The Beauty of Hijab

In Europe, more and more women, after they realized the future of the continent under the firm Islamic rule, discover the beauty of wearing hijab, to respect Allah, to respect themselves and to gain respect and protection by powerful Muslim men, who slowly rule Europe, instead of weak atheist European politicians, who allegedly see clearly, that democracy as a system probably failed, and the democratic world is collapsing, to make space for the upcoming rule and domination of Islam.

The Mother Nature blessed women with many unique qualities to survive in the world, although they are physically weaker, than their male counterparts. Their “sixth sense” is always able to recognize threats, plus, to recognize the future: no wonder, that all famous fortune-tellers and card readers are women, like famous Anie, who scared all European women by her shocking prophecy, related to inevitable victory of Islam in Europe.

Women always feel and know, what is really happening, and what to do, to secure a sustainable future for themselves, and their families. They perceive as most important, to find their place in the upcoming European Islamic dominance, and that means a simple step: to consider accepting Hijab into the firm foundation of their dresses.

“I was not born to suffer, if our politicans failed with their sick postmodern social engineering experiments, and they brought Europe to the edge of destruction and collapse,” one of the women, originating from Geneva, Switzerland, claims. “If their weakness and mistakes are bringing us such inevitable future, it’s in my deepest nature to make the best of it, to adapt perfectly, if I shall survive and prosper under the new conditions. Hijab is a matter of my own dignity, if Allah wishes me to cover my beauty, in order to stop men from being distracted, provoked and angered by my alluring female appearance I was blessed by Him, the sole creator of mankind.

Why should I be agressive with my sexuality? Will it bring me victory in life, satisfaction and social supremacy? No, on the contrary, it makes me only a sexualized object of natural aggression of men, and I live in eternal fear. This is not what I want – and hijab is a symbol of respecting the nature, not playing by some sick rules of so called freedom, emancipation and gender equality. We are not the same with men, and I don’t want to be same – I want to be a real woman, not a crazy creature of some postmodern sick ideas, deforming the world and us. The mighty Allah knows well, what is the best for any woman: covering her beauty, not showing it cheaply.”

After such firm female statements, no wonder, that Hijab fashion is on the massive rise. After the newest Islamic collection from famous Dolce and Gabbana was released to the public, everybody realized, how much of importance hijab has for the future of fashion, including European fashion. Alexandra Pianka, a reputable fashion model from Dubai, fully confirms this estimation.

This is a different female awakening than feminists ever expected.

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