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“To Allah belongs East and West; wherever you turn, you can find the presence of Allah.”

The Czech Republic is known as a heavily atheist country, where people forgot to worship God, succumbing to various temptations, leading them astray, like consuming alcohol, pork, worshipping dogs and enjoying extramarital sexual relationships. Obsessed with “freedom”, “independence” and “liberty”, they deny God, filling their hearts and minds with sins, bad thoughts, living empty faithless lives in fear, and executing bad deeds, harming themselves in various ways.

But Almighty Allah knows the best, what should happen, so the world can be improved, and any situation resolved: with His permission, an Islamic enclave was established here, as the guests from the Middle East started coming in masses, to enjoy the local spa, bringing Islam with them, changing the city, and the faithless Czech land, once and forever.

Islamic Garden of Eden
For any Muslim, visiting the city of Teplice, an Islamic island in those faithless Czech lands, is like drinking live water. There, you are between your brothers and sisters, feeling the strength and unity of Ummah, the Islamic community of the world, consisting of 2 billion people.

Soft Voice
It’s so pleasant and fascinating, how the Arabic mothers speak to their children. Their soft loving voices are completely incomparable with those of the Czech mothers, selfish, distracted and living in fear, who are not able to provide enough of love to their kids, and the poor small ones suffer in their childhood, marked for life.

Magical Scent
The hundreds of Arabic women seem to use the same perfume, so alluring and seducing, sweet and mystical at the same time. The women are not available, their bodies and beauty can’t be seen under hijabs and niqabs, but they are still tempting.

Losing Control
As almost all the Arabic women are dressed the same way and covered by niqabs, not too distinctive from each other, through time, you start to perceive them as one single mass that your mind can’t control and understand. Then, you will see the magic of the Middle East, and Islam.

“I Don’t Serve Arabs.”
Veronica and her mother are the managers of a small café at the central pedestrian zone. She is around forty years old, in good body shape, but her face indicates, that she is not so young already. Living with a foreign husband, she denies to serve the Arabs, as she considers them as problematic guests, sending her poor mother instead. Indeed, Veronica has deep fear of Muslims, living confined in tension. Why doesn’t she liberate herself simply by acccepting Islam and covering her head with hijab? Then, the Arabs would respect her, leave her alone, and triple the tips!

Shopping Malls
The central Freedom square is the most bizarre place you have ever seen. Two large shopping malls are here, extremely close to each other, even the rich and large capital Prague would appreciate their generous dimensions: but what are they doing here, in this poor city? Of course, they live from the rich Arabic guests, and hundreds of Czech losers are feeding their kids and themselves only because of oil money.

The Local Talk
The locals seem to talk about Arabs and Islam all the time, like obsessed, spreading various gossip, slanders and hatred. Indeed, those are unhappy, faithless, miserable, empty people, who need to express their anger and disappointment in life by slandering others: but their cheap talk means nothing, and changes nothing. Islam in Teplice grows any minute, while the Czech losers are watching TV and drinking cheap beer, feeling like masters, but servants in practice.

The Niqab Empire
During Summer evenings, you feel here like in the Istanbul’s Sultanahmet park during the Ramadan festival in Turkey.

The Sanov Park
The center of all action: you can meet hundreds of Arabic people here, any day, every evening. You will be surprised! No wonder, that many call the park “Small Kuwait”.

The Arabic men like to be separated from their women, sitting in “Sultan” café between the city center and Sanov park, chatting and smoking water pipes. But they are still attentive and prepared to protect their women down the road: so no Czech fool attempts to start a feud, or brawl.

“U Broka”
Protecting the Sanov Park from the east from the possible incursions of right-wing radicals, who hate and oppose Muslims, the lively pub “U Broka”, favored by local left-wing activists, stands on permanent guard at the park entrance.

The local citizens fight to be allowed to visit the Sanov park with their dogs, an unclean creature according to Islam. The locals feel like limited in their rights, as the Muslims don’t like dogs and deny to accept their presence. But in practice, the Muslims rather ignore dogs, and locals resignated, by putting their filthy creatures on the short leash.

You can hear this Arabic word (=quickly!) all the time in Sanov park, as the Arabic kids are always busy with their endless exciting games, riding their bikes and roller-skates like crazy here and there.

Oil Money
Although the Summer Teplice are full of green trees and grass, it’s a different scent that rules there: the heavy smell of oil, welling out thousands of kilometers from here, and bringing immense wealth not only to Persian Gulf countries, like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates, but indirectly also here. All the new buildings and pavements were built with these money…

Czech Losers (“Cesky Socky”)
The original Czech local inhabitants, living mostly at the poor peripheral parts of the city, particularly at prefab estates, they pretend, that the city is still theirs, and they worship their false gods by consuming pork proudly. But they are so wrong, and they know it: the city has another, and much wise master: Allah. Who are those losers in comparison with Him, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate?

Shock of Dominika Myslivcova
Dominika Myslivcova Blonde Ambassador of Islam Muslim Islamic Czech Teplice Allah - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

The decadent West likes to worship various false gods, called “celebrities” (see also Estrogen Mafia), which can be bought for a few coins of gold, and they will serve even to the Devil obediently. One of such questionable postmodern creatures, Dominika Myslivcova, originating from Brno (Moravia), visited Teplice recently, and it changed her life: she was totally shocked to see all the Muslims here, so she decided to enter the politics, allegedly to stop Islam, not realizing, that she is playing with fire, and Allah knows the best, that this woman serves to Him, as an ambassador of Islam. She recorded a funny video, saying “I didn’t believe that I am still in the Czech land”. Welcome to Teplice, sweet cute kafir fool!

The Train Station
As no guests are coming by train apparently, the city ommited to invest into the local train station. There, it seems like in the old times, when Teplice were only a poor Czech city in Sudetenland, near the German border, where the Nazis and later Werwolf (=Nazi terrorists) tried to disrupt the Czech State.

Tsiganes (Roma People)
The Northern Bohemia was always swarming with Roma people, as the Communists relocated them there, to fill the empty land after expulsion of Germans in 1945. They are remaining in Teplice in plentiful numbers to this day, but the recent wealth of the city keeps them on the short chain by the effort of the Police, and they are staying rather on periphery, playing in casinos with welfare money, betting and eating kebab, as they are proud part of the postmodern multicultural society!

Istanbul Kebab
Wherever is Islam, there is Kebab, made from halal meat of course! Greetings from Turkey: Merhaba!

The Ice-Cream Salesman
Indeed, this man is no racist or xenophob, making his fortune and paying his bills by selling ice-cream to the Arabic children in the Sanov park. Moving with his cart, he has no competition there, and the Arabic girls are his most critical customers, so he speaks with them nicely, helping them to make good choice of merchandise. This man comes into contact with Islam as closely as possible… there is no chance that he haven’t converted yet!

The Town Hall
Watching the central Freedom square apparently proudly, the Town Hall, together with the mayor, Jaroslav Kubera, can only watch, how the city changes into an Islamic land. And they participate in this process indeed, as they need the oil money from the Arabic spa guests to improve the city and the quality of life there.
“What else can I do, than to be accomodating to our Islamic guests?” he asks a rhetorical question. “I was elected by the local citizens, to make the city and their lives better. And we need their money desperately, because without them, we were nothing, a poor city of the grey walls under the grey sad sky.
It’s Muslims who bring the sustainable for us all, so we have to respect our guests and their Islamic values.”

Female Friends
The Arabic females gather in groups, chatting for hours. About what? You would like to know their secrets for sure! It’s a good time to learn Arabic language, to read the holy Qur’an in the original version!

Islamic Roses
The upcoming youth generation of Czech Islam, impersonated by the local Islamic female elite like Eman Ghaleb or Albatool Jahaf, provides a good example for their peers to follow, to learn more about Islam, and how extremely beneficial can this complete, perfected religion and way of life be for any human being (see Women of Islam).

The Small Crosses
At the central crossroads of Sanov Park, there is a pub with outside garden, and its foolish infidel owners made a completely futile effort to show the world, that the place is allegedly still under Christian rule, by deploying two small crossess on the venue. The Arabs are walking around, completely ignoring it.

Although it’s rumored, that Middle Eastern women are not allowed to walk freely, without the guard of their close male relatives, in Teplice, you can meet many of them, walking lonely and freely.

Elegant Walk In Black
The Arabic female apparel from the more conservative countries of the Persian Gulf serves to hide the body shape of women, but some of them are attractive even veiled, when you see them walking.

The Dead City
During the evening, if there wouldn’t be the masses of Arabic people in the streets and parks, the city of Teplice would be a dead city with empty streets. But the Middle Eastern guests bring life to this place, so the local fools can be grateful, because where is life, there is less crime.

When an Arabic child rams into you by accident, surprisingly, it says sorry, not showing its Middle Eastern superiority to you.

Kids Everywhere
Whereas the continent of Europe is struggling with the low birth rates, and children are too expensive to have and feed, plus they “steal your freedom”, the Arabic society is different, so you can see immense numbers of Arabic children in Teplice. Their society is sustainable indeed, they have future.

Municipal Police
Unlike heavily armed militarized commandos in the streets of Prague, armed with submachine guns and assault rifles to scare citizens, to project the alleged ultimate power of the state over them and to protect the people from the feared, omnipresent Islamic State, who recently conquered the capital in a devastating assault, the police forces of Teplice are not to be seen too much. In central Sanov Park, two-man patrols, reminding peaceful middle-aged fathers from the pub, are walking slowly, not intervening. Their presence is only symbolic, as no one can be equal to the superiority of Allah.

The Mysterious Military Base
Just behind the city borders, hidden in the deep forests at the site of former Nazi Werwolf training center, there is a secretive military base of the Czech Special Forces (SPECOPS) established, extremely well guarded, surrounded by rumors about disturbing content inside, not only Unit’s reputated operatives, including assassins like Marketa Vselichova, and her signature sniper rifle “The Syrian Shark”, but also explosive historical documents, related to Stechovice Archive and German nuclear weapons research, which resulted in constructing a nuclear weapon, called “The Dark Sun”, located in a missile silo under the base. And the latest rumor of the tabloid media says, that an Islamic cleric (Imam) is serving in this Army base, to provide spiritual relief to the Muslim soldiers of the Czech Army.

Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM)
An alleged Czech Jihadi organization, consisting of Islamized Gypsies, originating from Teplice, declaring, that “Bohemia belongs to Allah”. They are considered serious threat to national security, as they promote Islamic interests and goals in Bohemia quite mercilessly, having nothing to lose and fully submitted to the will of Allah. Basic task: using Saudi money, to build a massive mosque with two minarets in the city. Suspected participation in theft of advanced military arsenal against dogs, ACE, and poisoning more than dozen of canine beasts in Teplice. Alleged secret negotiations with Poland, to give them the region of Silesia, with intention to insert an Islamic dagger into that highly Christian land. CCM are considered to be the primary reason of Rise of Czech Islam, hated by fragmented Czech Islamic community.

The Islamic Tourism
Teplice became a part of famous VIP Islamic Tourism, provided by Desert Gate LLC, backed by Chinese multinational Wu Corporation

 — Proclamation to All Muslims —
Brothers and sisters, come to Teplice! Serve to Allah, make the sacred Da’wah, the Islamic missionary activity! Strengthen Islam here, so one day, with the permission of Allah, the city will belong to Allah completely, and Islamic rules will be enforced here!

The basic demands:

In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, we demand:

– forbidding the access of filthy dogs into Sanov park and adjacent green zones, to preserve the safety and pleasure of park guests, including children, and to maintain cleanliness from the animal excrements (the Czech losers can walk their filthy dogs on the periphery)
– acquiring direct political power for the local Islamic community, to promote their righteous interests, particularly getting the seat of mayor for Eman Ghaleb
– building a decent mosque finally, of course with at least one minaret. The current status, when there is thousands of Muslims in the city and no mosque to pray and worship Allah properly, is not acceptable, it’s insulting.

“With the permission and blessing of Allah, let’s spread Islam in Teplice, let’s lead these faithless lands and people back to Islam!”

Islamic Conspiracy: Allah Is The Best Deceiver

VIP Islamic Tourism

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