The Alloy

Every fashion brand has to offer something unique to its customers. And military affairs were always a great source of improvements in all business sectors: including fashion.

It’s all about using the right material. And if the Military tries to build a time displacement equipment or ultimate anti-aircraft weapon… maybe some valuable pieces of this classified research could get into civilian hands, to decorate people, to make their body energy flow.

After hard negotiations with the Military and The Corporation, this success was achieved – and now, this luxury Austrian fashion brand, designed especially to penetrate and rule the vast Chinese fashion market, will prevail. The first product, manufactured using special abilities of the alloy is The Wish Granter, available for the price of 100.000 EUR to our dear customers.

The Alloy - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs (2)

The Alloy is manufactured basically in the form of such stones, large between 2 cm and 6 cm. Then, using a classified processing procedure, which lasts more than 72 hours, ingots are made, suitable for creating cables, wires and even support structures for The Device. This material should be released for wide public use at 2018 (supposed date, depends on Military interests).

Alan Svejk