The Aristocracy of Little Quarter

The real politics and intrigues, eternal hunger for power, recognition and appreciation, are always baked outside a castle, in so called suburbium, or extramural settlement. The city Prague has the most impressive example of such regime: under the Prague Castle, there is a quarter called Lesser Town, or less formally, Little Quarter, with special rules in all senses.

Its historical importance is immense. The buildings there are really old, and the municipal administration really managed to keep the ancient style of construction, so no modern architecture infiltrated there. The cultural heritage is preserved there, as nowhere else in Prague: it’s a complete jewel of the city, and all tourist simply must visit this place, including adjacent Charles bridge.

The Little Quarter has also one ultimate specialty, unknown anywhere else in Prague: the old local inhabitants make something as community, and it means strict rules, even expelling others ruthlessly. They feel like a big family, with a serious duty to protect their unique environment from grasping by many hungry entities and individuals, outsiders, invaders. Long time ago, they also established their own organization of interest, and they influence the local municipal politics as much as they can, or at least they try, for good conscience.

To have a power, you need money, connections, or both. Those people have serious money, as they received large properties after so called Velvet Revolution 1989, when many properties, seized by the Communists, were returned to original owners, or their relatives. You can imagine, how many lives were changed this way, in a single moment: yesterday, you had nothing, and today, you suddenly have four old rental buildings, located perfectly in the Little Quarter, one of the most valuable quarters of Prague. The prices will never drop there, no economic crises will ever influence them: under any conditions, there are people who simply have money, and they will want to acquire the best available property.

If you have money, you want to influence things around you. You can’t simply stay inactive, laying home, drinking and doing nothing. Sooner or later, you will want to promote your will and ideas, because you think, feel and know, what is right for the society. That is a basic rule of money: they never sleep. Either you are losing them, using them, or multiplying them.

The social elite of Little Quarter is organized mostly according to their ownership of a property there. In other words, if you own a house there, there is a possibility, that they will accept you into their inner circle. The only problem is, that you can’t buy a house there as simply, as a new family building in the suburbs, using a mortgage: the prices are so extremely high, that only the real elite can afford to buy, and concurrently, they receive an entry ticket into the community, or at least theoretically. The hard core of locals know each others for 20, 25 years or even longer, they know everything about each other, so their inner circle is firmly organized on literally a blood principle. The neighbours became one big family through time.

Through time, the local people became overprotective and even agressive. Maybe some of them got literally crazy from all that wealth they have, or they love their quarter so much, or they are influenced by their sad life stories, who knows. But in practice, they often sound like some fanatics, like some sect, like ruthless bees, who will protect their beehive for any price, because it’s THEIR home, they feel the deepest affection to it, and they will do everything what is necessary.

A woman in her thirties, called “X.” is the most distinctive figure there. She decided to compensate her own traumatic experiences from childhood by a wide activism, aimed at protecting “her land”. When she was a girl, her mother allegedy left her, to search for hapiness abroad, and this event really influenced the poor girl, because such event had serious consequences during Communist regime.

Fortunately for X., after Velvet revolution in 1989, the odds turned to her favor. She got four rental houses in the restitution, and you can imagine, how deeply this influenced her. Then, she could turn all her anger, disappointment and misery into a mission: to protect her property and vicinity at all costs, to promote her personality in the world, to become somebody, to compensate all bad things that happened to her. She became a ruthless queen, who felt no remorse or regrets.

The big property and wealth is often a course, and family wars for property are often the bloodiest. There was a feud between X. and her female relative, who allegedly managed to steal three of the houses from X., allegedly by using some dirty legal tricks. X. was still very young then, she couldn’t defend as effectively as she could today, by mobilizing her wide social and political assets.

But she overcame it eventually. One house remained in her possession: and she started with deep purge.

She forced twenty of her tenants to move away from her house. Why? Because, as she declares, “they didn’t belong here, and we can take care of such renegades in our quarter”.

When she says this serious statement with really deep, warning, even intimidating voice, and she puts her eyes on you with the coldest look you have ever experienced, the summer season immediately changes to winter, snowflakes start falling and you feel freezed.

She’s an artist, but when you see her works, you can’t resist the feeling that there is so much bitterness in her art. She is marked by her past, and she can’t move forward. Maybe a man could achieve that desirable change she needs and wants, she is a cursed princess who needs a kiss from a prince to start living again: but sooner or later, all men she meets will experience the dark side of X., and they literally run away, further damaging X.’s self-confidence and self-respect.

But you have to keep going in life: so, after such unhappy events and another disappointment, X. wakes up another day, full of frantic energy, to make something with life and herself finally. And she found her mission in activism. But she pushes too hard, she can’t forgive the people that they don’t follow her lead, that they are too passive, lazy, too inert to their surroundings. Then, she experiences the bitterness, and the circle closes again.

Although I was never her tenant, servant, suitor, admirer or lover, even so, I had that questionable honor to be expelled and strictly judged by madamme X. She dedicated an hour of her precious life just by explaining to me, that I am a poor renegade and ultimate loser, who can’t ever return to the Little Quarter, because all gates there are forever closed. But she underestimated me so deeply: and now, I am returning to her self-proclaimed land, it’s inevitable. You know, to conquer the Castle, you have to begin in the suburbium… and this is happening right now.

Her curse could be cured with love perhaps, but there is no volunteer. Even accidental acquaintances for a single night run away from her, before they reach her home together to make love, because she simply can’t resist to talk a way that warns all men, that this cat has really sharp claws, and she is also deep in various problems, so even male everlasting sexual desire is suddenly blocked by need of a self-preservation, and all warning lights start to wink.

But any human needs to give his or her love to another being, human or animal. Animals are easy to obtain, and devoted. So X. takes care of three cats, she is a queen of a cat land, slowly changing to a cat herself, who perceives people around her as her pawns, or servants. She was painfully hurt before: and now she needs the feeling of full control, to protect herself, to experience previous traumas never again.

“No outsider gets even a cleaning job in the Little Quarter,” she says with her infamous intimidating tone of her voice. Any woman or man, sooner or later, slowly turns away from her, even from initial understanding and acceptance. And only her openly presented obsession with power and control remains in your memories, when you part way with her, never to meet her again, because there is so many pleasant people everywhere. Who would suffer here, in this cursed land, and why?

In X.’s case, it seems, that no love and affection of the world can help her. Her special personality needs something different: to be crushed, by a superior male essence, who will overcome all her complex defenses, which generally turn to agressive behavior and approach, just to protect herself again and again, forever. As she gets older, everything becomes yet worse with age.

It seems that deep inside her, she desires and needs to be defeated, to submit to someone. But she obviously meets only weak individuals, who can’t fulfill this eternal desire. They say, that males are becoming soft today, and that’s certainly true. Where is that ultimate warrior X. needs?

It seems that X. current status and misery is not her fault, but our fault, present men. Like always: all bad things are our fault, like damaged environment, endless war for power and territory, destroying life instead of creating it… on the contrary, women create life, they take care of others, they make our society sustainable, and so on.

X. also cares for others, in a little bit strange way, but she receives no appreciation for her effort it seems. And this should be rectified: she reminds us, that we all can make more for others. Maybe I will marry X. one day, and we will live in her noble expensive house together forever, happy and satisfied, taking care of each other and our vicinity, with love and appreciation. Because property means responsibility: and every queen needs a king to rule. We will make mutually advantageous business together: she will allow me to become a part of nobility, as I always wanted, and I will fulfill her dreams.

You know, this decision to run for a presidential candidacy was the best in my life. I was born for this sh*t, and I feel really happy. My thinking about world and life also changed: I am just thinking how to bring something good to others, with knowledge, that anything you give will return to you eventually. That to receive, you have to give at first. So I want to give, without expecting anything. It’s just so pleasant. We are often victims of our expectations and selfishness. But that’s not the real living.

And every good tale needs a happy ending.

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