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For every woman, meeting a man of her girlish dreams, who can fulfill all her imaginations about perfect love relationship and satisfy her needs, is a primary life mission. Although she plays modern, independent and free, still, this goal is set deep in her biological nature, and she wants to use necessary male resources for securing her environment, and later for securing and protection of their family and raising her descendants safely.

When Monika Maresova (*1975, born as Monika Poslusna) had the luck to meet with the upcoming media star, called Leos Mares, who started his star career as a promoter and DJ from marginal discotheques in Central Bohemian region, and later moved up into the promising position of a radio presenter, their relationship had a potential to become a shining example for others, even with a full potential to create a Hollywood love story. In 2008, after long years of dating, when she supported Leos Mares in his career responsibly and even gave him two children, they sealed their big love through marriage.

As Leos Mares was the ultimate media star in that time, the wedding simply had to become the event of the year, carefully orchestrated through the most advanced Public Relations and Publicity methods, which Leos Mares was well known to use, to build his personal brand with extreme value, allowing many beneficial barter transactions with manufacturers and retailers of luxury goods, allowing him to use luxury cars and goods freely, claiming, that he is allegedly extremely rich.

Leos Mares simply became the face of postmodern success in the Czech Republic, and there was literally no one who wouldn’t know his name. He was everywhere: a presenter of several TV and radio shows, favorite presenter of high profile VIP social events, asking allegedly extremely high amounts of money to be hired… and he explained this success as a matter of hard work, as he left the University without getting a diploma, to pursue his media career without any side interests and interruptions.

When the date of the wedding approached, wide public rumors and talks were deliberately spread through the Czech public and celebrity cafés of Prague, to achieve maximal media and social penetration of this key event into the public. For this purpose, the media coverage of the wedding was deliberately restricted, to maximize the media impact through using exclusivity and scarcity effect. There were rumors about completely unbelievable amounts of money, offered to the star pair to allow to take their wedding photographs: you can imagine, that it was in the best interest of Leos to deliberately inflate this amount, as he used this false strategy widely, to present himself and his upcoming wife as a real star couple, unchallenged in the Czech media space, ever.

So far was everything more than perfect for Monika. She lived literally a girlish dream, and millions of her female colleagues could only envy, comparing her handsome, successful and trendy husband Leos with their partners of much lower quality grade, capabilities and life achievements.

But it seemed that Leos Mares became even obsessed with his career through time, willing to sacrifice just everything, including his family.

It’s possible that he felt, that as a married man, his impact on female audience is lowered, and his personal brand loses its potential. It simply needed some crisis and drama, to shake the rumors and talks again.

Well informed sources claim, that following events and development were a matter of a pure simple deal, an artificially created personal crisis for the media and the audience, launched with full consent and maybe even direct cooperation of Monika Maresova, as she understood, that she promised to support her beloved husband under any conditions, in order to achieve a sustainable future for the famiíly, in terms of economic, material stability under any conditions. And the kids had to understand this too.

Since leaving Monika from table and bed, Leos started a dubious journey of changing many fashion model partners, but only of “B” quality, when he dated women totally uncomparable with his brand, and possessing only medium beauty.

But the goal was achieved: again and again, the media extensively mentioned his countless love affairs, creating more and more cheap tales for dumb sheep readers, consumers of corrupted, decadent tabloid media.

Again, there were rumors, that it was pure business: Leos allegedly offered to rich parents of the models, who wanted to acquire a star career for their beloved daughters, that for a high price of circa 1 million CZK (approx. 40.000 USD), he will help them to infiltrate and even rule the Czech tabloid media environment.

And who is once in her or his life in the glare of stage lights, who tastes the sweet moment of “15 minutes of fame”, he or she becomes immortal in certain sense, and another false prophet of postmodern decadent society is created. But these girls would literally die to get the proper publicity, to experience the moment when they see their name everywhere, and every citizen recognizes them.

The most questionable move of Leos was to join forces with an old, outdated and literally expired fashion model, a former Miss Czech Republic 1996 pageant, Petra Faltynova (*1978). In time when they started their unbelievable, even disturbing love affair, suspected to be completely fake for publicity purposes, Petra was more than used up as a former “A” class media celebrity: so this plan needed some real shaking, and Leos had to push harder, than usual, so the media reported extensively about their alleged wild, violent clashes and repeated breaking up the relationship, only to return to each other again, as this love was allegedly “fateful”.

Some evil tongues presented their opinion, that this questionable strategy, connecting with “B” quality human assets, really damaged the carefully build personal brand of Leos, without any hope of ever repairing, indicating, that his career is behind the top, starting to be going down and fade.

He and Monika never divorced, it was probably a condition of Monika to agree with this bold, controversial media plan. So, she remained married, but in certain sense also single, looking for another partner, as her husband gave her the same freedom as he consumed for himself.

But Monika, hardly experienced in the ruthless media game and its vultures, made more than questionable partner choices. Of course, that only a very indifferent man can date a married woman with children, who will never divorce, even if she is allowed to meet, date and sleep with other men, so there is no threat of being stabbed in the back by a jealous husband… but still, such relationship can’t be ever called as perspective.

Monika had money, kids, and successful husband always nearby, taking care of the kids regularly, so other men had hardly something more to offer to her. It was simply extremely hard even for Monika, to find a suitable partner – so she succumbed rather to losers, shady businessmen and even regular parasites, who wanted to get some media attention for themselves, by becoming a partner of a medium celebrity.

Concurrently, Monika tried to build her own media career, using her husband as a shield, who could open many doors, using either magic of barter business, or simply money coverage. Although Monika had the undisputable potential to become a TV presenter, including her alluring voice and beautiful face, plus surgically improved breasts, she was soon removed from the TV screen and her career effectively failed: she simply missed some necessry personal controversy that people love so much, and she bored the viewers.

Moreover, many women literally despised her and stood against her efforts everywhere, making hard obstacles, perceiving her as a pampered princess who doesn’t need any success, as she has enough money, in comparison with other “celebrities”, who struggled to feed their family, although they publicly claimed, how successful they are, like Martina Gavriely (*1978), a mother of two, who made a critical life mistake by getting a demanding, high mortgage for a not so impressive serial house in Chyne village, a suburbs close to Prague, and was forced to leave the stage lights once and forever to make a living as an operator for prologing female hair, without fulfilling her bold media statements that she is moving to Australia to pursue a more successful life.

Special Unit C102 PSYOPS by Alan Svejk BCIt should be mentioned, that in Spring 2014, both Maresova and Gavriely were in the group of circa 100 Czech media female assets, considered for possible participation in a covert military operation, called “Operation Laterna”, planned and executed by an elite paramilitary formation, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS. The unit, specialized in Psychological and Information Warfare, operating in civilian environment, with cover as a common, inconspicuous business company and a shell corporation of the Army, made a precise selection of suitable assets, to create their own, fully controlled political puppet from the scratch, including heavy financial support, for extensive and advantageous purposes of gaining social and political power, and having their covert asset highly positioned in the social structures of power and influence, including Parliament and Ministry of Defence, to promote highest military interests.

In the end, a fashion model V.B. from the city of Brunn (South Moravia) was selected, but precise psychological evaluation and assessment of all considered women was created. Regarding Maresova (named internally as “Subject 19”), she was soon discarded from the selection as an unsuitable candidate, as “the subject lacks necessary persuasive skills and she is too passive in public affairs, even inert, because of her material security”, whereas Gavriely (“Subject 42”) received more favorable evaluation, where her lack of formal education and serious financial problems were appraised, as such person could be much easier to control.

(Read more about “Operation Laterna” in English or Czech language. The operation was ceased in May 2015, as The Unit received an order from the higher places to “adjust to another priorities”, related to European refugee crisis and quick rise of Islam in Europe, effectively ending female feminist dreams.)

Anyway, Monika was so reasonable to accept, that she will hardly get a suitable partner, from many reasons. It was simply difficult to find a man who would be free and at the same time competitive enough to her husband, plus willing to love, worship and accept a middle-aged woman with children, who is practically still taken by other man, and the husband is cruising around her as a careful hawk, with his door always opened widely, if he would decide to return to the family.

Which man could invest into Monika his time, enegy, love and affection, under such conditions? So there could remain hardly something more, than casual sex and several weeks or months together, meeting occassionally, as both of them are busy, before the temporary man realizes, that he is maybe losing time, whereas there is many beautiful and free women everywhere, who can fulfill his own dreams at once, and they carry no ring.

Last year, Monika turned 40 years of age, and that is more than a breaking point for any woman, without solving this eternal riddle. Without any doubt, the future of her love life will be rather questionable, changing between young fresh unstable parasiting stallions and older, decent and calm men, respecting her, but who will hardly satisfy her high emotional needs and desire for excitement.

At 41 years of age, Monika has now just a couple of remaining fertile years – and what will be next, when the feared menopause will occur? That is the effective end of womanhood in its pure original sense, when a female body stops producing massive doses of the female hormone, estrogene, slowly changing originally a healthy fertile woman to a grandmother, who has to step out of the gender competition, leaving her place for young girls with fresh skin and perfectly working ovaries.

It simply seems that the best part of Monika’s girlish dreams is over, and she knows that very well. Of course that she can realize in her life, taking care of the beloved children, but for any neutral witness, her fate seems rather sad, a fall from the stars to the ground, because her treacherous husband stole her dreams once and forever, and she was not able to release herself from the chain.

Monika Maresova’s tale is just a publicly known top of an iceberg, as numbers of involuntarily single women without children are on the rise, as simply nobody is interested in them, they demand too much from men, they are too obsessed with their false “independence” and too busy making their corporate careers, so they don’t have a time for a date anyway, and then it’s too late to leave the career and to pursue another life goal.

Of course, there will be always somebody willing to sleep with them, but that is not enough for these women, hungry to catch the leaving train, to start a family, not remaining single and lonely. But again, a reasonable man understands that such older women bring too many limitations and even risks, being hardly competitive to younger women, not talking about fertility issues, raising with age.

Such women have only one hope in their lives, to reacquire the lost balance, self-confidence, calmness and destiny: to submit to Allah, to accept Islam. It’s a generally well known fact in all European intelligence services, that these women are the most accessible to Allah’s call, as they feel that He is the only entity who can grant them a satisfaction and salvation, when the miserable men in their vicinity failed and left treacherously.

But Allah never leaves you, He never demands more from you, than worshipping him, than keeping the five pillars of Islam responsibly.

It’s even possible that this group of women will become natural partners to many refugees from Asia and Africa, who came into Europe, and they have substantially lowered chance to get any partner for mating, or even for a relationship, as European women in general refuse these men, because of cultural and social differences.

But these “indendent and successful” women. now with quite limited mating choices, and with natural respect and affection to Muslims, can become the saviors of these refugees, providing them all necessary resources, as they are well stabilized in material sense.

It seems that Islam and Allah will again change lives of many people. It seems that Islam influences the European affairs ten times more that could be expected. The fame of Allah is spreading more and more, persuading more and more people to convert to Islam and to receive related unique and wide advantages. And women like Monika stand in the first line of interest to submit to a higher force, to a shepherd who will take care of them much intensively and deeply, than a common, weak, insecure and fragile man.

Regarding men, the avalanche of new followers of Allah will start soon too: one single highly influential figure as Daniel Landa, who will accept Islam, will be enough to inspire thousands of others. This is also the fact and the inevitable future that analysts of European security services know, but as the Europe declares and grants freedom of religion, there is no way to contain this rapid social change which will simply happen, as Islam simply brings too many advantages to its followers, in comparison with corrupted Christian clergy, obsessed with gathering material property and consumming rather worldly pleasures.

And this difference is highly appraised by the people: unlike in Christianity, where the Church stands as a mediator between a human individual and God, in Islam, there is no middle link, which could cause disruption. In Islam, no other human enters this sacred relationship, and the believer has only one authority to worship, respect and follow: it means simplicity and purity, when all doubts and eternal searching disappears, plus an ultimate opportunity of liberating him or her from constant pressure of the worldly government, and influence of questionable wordly leaders as Katerina Valachova, who, ruled by consummerism, materialism and empty inside, force others to follow their sick, deviated ideas of postmodern social engineering.

For any Islamic believer, the highest and superior authority is always Allah and only Allah, not the oppressive wordly government with their wrong moves against will of the people, not the family, not a partner, not friends, or “friends”: it also means final independence from negative, even destructive and malicious opinions and judgements of others.

For a Muslim, regardless if it’s him or her, any criticism and despising from others means nothing, as these people are not entitled to judge him or her: only Allah has this right, but He is known to be the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, forgiving sins, if a believer realizes his or her mistakes, and shows proper effort to correct them.

That is why Islam means freedom and liberation from general social oppression of any human being. Instead of thousands of false prophets and Western “authorities” to follow and worship like a lost weak sheep, and serving for their evil selfish wordly aggressive plans, any believer knows, where the real truth lies, and where to always find security and certainty. Listening to one ultimate voice is always much simpler and relaxing, than to be continuously bothered by thousands of other voices, who want to assert selfishly, using you as their tool.

Thousands of people are searching for alleged truth, studying various philosophies and wisdoms, they live in eternal exhaustion, only to realize at the end, that there is only way out of emptiness and forever wandering: accepting Islam.

However, Monika’s acceptance of Islam happened under very disturbing circumstances, and alleged Islamic State dangerous terrorists were allegedly involved… however, evil voices say, that this incident gave a new chance for massive publicity both for Monika and Leos. Could one of them participating in it… actively?

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