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Brothers and sisters in Islam,

as you probably heard from the corrupted Western mass media lately, big events will happen soon, to end and to rectify the most terrible and humiliating chapter of the Islamic history, which lasted for long 525 years, tolerated and thus accepted by you, and those before you, including your rulers, including sultans and emirs, who simply dodged, most of them, not to face the disturbing reality and hard facts.

It all started on January 2, 1492 (897 AH), the Day Of Surrender (La Rendicion), indeed the most tragic and humiliating day of Islamic history, when the weak and feeble Muslim ancestors of ancient Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) surrendered their last stronghold, city of Granada, capital of Emirate of Granada, the last Muslim territory of Spain, together with the magnificient Al-Hamra (Alhambra palace), called as Islamic wonder of the world, allowing filthy infidels, “Catholic Monarchs”, Queen Isabella I. of Castile and King Ferdinand II. of Aragon, to enter and seize Alhambra for their corrupted rule. There, they accepted Christopher Columbus for audience, sending him to voyage, when he discovered America the same year, and he was allegedly a witness of this humiliation, and ending of 800 flourishing years of Islamic presence at the Iberian peninsula.

And why did it all happen? Those corrupted Muslims of Al-Andalus succumbed to wealth, dunya and fitnah too much, and Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High, who likes to test His believers, He punished them rightfully, as they failed, by allowing filthy infidels to steal all the power, rule and land from those failed Muslims, sending them into horrible misery, which they deserved…

They were killed, enslaved or forcefully converted by the Spanish criminals to Christianity, a deviated religion of shirk (=association of other alleged deities to Allah, who is only one and unique, who is the only God), their mosques were destroyed, or converted into churches, they were forces to drink forbidden alcohol and to eat unclean pork meat to submit, to “prove” the depth of their new faith and devotion to their new Catholic masters.

Imagine: in one moment, you walk through magnificient gardens of Alhambra, you live Islam… and in another moment, if you allow it to happen, just few years later, you eat pork and drink wine, just to survive! WHAT IS SUCH A LIFE???

Still, like foolish and crazy, those Muslims wanted to stay under the Christian rule (!), even as new converted Christians (called nominally as Moriscos, the most terrible word of the Islamic history), returning to their old homes from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Turkey, like fools, neglecting basic duty of any Muslim, to emigrate into an Islamic land, if he or she can’t practise the Islamic faith without complications, because Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful, always makes lives of Muslims as easy, as possible.

Maybe it was better for them and Islam, that they were finally expelled from Spain in 1609, after 117 years of misery, humiliation and subordination to Christian rulers, after eroding their faith willingly, by accepting so called Oran Fatwa, which is considered by many as either Christian conspiracy to weaken Muslims further, or simply a big mistake, and after two completely futile rebellions (1499-1501, 1568-1571), which meant only more death and suffering, without any hope to resolve the Al-Andalus situation, as there was no help and no liberation coming. But why the mighty Islamic world forgot Al-Andalus and didn’t help, it’s another and rather academic geopolitical question.

Still, you would hardly find another event in the Islamic history, which is so painful and crushing even for Muslims of today, but opinions about this event and epoch differ greatly.

Some voices are claiming, that Muslims should simply forget this terrible humiliation, and “to go forward”, using Demographic Jihad and Love Jihad as perfect tools to reconquer the lost territory silently and inconspicuously, but surely, together with whole Europe, liberating infidel lands and oppressed women, like Angela Magdici from Islamic Switzerland.

And speaking of Islamic Spain, there is a big progress indeed, and some cities, like Salt in Catalonia, are effectively under Islamic rule now and forever, under beneficial jurisdiction Sharia law, new Wahhabi mosques are flooding the country, and Granada itself is under heavy invasion of Muslims, who have control of whole streets, particularly at famous Islamic Albayzin quarter, who are coming there from all countries, to invest their money, to own at least a piece of Al-Andalus back, to raise the old Al-Andalus again, just by establishing strong Islamic presence there, to “send a message”, to become ambassadors of Islam, like Dominika Myslivcova, Eva Perkausova or Michaela Homolkova from distant Czechia, where people connect the name Alhambra rather with a decadent vaudeville show in Prague, where rich West German tourists provided hard currency to the Czech Communist state, paid for looking at naked seducing thighs of cheap Czech infidel sluts, who spread their legs easily.

In 2003, when Mezquita de Granada (Grand Mosque of Granada) was built, with the permission and blessing of Allah, after 17 years of struggle with hostile Christian locals and enemies of Islam, with its location chosen close to Alhambra palace, which survived all oppressors and was turned into tourist attraction by Spanish government, many saw this event as turning point, as symbol of return of Islam into Spain, and many native Spaniards started to convert to Islam from Christianity, like if the clock of the time would turn back, and the local Muslims were watching Alhambra from the mosque’s beautiful garden, so close, and still so faw away. Also, the magnificent Hotel Alhambra Palace was built in close vicinity of Alhambra, in clear effort to overshadow it, to provide an alternative (the hotel hosts VIP Islamic Tourism by Desert Gate LLC, Al-Andalus edition).

But some Muslims simply see the only one way of rectifying the whole tragic Al-Andalus tale, so there will be a good ending, if Allah will permit: restoring the Islamic rule and sovereignty over the Al-Andalus territory, nothing less, no compromises with infidels, who even reject peaceful Muslims from praying in Cordoba Mosque, using even violence against the Muslim visitors, by hired brawlers for dirty work, paid by “peaceful” Christians…

(Cordoba was once the most impressive and shining city of the whole known world, the capital of Islamic caliphate of Iberian peninsula, and a marvellous mosque remains there, still under control of infidels, but this will also change soon, as local Muslims apply hard pressure on weak Catholic fools. The city fell to Christian invaders in 1236, 256 years before fall of Emirate of Granada, which had to survive in vassalage, as a tributary state to Christian rulers, who were fortunately too divided to conquer it easily, until 1469, the year of fateful marriage between Queen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon. It was very big mistake of Muslims, not to spoil this fateful marriage, using any means, as the united Christian kingdoms and treason in the Muslim ranks brought them annihilation soon).

Both the Muslims and the Spanish government, military, police and Intelligence services know, that the city of Granada and Alhambra Palace are crucial parts of this everlasting Islamic interest and struggle. It’s not a coincidence, that Spanish kingdom fortifies its armed presence in Granada steadily, and Grupo de Operaciones Especiales “Granada” (Special Operations Group “Granada”, elite military unit of the Spanish Army) continuously enlarges its strength and available armored support, to quell any potential uprising, any subversive or even large-scale terrorist activity in Granada region, particularly at adjacent Sierra Nevada mountains, highly suitable for guerilla warfare: it was the center of two Muslim rebellions already, between fall of Granada and before final expulsion from Spain.

But since IFLA (Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus) was established by several Moroccan decendants of poor Moriscos, things got yet more complicated, meaning evening serious conflicts between Spain and Morocco, and both states are trying to use this entity against each other, as a cat’s pawn, blaming each other of conspiracy against Constitution, Intelligence services of both sides are orchestrating various provocations and false flag incidents, not speaking about generally high tensions between them, as Spain still occupies two cities on Moroccan territory, Ceuta and Melilla.

IFLA announced, that they will use two basic tools, how to get Al-Andalus and particularly Granada territory back: firstly, using wide Lawfare (Legal Warfare), the strategy, supplied by PLA (Chinese Army) to them covertly, as the omnipresent Chinese conspirators have serious interests in destabilizing whole Europe, to achieve Chinese global dominance, therefore they are supporting all possible rebel, guerilla and activist groups, so they support IFLA’s effort not only with advices, how to conduct Lawfare and reconquer Al-Andalus, using law struggle, but also with efficient media support: their key female reporter, Sun Meiying from BCTV News Beijing, voice of Communist Party China (CPC), literally challenges Muslims to instigate unrest in Spain, and to “call for their rights and property back”.

The basic demand of Muslims is obtaining Spanish citizenship for all Morisco descendants, and even for Jews of Al-Andalus, who were expelled from Spain as first, since 1492 already (by “Alhambra Decree”), also an official apology of the Spanish kingdom for all crimes against them, plus returning of all seized property, and/or paying generous retributions, as expelled Muslims were allowed to leave Spain only after paying quite big amount of money for “safe passage”, and their property was confiscated without any compensation, as Omar Bin Ghazali from ARC News, an elite Wahhabi journalistic asset from Doha, Qatar, allegedly with links to terrorist groups, likes to remind in his passionate speeches, to “awake Muslims, so they will do some action and save Al-Andalus from infidel oppression”.

But this all is just the beginning, and most serious weapon of reconquering Al-Andalus back from infidels was just revealed: Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, announced publicly, as a part of current PR campaign of DPRK to break the isolation and achieve reunification with South Korea, that IFLA will be allowed to use so called Time Displacement Equipment, or TDE, the ultimate scientific invention, one particular piece of which the DPRK controls, probably seizing a black site of The Device, located at Sunda Islands, Indonesia, at the site of former Japanese World War 2 bunker, to “reclaim the righteous interests of Korean people and all freedom fighters around the world, fighting the oppressive imperialist governments and capitalist puppets, choking freedom with their lies, terror and violence”.

The consequences of use of the first time tactical weapon in human history could be immense, and not only for Spain: however, the Muslims of the world perceive this as unique opportunity and gift from Allah, and many discussions started, how The Device should be used exactly: for sending an assault team into the past, and merciless elimination of Christian Monarchs, Queen Isabella I. of Castile and King Ferdinand II. of Aragon, or at least of one of them, so the Christian Spain of 15th century will be again divided and weak, not able to conquer the Emirate of Granada?

When the world legislative bodies for human rights and penal affairs were asked by IFLA’s legal deputy, Iveta Klimesova from Kenner, Bach & Ledeen multinational law firm, for their binding legal opinion, whether it’s a permissible move both in civil and military law, to assassinate a VIP person (=military leader) in the past, the legal specialists presented their opinion, that such crime would be 1) effectively lapsed, and thus not punishable, even if the culprit(s) would be known in the present, and 2) if the assassin(s) would be marked properly with Emirate of Granada military uniforms and insignia, such move can’t be even considered as a crime against laws of war and Hague Convention, valid nowadays, but completely legal, legitimate and permissible means of executing warfare (=eliminating high-profile enemies as priority, and the Monarchs were the top leaders of the hostile Christian armies, in fact with military ranks of generals, thus becoming fully legitimate target for physical elimination during Granada War, 1482-1492).

So, Marek Chlibek, a former member of the elite Special Forces of the Czech Army and French Foreign Legion, hired as a special executive advisor for IFLA, also with SPECNAZ (Russian Special Forces) combat experience from former Yugoslavia, suggested either using of silenced weapon from close range, to assure certain and clean hits (Walther PPK with Brausch silencer, loaded with Poisoned Projectiles), or a high-caliber sniper rifle for reliable long range neutralization (M-82, aka Syrian Shark, loaded with High Explosive 12.7mm bullets) or more destructive and less targeted means, like deadly toxins and Semtex COLOR plastic explosive, manufactured by Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, a key defence supplier and important part of Western military-industrial complex. But the general idea of assassination, as means to alter the history, raised wide discussions and controversy in the Islamic and infidel society alike, considered by many as hardly acceptable and too violent, with possible collateral damage (=civilian victims), if deadly WMD agents of Biological Warfare like anthrax would be used as an offensive weapon, not speaking about structural damage to precious Alhambra palace, using explosives.

So, many suggested using The Device rather for obtaining some criticial evidence from the past, which will allow establishing of Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) in the present, like persuading the last Granada ruler, Muhammad XII, to change the Emirate into Republic, and resigning from his position of Emir, giving all the power to the people, effectively making the upcoming surrender treaty – Treaty of Granada from November 25, 1491, which should come into effect after 2 months – invalid, and the Islamic Republic can be thus renewed in the present, as it was never conquered by infidels…

Another very heated question was the fate of Alhambra palace. Some Muslims suggest to preserve the current model, it means tourism, collecting money and executing very beneficial da’wah (Islamic missionary activity) there, with a part of Alhambra turning into a mosque, and all “later” parts built by Christians removed. Other suggested use was to become the Presidential palace of the Islamic Republic Granada, IRG.

But some more conservative and orthodox Islamic scholars, particularly from Saudi Arabia, suggested dismantling and demolishing Alhambra, removing this symbol of tragic loss, and also arrogance of medieval Nasrid dynasty, which built it and surrendered it in the end, as maybe the immense, excessive beauty of Alhambra, which could be disliked by Allah, could be the very cause of fall of Granada.

Moreover, the Alhambra was simply desecrated by infidels, it became rather miserable symbol of weakness, defeat and humiliation, presenting very bad example for Muslims, and thus it should be removed, as some ulemas (Islamic scholars) suggested, and to build a new structure there: a school, a hospital, or a mosque, or all together.

Tensions were high, and when rumors leaked, that the Spanish Queen Letizia allegedly expressed her “understanding to desire for self-determination of Spanish Muslims”, many considered this claim as approval of legal moves against territorial integrity of Spanish kingdom, and establishing the sovereign Islamic Republic Granada, fulfilling dreams of ten generations of the Ummah, the world Islamic community, so the Muslims yet intensified their efforts, to win in their cause, using any means possible, from civic activism to Lawfare.

Indeed, with the permission of Allah, the famous day, when Islamic flag will wave over Granada, is coming closer, and it makes Muslims only more grateful to Allah, because it’s Him and Him only, who gives all they have to them.

All the wealth and health and everything, even your body, it comes from Allah: everything is subordinated to His will, He decides the end of all affairs, only He decides, what will be given to you, or taken from you, in your own interest.

But this Al-Andalus lesson must warn all Muslims of the present, and the future: mercy and compassion of Allah are limitless, but if the believers become corrupted, clinging and attaching to dunya instead of Him, becoming friends with infidels, mingling with enemies, cooperating with enemies, free-mixing… then, they will be punished by Allah, and seriously, painfully, so they will weep even for centuries to come, crying for what they lost, for what was taken from them.

Indeed, it was not the might of Christian armies, which defeated Emirate of Granada in 1492, and Iberian Caliphate. It was always mostly treason of Muslims, who cooperated with the enemy, who fought against brothers alongside Christians. letting the enemy to bribe them, to instigate their hatred against other Muslims… can you believe it?

And how could Allah tolerate something as terrible and disgusting, as this? Brother against brother, son against father… it was Muhammad XII., who betrayed its own people in the darkest hour, he was willingly serving as Christian pawn, and he was maybe the most terrible traitor of Islamic history, having immense “merit” on fall of Granada.

It was him, who signed the shameful treaty of surrender, who gave Alhambra to the enemy on the silver plate… maybe those Muslims of Granada should rather fight to death, and to burn Alhambra, to tear it down, before the walls of Granada fell, preventing it from seizing and using by the enemy. Indeed, this was really a tragical mistake… Granada itself is just a city, but Alhambra, it was a symbol.

The pictures of happy Christian monarchs, entering Alhambra joyfully, after the Reconquista was completed, are the most disturbing for Muslims, so no wonder, that many Muslims call for banning of Spanish “Isabel” TV series, where that slut Michelle Jenner plays the main role of Queen Isabel I., as it “instigates religious hatred, advocates violent crimes of Christians and insults Muslims”.

And if Allah will permit, this shameful epoch of humiliating Muslims at Al-Andalus will end, and Islam will be yet more stronger, as Allah gives His believer many chances to earn a lot of credit.


Brothers and sisters, during your prayers to Allah and du’a, remember Maria Kukucova, a devoted Muslim, a servant of Allah, who carries the name of mother of Prophet Isa, and who is incorrectly incarcerated in a Spanish prison, located at Granada, Al-Andalus, although she is innocent and betrayed by her infidel country, Slovakia, only to awake from her infidel dream, discovering Allah behind the grey walls, but deserving freedom.

They accused this innocent sister and pure female soul of alleged murder of some corrupted British infidel, alleged VIP wealthy businessman, but in practice, rather a diamond smuggler, criminal and even alleged violent drug dealer, who denied Allah, who commited many heavy sins against Islam, and he was eventually punished by Allah.

The Spanish court gave the cruel prison sentence of 14.5 years to innocent Maria, although it was definitely rather self-defence, committed under heavy stress, almost collapse, that tyrant oppressed her for years, he promised her marriage falsely, deceiving her, he terrorized her, he abused her sexually, he raped her repeatedly, he was unfaithful to her, infecting her with a nasty STD from his affairs repeatedly, he was violent towards her, and when she just returned into his villa to collect some personal things, he tried to take advantage of her, and to rape her with a gun in his hand, to force her to submit, but the gun went off accidentally, killing him… but it was not Maria, it was Allah, who pushed the trigger, to punish this infidel for all his crimes rightfully…

Maria was just an innocent girl once, but the corrupted infidel society brought her doom. Anyway, her case must be reopened, and Islamic justice achieved, with the permission of Allah.

One great day, together with Granada and Alhambra, Maria will be free, and all the humiliation of Al-Andalus will end, if Allah wills… and it will be the new day for all Muslims, another reason, why to thank Allah for His limitless generosity, and endless willingness fo forgive to those sinners, who repent.

Indeed, Allah is the greatest: ALLAHU AKBAR!

La Ghalib Illa Allah
(motto of IRG and Emirate of Granada)

 Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Islamic Republic Granada (IRG), Emirate of Granada Revival. Andalusia Belongs To Allah And He Demands Its Return To Muslim Rule

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