Tales from a Mosque (19): Dawn of Austrian Islam

It’s before 4.30 in the morning, and the Austrian city under the Alps, Salzburg, is still sleeping. All the places, admired by tourists and locals alike: the Fortress, the Getreidegasse, or the adjacent Gainsberg mountain, are silent, deserted and dark.

But the dawn has just come, and from a white building, called masjid (=mosque), a clear male voice starts speaking with urgency, and loudspeakers are transmitting the message into the distance, waking the city up, while many citizens can’t believe their own ears.

Allāhu akbar (Allah is the greatest)
Ash-hadu an-lā ilāha illā allāh (I testify that there is no god but Allah)
Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan-Rasul ullāh (I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah)
Hayya’alas-ṣalāh (Hasten to prayer)
Hayya ʿalal-falāḥ (Hasten to success)
As-salatu Khayrun Minan-nawm (Prayer is better than sleep)
Allāhu akbar (Allah is the greatest)
Lā ilāha illā-Allāh (There is no god but Allah)

It’s the first time of the history of Austrian Islam, when the adhan (=Islamic call to prayer) is called publicly, and loudly. Indeed, this dawn means a new day for Islam in Austria, and for the infidels too: today, they will be forced to understand, that Islam will be seen and heard in the city streets, like never before.

It’s not a coincidence, that the first adhan happened just today. It’s Friday, a very important day of the week for all Muslims, and a big event is planned, putting the Austrian Intelligence service, BVT, into the status of highest alert.

But no one knows anything exactly: only, that an instruction was issued to all key persons of Austrian Islamic community, that they should arrive at the Salzburg Mosque, at 10AM, because an important announcement will be made.

Calling to prayer loudly, to inform Muslims and the world that Fajr morning prayer should be made, to worship Allah, is a prelude, serving to raise interest in the city, and to attract the media attention, which will be a part of the upcoming big tale, to spread the news widely. Indeed, all Austrians will watch the mosque of Salzburg today, from many reasons.

After the prayer, three persons met in the Islamic Cultural Centre inside the mosque: the old Imam Faraj, his daughter, Sanaa’, and Fatima-Al Hamdani, former aide of the old Imam, but now, serving to his daughter, called originally “The Small Imam”, but the woman grew up, literally, and in all senses, she is even taking over both official and practical leadership of the Salzburg mosque, and many rumors are saying, that she will become the executive head of AAIC, Association of Austrian Islamic Communities, and the new mayor of Salzburg, after the original mayor, the last infidel in the office ever, as the local Muslims are saying, was forced to abdicate, using another round of a ruthless campaign of the bribed tabloid media.

The consequences of this event could be immense for everyone, even for the whole Austria, including the local Jewish community, which made the beneficial business deal with Sanaa’ to get protection, and to secure their sustainable future: the Jews, and the state of Israel, want to ride on the band wagon, keeping close to Muslims, their original archenemies, but now, much more dangerous threat came for both: the omnipresent, silent, balanced and covert Chinese, who are taking, grasping and seizing everything, from everybody, unstoppable in their worldwide expansion, including taking control of raw materials, critical for the industry, and generating immense factual power over that American fools, who still think, that they are No. 1 world superpower, losing strength in all that futile wars against alleged terrorism, which can be never won, even with their technological superiority, as these assymetric wars are about attrition, not a simple devastating victory, such are the tricky rules of the 4th Generation of Warfare.

Indeed, it seems, that Allah has chosen Sanaa’ to execute very important tasks for His sake: and she has no doubts, or fear, to make very bold, ruthless steps, in the name of Allah and Islamic community, to suppress the power of infidels in Austria, so Islam can rise yet more.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsBut the methods she uses, it’s yet more, than simple Islamism (=promoting Islamic rules and values in the political life), it’s complete madness for power and influence, it’s the fight for survival, it’s the will to pay any costs, to sacrifice anything, so her father became more and more distant from her, and the community, who follows Sanaa’ obediently: indeed, there is no place for him here anymore, so he accepted a strange offer of the Special Forces of the Czech Military, who backed the former mayor of Salzburg, to serve in the Czech Army as an Islamic cleric, and he is to leave the city of Salzburg soon, if Allah will permit, to move to the Islamic Czech city of Teplice, where a large military base with SpecOps personnel is established.

Sanaa’ asked the last favor from him: to serve the congregational prayer today, obligatory for all Muslims, starting an hour after noon.

But he hesitates: he knows well, that this will be much more, than a mere Friday prayer. It will be a controversial show, such is the plan of Sanaa’: she haven’t told him the exact details, but everybody knows, that something very substantial will happen today, creating another media avalanche in the whole world. And the old Imam is not sure, whether to become a part of it.

On the other hand, he spent so many years here, since the mosque was built in 1996, he helped Islam in these infidel lands so much, and if he will step away from his religious duty today, he will finish his personal Salzburg tale with a large stain, even risking to be called a traitor, an apostate, because the Ummah, the Islamic community, is in large unrest, old accounts are made even, old enemies are eliminated, and it’s too easy to become a scapegoat, who will be blamed of all previous sins, mistakes and losses: particularly softness, betraying Islam, bringing novelties into the only perfected and complete religion, and too much tolerating of infidels, and their corrupted way of life.

But those times of internal disputes inside the Ummah are ending today, and the morning Adhan sent a very persuasive message, that no one can stop Islam here, and any Austrian Muslim will have to make the final decision: to stand with the Ummah, to support the community without exception, or to become a renegade, and it’s valid even for Imam Faraj.

What happened with all of them? Did they all become corrupted, and obsessed with power, willing to bring Islam into these lands at any cost, using very questionable methods of infidels? Or are they launching their final attack from perfectly prepared positions, because it’s inevitable, it’s the will of Allah?

It would make no sense to stop Sanaa’. She is just an ambassador, and Ummah would replace her immediately, as they are united, like never before… no, there is no option for stepping back, only forward, because that’s what the Ummah wants.

Some evil voices say, that it’s all about too much of female essence in the community, where the female converts rule now. Others are saying, that such approach, emphasizing females here, is necessary, because the enemy, the infidels, won’t be able to counter this tactics, because it’s natural to non-believers, to be too soft towards women, so no violent clashes and protests in the streets will happen.

The plan is, that the world will just stare, unable to make any move, and the Muslims will keep the initiative for themselves, using females, allegedly soft and fragile, necessary to protect and tolerate, as their shield and battering ram alike.

There is maybe the last role in the upcoming show for Imam Faraj: to lead the community in this Friday prayer, to present to the world, that he supports his daughter in everything she does, to reinforce her position yet more.

And can you deny your own daughter, moreover, if she is a tool of Allah’s will, to execute His intentions with this city, and this land? How could he condemn her, and her efforts to support Islam?

But Sanaa’ doesn’t try to persuade her father. She is silent, like Fatima, who is sitting in her favorite corner. Both women are just watching the old Imam, and they seem pefectly balanced, like if there would be no other option for him, than to do, what Allah expects from him, and they know his final answer in advance.

What sense would it make, to stand in her way? What could he achieve? She is young, able to “feel” the flow of the present time and its demanding challenges… but the Imam? Too much time he spent in this mosque, quite ignoring the development outside, in the world, whereas the years passed, and everything changed there.

How could he judge his daughter, and her actions, especially if she has the full support of the community, men and women alike, very unique consensus? Only Allah has such right.

There was a time, when Imam was a young, strong man, full of ideas, energy, drive. But now, he is old, losing strength, because youth can’t last forever, so another generation takes command, and he should respect, that it’s them, who are shaping the present, and the future. But it means also responsibility, which is the kind of burden, carried by Imam Faraj for too long. So, let them to be the chosen!

“Do you ask anything else, Sanaa’, than to lead the prayer today?” the Imam said in the end, indicating clearly, that he is willing to lead the community until the last minute of his time here.

“Yes, father,” Sanaa’ replied with satisfaction. “Before the gathering will start, at 10AM, I need you to accept a person into the Islamic community officially. This individual is very special, very important, sent as a blessing by Allah to us, so several hundred witnesses will be present, including the press. She is practically a Muslim already, but today, everything has to be announced. If she will become one of us… we will hit all of our enemies with immense blow, securing the fully sustainable future for us.

This person is a symbol of our new future. I make du’a (=wishing prayer) to Allah, to protect her, and to permit her to get here safely and smoothly, and to make the right decision, when she will face Allah, and you will challenge her to recite the Shahadah (=Islamic declaration of faith).”

The Imam just nodded. He won’t question decisions and actions of his daughter anymore, at least for today, when he serves his last day in this mosque.

Of course, that he was curious, who the person is. The voice, which Sanaa’ used, when speaking about that unknown person, suggested some very big surprise.

And Imam won’t be the only one, who will be totally surprised.

In southern Italy, in Calabria region, Anne Hasselblattova, the co-owner of famous luxury fashion brand with worldwide reach, called “Woman’s Destiny”, was spending the unexpected vacation with her daughter, Nicole, eight years old cute girl with a ribbon in her bright hair, who always carried a backpack with her two animal friends with her.

Although the summer holidays was almost over, Anne had good reasons to move here from her luxurious home near Prague: not only to please Nicole, but also to get from the reach of her mother, Suzanne, the ruler of the family, a reputated sociopath, player with others and main owner of the company, at least officially, for the papers and the tabloid media.

And there was yet another, and most serious reason: just before they left with Nicole, the Islamic State contacted the family, to start their soft extortion operation, by sending inconspicuous ambassadors, women and children, but the demand was clear and strict: fifty thousand USD monthly has to be paid to the terrorists, covered with a front organization, otherwise, the ISIS will show their very bad and cruel side to the family.

Although the Hasselblatt family had a well trained VIP Executive Protection unit around them, they knew, that no security or military force can protect them against this new ultimate threat, once they became the persons of interest for the terrorist masterminds, not speaking about a possible bribed or extorted traitor between the bodyguards, reporting all the family movements and sensitive details about the women, because such was the common counter strategy of the ISIS against the police forces: not to fight with them openly, rather to sabotage and corrupt them covertly, one officer by one, misusing their vices.

So, Suzanne decided to pay the money without any regret, to buy time, to make some suitable defensive maneuvers between the Chinese, the benefactors of their business, and moderate Muslims.

The End of Girl's Dreams - Marry an Illuminati Reach the VIP Stars Jitka Cvancarova - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsIt was her, who suggested to Anne, that they should split their efforts, how to deal with the situation: Suzanne will marry a highly positioned executive from a powerful Chinese multinational corporation and the covert investor of the family fashion brand, called just “Wu”, to tighten the loose ends, to create another layer of insurance policy, and Anne will deepen the relationships with the Islamic community.

This business executive was allegedly the father of Nicole, and Suzanne needed him yet closer, in case that the possible fraud with paternity will be revealed, but Anne opposed the idea heavily, at least originally. However, when the Islamic State entered the scene in large, it was changing many things… so she gave her mother the final blessing for the marriage, promising, that she won’t hinder their happiness, as this new alliance could make the family immensely powerful.

Katerina Rihova Microsoft blonde horse rider business executive VIP V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs ORThe women never found out, that the blessing of Anne’s pregnancy was not just a coincidence, or an accident, well used by clever and always calculating Suzanne. In reality, it was an offensive action of the Czech Military, who searched for their own ways, how to get more influence in the society, both home and abroad, using a specially established paramilitary formation for this purpose: Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, a covert part of the Czech Special Forces (102nd Reconnaissance Batallion), to be deployed in the civilian environment, divided into several departments and using many skilled operatives for their subversive operations of highest state importance, including the affair of former mayor of Salzburg, a woman from their Political Warfare department, Katerina Rihova, who gave eight long years of her life to this ultimate Austrian mission, and she just resumed her military career as the department commander, after the promotion to Major.

Anyway, Suzanne Hasselblattova had a clear plan, how to get yet closer to Chinese, simply by marrying the right man. But Muslims… it was completely another tale. So much different…

Yesterday afternoon, Suzanne’s daughter Anne, only 26 years old, was lying on a sunbed at a hotel beach, dressed only in a tight bikini swimsuit, watching her own daughter, Nicole, who was just introducing both her animal friends to the beach, sand and sea, while two of the family security men were nearby, and the other two were guarding the hotel suite.

Nicole had two animals in her possession: a Czech little mole, a decent, kind and responsible animal, and an Alpine Marmot, called Whistlie, a sassy ground squirrel, who decided to “occupy” the girl, when she visited the Alps, and bold Whistlie wanted to see the world, so he was even willing to leave his home mountains, with their harsh winters, hard to survive, as he was simply too small, so the humans could provide good shelter and care of him.

He was a very curious animal, but as soon as he saw the actual vicinity with his small eyes, only the sand and no firm ground to dig a tunnel into, feeling the immense heat, plus some sand got into his dense Alpine fur, he was very unhappy, whistling discontentedly.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Marmot, I will clean your fur soon,” the girl said patiently. “I know, this is not the Alps… but I told you, that you both can stay in our garden, the grandma would take care of you! You could steal carrots from the pantry, like always! But you insisted to see the world… and the world is not only the mountains, I am afraid!”

The marmot just whistled for the last time, to indicate, that he will explore the surroundings later, when that hot unpleasant sun will disappear behind the horizon, and he returned into the backpack, making a goodbye wag with his furry tail, snuggling to his mole friend, to continue sleeping.

But now, it’s early morning, the beach and the sea are far away, and Anne, Nicole and their escort are moving to the airport, where their private flight is waiting, heading to Salzburg, Austria, allegedly for a business meeting, and it’s partially the truth.

“The Marmot will be glad, that he will see the Alps again,” Nicole is pleased, but her mother makes only a short, obligatory smile. Anne is full of tension today, and her daughter notices, but she is a good girl, saying nothing, remaining joyful, like always.

When they reach the Salzburg mosque, using two rented limousines, Anne’s hands are full of sweat. Will someone try to stop them?

There is so many cars everywhere around, so many visitors today, the mosque courtyard is crowded. When Anne makes the last few steps into the mosque’s courtyard, making her way between the people, while holding the girl’s small hand firmly, a big stone falls from her heart, and even without direct orders, the supervising security team, following Anne and Nicole with persistence, now splits: two men will remain at the main gate, and two will guard the secondary exit, as their presence inside is not necessary.

“Let’s sit here,” Anne suggests, when she notices a free bench, and Nicole follows her obediently, watching all that people around, many of them of Arabic origin, but everybody is very well dressed, like if something big should happen here today.

“What is happening, Mom? So many people… it’s only ten o’clock, and the prayer starts after noon,” the girl is wondering.

“Listen, Nicole,” the mother embraces her daughter firmly. “I need to talk to you, about something very important,” she says with very serious voice.

When she has full attention of her daughter, who is watching her with the beautiful brown eyes, Nicole starts talking.

“This is a mosque, as you know, because you are very clever girl,” Anne says. “We were here many times together, so you even know about the time of Friday prayer.”

“I am small maybe, but not dumb,” the cute girl with a ribbon in her blonde hair replies with pretended irritation, but she is just making a joke.

“And maybe you know also, that Muslims are meeting here, to worship Allah,” Anne continues. “They are followers of Islam, it’s a religion… and I am also a Muslim. I never told you, from many reasons… but today, I am sharing my secret with you.”

“I saw you praying once, when Whistlie ran away from his backpack again,” Nicole shared her own secret. “I never told anybody, I can keep the secret, mom!”

“Good girl,” Anne caressed the girl’s hair. “You know, when I was expecting you, I was so scared, as any future mother, and only Allah could help me from this fear. So I promised Him, to give all my body and mind to Him, if He will keep me alive, healthy, so you can be born, everything will be fine… and look! You are here, my sunshine, my gift from Allah, a little princess whom I love, so you understand, why I am so grateful to Allah, why I am worshipping Him?”

“Allah is definitely good, even the marmot says that,” the girl informed Anne. “When he escaped, you remember, inside the mosque, he met with Imam Faraj, and the Imam explained everything to him.”

“Imam Faraj was the one, who accepted me into the Islamic community, seven years ago. He is a very good man, taking care of people and animals alike, as your Whistlie could experience himself,” Anne said with admiration. “He will be present here today, and you will meet with him.”

“He wants to rebuke me, that Whistlie was running in the mosque? It won’t happen again, and I left him in our suite today, as you wanted! The boys wanted to sleep after the long flight anyway,” Nicole assured her mother firmly.

“It’s forgiven, don’t worry,” Anne caressed the girl again. “Whistlie is a creation of Allah, like me, and you. We all are loved, blessed, guided and protected by our Lord… and I love you too, I would do just anything to make you happy, to keep you alive and healthy, believe me!

But you need to belong somewhere, Nicole. I belong here, I am a Muslim, and I have two billion of brothers and sisters around the globe, who stand up for each other, including me. And there are similar mosques everywhere around, and wherever you come, you find friends, regardless if you are old like me, or young like you.

I love you, and I want only the best for you. I am willing to give you just anything I have… but the most precious gift is not money, it’s to share my faith.

Nicole, I want you to become a Muslim, like me! I want you to have same belief in Almighty Allah, I want you to experience this miracle of Islam, where you will find peace, freedom, purity, morality, protection, truth and destiny.

I love you, but I am just a human, and He is much more powerful. If you have Him in your life, you don’t need anybody else, you are not dependent… you are free.

Honey, accept this gift from me… submit to Allah, like I did, and it made me, who I am, the person who I wanted to be, because freedom, it’s the ultimate value in life.

Let’s us both be Muslims, and enjoy what our Lord has for us. Let’s worship Him, only Him, and serve Him, because any person needs a mission, a purpose.

Allah created you, and He loves you much more, than I will be ever able… all you need to do is to self-surrender to Him, to submit to His will.

My little girl… this building is the destiny of both of us.”

Nicole is just small, and she doesn’t understand many parts of her mother’s speech. But a simple question occurs in her mind.

“If this is good for me, as you say, mom… then I will be a Muslim too,” Nicole is a good girl, like always. “I just hope, that I can keep Whistlie, and the mole, as a small Muslim?”

“Of course you can, Islam teaches us to take care of the animals and environment nicely,” Anne assures her daughter.

“And won’t it be painful, like visiting a doctor last time, when I got that nasty injection into the shoulder?” the girl wants to know.

“No way! You will just acknowledge publicly, that there is no god but Allah, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is His messenger and servant. The Prophet provides us a good example, how to live, and if he would be here, he would give a very big carrot to Whistlie!” the mother smiles.

“It seems easy! So, let’s go inside, and make it done! Look, mom, the courtyard is empty now… all Muslims are with Imam Faraj, so we can’t be late, to let him wait!” the girl jumps from the bench.

“They are waiting for us,” Anne says, hiding her long brown hair under a hijab, the Islamic carf, and catching the little girlish palm again, they are heading to the entrance of the mosque with her daughter.

No one stopped them… it was Allah, who removed all obstacles from their path.

Indeed, everybody is inside already. Sanaa’, Imam Faraj, Fatima, and another more than three hundred brothers and sisters. Even the journalists are here, and cameras are prepared to start rolling.

When Anne and Nicole occur inside, removing the shoes at the entrance obediently, the whole interior of the mosque remains silent, watching both of them with tension.

When they step on the thick red carpet of the mosque, the gathered crows makes space for them, so they can pass to the front side of mosque, which is directed to Kaaba, located at Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where the Imam and Sanaa’ are expecting them.

Everybody smiles at the girl, when she goes around, as the whole community gives support to her.

But she is not afraid, still holding the hand of her mother, walking on the soft carpet with her small legs.

When Nicole reaches Imam Faraj and Sanaa’, her mother lets her go, pushing her forward slightly. And the girl understands.

“Welcome, Nicole,” Sanaa’ kneels to the girl, smiling cordially. “Ready for the big move?”

“Allah is here too?” Nicole is looking around, but she sees only the crowd of people.

“Yes, He is here, He is always there, when you need Him, and He knows about everything you do. All the people here will be the witnesses too. Let’s start, OK? To please Allah, our Lord and your Lord,” Sanaa’ still smiles, but in her voice, there is a command.

“I am ready,” the girl says boldly, looking at Imam Faraj with trust. He was treating her animal friend Whistlie so nicely, she remembers it well, and she is grateful.

“This young girl asked to be accepted into the Islamic community,” Sanaa’ says into the microphone decisively and proudly, and red lights start shining on all cameras. “Nicole, the youngest member of highly reputated Hasselblatt family, deeply connected with the Islamic world, is willing to submit to Allah officially, to walk on the Straight Path, and to worship Allah by making good deeds, to dedicate her life to the service for Him.

Allah creates all children as Muslims, as pure innocent souls: she is a Muslim already, and today, her faith will be confirmed.”

Imam Faraj made a gesture to the girl, to come closer to him, to stand directly against him.

“This is a very important decision, maybe the most important of your whole life,” he informed the girl with serious voice. “If you will say Shahadah, the first pillar of Islam, acknowledging the oneness and uniqueness of Allah, you will acquire new rights, but also duties. I am asking you: are you willing to submit to the will of Allah, freely, voluntarily, without coercion, fully understanding the consequences of the step you are making?”

“Yes. Allah is good, and I want to be His good servant, like my mom,” the girl confirmed.

“Repeat after me: Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illallah,” the Imam said, and the girl obeyed.

“Wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah,” he continued, and the girl obeyed again.

“You are a Muslim,” the Imam said festively, and the crowd around sighed, like if a miracle would just happen here.

Now, she is one of them, as the countless witnesses could see! She is theirs!

Their small, but extremely significant battering ram, to conquer the world: not only to counter the Chinese threat, but also to force the Chinese to sit to the negotiation table, like partners. Too much is in stake here: but now, the Muslims can’t be removed from the highest game anymore.

All the pieces of the puzzle fell into the right place now: everything is connected, and Nicole, although only a little girl apparently, is the key part of a long chain, creating a widely open route to the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist Party: and there is the ultimate power in the world affairs concentrated and distributed right now. You simply can’t go higher: there is only the blue sky, and Allah.

The exact situation is this: Nicole is the (alleged) daughter of a highly positioned executive of “Wu”, the Chinese multinational corporation with immense power and highest connections in the world, and they are backing the luxury fashion brand of Hasselblatt family, to assert the Chinese national interests through the world of fashion.

Alexandra Pianka Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Asian Warfare Fashion Supermodel Dubai UAE Emirates Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsNicole’s grandmother will marry the man, yet reinforcing the bond… but at the same time, there are two Muslims in the family now, with ultimate influence on the man, so he and the whole affair will be influenced by them now, not speaking about a hundred million dollars of value of the brand, not speaking about the wide family connection with the Czech Military, who plays their own game with the Chinese, Israelis and Muslims alike, as the man pledged allegiance to the Czech state once, and nothing can change that, not speaking about German fashion supermodel Alexandra Pianka, acquired in Dubai by the Czech military assets during events of The Maryam Affair, for the purposes of Asian Warfare, particularly further infiltration of the Chinese luxury fashion industry, and eventuall, the ruling Communist party.

The whole world will know immediately, that Anne and Nicole are Muslims, so the Chinese will understand, that the balance of power in the family just changed, and substantially, and new conditions have to be negotiated, new deals have to be made, more advantageous for the Muslims.

Suzanne, Anne and Nicole can’t be removed from the brand, ever, as the Woman’s Destiny is a family brand, not some anonymous multinational company, and also the marketing strategy of the brand works with their personalities widely, so the Chinese just have to accept the change, and submit. The complete winner here is the Islamic community: Anne and Nicole are the servants of Allah, and there is no way back for them. Once you are a believer, it’s for life, and no worldly pledges can change that, because it’s the ultimate choice of life, there can be nothing better in the world, it’s not a worldly prison, where the people are incarcerated against their will.

And Sanaa’ will exploit this breaking point immediately: to conquer the Getreidegasse, the key shopping street of Salzburg, including luxury fashion, where the flag boutique of the Woman’s Destiny brand is located too, and much power of the city is concentrated there. The news will arrive there soon, and you can imagine, that many responsible shop managers will approach Sanaa’ quickly, to pledge allegiance to her, to secure their own sustainable future: just like the Jews, because Sanaa’, and the Chinese together, it’s simply too much of power, to be ignored, and you don’t want to have them as your competitors, or even the enemies.

And from this point, it will be a piece of cake to rule the whole city, because the mayor’s seat is empty, and no infidel fool can believe to grasp it. Not speaking about ruling the Austrian Islamic community, because Sanaa’ holds immense power in her hands now: she has Chinese, she has Jews, she has Saudis, who backed the Arabic/Islamic fashion brand as well, for the growth of Islam, and most importantly, she can grant sustainable future for the Islamic community, as she proves her qualities and special skills.

Now, the press, and also Anne and Nicole are leaving the gathering temporarily, as Nicole has to make ghusl (=full ablution of the body), before returning to the mosque and attending the congregational prayer, obligatory for all Muslims.

Now, another speaker takes his word: brother Saad from the AAIC.

“Brothers and sisters, we all are servants of Allah,” he opens his speech. “Everyone of us has a purpose, a mission, granted by our Lord. We stand up for each other, without regard of skin color, nationality or gender, we take care of our vicinity, our families and public affairs alike.

It’s the will of Allah, that Muslims will play yet more significant role in the Austrian society since today. And it’s also responsibility, so a person with skills has to be sent to the front, to be an example for others, and also to protect our righteous interests in the public space.

Who should be this leader? We could find many good Muslims here, but one particular name was spoken very often lately.

This choice has to be made unanimously, because it’s the unity, and shared beliefs, which make us strong, with the blessing of Allah.

So, if anybody disagrees with electing Imam Sanaa’ as the chairwoman of the AAIC, speak now, and present your objections.”

“I can’t accept a woman as a leader,” someone said loudly, with utmost agitation. “It’s Allah who knows the best, which arrangement of relationships between genders has to be made. And it’s our male mission, to lead the community, although I don’t deny, that Sanaa’ has many special skills. But Allah knew, why He made her a woman, and why He made women equal, but different. Give her some high position in AAIC, no problem… but not the highest. Moreover, if she will run for the city mayor yet, she will concentrate too much power in her hands. “

“Is there anybody, with the same opinion?” Saad asked, and several more men stepped out of the crowd.

“Indeed, it’s Allah who warns us against novelties in the faith,” brother Saad said. “Maybe the Imam Faraj could say a few words to the issue?”

The Imam was afraid, that such thing will happen, but now, he was speaking on behalf of the whole community, it was not a mere family matter anymore.

“Sanaa’ is my daughter, and my opinion can’t be open-minded,” the Imam addressed the crowd. “But let me tell you the truth, and Allah is my witness, that I was very critical of her lately. As the brother said previously, the perspective of female leadership of the whole Austrian Ummah, and concentrating too much power in a single person, were the red stopping lights for me too, so I don’t advocate her election.

The question is: can we make concessions from our faith, in order to achieve very unique goals? Or will her election just formalize the current status of the community, where the women have the critical influence?

Face the truth, brothers: it was you, who was too weak or indifferent, so the women took the key positions, and they are shaping the face of Ummah to the outside world now. It was you, who gave them power, either by your weakness, or by simple calculation, that this arrangement can secure many special and desirable achievements for the community, because out there, in the infidel land, they are obsessed with women, and their rights.

I don’t remember, hearing your voices of protest before. I admit, that my participation in the community was limited lately, as I relayed my duties to Sanaa’, my successor… but my ears were still listening, and there was silence.

However, if you ask me, why I let Sanaa’ to take the leadership, with the permission of Allah… not because I am so old, weak, and she spoke softly to me, that she is the only suitable option anyway.

The reason is, that she simply proved herself many times. Yes, she has merits, and those of you, who visit this mosque often, can confirm it.

She used her special female skills to achieve great things, which please Allah. We men would be too rough, too direct, and we would fail most likely. But she used a different strategy, and she succeeded.

We thought, that Chinese can’t be defeated, that they will destroy us, and it’s inevitable. They were the only enemy we really feared… and the world knew, that Chinese can be used against us successfully. Who knows, whether our enemies were using this fact against us deliberately?

And look at the situation now: everything is different. You ask, why? Was it a miracle of Allah? Definitiely… but it was Sanaa’, who executed the commands of Allah just perfectly.

Still, she is a woman, not eligible to lead the men. That’s the truth.

She can do ten of such miracles, confirming the ultimate might of Allah, and the brother, who spoke here, will still insist. And the brother will be right.

Those of you, who are saying, that her election will make a dangerous precedent for the future, maybe even destroying the Ummah and Islam later, they can be right as well.

And those of you, saying, that extraordinary situation needs to make extraordinary moves, will be right too.

No, there will be no consensus. The Ummah will be fragmented, and weak.

The world will not end, if she won’t be elected. We can dissolve this meeting, and go home, satisfied, that we did the right thing, played for democracy, like in the school, and the brother here can be proud, that he defended the right faith.

I don’t know, what the right solution is, in this extremely complex, complicated situation. But let me suggest you something: let’s Sanaa’ speak. She has the right, to take the word. She is a subject of our future, an active element, not a passive one… and I am sure, that all of you agree with this statement. Elected or not, she will simply influence our fates.

So, ignore her, or protest against her today… but she is still responsible only to Allah, not you.”

“Yes, let’s the woman speak,” the brother, who opposed against her election, said in agreement.

“Brothers and sisters, I won’t play some insulted queen,” Sanaa’ said to the crowd, and many smiles could be seen. “I am fully aware, how difficult the situation is for you, and I won’t make the cheap threats, that without me, you will succumb to the Chinese, and the Jews.

It would be easy, to promise you paradise, but once the Ummah will be corrupted, it can be hardly undone, and our victory today can be only Pyrrhic, paid very dearly in the future, if we lose ourselves, if we forget, that certain borders shouldn’t be crossed under any circumstances.

As brother Saad presented, the election must be unanonimous. And it’s completely right, that someone said the objections against me… but will you take the responsibility for the fate of the whole Ummah? You, brother, who spoke before?

One day, if we lose… will you step here, like me today, saying, ‘Sorry, I made mistake’. And will someone care for your apology? Will it matter, anyway?

It’s immense risk, which the Ummah would undertake, to follow your lead. If I offer one direction, then you offer another… in fact, you should be my competitor in the election, to accept the responsibility.

So, I challenge you publicly: come here, and offer a strategy, how to defeat the Chinese, and the Jews. I testify before Allah, that if you will suggest something useful, I will vote for you: and you are a man, so you are eligible for election.

The same applies for the rest of you: come, and present your plan. Then, get elected and take the responsibility. That is called leadership.”

It was silent in the mosque: they all realized, that Sanaa’ is maybe a woman, but also a dexterous politician.

“I am still saying no…. no compromises!” the unknown brother insisted. “I am not a woman, I don’t see all the colours in the world, like you… I can’t speak so persuasively, like you, so sweetly… but you can talk hours, and I will still repeat: I will never accept a woman as my leader, even if you would promise heaven on Earth to me!

You suggested me, to stand against you… but how can I, if I am not willing to recognize you as my regular opponent?”

Many people in the crowd started to realize, that a single man can destroy their future. What if he is an agent of enemy, sent to disrupt the Ummah? It could be Jews, or the Chinese, or thousands of other players… all, what was achieved today, with great costs and risks, can be erased with one single fool, or even traitor… but still their brother, allegedly.

If they wouldn’t be in the sacred mosque right now, somebody would most likely cut his throat in a back alley. But here, no “alternative solution” could be done, and democracy was a pretty concept in theory, but much more painful in practice.

Sanaa’ and Fatima anticipated, that such event will happen. And they knew, what to do: to have an authority from Saudi Arabia, a group of respected Islamic scholars present, right on the spot, as a reserve.

Now, this group started moving from the crowd, although no one called for them openly.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has interest in electing Imam Sanaa’ as the chairwoman, with the perimission of Allah,” the Saudi leader said laconically. “Her importance far exceeds the borders of this country, and we challenge the local Ummah to respect it. We confirm, that her election is the will of Allah.”

After a few seconds of hesitation, the protesting brother bowed slightly, and said only: “Praised be Allah. Imam Sanaa’ has my support too.”

And that was it.

Sanaa’ waited no more, and she took her speaker’s position again.

“In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful: my first executive order is to send the army of Islam into the streets of Salzburg. Every Friday, starting with immediate validity, we will worship Allah publicly, projecting our strength to the world, before we will grasp decisive political power, achieved in a crushing and complete victory of our local jihad, with the permission of Allah.

Inform all able-bodied brothers and sisters, to meet us at Getreidegasse before one o’clock, if Allah will permit.”

Imam Faraj served his final prayer in the mosque of Salzburg, together with many older Muslims, who had no cellphones to get the news, or the city center was too far away for them, and walking was difficult in their age, not speaking about prostrating on hard surface.

In his final sermon, he said:

“Our children are out there, in the streets, executing their sacred Islamic duty, the jihad. But here, in this mosque, and in our hearts, let there be peace, so they will know, when to stop, because Allah likes peace.”


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