Tales from a Mosque (18): You Can’t Stop Islam

Just several hundred kilometers north from the Austrian city of Salzburg, located under the Alpine peaks, where the Imam Faraj’s white mosque is standing, an island of Islam in the infidel land, changing the world around once and forever, there is another large city, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and to the southwest, just touching the city borders, is a another small city, Cernosice, favored by the Czech VIPs for more than a hundred of years.

It’s so peaceful there, deep calming forests everywhere, and still, in 20 minutes, you can be in the city center of Prague, to conduct business, to promote your personal interest in the world. So, many Czech social, political and economic leaders, even high-profile criminals, like Radovan Krejcir, built their impressive villas here, to live their exciting lives there, close to the scene, but in privacy, in peace, in healthy environment, where you can relax, and gather forces for another offensives against ruthless competition.

One of such proud villas there, with full three floors, large garden and adjacent swimming pool, is inhabitated by highly reputated Hasselblatt family: three women, from which two are working in the Luxury Fashion industry, and the third, Nicole, only eight years old, enjoys her childhood, not aware, what malicious plans the world has with her.

Indeed, the long tentacles of evil, terrorism, conspiracies and endless game for power and influence are reaching even here, and no one can be immune against them. And now, it seems, that the Hasselblatt family will be hit in large, as Sanaa’, called “The Small Imam”, the daughter of Imam Faraj, not a peaceful Muslim like him, has her own bold agenda, how to assert Islamic interests, any maybe even to defeat all her old enemies: Austrian infidel oppressors, Jews, and Chinese. And she won’t hesitate, to do just anything to achieve this questionable goal, so no national borders have any validity for her.

Right now, it’s a beautiful August afternoon, and in Salzburg, the printing works are just preparing the evening issue of the local press, to be distributed into the streets, to make the first big move of Sanaa’s personal war in the interest of Ummah: to play a game with the current mayor of Salzburg, Katerina Rihova, who will be the first figure on the chessboard, hit with this ruthless avalanche.

But here, in Cernosice, it’s still peaceful. In the garden, Nicole, the small girl, is playing with her two animal friends, an Alpine Marmot, called Whistlie, whom she brought from a trip into the Alps, and his friend, a black little mole.

Indeed, this small ground squirrel is an ambassador of Austria here, wearing the tag on his tiny buttocks proudly, where the statement “Made in Austria” is written, so the marmot has his own passport issued, and he is under the international protection of the Austrian state.

But his local agenda is just roaming the garden, collecting nuts and radicles, sitting on stones, to watch the surroundings, enjoying the sun, warming his fur coat, and sometimes, when Nicole is not watching, even digging tunnels in the ground, because once you are a marmot, you simply have to keep digging.

The garden, and the house are protected by a professional security element, a heavily armed VIP Executive Protection unit, because the family has immense money, and literally world influence: their “Woman’s Destiny” luxury fashion brand, backed by the mighty Chinese, is a tool of massive influence not only in Austria, Prague and Switzerland, but also in the whole Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, indeed a place of interest for many world parties.

And of course, the Hasselblatts have enemies: not only common criminals and racketeers, who would like to get to the bank accounts with impressive numbers, also the merciless business competition from Parizska street, where all the famous world fashion brands have their boutiques, and local municipal politicians, who would like to use the powerful business brand for their personal interests.

But the Chinese won’t allow that, so all the rats, vultures and wolves are keeping away from the garden, leaving the marmot, the mole and Nicole to play their games undisturbed, while the security, operating in patrols of four men, armed with Uzi submachine guns and bullet proof vests under their jackets, is supervising them from distance, keeping persistent watch in a small garden house at the distant corner of the garden, not to intervene with the common life of the family.

Indeed, it seems, as another beautiful summer day, at least externally: but inside the house, in the large kitchen, there is a heated discussion between two remaining women: Suzanne, the owner of the fashion brand, and her daughter, Anne, Nicole’s mother.

“I am telling you, Mom, that I don’t agree with this preposterous move you just announced to me. You didn’t ask me, you don’t need to hear my opinion: you just announced!” Anne complains loudly. “Yes, I am against it! And I promise, that I will leave this house once and forever, if you will bring that man, your groom, here!”

“You forgot too easily, how much this man, whom you despise so much, did for this family!” Suzanne repels the attack. “Everything you see around you, was created by him. Without him, and his Chinese friends, we were nothing, you remember? And your beloved daughter… is it necessary to mention, how badly you speak about her father?

He was always decent, keeping distance, never asking for the parent’s rights. He always stood behind us, providing everything we needed, so Nicole can have good environment, in material and all other sense.

I think, that he deserves to be accepted into the family officially, and my marriage with him is the only way, as you always despised him… I know him for nine years, and if I will marry a man again, it will be him: with, or without your blessing!

You can’t imagine, how is it to be in my age. How limited are the options… no, there is no other choice for me, and I will take care of this man, as long as I will be able, until my last breath, to repay him all the favors… unlike you,” Suzanne, aged 48, says with complete certainty.

“Then I am taking Nicole, and we are leaving,” the younger woman, Anne, only 26, says, and it’s the end of discussion for her.

“Nicole!” she shouts from a large kitchen window. “Pack your stuff! We are going to a holiday trip to Italy!”

Nicole watches her mother with surprise, but she is a good girl, always making good choices, so she goes to find the marmot, hidden somewhere in the garden, discussing with his mole friend about latest digging strategies, to build impressive underground burrows and tunnels.

Anne sits back to the table. “I don’t deny, that the man has merits… but mom, wake up! You can’t marry the father of my daughter, of your granddaughter! It’s simply sick!”

Maybe they would continue with the fruitful discussion yet more, but the internal house telephone starts ringing.

“Mrs. Hasselblattova, there are some visitors by the gate,” the security announces. “Some women with children, and they want to speak with Anne. Are you expecting them? Nothing was reported in the schedule.”

“What?” Anne says in surprise. “Who is it?”

“Two women with hijabs, and they have five children with them,” the bodyguard describes the visitors more exactly. “You want us to send them away?”

But there is only silence in the receiver, as both women look at each other in shock, fear and terror.

So it really happened in the end.

So many years, was Suzanne Hasselblattova able to make good maneuvers between all the rats, all the threats, using her Chinese connections beneficially. But one day, it simply had to happen: they are here.

Terrorists from the Islamic State, known to send inconspicuously looking ambassadors, particularly innocent women with children, to “start negotiation of arrangement of the mutual future”.

And it means, that you are their target now. And they won’t stop, they won’t let you go, ever: and no security in the world can protect you. They are everywhere, they have many allies, symphatizers and collaborators everywhere, even with access to the strictly classified Intelligence databases.

“Nicole is in the garden!” Anne remembers, and runs downstairs like mad.

“Nicole!” she shouts in fear, when the girl is nowhere to be found.

When she finds the little girl, who was just narrating something to her furry animal friends, maybe about Italy, where they are heading, whereas one of the bodyguards moved to supervise the girl already, Anne feels relief, grabs the girl’s tiny hand firmly, leading her back to the house.

“Nicole, honey,” she kneels down to the girl. “I need you to go upstairs, into your room, and to stay there, until I will tell you, OK? Are you a good girl?”

“Why not, mom, but I left the boys there, and the marmot asked for a carrot. Can I give him one?”

“I will tell the guards to bring both animals to you, and you can give them carrot. Just stay in the room, OK? Please, honey,” the mother insists.

When she returns to the kitchen, where Suzanne is still waiting, watching the entry gate from the safe cover of a curtain, her mother turns around. “I will go to handle it myself,” Suzanne announces.

“No, mom! No way! We have to call the police, to handle the situation!”

“It would make no sense, and you know that,” Suzanne replies calmly. “We have to deal with the situation. To face the reality.”

Before Anne can do anything, Suzanne takes the receiver again, and gives orders to the security: “Pull your men out of the garden. I will meet with the visitors. I want you to make no intervention, under no circumstances, unless I will tell you. Understood?”

“As you order, madam,” the male voice replies, and the telephone gets silent. No one tries to oppose her decision: she is the boss here, anyway.

Suzanne remains much more calm, than her daughter, who is fragile and too emotional. But Suzanne is a different kind of woman: a sociopath, ruthless and decisive. And she always knows, how to use any situation for her personal favor… including this one. At least her daughter will understand, that she needs her, and she will cease with some foolish revolution against her, threatening to take Nicole away…

Still, when the older woman walks down, to the gate, her legs are weaker, than usual. Usually, her aides and collaborators handled such affairs… but today, it will be necessary, to manage the matter alone.

She sees them already, those visitors. Indeed, two women in hijabs, around Anne’s age, like the security reported, and five small children, about Nicole’s age, are with them.

“I am Suzanne Hasselblattova,” she introduces to them with decisive, but not hostile voice. “I manage the family affairs. You wanted to speak with us?”

“Salam Alaykum, sister. Yes, we are here, to discuss some important matter with you: your desirable support of the local Islamic community, which is here not only for the Muslims, but for you infidels alike, to provide good, healthy and inspirational environment for the children,” one of the women explains peacefully.

This must be a dream, Suzanne thinks. How could this happen? How is it possible, that the Islamic State was so bold and reckless, to come here directly, without regards to all the massive cover of the family, in all senses, in all structures, social, political and security, both home and abroad?

When Suzanne listens to the leading Muslim woman, she knows: someone sent them here. It’s not a coincidence. They are on a mission here, and they are serving to someone, as their cat’s pawn.

Long time ago, the Islamic State was a terrorist organization, claiming their alleged caliphate in Iraq and Syria, fighting regular war for territory there, and spreading into other countries. Later, the terrorists brought war into the rear of their enemies, comitting various crimes against civilians everywhere: but it suited the states just well, so they could extend their military budgets, and limit civil rights of citizens, deploy more surveillance, to “protect the people against terrorists”, track yet more of actions and movements of any single member of the society.

But yet later, the ISIS changed again, and this transformation made them extremely dangerous, and influential: they started to using infidels as their cat’s pawns, simply by offering them advantageous business: after a name of an ex-lover, business competitor or generally an enemy was provided, plus 50.000 USD, the criminals took care of the revenge just perfectly, and moreover, they kept the proceeds from the extortion operations for themselves, to support their malicious cause.

To push and manipulate people was much better for their interests, than mere hurting them. Violence was alawys a promising option, but sometimes, simple terror and fear can bring you to victory more certainly, because people start to make moves, suitable for your cause.

But Suzanne is a player: she knows, that she can’t show fear to the enemy. Moreover, she has a good idea, how to use the situation for her own benefit.

“You must be tired after the journey here, so come in, and we can discuss the matter,” she decides, and opens the gate.

“Bring some refreshement to the guests: water, juice, fruit… and bring more chairs to the terrace,” Suzanne orders to the security, while the furry Alpine Marmot is watching the new visitors with irritation: where is his promised carrot? Shouldn’t he start whistling already, to be noticed? If you are only ten centimeters long, you have to be loud, otherwise the world would disregard you…

“Supporting the local Islamic community would bring you many unique advantages,” the Muslim leader promises Suzanne, like an experienced saleswoman. “Including respect, gratitude, sustainable future and protection. For the amount of 50.000 USD a month, necessary to establish Islamic Youth Centre here, in Cernosice, local children can have a safe place, where to spend time, learn good values, and meet Islam, their future.”

Suzanne only nods, watching the eyes of the woman.

“Your granddaughter Nicole will live in the world, deeply influenced by Islam. It’s in her overall interest, not only to meet and understand the religion of peace, but also to become a part of community, to improve society in these lands, and her merits will be highly appreciated by the higher places both in the Czech structures of power, and in the Islamic community alike, to fight with xenophobia, hatred, denial and rejection, which disrupts the society,” the woman continues, and slowly, her voice becomes cold, determined and commanding.

And Suzanne, known as a ruler, leader, only nods and says nothing, although many fools would become angry, calling for Police. But in this case… you would only make it worse.

The Islamic State begins with soft words, playing weak amateurs, provoking you to deny the offer of “mutual cooperation”, to make a serious mistake. But it’s a test: play your foolish games, reject them, and fires will start burning, because terrorists will want to make an example from you, so many others will submit without any objection, knowing, what could happen. And you don’t want to become such example… you would be hurt, and your family too.

They could kidnap your child, and then, they would return him or her to you, but completely brainwashed, making their ally from it, stealing the innocence from the poor kid, not able to be trusted again, ever. Many such incidents happened in the past, when the own beloved children of VIPs cooperated with the Islamic State, playing innocent, but supplying terrorists with internal information, how to damage you, because they are not your children anymore then, they are devoted tools of the enemy, and very persuasive ones, very treacherous ones.

In the end, you find, that simply giving the money to terrorists, covered as innocent front organizations “for public welfare”, is still the best option: or your whole world will crumble.

Of course, the opposite side will demand more and more money through time, like all racketeers… but at least you can buy some time for yourself, thinking, how to use the situation to your favor. There is a proverb: “If you can’t get out, then get in.” And this is the reason, why the Islamic State gets more and more collaborators, in all places of the society.

At first, they will offer you “free favors”, like destroying your business competition, simply by doing them the same, as you experienced. Why should you say no? At least your competitor will be damaged too… so, you will be glad to provide many private details about your enemies to the IS covert operatives, making their operations yet easier.

Soon, you will be so deep in this mess… and one single note is enough, to be incarcerated and investigated, destroyed publicly, instead of Islamic State terrorists. This is, how you become their slave: and they know well, why they aim at VIPs, particularly celebrities, who can be extorted most easily, because they can be destroyed by the media at once.

And police? What can they do? Can they protect you? Even with all that commandos in balaclavas, Rapid Intervention teams, armored carriers, surveillance, drones and assault rifles?

They can do nothing to protect you, as the ISIS plays the same game with them. Even those policemen have families, weaknesses and vices: try to be a honest cop, and you will be out of service soon, as your own colleagues will create evidence of corruption, and again, you will become a public example for others, passing the message of the ISIS: keep out from us!

In other words, the ISIS doesn’t care, if you will comply, or refuse: they will use you in both cases.

“What you said about supporting kids sounds really well to me,” Suzanne replies then. “I will discuss the matter with my daughter.”

“Thank you for your time, sister,” the visitors are standing up, to leave. They never persuade, or push, at least during this introducting meeting. They want you to feel well… to make the right decision, even liking them, how nicely they treated you, how decently they behaved, to improve their Public Relations.

“So?” Anne asks, when the house belongs only to the family again, and Alpine Marmot is chewing his promised carrot with contentment.

“They want fifty thousand USD a month,” Suzanne says without emotion.

“That’s completely preposterous! Let’s call the police finally!” Anne is completely angry. “Why should we give them money? They are just extorting us!”

“Maybe because we can’t protect Nicole against them,” Suzanne replies. “And they know that. Not a thousand commandos could protect her.”

“So, why do we pay all the security? Why do we have all that highly positioned friends in the police, government, military, if they are no use to us?” Anne is disappointed, and fearing for the future of Nicole.

“Try to see it from the good side,” Suzanne tries to be reasonable. “These people are the reality of our world. They won’t disappear, they won’t be eradicated, although the politicians promised it million times, but they lied, like always, so it makes no sense to close your eyes… but these ultimate rats can provide us another layer of protection, just as they serve to many others.

People always adapt… they lived under Communist rule, and how many of them fought against oppression? Only a fragment, and many of them were covert collaborators of the state security, sent to infiltrate the dissident structures, knowing well, how beneficial is, to play for both sides: one of them will always win, and then, you can simply change your coat and join the winning side, saying: ‘Look, I fought against the enemy, and I deserve recognition of my merits!’ Such players have advantages under all regimes, unlike the common folk, who will be always robbed, always oppressed, always playing useful idiots for the rulers, reading newspapers and believing all the propaganda.

I will pay them money without any doubt, or regret. It’s not my responsibility, that our leaders are not able to contain them: my duty is to take care of my family, including you, including Nicole.

By the way, you visited that mosque in Salzburg, to meet with the clients… go there again, so the Muslims will know you, and we can get a lever, if the things would get too far. It can’t be worse then… let’s play on yet more sides, to have an insurance policy,” Suzanne suggests.

Now, even Anne recognizes her own opportunities in the situation. “And what if the Muslims will suggest Nicole to convert to Islam?” she asks carefully.

“Let’s hope, that paying religious taxes and not standing in their way will be sufficient for them, at least for now,” Suzanne replies. “If she would be a Muslim, and Islam would infiltrate this family, sooner or later, all of us would have to convert. It works that way.

The Muslims are not winning yet, so joining their side so openly wouldn’t be too wise, with regards to our higher social position. It’s better to remain in the middle, not to join some side expressively: so, don’t let them to come too close, by showing unsecurity and weakness. Everything is under control, we don’t need them, we have another allies.

What happened today, it reminded me another present issue: our friend Sanaa’ from Salzburg is growing quickly, and she suggested me, to let an executive position in the company for her, allegedly for the benefit of additional business expansion in the Persian Gulf. But you and me, Anne, we both know, that she simply want to enter the game, and to widen her influence later.

This matter will have to be discussed with the Chinese. As I know them, they will allow her, to create a puppet from her. But most likely, we will have to allow Sanaa’ to grasp power in the corporation. Who knows, whether they are not backing her secretly?”

“Mom… but it means, that we will lose everything we have,” Anne objects. “She won’t stop, she won’t satisfy just with playing a manager in a business costume.”

“The Chinese own our brand, let’s face the truth,” Suzanne reminded. “What they wish, it will happen… we were always just pawns, girl. They can control us, and they will find a way, how to control Sanaa’, that’s most certain.

Anyway, we have to keep balance. If the extremists are approaching our lives, we need to connect with the moderate Muslims, as they call themselves, although there are many rumors, that they deliberately divide into two parts, to extend their influence, and there is only one Islam.

So, we two have to divide as well: you will be an Islamic connection, Anne, and I will stay neutral. There is nothing more you can do for Nicole.”

Anne watches her mother, thinking: “As you wish. But the consequences will be much serious for you, than you think: it was enough of your oppression.

How foolish I was to hide my faith in Allah, the one who liberated me from your grasp! But there was a reason, it was the will of Allah… but now, the time has come, and as soon as Nicole will be converted to Islam, you will lose everything, and Chinese will allow it, because you will be no use for any side, obsolete, outdated, forgotten.”

Eight years was Anne waiting for this moment. When they met with Sanaa’ the last time, they made a deal: Sanaa’ will help Anne to take over the brand, removing her mother from rule, and making proper revenge for all the bad deeds the poor girl had to experience, all the fear in those sleepless nights, all the terror, when she found, that she is pregnant unexpectedly, and her mother almost kicked her out of the house, instead of providing loving support. But then, Almighty Allah intervened.

“Don’t forget, sister: your mother is an infidel, and she wants to stay this way, not only her, but you and Nicole too, she wants to steal the blessing of Allah from you,” Sanaa’ told to Anne. “Who gave her right to direct your life? Only the Lord has such right! And everything your mother has, it belongs to Allah, and He wants you to take care of this wealth, to provide the proper Zakat (=Islamic obligatory alms-giving) from it.

It’s either us, or the infidels: and we need all assets. We need your family brand, we need the money, sleeping on the bank accounts passively, not helping to our cause. You are a servant of Allah: so you know, who is the most important in your life, and what has to be done.

Fashion is a perfect tool, how to improve our strenght directly in the land of our infidel enemies, the Chinese. In Shanghai and Beijing, our people are working on efficient strategy, how to defeat the Asians, and our NATO covert allies suggested, to infect their minds and society, to create divisions, to disrupt unity, to cause a civil war in China, provoking a conflict with Japan and Taiwan alike, to make China an enemy of the world peace, the aggressor, so all the enemies of China, who are scared of her secretly, will unite into one block.

Your mother will fall, and China too. They seem powerful, but they are just giants on weak legs, and with the help of Allah, we will crush them all. It’s either them, or us: and the Ummah is counting on you, in this final hour, Anne.

But the first step is to convert your daughter, Nicole, because there is an exact plan, how to use her for our Chinese operation… and her alleged father, so we will push him against the wall soon.

It was Allah, who gave Nicole to you, sister, and He has intentions with her, like with everyone of us. We all are the servants of Allah, and no one can stop Islam.”

Several hundred kilometers south from Cernosice, Imam Faraj is sitting on a bench at the courtyard of the mosque, watching distant peaks of the Alps.

Rumors hit the mosque quickly: in the city, something is happening, and it concerns the mayor. Imam Faraj is too devoted Muslim, to gather some gossip, not permissible in Islam, but he would bet, that his daughter, Sanaa’, is somehow related to the affair.

In the last few days, only a fool wouldn’t notice, how substantially the Islamic community changed their perception of Sanaa’. Before, she was a favorite female Imam, but now, she is a queen, and many people started to whisper about her, bowing to her, because they think, it seems, that she is a hope for the future, where Islam will not only play a substantial part of the city, but it will rule it directly.

No infidel proxies, no covert connections, like before: direct political power. And it means, that Salzburg will become an Islamic city, like Czech Teplice, with vast consequences for many persons, relations, and the whole Austria.

Thus, removing the current mayor from the office seems as a fully logical step. But there is no one, who could initiate Imam Faraj into the matter: Fatima, his former trustworthy aide with Intelligence background, now works for Sanaa’, and when the community realized it, all knew, what it means.

Imam Faraj became only an old man for them: tolerated, respected, but put aside, as new strong players, who promised shiny future, stepped in: his daughter, who showed to the world openly, that she is willing to take the responsibility not only for the local Ummah, but for the whole city. Maybe, she will become the mayor herself.

He started avoiding Sanaa’, but he knew, how unwise move it is. By losing contact with the swift flow of events, he will become isolated from the main stream yet more, being put to retirement effectively.

She knew, that he won’t support her, but neither try to stop her. She became a ruthless queen indeed, and that was not the kind of Islam, which the Imam lived, for which he served his whole life.

“It’s the sacred duty of us Muslims, to spread Islam,” Sanaa’ said during a Friday prayer to the mass of gathered women in hijabs, while many men listened as well, from the distance. “All those, who say, that we should be moderate, we should keep away from the politics, that we don’t belong into these lands, and we should remain at the periphery of the power, should be called apostates, and their influence in the community eliminated. We don’t need traitors right now, in this breaking moment!

I am asking you, sisters: are you Muslims, fully submitted and obedient to the will of Allah, or corrupted infidels and decadent apostates, who want to stab the Ummah in her back, in this breaking point?

Is here anyone, who disagrees, that we should grasp the political power to ourselves, to change this land once and forever, as Allah demands?”

It seemed, that she wants to make the Ummah completely united, and she is removing any opposition, to be the leading voice for all.

Indeed, no one wanted to be her enemy, and people started to pledge full allegiance to Sanaa’. But she will never stand against her moderate father, at least openly: she needs him, as a shield. But she took all the power from him, and the last move was Fatima’s transfer under her own command.

In the past, how many hours he spent with Fatima, meeting with so many people in the mosque, discussing many affairs? Now, he could hardly meet her, and the information flow from her stopped.

But Imam would be too strict towards Sanaa’, if he would think, that she is bad somehow, corrupted, obsessed with power. The truth was, that in the last eight years, the community changed substantially, and widening female influence was a questionable blessing for Ummah.

In the past, mostly women from the Arabic world were presented here. But now, all that female converts, many of them with clear psychological diagnoses, various sociopaths, who liked to argue and quarrel, to play their games, and if someone disagreed with them, they knew, how to play to destroy their thought opponents.

The community was plagued with estrogen, with endless games, manipulation and treason, lies and corruption. But the women always said, ‘We are doing Taqiya, we lie to dupe the non-believers, we are the Army of Allah in those infidel lands’, and people believed them.

But their power in the community was simply too high, they managed to push all the rest to the periphery, including men, and Sanaa’s rise in power was just a consequence of these changes, not their cause. How long would you resist, if someone would tell you every day, what has to be done, in the name of Allah, and you are the chosen?

And there is the omnipresent Islamic State, who seduces you, who promises you to “help” with various tasks, otherwise unavailable goals, as your cat’s pawn, either for money, a counter service,  or completely for free, taking the reward somewhere else. Of course, that you will condemn the terrorists loudly, as it’s expected… but you will see the advantages, how to get to real power, how to rule the streets of Salzburg, how to force the locals to submit to Muslims.

And this Islamic State… everyone knows, that to call them terrorists, assassins and barbarians would be completely incorrect today: they changed into some kind of omnipresent, multinational criminal business corporation, even providing local and national franchises, taking over many former mafias under their “safe wings”, backed widely by European security forces, who like to use the ISIS against their enemies.

Indeed, it was a war out there, and neither beautiful city Salzburg can’t be saved from becoming the battle lines. But what could one small, insignificant servant of Allah do?

There was people like Imam Faraj, living for peace… and there was other people, talking about peace, but executing covert war. And what could you do? Stand against the Ummah, who seemed united now, like never? To attempt to make a coup against your own daughter, and her wide connections? You would become a traitor at once, as AAIC stood firmly behind Sanaa’, and soon, she could appointed as a leader of the AAIC, as all that rumors were saying, because the brothers saw the unique opportunity there, although she was a woman.

Even them wanted to use Sanaa’…. everybody wanted to use everybody, it seemed. Not speaking about local Jewish community, who presented their clear opinion: “Enemy of my archenemy is my ally”, meaning the ruthlessly expanding Chinese, and they appointed at deep bond between both religious groups. At least one eternal conflict was resolved… so, there was a small piece of peace in all that war.

“Grüss Gott,” someone greeted Imam Faraj. It was a slim, pretty woman, accompanied by an overweight man.

“Ah, the mayor… you visited us, at last,” Imam Faraj could hardly hide his surprise. “Salam Alaykum, welcome! And sit down, this bench is large enough for all of us.”

“We wanted to meet with you, but you had too many duties,” Katerina said with regret.

“But in the end, we met, when you finished your negotiation with my daughter, such was the will of Allah,” the old Imam said with satisfaction. “It’s she, who handles most of the community matters these days… and who is your friend?”

“My name is Joseph Svejk, I come from a famous military family from Prague,” the overweight man introduced himself proudly. “Indeed, I am an old friend of Katerina. It was me, who persuaded your mayor, to visit this place. She thought, that she should keep distance… but in this world, which is changing too quickly, any hesitation and avoiding your fate makes no sense. And such a nice place you have here! This magnificient view of Alps… it must be a good service here,” Svejk said with admiration.

“It’s Allah, who provides us everything we have,” the Imam said. “But I presume, that you visited me for a reason, not just to admire the architecture of this modest mosque.”

“A reason…” Katerina sighed. “Maybe it will be better to leave all the worldy affair behind these white walls. There, it’s so complicated… here, it seems much more simple.”

“Not these days,” the Imam replied. “Even here, some dark wave of instability and unrest came… and if you are old, you can only watch, and pray to Allah, that all will end well, and people will live in peace, Muslims and infidels alike.”

“I wish, that me and you could do something for this noble goal,” Katerina wished, without knowing, that a very nasty goodbye gift for her just hit the streets of Salzburg. “But now, there are others, and their agenda… I will leave the office soon, Imam Faraj, if your Allah won’t intervene. Sanaa’ insists, and she confirmed her clear stance today. New order is coming: and 25% of the Salzburg population are now Muslims.

She just said, that the Ummah has full right to rule the city, and even infidels will vote for her, as they understand, that there is no other suitable option for the city, and the citizens. She also said, that I can keep the mayor’s office, if I am so foolish… but the voice of people will remove me anyway.

I fully accept her arguments, Imam. I will do, what is the best for the city, and the citizens. But I wanted to be assured, that I can leave with my conscience clean.”

“We all are in the hands of Allah, and you worshipped Him, by doing good deeds for others, so Allah will grant His favors to you,” the Imam said.

“And you, Imam? Will you stay here, even if others took your place?” Svejk asked. “My superiors from the Czech Military have an offer to you: to serve as an Islamic cleric in the Czech Army, not only to provide the spiritual relief to our Muslim soldiers, but also to teach us about Islamic Warfare. You could do yet many good things for others… unlike here.”

Imam Faraj seemed amused, but then, his face became serious again. “Indeed, we owe something to you Czechs, and maybe it’s the will of Allah, that those debts should be repayed. And Teplice is allegedly a nice city, as many brothers and sisters reported.”

“You can stay there, as there is a military base established. Imagine, small, peaceful but lively city, with famous spa, good for health, many Muslims around… you will like it there,” Svejk spoke as a good salesman.

“Maybe… if Allah will permit it,” the Imam said, and Katerina’s telephone started ringing with urgency, when her collaborators read the newspaper with the most disturbing content, distributed in the streets.

Maybe she knew, what is happening, with her sixth sense. But there was enough time for the bad news, so she switched off the sound, and returned to watching the beautiful mountains around. Maybe it’s the last time now, when she can watch this scenery.

Indeed, this moment of peace in the mosque’s courtyard was the end of her Austrian career, as it came to light soon.

But when she returned to her home country, there was no time for memories: the Political Warfare department of a classified Unit of the Special Forces of the Czech Army needed an experienced commander.

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