Tales from a Mosque (17): Codename Black Horse

In Austria, under the snowy mountain peaks of the Alps, in the ancient city of Salzburg, on Rudolfskai Strasse near the city center, where the famous music composer W.A. Mozart was born, there is a large building, reconstructed to a modern face with great costs, and inside the impressive structure, there is a large office, equipped with expensive furniture from the Middle East.

A single woman is sitting there, a slim blonde around 40 years of age, and on the wall behind her, there is a large flag of the city of Salzburg hanged.

She watched this flag in the past few days, contemplating deeply. As a mayor, she has a lot of responsibility indeed: she never married, because in certain sense, this seductive city became a child for her, needing proper care all the time.

She opens a drawer, where she keeps her various memories. And between all the trinkets, gathered through all the years in the office, there is a small box. When she opens it, four small golden stars with three arms can be found there, and a button with two small swords on it: the Captain’s rank, but never used on a uniform. Still, it means something for her maybe, as she examines it with emotions.

“Frau Bürgermeisterin, you have a visitor,” the receptionist calls from the downstairs. “Some fool, he seems drunk, saying, that he has an appointment with you. Should I ask the security, to kick him out?”

“No no, I am expecting him,” the woman says decisively. “Send him upstairs,” she orders, and hides the box back into the table.

She has to smile, when she hears an agitated conversation at the hallway. “I am telling you, fools, that this is my medicine for low blood pressure, prescribed by my very responsible doctor, and I need it to keep it all the time with me! You can’t seize it, or you would jeopardize my health and safety, and as a war veteran with many medals, I deserve proper respect from the lousy, cowardly, miserable civilians, who never experienced the sweetest taste of military victory! Were you ever in the Army, you fool? Or you know what, friend? Let’s have a shot glass together, and you will close your eyes this time, OK?”

There is a detection frame installed, as the security measures in the building are on high level, to protect the personnel from the treacherous terrorists from the Islamic State.

And then, the door opens, and there is a middle-aged man, just a few years older, than the woman in the office, and his dumb face is one big smile: he forced the security guards to keep him a small bottle of rum, which he likes to carry on his heart, hidden in his badly fitting suit, next to the government issued ID card.

“Katerina!” he greets her with emotion. “Long time, no see!”

“Joseph, nice to see you again!” she replies, and stands up to welcome her precious guest.

When they shake hands, the man sits down, watches the office around, and he can’t keep his admiration. “Just look at you! You made some career! The mayor of Salzburg… girl, I always knew, that you will get somewhere!”

But they both know, how she got here, who sent her here and why, and whose support was used, to get into this chair. Maybe the man just wants to pretend, that all old tales are forgotten, and they don’t matter anymore: only the reality, and present are important.

“Same fool like in the old times, as I can see,” Katerina comments it. “Or do you have your head completely erased with rum already, old friend?”

But the man just smiles. “I will stop drinking from tomorrow, I promise,” he smiles lika a dumb idiot, but Katerina is far from believing him this pose.

It’s eight years now, when they were sitting together in that café in Teplice, an Islamic Czech city, before her final departure into Austria. He told her that time, that she is an “calculated loss” of the Czech Military… and she remembered these words well in the following years, never returning back.

She was a Czech celebrity long time ago. A reputated horse rider, a successful businesswoman with aristocratic ancestry, she had everything, but it was still not enough, not speaking about fear: so, she accepted an offer of the most shady entity, an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, to became a part of their Political Warfare department, to assert Czech national interests both home and abroad.

They played a big game here, eight years ago, to disrupt the balance of the political power in the city, using ruthless campaign of the bribed tabloid media. The basic results were two: rise of Islam in the city, and abdication of the former mayor.

Katerina Rihova Microsoft blonde horse rider business executive VIP V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs ORThe Unit waited for this fateful moment of Operation Alpine Interest, and they sent their pampered asset: Katerina Rihova, or Asset A78, codename Black Horse, to use the power vacuum in Salzburg, and to grasp the mayor’s office, as she had the dual Czech-Austrian citizenship, using the support of local Muslims. And she was very important: her codename was related to the Unit’s insignia, where a black chess horse was presented, to indicate, that the Unit makes irregular moves of Unconventional Warfare, and its enemies should fear.

Her superiors anticipated, that she will convert to Islam, that she will succumb to the seducing voice of Allah… but they didn’t care. They only wanted the seat of mayor, to project their own interests in Austria, after similar expansion to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, using a top Czech female fashion model and social leader, Marketa Maryam Korinkova there, for so called Operation Skinny Puppy. Indeed, these masterminds were ruthless, and one person was just a pawn for them, sacrificed without emotion, or remorse.

But what remained from all those bold plans, created many years ago? The world changed, and many dreams changed to dust. People changed, many disappeared here or there… and the memories wered fading slowly. Only this overweight fool was still saying the same beer tales.

“I am glad, that you accepted my invitation, Joseph,” Katerina expresses her gratitude. “But I have to tell you, this is not a mere friendly visit after all that years. There is some important update I need to share with you.”

“I don’t know, what you are talking about?” the man pretends to be yet more dumb, than usually. “You mean, that you fell in love with me? Too late, I am married, no one believed me, but I made it eventually, I married a noble woman from Liechtenstein, a widow, like my old famous Grandpa, who spent his last years with a widow. These widows, they are fine, they appreciate, what they have…”

“But you do remember, that eight years ago, you served in the Czech Military with me, as a liaison officer?” she insists.

“Maybe… it’s so long time ago, and my memory is erased by regular rum refreshment, as you said… and who would return to the past, anyway? It’s gone… including my military career, so I enjoy my deserved retirement. What more is there to say?

Or you want to hear some of my famous war tales? That is the reason, why I travelled all the way here, to amuse you? OK, so what about this one, when I, and Oberlieutenant Lukes, we ‘borrowed’ the Czech crown jewels to save the state, and all citizens…”

“Thanks, but not right now. Let me ask you differently: you realize, that there is some continuation of time? That past is connected to the present… and even some remnants of the past can last until this day, this moment?” the woman seems agitated.

“You are too intellectual for me, girl,” the man replies with a resignating sigh. “Let’s say, that this connection really exists… maybe… but who cares? All is gone, including my youth. But you still look well, I would guess 35 years of age at most!”

“That modern make-up can make miracles, covering all my wrinkles just perfectly. Only that army of young women, around twenty years old, is a problem,” she says with detachment. “What about returning to those old times, even if they are gone? Aren’t there still some loose ends?”

“If you insist… you will have it. But then, I would have to tell you, that you are breaching the strict security protocol, if we are speaking directly, and in this particular city, in your office, which is most likely bugged with surveillance.

But don’t worry, no one will reprimand you! The Unit was disbanded long time ago, and only some dusty papers are remaining in the archive, while no one cares about them, and the people, who served there.

In certain sense, you are the last remnant of the Unit’s former fame and bold plans… we sent you here many years ago, and you are still here. But your services are no longer needed, it seems, and you are not under the military command anymore: you are a free person. Why don’t you enjoy it? Why do you want to open some old dark boxes of Pandora… again?”

“Maybe because I want to know clearly, what my current position is, regarding the Czech state, and most importantly, which steps I should make, as there are some substantial changes upcoming, in this city. The question is, whether I should still follow the protocol, as you said, or it doesn’t matter anymore?

What else could I do, than to call you, although finding you in the world was not so easy? You are the one, who can tell me: it’s over, like that old Japanese soldier, who surrendered in the 70s, almost thirty years after the war, and he demanded his superior officer to be present, so he handled his weapon, a rusty rifle, only to him, and surrendered to the authorities only after his expressive command.”

“I would say, that I am not competent for such a thing,” the man denies reponsibility in advance. “But I see no problem in listening to some innocent gossip of the beautiful Austrian city of Salzburg. So, what is so important, that you called for me, disturbing my deserved retirement?”

“Sanaa’… do you remember this name?” she goes straight to business.

“Maybe… the local Imam’s daughter?”

“This Sanaa’ started to play a big game here recently,” the mayor announces openly, and fear can be felt from her voice. “She started to make very significant demands at the high places: she wants me to abdicate from the mayor’s office, to get it herself. And that is not all: she approached Suzanne Hasselblattova, and she asked her, to leave the whole ‘Woman’s Destiny’ luxury fashion brand, worth of hundred of millions of dollars, to her, threatening her almost openly, quote: ‘If you won’t comply, then I can’t guarantee your personal safety further, and the safety of your family’.

I am telling you openly, Joseph, that I will have to comply to this demand of her, although my second term in the office is only at half, full two years are remaining to the next elections.

The reason is, that it was the local Islamic community, who got me into this seat, and if they are approaching me now, asking for my abdication, there is no way to tell them ‘no’, moreover, if Sanaa’ clearly suggested, that my place won’t be empty for a second, as Muslims want to manage the city affairs themselves, not using proxies and collaborators, like in the past. In other words, big changes are awaiting this city.”

“Hmmm… interesting… but there has to be a reason, no? Why does she do all that? She never seemed as a person, desiring for power.”

“The reason is somehow connected with the Hasselblatt family,” the woman explains. “Something is happening there, but the affair is very complicated, and I don’t have complete data about it, to make an qualified opinion. But I have a theory: it’s related to the daughter of Anne, Nicole, and her alleged father, an executive from ‘Wu’, that Chinese multinational corporation with immense power in the whole world.

And if you want to hear some old good tale: they always told us, that Anne’s pregnancy was just an accident, an occasion, and her mother used the situation to her advantages. But I found, using my old contact at Czech Military Counterintelligence, that it was a cover-up: this man was once a member of the Czech Army, deployed in Iraq, even bringing a high state medal from there, and later, imagine, he was a part of our Unit, serving in the ‘EX’ department, meaning ‘Executive Action’, which I never heard of, and I presume, that neither you, as this department was classified so extremely, that even we, insiders, had no idea about it.

This department executed very special, risky and sensitive tasks, ‘outsourced’ by members of the Czech Special Forces, like Operation HARD PROOF, when a false flag attack of the Islamic State was orchestrated near Prague, to scare the citizens and persuade them, to allow more military spending, and further militarization of the police forces, plus limiting their civic rights of course, and agreeing with more mass surveillance.

I can’t prove it, but this man was most likely a part of the commando, who impersonated the alleged terrorists, and one murdered person remained at the site deliberately, a foreigner from, let’s say, unstable Eastern country, known to have connections with the terrorists, to provide a proof for the media and citizens, that it was a real attack… a murder in the higher interest indeed.

And he is a part of this Hasselblatt tale, but it was a planned action, not a coincidence, when an old soldier and later a business executive was seduced by an innocent young girl, twenty years younger than him, reading Prévert’s verses… it was him, who was sent to seduce her, to impregnate her, and deliberately. It was an offensive action… of our Unit!

If you want to know, how he did it… too simply. The ‘participating’ Police patrol stopped Anne’s boyfriend, and they found an alleged stash of drugs in his car, detaining him. So, Anne remained alone for some time… and our man used the opportunity just perfectly.

He presented her a pack of Tarot cards, asking her: ‘Do you want to know the future?’ Of course, that a young girl said yes… and you can imagine the rest, she spread her thighs, not even knowing how quickly.

She told me this tale herself, but she doesn’t know some small detail: the scenario of the operation said expressively, that the ‘winning’ sperm has to be of someone else, not of our operative. So he had to drug the girl, to make her asleep, and deliver the sperm right into her body system, using a special injection, so the ‘alternative’ male cells could reach the egg with certainty, and a baby will be created… sounds really crazy, huh, not speaking about how many laws were breached.

But the higher places simply didn’t care, you know them: everything for the noble goals of the higher interest, even if some filth has to be made.”

“This is the sickest tale I have ever heard, girl,” Svejk couldn’t hide his surprise, and disgust. “But we did a lot of nasty stuff in the past, and in Dubai, the goal was similar: to make our asset to get impregnated by the Sheikh Al Maktoum. Two cells would connect: and in the end, the whole axis of Islamic power, including Saudi Arabia, could crumble!”

“It will get much sicker, when I will tell you, that the sperm doesn’t belong even to Anne’s boyfriend… our superiors wanted to make the situation completely messy. But I am not sure, whether our masterminds calculated so far into the future, counting to use the child one day,” Katerina continues with narration. “But I would bet, that someone else simply takes the opportunity, if the Unit stepped away from the scene… it’s Sanaa’, and not only the whole Islamic community is standing behind her, also, and now sit firmly, my old friend:  the local Jews too!

Many things changed in the city recently, so listen to this tale to understand, what kind of ‘special relationships’ the local Muslims and Jews have those days:

Few weeks ago, a bomb detonated near the local synagogue. It was just some low-grade explosive, industrial origin, so it was not Islamic State, it was maybe some local fool, a lonely right-wing extremist… three people were hurt, but imagine, what happened next: there was no condemning of the attack, no search for the culprit, not some decent pointing at the Muslims, the archenemies of Jews, or plans for revenge.

The dust after the explosion hardly settled, when a delegation of Jews was dispatched to the Mosque, meeting with Sanaa’, and they said: ‘We all are the People of the Book. Your Lord is our Lord. Even ten of such incidents can’t break the firm bond of friendship and cooperation between us, to preserve the land to our Lord,’ and they started to embrace each other, assuring each other with mutual respect, and loyalty.

Yeah, believe it or not, but both groups made the deal, and the Jews are those, who make just everything to keep it working, including various concessions. And Sanaa’, she accepts them, as a queen, they know, that she is their person, although she hates them, they know that too, but they don’t mind, as long as ‘business’ is going, so her factual power is immense.

And the reasons are… you don’t have to guess twice… the Chinese.

In history, the Jews survived so much efforts to be eradicated, including the holocaust, but in the end, today, the Chinese simply overwhelmed them, and Israel lost almost all of their former geopolitical power to them recently, so they are trying to get some allies, to stabilize their positions against a common enemy, who can’t and won’t stop in their permanent covert expansion… in other words, the Muslims are now the only hope for the Jews, to survive further, to keep their former might.

In the near past, many various sides, including us, and the Jews, tried to use the Chinese against their enemies, not realizing, or estimating the consequences correctly: that in the end, the Chinese will always win the most, they will get strength from the endless wars of others.

So, the Jews learned eventually, and painfully: for their sustainable future, they know, that this approach needs to be avoided. So, they offered Muslims this deal: we are weaker now, so we will hide behind you, we will support you and back you from behind, and you will get the Chinese away from us, and our interests. If someone will be hurt in a melee, it will be you, not us… but we will pay you for protection.

Sanaa’ accepted, knowing well, that in the middle, there is always the most of the power and influence distributed. Of course, that she would like to destroy the Jews, using the Chinese… but the Jews are trying to prevent it, whispering into her ear daily, that their mutual conflicts have to be postponed, or no religious group will survive: ‘If you will destroy us, you will destroy yourself as well’, that is what the local Jews are saying all the time now.

There was a similar situation in history: the Chinese communists, almost eradicated by the government nationalist forces of Chiang Kai-shek, were in fact saved by the Japanese invasion into China in the 1940s, so you could suspect them, that they even helped to organize it, to use Japanese as their cat’s pawn.

The communists suggested Chiang Kai-shek, to postpone their internal civil war, to repel the invaders together… and he accepted, but it was a mistake. The war made Communists strong, they learned, how to fight, they got weaponry, and soon after the Japanese were defeated, the Chinese nationalists were defeated, and they had to leave for the island of Taiwan, whereas Communists won, creating People’s Republic of China.

Or a similar example: Germans, during the First World War, wanted to disrupt their enemy, the Russian Empire, so they sent V.I. Lenin, to organize the bolshevik revolution there. The plan worked… but a new, mighty enemy was created for the Germany, and in only twenty years, they felt the consequences, when they were defeated by Russians, losing their war, which changed Europe like nothing else.

The substantial difference here is, that the invading force can’t be defeated: the Jews know that, and Sanaa’t too. So maybe they stopped calculating against each other, searching for mutual interests: to preserve their might in the world.

Anyway, to summarize it, the current situation is this: the local Muslim community, supported and needed by Jews, is represented by Sanaa’, to counter the rising influence of the Chinese. And between both groups, there is Hasselblatt family, connected to both sides: Anne is a secret convert to Islam, and alleged father of her child is connected to the Chinese.

There will be a war, that’s most certain, and Hasselblatt family will be used by both sides, that’s certain too. And Sanaa’ started to make her moves right now, from reasons unknown. Maybe her father told her, that he is stepping away from leading the community, too old to counter all these demanding challenges, so she could start her game in large, having free hands.”

“And that man from ‘Wu’ company… do you know him? Do you know his intentions?” Svejk wanted to know.

“I had to meet with him, as the original operation suggested me to do so,” Katerina reminded. “But I met him just once, before the election: now, I need to keep proper distance from him, or that omnipresent rats from the tabloid media would write, that I keep contact with the Chinese…

When we met, he said, that he is just a pawn… but who knows, whether it was just an attempt to lower his importance in front of me deliberately, so I will forget about him.

And for your information, Joseph: I haven’t become that calculated loss to Islam, as it was anticipated, from a simple reason, because the Muslims needed me, like I am, as their powerful infidel ally in the politics.

They knew, that if I will convert, I will lose the trust of local people, and I will lose my office. So they even kept me as infidel, never persuading me to convert… quite funny! I survived, even against all the calculations!

You can offer me a pork, or your rum, and I will accept the invitation… but remember, there is that ‘Taqiyya’ concept in Islam, that for achieving greater good and protecting a believer, and the community, he or she is allowed to break the faith. So, there is no way, to confirm, that somebody is not a Muslim, to deny the faith.

But let’s get to my current personal situation, Joseph: I need the approval of the command, to leave the office to Muslims, as I can’t keep it anyway. I gave eight years to this mission, and I hope, it was enough… and you are the only person, who can help me, because to visit the General Staff of the Czech Army myself… as a mayor of Salzburg… well, that would make an affair. I even don’t know, if someone would speak with me there… ‘plausible deniability’, and so on.”

“We trained you really well, and you proved yourself as a top-tier operative indeed,” Svejk said with open admiration. “What do you plan to do next? I presume, that you want to leave the politics completely.”

“Exactly. And I want to return home for the deserved retirement from the service. This is over, there is nothing more I can do here. I want to go on with my life, maybe to try to catch the last train, getting a husband, a family, who knows.”

“I am sorry to say that, Katerina,” Svejk said politely. “But I can’t give you the blessing to quit you want. I am simply not competent for it: so the operation is still running, until someone will say, that it’s over. Or go to Prague, and speak with some generals. I am just a retired footsoldier, and I always was a grunt only.

You described the situation very colourfully, and I completely understand, that from your angle of view, there is no other option, than to retreat from your current position, as the other side has now control of you.

The question is: are you really used up, or are there still some options for the Czech national interests, how to make use of you here?”

“I am not aware of any such option,” Katerina said honestly. “I have nothing to offer to Sanaa’. She will simply get, what she wants, either peacefully, calmly, reasonably, or using ‘other’ means. But don’t imagine some violence: a mere phone call would be sufficient, the media would start their avalanche of slanders, and I would be glad to make it to the border in one piece, without smashed windows of my car by the angry, agitated crowds on the streets… they can use the same tactics against us, as we deployed to get me here.”

“But you still have some importance for the Hasselblatt family,” Svejk said with certain darkness in his voice. “Another phone call would be sufficient to destroy Suzanne’s company in Prague. The consequences could be immense, if Sanaa’ needs the brand for herself. So, what is the situation now?”

“I don’t get your point,” the mayor said with distance.

“The Muslims have a lever against you, but we have a lever against them… the war you mentioned, is in fact for that fashion brand. Both sides know, that it’s extremely valuable, to project various interest around the world… but there is still someone, able to switch it off, at least apparently.

If Sanaa’ asked Suzanne, to give her the brand, she is either crazy, because Chinese won’t ever allow it, or she wants to share the power with the Chinese, against the Jews maybe.

But there is still a small splinter in this plan: it’s you, Katerina. You are an obstacle for all sides, so they can play their big game.

Without any doubt, if you won’t abdicate, they will get rid of you… unless there is a way, how to become important for both sides.”

“I told you, I am not aware about such option… both sides can crush me, like an insect, and the Chinese never tried to bribe me, to become their pawn, suggesting, that they will protect me against the attackers. I have no support, and I am completely isolated.

Indeed, I will be destroyed on that big chessboard as a first figure. And that I won’t allow: it would have no sense anyway.

The other thing is, what Suzanne Hasselblattova will do: she is backed by the Chinese, unlike me, but the enemies are making move against her now. She has her family, it’s a weakness in all possible senses, including her daughter, a secret convert to Islam, and her granddaughter, who can be converted as well, or kidnapped by the terrorists to extort her, and this kidnapping can be even fake, just to push against Suzanne, the owner, and the girl will go with the ‘terrorists’ voluntarily, as a devoted follower of Islam.

But for the Chinese, all these games means nothing: Suzanne will never sign the contract, even if it would mean horrible things… you can imagine.”

“So what Sanaa’ will do then? She can’t get to the Suzanne’s company… is she so dumb, not to know this? Or is there some covert intention, to provoke the Chinese, for example?” Svejk wondered.

“You ask me too difficult questions. I don’t know… it’s August now, and Sanaa’ said, that ‘the matter’ has to be resolved, before the holidays in Austria will end, so people won’t make some crazy protests in the streets, as everything will be made smoothly, and softly.

It means, that only days in my office are remaining. I will announce, that from health reasons, as the office is too demaning, I am abdicating, and I will suggest Sanaa’ as my successor.

And that is all: with all the local support she has, her election is without question, and other parties will send only losers against her, to keep decency. If this move is planned to help her to get the Suzanne’s brand… I don’t know, and I don’t care. Not my problem anymore.”

“Many things can happen in those few days,” Svejk said with mystery. “Have you ever visited that mosque?”

“No,” Katerina smiled. “What would I do there?”

“Maybe to talk with Imam Faraj,” Svejk suggested. “He is known as a wise man, helping both believers and infidels with their issues… to have a chat with him could be beneficial.”

“Are you completely out of your mind?” Katerina was shocked. “Sanaa’ would know exactly, what my intention is… and it would be a very miserable move, because the old Imam has no factual power over the community anymore. He is only a shade of his former influence, he is no help, he has no power over Sanaa’… Joseph, you are really dumb!”

“If you will go there with a reliable bodyguard from the famous military family, nobody can touch you,” Svejk insisted. “Let’s go there! Let’s have a nice walk and meet another culture, another world! But let me assure you, that nobody will persuade me, to abandon beer, rum and other pleasures!”

“I will NEVER go there, you fool,” Katerina rejected the questionable offer. “Go there, but alone! Do you want me, to show you the direction? Here is a map, for dumb tourists, like you, who sponsor our city!”

“You maybe forgot, that I met with Sanaa’ in the past, when she started working in Suzanne’s boutique as a designer, and I was a marketing manager there. Why shouldn’t I meet another old friend?

I am telling you, Katerina: let’s go there! What kind of mayor you are, if you ignore the local Islamic community? That’s not a good approach, I am telling you…”

“Joseph, are you really so foolish, to get into this mess? You have a good life now… that widow of yours loves you, I presume… why to tempt the fate, to let the stones to crush you, and without any sense?” Katerina wondered.

“You know me, I was always a fool,” the man confessed with another dumb, but innocent smile.

“They are coming,” Fatima Al-Hamdani informed her new superior, Sanaa’, called “The Small Imam”, when the Czech visitors reached the mosque.

“Just as we planned,” Sanaa’ said with utmost satisfaction. “Dumb, infidel fools, who can’t accept, that we are taking everything from them, their power and influence… they don’t know, what they will find here. But it won’t be the salvation of Allah: they don’t deserve it, anyway!

Poor Katerina lasted so long… but now, she will fall!

Now, tell the photographer to prepare, and when the pictures will be done, send it to all the bribed local tabloid media, and add a notice:

The mayor of Salzburg comes into the mosque, to submit to Allah and ask for repentance of her war crimes in Syria and Iraq

Just before the current mayor of Salzburg, Katerina Rihova, announced her retirement from the public service from health reasons, she visited the local mosque, to ask for forgiveness to her worldly crimes against Muslims.

‘Our doors are opened to everyone,’ said Sanaa’, the female Imam with high reputation between Muslims and non-believers alike, including local Jewish community, and influential Chinese businessmen in the city.

Escorted by her old male friend, who served with her in the elite Special Forces of the Czech Army, and together, under the commands of their vicious NATO superiors, they comitted many atrocities and war crimes against peaceful Muslims in Syria and Iraq, both Czech visitors were welcomed cordially, and the Imam assured them, that their old sins will be pardoned, if they will seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah, as His Compassion and Mercy are limitless.

‘We are glad, that the mayor found the Straight Path in the end, showing other non-believers, where to search for salvation they need,’ the Imam stated.

The planned abdication of the city mayor would definitely shift the balance of politicial power in the city, and the local Islamic community says, that Katerina Rihova should remain in the office, as she brings welfare to all citizens.

‘We will ask Allah to keep Katerina healthy, and serving for the public interest further,’ Sanaa’ said. ‘She is loved by many, and our beautiful city flourishes under her wise rule, without regards to race, gender or religion.’

This is it, Fatima: it was enough of infidel oppression here, tolerated by my father! Remember this day well, sister… because today, we are creating the history of Ummah!”

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