Terrorist: A man who brings change into your life. He will force you to change your thinking and your values

It happened on Friday, November 13, 2015, in the capital of France, Paris. The blessed ones, who missed the evening news and went to sleep soon, after another demanding work week, could enjoy maybe the last calm evening for the long upcoming time. But the night pubs of Prague were full of the disturbing news after midnight already, when first detailed reports soaked into the mainstream media, and as everybody has a smartphone these days, soon, the whole European public was hit with the massive unexpected avalanche of fear and terror, coming from Paris. Everybody understood immediately, that this event will change many things, including lives of European citizens, our history, present and our future, concerning our children too.

Whereas many European men immediately promised swift and ruthless revenge against the terrorists from the Islamic State, which immediately claimed responsibility for the unprecedented terrorist attack, women were suddenly just full of fear, and the next day, households and cafés of Europe were full of scared women, discussing the matter with unconceivable fear in their souls, minds, thoughts and voices.

Everybody was horribly surprised by the tremendous scale of the terrorist attack and used horribly precise, systematic and ultimate tactics of enemies. Three well organized teams of terrorists, fully ready to die in their questionable cause, launched the night of terror and destruction, not to be stopped by the Rapid Intervention teams of the French police (RAID): they simply blew themselves up, before they could be shot or persuaded to throw down their weapons. Instead, they chose to die by their own hands, to fulfill their pledge to the last dot.

And this feature is something more, than a simple terrorism, as we knew it from the common history: the people who committed this crime clearly declared by their final deed, that they are the most dangerous, formidable and intimidating enemies, as any man or woman, who is willing to die, to sacrifice his or her life for a cause, is the most terrifying enemy, almost unstoppable by any common means.

No negotiation, no solution, no courts, jails, no punishments can stop them – they simply execute final terrible act of their young lives, ended by an explosion of their suicide vest, without any regard for their personal future and using the gift of life they received.

Moreover, this crime couldn’t come in a less suitable time. The Western public was supplied by endless disturbing articles about massive refugee influx into Europe for at least five full previous months, another unprecedented event in the world media history. It simply lasted too long, and refugees ruled the European media and disturbed minds of European citizens without any competition for the whole summer and autumn.

This fateful night in Paris just brought all that present fear of a posible dark future into a new level. The politicians said openly, that this was an act of war, meaning, that the whole Europe is now in a state of war against most capable, devoted and ruthless enemy, never seen in the history of warfare.

The Islamic State, executing many atrocities in Syria and Iraq, was despised by Europeans always, but all that previous horrible events were just too far away to directly influence their lives and their thinking. Now, it’s happening just here, on the European soil, and the terrorists said in their following proclamation, that it’s allegedly just a beginning of an unprecedented terror wave. Who could remain calm in this situation?

One single night was enough to drag Europe into the nigtmare of violence, terror and destruction by a scary and treacherous enemy, who can hit anywhere, anytime, using massive force and complete determination, well supplied with weapons and explosives.

Of course, that some fast and easy solutions were offered by the politicians, who always know, what to do, to stop any crisis, or at least, to keep their face and to seem decisive. But all that agitated voices who called for a massive NATO military intervention against Islamic State, promising to citizens, that this ultimate threat can be eradicated by simple destructive force, were just promising. We already learned, that any force, used against Islamic State, will make these terorrists yet stronger. They deliberately wanted this to happen, to escalate the conflict further: otherwise, why would they provoke the world, including mighty superpowers, with all that useless violence?

This is their game, their plan, not ours – they have the upper hand here. They choose what to do, and the world just reacts to their actions: that’s a tactical disadvantage, to play the enemy’s game. So, any offensive action by the world against them can be a desired part of their plan to conquer the world with their Caliphate.

Also, don’t forget, they are not only bearded men somewhere in Syrian or Iraqi desert, riding in infamous Toyota pickups with mounted machine guns (called “technicals”), waving black flags, cutting throats of local civilians with knives, who can be destroyed using some convenient distant measures, as airstrikes or UAVs (drones). They are here, in Europe, right between us, as the large and well hidden “fifth column”, impossible to be contained by European police forces. The number of potential culprits is too high to supervise physically: and only mass surveillance of the communications remains in the arsenal of Intelligence services, as infiltrating these terrorist cells with undercover operatives is just impossible.

Don’t forget the fresh and painful lessons from Iraq and Afghanistan we have learned. For many years since September 11, 2001, when “The War Against Terrorism” was proudly declared by the politicians, led by former U.S. president G.W. Bush, the NATO and international coalition with literally unlimited resources fought there, and they couldn’t defeat these enemies: on the contrary, these military interventions only made the insurgents yet stronger, by destabilizing many Middle Eastern regions, where the Islamic State could be established later.

The free world declared ultimate war against terrorists more than 14 years ago: and what is the situation now? Did we win already? Nothing was won, on the contrary: the Islamic State is stronger every day, slowly winning, as an octopus, spreading its slimy tentacles into all directions, grasping power and influence from the below.

It’s not about a number of towns and villages the Islamic State is holding militarily: every NATO rocket that hits the terrorists camps is not a victory, her explosive force just makes the adversary stronger, as civilians inevitably die in these attacks too. This assymetric war simply has another, specific rules, and NATO still didn’t understand, that another approach has to be chosen, if a slight chance for victory should exist.

The politicians promised us a quick and decisive military action more than 14 years ago: and in the end, the U.S. soldiers fought and died in Afghanistan for unprecedented long time: for 13 years, and they changed nothing there. Russians fought there for 10 years, between 1979 and 1989, and they had to withdraw as well, totally exhausted – ironically, their mujahedeen enemies were supported by their Cold War arcienemy, the United States.

But the world never learns… so the mistakes have to be repeated. These are endless, useless wars of attrition. There is no democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq today, as our politicans promised us: the Taliban is still there, claiming territory and power without any disruption, and Iraq is swarming with Islamic State enemies today, plus countless militias, fighting each other. Any support which goes there, makes the terrorists only stronger in the end.

We have to stop believing that this nightmare can just go away, if some brave soldiers will march there (again!) with words like “protecting freedom” on their lips. If this will happen, we will just become closer to World War III. Why do you think, that the current U.S. president Barack Obama didn’t launch such large ground military action in the past, in 2014, when the media were already full of Islamic State atrocities and cutted throats of Westerners, including Americans, and the world called for an appropriate military response?

The U.S. Military is allegedly the strongest in the world, equipped with tremendous firepower, technology and manpower, and the Islamic State has only some tens of thousands fighers. But the problem is, that this is a modern assymetric conflict: it’s not fought like World War II was, with attacking columns of tanks, effective carpet bombing and infantry in trenches. The enemy is hidden, like a ghost. Instead of uniformed soldiers of military age, who are easy to be recognized, identified and targeted, soldiers meet also inconspicuous women and even children, who often join the fight on the insurgent side, able to attack their enemy as well.

After first successes, like fall of Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq in 2003 was, something happened: the enemy fighters disappear, they hid in the civilian population, to fight the invaders as insurgents, using the feared IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and hit-and-run guerilla tactics, which cripples any classic military force.

In Afghanistan, the NATO had to defend themselves in a heavily fortified bases, leaving the advantages and initiative to hidden enemy, who could attack them anywhere, anytime. If NATO forces executed combat missions outside their bases, they were attacked by hidden IEDs and insurgent ambushes, as the terrain was favorable for such kind of war, and local scouts could watch the movement of American soldiers all the time. And you can’t destroy an enemy you can’t see.

The NATO had all that equipment, like surveillance satellites, airforce, long-range tactical missiles, perfectly trained soldiers… but the enemy still practically won. As the bodycount of allied soldiers increased through time, as veterans were returning home not like winning heroes, but missing limbs, heavily affected by PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), preventing them to return to civilian life easily, as days, months and years passed without any radical change of the situation, the Western public simply stopped supporting these futile wars, like it happened in Vietnam. Sooner or later, the Middle East and Afganistan were abandoned by occupying Western forces, as South Vietnam was in the 70’s, and conditions deteriorated yet more, as we can see today, full of fears of the dark future.

If terrorists became your nightmare, you can’t rid of them by running away, or fighting with them, or hoping that some brave soldiers will save you instead. Defending and fighting with circumstances and the world only weakens you, and your mind will fear yet more.

To find salvation and peace, to defeat the terrorist threat inside you, you have to change your own thinking and values.

Your scared mind thinks: the terrorists are coming to take everything you love from you, and you hold these values too tightly, so you are scared and defensive. But it only makes you fear yet more, all that thought about losing your family, your home, your career. And this imagination makes the nightmare yet bigger.

Let it all go, in your own interest. Stop holding it, all that stuff you care for so much. Free yourself from urge to save your vicinity, and your world. Stop fighting with circumstances: just accept them, as the Nature knows no good or bad events, remember.

Any event is completely neutral: only your mind evaluates it, classifying it as good or bad. One day, you were born, and others died same day – did you cry for them? No. Do you cry for anybody in the world who dies every day? No. And when you will die, most likely nobody will cry for you. Second day after your final demise, the shops will open again, hungry for selling junk to their customers, to get money. No one will care about one person. It’s the rule of life.

You just cry and fear for yourself, but from the angle of Nature and world history, your life means nothing. You are just a creature, equipped with mind, that is a two-blade weapon: it helps you to create things, but also to create your fear, which kills you more, than any cancer.

You consider yourself extremely important, but in the relation with the Universe, you, your life and your sacred goals mean absolutely nothing. You are not important, you change nothing. If you received a blessed gift of life, the only mission for you is to consume it, to be happy every day, every minute. And no terrorist can change this: not him is stealing life from you, you steal it yourself, just by thinking the bad way of fear.

This process of eternal judgement is hurting you more, than all terrorists of the world. Not they are hurting you: you hurt yourself. You create all that nightmares from the pictures in the news, as you are afraid so much of losing your values.

Stop judging, let it all go: and instead of fear, fill your heart with love, as OSHO recommends.

You can free yourself, replacing fear with love, and you can defeat terrorist threat with your love, as well.

Imagine not a terrorist mass, but a single man. He was also an innocent kid one day. He was not born as a demon, depicted daily in the media. It was our world, who changed him, who shaped him, who persuaded him to go and destroy.

Not NATO can defeat him: only your inner love, peace and compassion can. Instead of fearing this man, accept him, accept anything he does, because you know, that he was forced to. It was not his own will, or decision. The world decided it for him. He became just another pawn in a big game, like many people on both sides of the conflict.

If you will try to fight with him, he will destroy you, he will hurt you without hesitation. But if you tell him: I understand you, you do what you have to do, what they told you, something will change: he will lose any need to hurt others, because the only thing he wanted, was to be accepted and loved.

This is a special Psychological Warfare concept I proposed to the Czech Military and NATO more than year ago, to defeat terrorists, using female special abilities and extreme strength of emotions and feelings. Not some heavily armed soldiers, only you can contain and eliminate the terrorist threat, as you have an ultimate weapon inside you: your love.

You can save the world, and yourself, literally: only by replacing fear with love. One day, if a terrorist would come to you, full of hate and will to destroy human lives, only you can stop him, no police force can. All that intimidating Special Forces soldiers with faces hidden in balaclavas, dressed in dark battledresses, with their fingers on triggers of their assault rifles, can’t defeat the basic reason why you fear.

Not someone else can save you, but you can. Do it yourself, don’t expect others to save you. Stop being a pawn, played by many unseen forces, politics, nasty games of media and corporations, who make money from endless wars. They all prosper from your fear. Take and accept the responsibility for your life, for your future.

Stop hating and fearing terrorists, it doesn’t help you to live happily: accept them as a part of our world. And in that moment, they will lose their strength and force of terror. In that moment, the world can be saved: just if you will change your thinking.

The terrorists are here, nothing and nobody can change that, we hesitated too long, but you can change your perception of this phenomenon. Stop running scared from them. Simply accept them in the world, detach from them. How could they destroy your world, if you let go everything, if you accept everything?

They are just a nightmare in your mind. You provide them power yourself, if you fear them, all that violence. But they mean nothing: one day, you were born and one day, you will die, nothing can change that. Thousand reasons can get you killed: but in reality, only your fear kills you. Other reasons are just nature, which is full of violence from the beginning. Stronger animals eat weaker to survive, and they don’t think about it. It’s the circle of Nature, and you are a part of it.

If someone says, that we live in “difficult times”, he is lying. The world was always a rough place, full of violence and death. In forests, animal hunters search for prey every second. But who blames lions, vultures, bears, wolves and eagles from killing innocent weak cute mice? Do the mice complaint to an Animal Rights court? No. They just live, and they do everything to survive, not even trying to change the unfavorable rules of nature.

You fight all the time with the circumstances, you try to micromanage your world, to get rid of all threats. But you can’t suceed: you only lose your life power, and your time. Our world created many bad things, not only terrorists: and we accepted them. We are a part of our world, and we all have our part of fault in the world.

Just let go. Let go eternal thoughts, and only then, there can be a peace in the world, if you are in peace yourself.

We all come and go. Bugs, mices, lions, tigers. Accept the rules of Nature, you are a part of it, and your questionable gift of mind and thinking can’t change that.

It’s better to be dumb. To be silent. To stop talking, stop complaining, stop planning, stop thinking. Just use your body to live, to take care of a garden. Cultivate a flower. Be more physical than intellectual. Throw away your ago and blend with the world, without any obsession to change it. Don’t care about anything. Why should you be concerned about things you can’t change anyway? There is nothing you can really do. Why should you exhaust with this futile effort? Except accepting it all, there is nothing you can really do, even if your scared minds inspires you to fight with the world, and with the nature.

A terrorist is just a mirror of your fear. But the freedom and peace can be achieved simply, without calling men for arms, sending them to another wars to die without any purpose: just by acceptong the world, letting it all be, letting it all go, and just living simply, modestly, saving your life essence to create joy, not for fighting with anything, anybody. Because you will ever lose.

When will you ever learn? When will we understand, that to defeat terrorists, we have to be completely ignorant to them, not reacting to them, ignoring them? The wide attention they receive from the media supplies them with power, by inserting fear into the minds of people.

But to win in this war, start with changing yourself. Will you ever learn?

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