Tereza Lipanova: Fall of Elite Fashion Model. Police Undercover Operative. Failed Illuminati Invocation. Black Magic Ritual. Casino Gambling Curse. Insult Islam. Czechoslovak Models Agency Controversy


Just yesterday, “Terezita” was one of the most admired Czech fashion models.

Everything was so perfect in her young promising life: she had crushing momentum, she had perfect personal brand, she was beautiful, she was slim like a bar, but tall like a tower, she had breasts, filled of great portion of silicone plastic from GHC Clinic, to impress fools, she had education, she had international career in Czechia and abroad, she was a black horse of Czechoslovak Models, the elite modeling agency, she was a promising cadre of Czech Ministry of Interior, like Alena Malarova, to become a Czech Militarized Police undercover operative, specialized at countering Islamic radicalism, she had loving family… SHE HAD ALMOST EVERYTHING…

Except two things:

Illuminati membership, which she really desired for, in her typical fashion model obsession…

And except Allah, whom she insulted with her endless infidel arrogance and wide support of forbidden gambling activities… and He punished her.

If you accept money from the BWIN and Monte Carlo gambling criminal masterminds, if you seduce fools to gambling with your beauty, misusing gifts from Allah, like Maria Petlickova… then you will suffer, sooner or later.

Or what did she expect, in her endless infidel dumbness and ignorance? That her crimes will go unnoticed, even if Allah knows everything, sees everything, hears everything, what you do?

And here, in the video, Tereza Lipanova presents not only her seducing beauty and exciting physical dynamics, but also gambling, touching the casino chips with passion, like saying to the fools: “Gamble! Follow my example of a sexy social leader, dumb weak sheep! Come and play for money, so the rats can get rich, and you will lose everything, becoming addicted, ending in prison, while your relationships will disintegrate!”


Really, without Allah, anybody is lost in life, a loser, or a fashion model alike, as you can see. And who doesn’t please Allah by good deeds, he or she will be punished.

What general good deeds did Terezita do for the community? Nothing, on the contrary, living completely selfish life, not rejecting filthy golden coins from Shaytan.

Maybe gambling is allowed by corrupted infidel governments, but in Islam, it’s a strictly forbidden activity. If you support it, you insult Islam, you insult Muslims, like German supermodel Claudia Schiffer did in 1994, and it had serious consequences for her.

Not speaking about Tereza Lipanova’s utmost arrogance. Maybe she thought, that a proper fashion model should and must be a full-scale bitch, but… did she make the world better anyhow? No.

Valentin Zhukovskij, a Russian business tycoon of immense wealth, the covert owner of Czechoslovak Models, instead of “paper” official owner Vaclav Dejcmar, provided unique statement to Terezita affair:

“There is no other choice, than to consider discarding Tereza Lipanova from CZ Models portfolio. It really breaks my heart, as she was an asset, we invested so much money into her, but under current conditions, she is becoming rather a liability for us. Sorry Terezita, you have to go.”

She thought, that big love and deepest emotions of affection will cure her, so she nodded to a marriage proposal from some fool quite quickly, willing to be impregnated by him immediately, to change from a girl into a wife and mother, to do exactly, what a modern woman should do, to have control over her life and career, to shine, to be an example, a social leader, like any proper fashion model.

But it was too late. Now, her life, it’s all just agony, when all her dreams are crumbling, even a strange dark stain occured on her forehead, ruining her appearance, and moving into London, far from Germany, where the whole affair happened, didn’t solve a thing.

Some evil voices say, that she is a victim of a failed Illuminati invocation procedure (see Zuzana Jandova). Others suspect a black magic ritual, executed by one of her competitors. Czech tabloid media stated complete ban on Terezita’s current affair, allegedly to “protect her privacy”.

But the truth is inconsequent here, and who care about it anyway? Who cares about some worthless infidel slut, who denies Allah, who drinks alcohol, who commits fornication, who doesn’t veil herself properly, with hijab, like any proper woman should do? In this mad infidel world, where one alleged tragedy follows another, where omnipresent alleged terrorists, the biggest fraud of modern history, are allegedly attacking mercilessly, to scare the sheep, full of fear?

Indeed, Islam is cure and solution for all world problems, but the infidel fools deny it. And how far this denial got them? Only closer to doom.

Yes, you admired this bitch, fools, you wanted to get closer to her, to fuck her, to ejaculate your white sperm inside her, to feel like kings… and look, what she is really, like all of them infidel sluts, nothing, only a miserable fitnah, only loss of time and energy, which should be directed to Allah, to worshipping Him properly, doing good deeds, to have a chance for going into Paradise from this transient physical world of dunya.

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