GLA Terrorist Conspiracy: Mose Akinjide, Sudanese Division of GLA. Ruthless Illiterate Warlord. Semtex COLOR user. Anti-Gaddafi Guerilla Libya. Liberation Revolution Insurgent Cell Subversion Sabotage

Mose Akinjide: ruthless, but illiterate warlord, from Sudanese Division of GLA (Global Liberation Army)

Received Terrorism Financing from Wu Corporation, was very satisfied
To eliminate enemies of liberation and freedom, he likes to use Semtex COLOR plastic explosive from infamous Vintage Terrorist collection

Made his eternal terrorist fame in Libya, when he and his anti-Gaddafi guerillas assaulted a hotel, where an infidel VIP whore, Talitha Van Zon, a mistress of Mutassim Gaddafi (son), was found, hiding under a bed.
Mose, as a proper ruthless warlord, threatened to burn her alive with gasoline at first, but when the bitch confessed to him, that she is a mere gold digger slut, and she offered him soft physical relaxation, Mose showed as a very resourceful lover, using Semtex COLOR for very special purpose, although totally unintended use by the manufacturer.

Terrorist Conspiracy: Rebellion, Insurgency, Guerilla

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