perfect way, how to get to resources, right in front of eyes of the national security apparatus.”

“And we can’t stop them, to stay away from the family,” the Imam guessed.

“No, we can’t. No one can stop them,” Fatima confirmed. “They know their extortion job very well. This is the reason, why the Islamic State survived so long: operating at the rear of their enemies softly, no airstrikes and commandos can eradicate them, like in Syria.

This war against terrorism will never end, and no one even wants it: all the politicians, who speak loudly about crushing the terrorists, have immense money from all the military-industrial complex, weapon manufacturers and merchants, who need this war to continue forever, to sell more of their deadly stuff, to have endless demand for their endless supply.

The terrorists were never so powerful themselves: but many parties pampered them, to reach their own goals. The Islamic State is a cat’s pawn of thousands of players, serving as a proxy. If you catch one operative, three more are supplied from nowhere, occuring like ghosts, so the game can continue.

It would be very unwise to make some moves against them openly. Because the response could be swift, and ruthless: no number of bodyguards can protect the family from violent revenge, if the demands of the terrorists won’t be complied, or even a counter action would be attempted. All European VIPs know that, and they know, that a payment is expected, for ‘good relations’ and ‘preserving safety’, as the ISIS calls it. How can anyone wonder then, that ISIS flourishes?”

“A riddle without solution, indeed,” the Imam sighed. “But this is our world, and we have to live inside it, accepting all circumstances.”

“This is the reason, why Nicole has to become a Muslim, to secure protection from the terrorists. When they approach an infidel family, they indicate this desirable option, otherwise, even a kidnapping and forced conversion is possible, there were such sad cases already. And every VIP understands again, what to do, to secure a sustainable future for their children,” Fatima added. “The terrorists are making their own Da’wah, to bring VIPs to Islam, whereas they secure these assets for themselves: people, money, connections, you name it. They pick people, one by one, using lists from Intelligence databases, which someone supplied to them, and with these extremely sensitive data in their hands, with all the dirty laundry they know about the target families, no one can resist them.”

“This is just terrible,” the Imam said with sadness. “Eight years ago, when Anne came here for the first time, we thought, that the Chinese are the principal problem for this mosque. And now, look: the biggest problem for us is connected with Islam, and we can do nothing about it, as no assuring of the Austrian people, that Islam is a religion of peace, can help. They even say, that it’s our ‘Taqiyya’, condemning the terrorism loudly, but supporting it covertly.”

“Jews are standing behind this effort to disrupt the Islamic power! It was them, who tried to destroy Saudi Arabia eight years ago, by spreading a rumor, that their oil supplies are critically low. Now, they are using these terrorists, to provoke a war!” Sanaa’ insisted.

“Nicole is a clever girl, and she will know, what is right to do,” she changed her tone, when she noticed the expression of her father’s face, indicating disapproval with talking like this.

“This is the world, which we brought to children like her: one side is good and positive, it’s Islam, and the second is this omnipresent terrorist threat, explosions and attacks, or extortion,” the Imam said.

“Maybe the terrorists are serving even to our interests, not only for infidels,” Sanaa’ said recklessly, and her father looked at her with complete disdain, while Fatima’s face remained cold, but her eyes became narrow, as two slots.

Without saying a word, the Imam left the office, and the women remained alone.

“I know, what you want to say,” Sanaa’t turned her head to the corner, where Fatima was sitting patiently. “That you should report me to your BVT superiors, to those infidels. Just do it, operative! Fulfill your duty to the infidel land, which gave you everything, which corrupted you, which led you astray!

On what side are you standing, Fatima? Ours… or theirs?

Islam is only one, that is the truth. It’s our duty to use all means to gain more influence, to prevail in the world against the Jews, and the Chinese, who want to steal our power, so they can destroy us.

My father was always ignoring such things, not willing to see those complicated relationships in the present world, but I am different. He is old now, almost used up… and I will be the one, who will lead this mosque soon, making decisions for the community, accepting full responsibility for thousands.

It was you eight years ago, who saved this mosque from demolishing by the Chinese… but your duty is not over, Fatima! Will you save this mosque again, or will you play with infidels, and my passive father, who simply closes his eyes, and says, that Allah will decide all affairs, not us?

Those are new times, sister! The world was never an easy place to live, or to understand, but decisive people, who are not afraid of making moves, like you, they are always needed.

We need to use the Hasselblatt family, and their power, yet more. And there are serious reasons for it.”

Fatima was watching Sanaa’, noticing, how much she changed since that meeting in Geneva eight years ago, when Fatima persuaded her to return here, to accept her religious duties. In certain sense, it was Fatima herself, who created this small Imam, who denied to stay away from the endless infidel game for power, speaking about interests of the whole Ummah.

What happened to her? She was simply a different person, than her father. And as years passed, his influence here was lowering slowly, while she went up day by day, even the men respected her, because she had the same thinking as them, same opinions, same suggestions, where and how to project force against enemies. And with this male support, nothing could stop Sanaa’ from grasping immense power not only in this mosque, in the Islamic community, but also in the city of Salzburg, and practically in the whole Austria.

Even the brothers from AAIC started visiting Sanaa’, discussing matters with her, asking for her advices and opinion. When she will rule the AAIC, and that can happen easily… then she will be the most powerful Muslim in Austria, because she had assets in her pocket: her husband, an Austrian-American business tyccoon, who originally courted Fatima, and the mayor of the city, Katerina Rihova, with whom she had some special relations, that even Fatima was never able to understand completely.

And Sanaa’ is clever, so if Fatima will pledge her allegiance falsely now, to gain access to the Intelligence, the other woman will recognize, that she is played.

Indeed, Sanaa’ couldn’t be underestimated. Once a mere receptionist in a five star “Hotel de la Paix” in Geneva… and look at her now! Her father never understood, why she spent so many years in Switzerland… indeed, she learned there something, in the infidel VIP world, and she decided to become one of them maybe, but still covered in hijab, playing her Islamic game, or at least she said so.

Or, is she really adapted better for the new conditions, than anyone else, so she should be followed, and obeyed, as the most qualified person here, with all the suitable skills? There was no one to replace her, anyway.

What was right for Fatima to do then? Sanaa’ said it just right: what was her side? And what good was she making for the future of the community?

There were terrorists out there, and Fatima said only: “We can’t do anything, just to accept it, and supervise.”

But Sanaa’? She said, “Let’s use the terrorists too, if anyone is using them: American, Jews, Chinese, Russians and hundred of others, to stay competitive.”

And here is powerful Hasselblatt family, which distracted Imam Faraj eight years ago, when Anne came here, asking to be accepted into the community, and now, Nicole is becoming a part of the game too, and no one cares, that she is only seven or eight years old: she will be forced to mature very quickly. Soon, people will come to her, whispering into her small attentive ears, what she should do, to be a good girl, who loves Allah, the Islamic community, Ummah, and her family.

“I want to know exactly, what you suggest to do with the Hasselblatt family, before I will decide,” Fatima said after a very long moment of silence, when both women were watching each other, with cold and concentrated faces.

“I want to use them,” Sanaa’ replied without hesitation, and her tone was ice cold, and ruthless. “Just like we need to use everybody else, because time is right, no time to lose time, like until now, and some old debts towards infidels have to be paid, with the permission of Allah. And I swear before Allah, that I am doing this for the community, fulfilling His will,” she added with urgency.

After she explained her plan in details, Fatima thought only: what happened with us all?

“I will ask the Imam, to be moved as your personal aide, with immediate validity,” Fatima said in the end. “His present work activities don’t request my services any more, as you undertook most of his official duties anyway, and I want to remain useful, living in the present, accepting the challenges.”

“You see, sister? In the end, we found a way to each other,” Sanaa’ said with satisfaction. “Now, let me tell you, what I need you to arrange…”

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