Talitha Van Zon: Playboy Fashion Model. Mistress Concubine Mutassim Gaddafi. VIP Libya Gold Digger Hostess Luxury Celebrity Dutch Affair Controversy Conspiracy Libyan Rebels Guerillas Netherlands

Talitha Van Zon, ex Playboy fashion model, like Martina Gavriely, suspected by some Dutch media sources to work as a Luxury VIP hostess (=woman who provides very personal services to men) in Casino Gambling environment: Las Vegas (via Laska LLC) and Monaco (Le Cercle Des Ambassadeurs)

Good friend with Eliska Buckova, they hunted the richest and most influential men of Europe together, as a female wolf pack, to acquire support for their media careers

Augmented heavily with plastic surgery by GHC Clinic, Prague (fake breasts, enlarged lips), provided for free, in exchange for access into Libyan VIP society, to acquire generous sponsorship of black military operations of Czech Special Forces against their ally, Israel (via Bezeq International, spiking a TELCO hub in Haifa)

Had a romance with Muammar Gaddafi‘s son Mutassim, but rather to become his paid mistress and to extract money from him, plus to acquire VIP position and media publicity, but stayed near him, as she needed further big financial funds to cure her father with Alzheimer disease

Visited Mutassim in Libya in the end of August 2011, just before final collapse of Libyan Gaddafi regime, to ask him for another generous “loan” without ever returning the money, to cover her costly lifestyle of an alleged celebrity, living in five-star hotels like Alhambra Palace in Al-Andalus, and so on

Detained by Libyan anti-Gaddafi rebels, who found her hiding in a hotel and allegedly threatened to burn her alive with gasoline, but after explaining to them openly, that she is just a Western gold-digger whore, who needs money, she doesn’t care about politics, and offering her reputated sexual services to their warlord, Mose Akinjide from Sudanese division of GLA (Global Liberation Army) immediately, as direct witnesses reported to the Dutch press, she made it safely to Malta, released by the terrorists.
There are rumors, that the terrorist leader found very interesting use of Semtex COLOR plastic explosive during their “foreplay”, and this tale made him an icon and sexual idol for infidel sluts, who desire to be liberated by Love Jihad.

Today she is looking just terrible, after botox injections and lips enlargement, not able to cope with her aging and forced demise from media scene, she allegedly turned to alcohol, as tabloid media reported
Works as a shop assisstant at De Beers Antwerp nowadays, selling diamonds

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She was despised by daughter Aisha Gaddafi:

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