Tarot cards will be enhanced, integrating The Device

The whole world simply had to accept the fact, how substantial is The Device for the future of mankind. And now, when the first wave of shock and astonishment calmed, it clearly emerges, how many unexpected places and branches of human activities are influenced by this ultimate invention.

The historians say, that famous tarot cards were invented in Egypt thousands of years ago, so they are well established and conservative. Names and order of the cards changed through the history many times, but the basic system remained the same for at least 500 years, when tarot was introduced in Europe, particularly in Italy. All remained the same until now, when The Device takes control of the world affairs irrevocably.

“We can’t deny how substantial this invention is,” the chairman of International Tarot Association said during annual meeting yesterday, taking place in Milan, Italy. “After consulting with the board of advisors, I have no other option, than to suggest you, tarot cards readers and fortune-tellers worldwide, who gathered here today, to implement The Device into the standard tarot deck. Proposed location is the last card of ‘Great Arcana’ series, number 21, instead of current ‘Universe’, where the circle of life closes. In fact, The Device fully symbolizes Universe. I think that mankind just found the new dimension of universe… and the tarot cards should reflect it.”

Suprisingly, all participants of the conference remained calm and no large excitement followed this shocking statement, because their demanding job learned them to stay detached in all situations. However, although the meeting was originally planned for two days and two nights, the seriousness of the issue forced many participants to stay for another day, and to discuss the future of tarot.

“Without any doubt, the world around us changed as substantially as never before, and I see no reason, why tarot cards shouldn’t reflect this critical change,” a female fortune-teller from Romania said, aged 82, a very respected person in the tarot community. “Let’s go with the spirit of times! Let’s not stay behind: we are the leaders! Our predictions and interpretations influence the world, nobody can deny this fact, but this is yet stronger than us. Maybe we should accept this unexpected turn as it is, not to defend some ‘old good times’. By adapting properly, we will show the world and our clients, that we always recognize all situations correctly, including their importance,” she concluded her speech, and strong applause followed.

After the end of general discussion, the assembly accepted the chairman’s suggestion unanimously, and three of the present tarot deck designers announced, that they will start working on new, improved decks immediately. “I perceive this as an ultimate artist’s challenge… I am so proud to be here today, to be a part of history. Just how a look, how magical is that object,” one of the artists said with deep emotion in her voice, with a sketch in front of her, depicting The Device in its original triangle shape.

The Device now influences all of us, and it infiltrates to all possible places in our society. Only the future will be able to judge, whether it contributed to the benefit of the mankind, or on the contrary. However, it’s here, and nothing can change that: we should accept the change, as tarot cards readers suggest.

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