The American Islam: Curse For the Infidels

Today, Islam is getting masses of new followers everywhere, including Europe, and United States, as more and more disappointed and thirsty Western people, often desperate of living in an overwhelmingly complex militarized Orwellian society, search for a way out of endless fear, to find peace, freedom and destiny, and inevitably, they discover the immense advantages of accepting Islam, and the corrupted Western media have to follow.

One of the best present examples, confirming the positive influence of Islam for the life of any individual, and showing the abysmal difference between fates of Muslims and non-believers, except surviving in a prison, occured in an American drama, called Frontera (2014, “The Border”), taking place on the U.S.-Mexican border, known by illegal smuggling of people into the America of their dreams, where one such Mexican immigrant (Michael Peña) is mistakenly accused of killing the rancher’s (Ed Harris) wife, and detained.

His pregnant wife (Eva Longoria) decides to cross the border too, using the dangerous services of smugglers, so she can help him somehow. Investing all the family money into the risky operation, she attempts to cross the border with a large group of other illegal immigrants, and between them, there are two young male Muslims from Iran.

There is a scene, where the group, accompanied by ruthless armed guards of course, is taking rest in the desert, before continuing their journey. All the people in the group seem tired, resignated, fragmented and isolated, maybe scared of being caught, minding only themselves, except the two Muslims, who can be seen praying towards Qibla in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with devotion, shoulder to shoulder, prostrating in perfect coordination, like brothers, as the whole Earth is one big mosque, and the rest of people are watching them indifferently.

It’s clear that whereas all the remaining people are weak and isolated, like lambs, only the Muslims are staying strong, concentrated, keeping their mind sharp, able to make good decisions, which can be a difference between survival and tragedy. And this theory is confirmed very soon: as soon as the group crosses the border successfully, they board a van, and when the van arrives into a city, it stops by the garage of a large house, and all passengers are forced to get out, and to hide in the garage.

All persons in the group obey, like sheep, as they maybe think, that they have no other choice, except both Muslims, who decide to run away, as “they don’t need those pigs anymore”. And this is a very wise decision: in the garage, all remaining infidels are forced to take off all their clothes and to handle all possessions to the ruthless and violent smugglers, who don’t play fair business game.

The young wife without any male protection has the worst fate: as could be expected, she is raped repeatedly, and the group is left locked in the garage, without any food and water, saved from death only by miracle. Later, when the wife meets with her detained husband eventually, the things between them can hardly be ever the same, because of her traumatic experiences.

The message is really clear here: single, fragmented individuals of the Western society, who live only for themselves, minding only their business and seeing the world through the filter of their ego, will lose inevitably. There is no one who could really protect them and help them, if they are in need, they have nobody they can rely on. This was once an American philosophy, an American way of life… which failed.

But Muslims? They share common beliefs and values, they bow only in front of Allah with others like them, they stand up for each other, like brothers and sisters, as could be clearly seen, and this feature gives them immense power and heightened chances of survival in the ruthless contemporary society.

If the woman would be a Muslim, they wouldn’t leave their sister there alone, in the upcoming hell: this way, they took care only for themselves, leaving her and all other infidels to their sad fate.

This event only confirms, that there is a thousand of reasons, why it’s ultimately beneficial for any human individual, to be a Muslim. The young wife knows already, and Western people are realizing it as well, as their elected politicians failed and betrayed them, like always, promising the sweet paradise, prosperity and eternal peace in the EU and USA, and look: outside, there is only endless economic crisis and (failed) wars everywhere, followed by unprecedented refugee wave.

But no Muslim has to fear the future. He or she has everything really needed in life (Allah), so he or she concentrates on worshipping of Allah, praying and doing good deeds, instead of fruitless worries. Everything what happens is in the wise hands of Allah, and He won’t allow His beloved servants to fall. So, there is much less to worry about, and life becomes full of peace, plus freedom (=from fear).

Islam is winning everywhere, and the reason is simple: it’s the only perfected, complete religion, which can take care of its believers completely, giving them everything they need. There can be nothing more precious in life.

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