The Black Site

In the morning, the luxurious white yacht with former top executives of The Wu Corporation, who invented The Device, allegedly a time displacement equipment, or a dream machine, arrived at the beaches of their destination, a small island near Lombok, Indonesia. The place seemed completely deserted, like a paradise, untouched by human obsession for profit, and it was hard to believe, that there is a black site here, a specimen of The Device built, with necessary power supply available.

Caroline and Rudolph packed their belongings for a one day trip, and equipped with backpacks, like some enthusiastic tourists, they started ascending into hilltops. covered with endless green forests, inhabitated by various wild animals.

For both of them, it should be a surprise, whether they will find, what they came for. No trails were visible on the ground, so it was quite hard to move through dense vegetation.

“A bunker was built here, during Second World War, when the Japanese occupied these islands, right there, on the top of that hill in front of us, and there, we should find a surprise. As you can see, the concealment is perfect, no sign of construction works in modern times,” Caroline commented, when they were in half of their route, walking under the strong sun.

“And how can you be so sure, that no one lives here, so the construction could be discovered, and reported to the authorities?” Rudolph was realistic.

“Because we own the island. Bought it through a front company, with official plan to construct a vacation resort here. Today, everything is for sale, including paradise,” the woman informed him. “The bunker was adapted for new tasks, and the access is sealed. We should find the place safe and secured, at least this is what I was promised.”

“I still doubt whether it’s a good idea, to launch a mission so futile, like you suggested. Shouldn’t we reconsider it yet? I mean, testing our invention on ourselves… if you will go there, who will return instead of you? You know that this machine changes its user once and forever, it was built this way, but sometimes I think, whether we haven’t crossed the lines, as the state said, and many others,” Rudolph presented his personal opinion, as they were crossing a small stream.

“Then it’s maybe a good time to find out, how it’s like,” Caroline breathed heavily, as the ascent was very steep, although she was in good physical shape, swimming all the time in the sea. “You know, I am glad, that we took this trip. My mind is much more clear, I can see the world without endless thinking and overanalyzing now. And I am having fun again, like in the old times, when we were building our empire, do you still remember? Yes, the people died later, but who is innocent today? Once you are 18 and you go to elections, you become responsible for everything what your government does, including nasty things, against the will and interest of the people. Were we worse? We gave people what they asked, what they wanted, however, there is always a price to pay. But it worth it, I am sure! I don’t need to see my name on every corner, as some saint, but we will be remembered.

Even today, masses of people are glad, that they can use our small invention to visit places they never hoped to be, experiencing events and situations otherwise unavailable to them. Don’t you think, that we gave them some kind of real democracy? Pay the money, or do something beneficial for us, and all your dreams can be fulfilled. And our Device is planned to be used in health care as well, as it’s able to cure the human soul. Did you believe our friend Larsen, that he needs to find the truth after 20 years?

Imagine all that nights and days he spent thinking about the case of his disappeared girlfriend. How much time of life he lost! If we would be there, he could solve his issues at once, easily, instantly. Isn’t it something good? Other thing is, that various rats started fighting for juicy prey we offered,” Caroline sat on the green grass, to relax a little, when they reached a meadow, and their destination was close already.

“You could be a good saleswoman, I always gave you this compliment,” Rudolph joined her, and he offered her a bottle of water. But he was not in a mood to remember all their successes. It was only the past – and the present was much less happy, from certain angle of view.

“Friend, leave that tension, enjoy the trip,” she asked him. “I am sure, that when you will see it, you will beg me to join on the mission. It’s the latest version we developed, upgraded software and hardware, new options added, including advanced PSY intelligence module. It’s an art… I can’t wait to start,” Caroline confessed.

But Rudolph was not listening to her passionate talk, searching for binoculars in his backpack. “No one around. Not a single soul. If anything would happen to us, we are finished. The nearest doctor is two hundred of kilometers away, at least,” he was thinking, as he was watching a deserted harbor.

“Then we should count on each other, trust each other,” Caroline smiled. “Today, you will experience something you won’t forget, never, I promise you!”

She was right – like always.

The bunker was easy to find, although hidden in the dense vegetation, plus additional concealment works were made here recently. The casemates, once filled with machine guns, covering the harbor, lost their frightening power long time ago.

Caroline found the door, which seemed very rusty, unused for decades. But when she found a hidden sensor, and she made a special gesture, the doors opened slowly and silently, indicating, that this part is new, only masked as a part of the original building.

“We are here,” she was joyful, when the door closed behind them. It was much more pleasant air inside, colder and easier to breathe.

They had no problem to find The Device, located in a room, where air condition was always on, to protect the sensitive electronic equipment.

It was like a miniature of the specimen at The Facility: two connected pervious triangles, made of thick blocks of special alloy, the most conductive material ever developed, hiding all cables and sensors. But this particular piece, it was at most two meters tall, just enough for a person to stand under the black matte obelisk arms. To be sent into the past, or to be duped? Anyway, with a great effect.

Caroline was not losing time, serching for the instruction manual, how to check, set and activate the machine. Although it was an ultimate technological creation, as a security precaution, the human operators still had to make final adjustments, before activating it, plus, they used the launch sequence, to deepen the experience from the show for any user, or just spectator.

“Here is your copy, you will have to help me. The Device requests at least two operators to be activated, so you will check the individual systems on my phased command. Don’t worry, everything is explained inside, with pictures. Just several steps, and we will start. Fortunately, they made it not so complicated. Ready, Rudolph?” she asked, without showing any hesitation.

“Wait a minute, just wait! Let’s have a lunch or something… before doing something as serious as this,” he proposed to slow down a little.

“As you wish. So study your papers, and I will go to check surveillance tapes of the security system, to be sure, that nobody interacted with this toy. And please, don’t touch it, you know how sensitive the alloy is,” she moved to a computer nearby.

“I think, that I am already under influence of this damned machine,” Rudolph said with fears. “This all seems so unreal, so surreal. A secret black site, Sunda Islands, Indonesia, yachts, your tanned body in bikini… now I understand, how perfect invention this is,” he smiled maybe for the first time of the day.

“I told you, that you will like it!” she smiled too, but she returned to her serious voice immediately. “The saved data are all fine. No one was here, no strange events were intercepted. We deliberately chose a island without any value for potential visitors. Of course, it was a risk to deploy no guards or fences here, but at least we attracted no attention. No one knows, what is here. Perfect,” Caroline was pleased.

Rudolph was studying the manual, as she asked him. “It all seems easy… too easy.”

“It’s not like visiting a dentist, although it can be much more painful in the end. Ready, friend? Here is your console,” she introduced him to a working station. “Let’s do this, and enjoy the show.”

“Starting launch sequence. Activating auxiliary power. Setting nominal levels,” Caroline sounded as an experienced scientist now, of course with help of the manual, written in simple language.

“Aux power active. Levels nominal,” Rudolph checked the display.

“Main power source activated. Thrust level set at 85%.”

“Confirmed. Thrust level, optimized. Eight five percent.”

“Loading transmission data. Core activated.”

“Data loaded in memory. Core active.”

“Setting the destination coordinates. 50.51212, 14.243708.”

“DC confirmed. Fifty dot five one two one two, fourteen dot two four three seven zero eight.”

“Setting the destination date. 19 04 1996. 20 00.”

“DD confirmed. April nineteen, nineteen ninety six. Twenty hours.”

“Mission duration, two hours, set. Power back up reserved.”

“Two hours for the mission, confirmed. Energy reserve, allocated.”

“Lauch sequence completed. All systems active.”

“Confirmed. Systems in full readiness.”

Caroline left her station, and started to changing her dress, from a tropical paradise to cold Spring Prague. She was very careful, to empty her pockets, taking only a moderate amount of both Czech and U.S. currency with her. It was not enough time to manufacture a fake ID or something. She will have to risk it.

“Two hours should be enough. If anything unusual will be happening, cancel the mission. Remember to keep calm and follow the manual, if some technical problems would occur. The most possible problems are described there, with exact solutions. And wish me good luck,” she presented her final decision to go there, into the past.

“Just return in one piece,” Rudolph had a look at her, like if she would like to remember her face forever.

Caroline stepped under the black obelisk arms, activating the retractable keyboard with her sweaty palm. Now she will taste her own invention, and for this experience, she paid the most money of all users, ever.

“Inserting the security code. Launch in five, four, three…”

There was something about The Device that puzzled even the experienced scientific heads from the Czech Counterintelligence service, when they tried to understand the function of the invention.

Captain Novak was too modest, when he explained the actual discoveries to the members of Parliamentary security comission. He ‘forgot’ to explain them, that The Device works actually in two stages, influencing not only the user, but also all personnel and spectators in the vicinity.

If the person, sent into the past, disappeared right in front of their eyes, no one around could be completely sure, whether it’s the reality, or only a part of the vision, a collective experience, shared perception and visuals, so all affected persons could and had to feel the same.

It was not only a personal experience, but a shared one, and for a good purpose. Then, no one could be an unconvenient witness. They all became a part of the show, or victims of the largest fraud of human history? As Caroline once explained to the agitated politicians, when they considered to seize The Device and arrest her, The Corporation even supplied fake evidence and witnesses, professional actors, to confirm their victims, that the events were real. Sooner or later, any human mind surrendered her doubts.

And it was the reason why the secret service was never able to establish a clear opinion, whether The Device is a time displacement machine, or not. There was no one, who could tell, no independent and unaffected witness. Whoever came close: his or her mind was altered.

Rudolph knew this disturbing facts from the project documentation, and he was counting with this phenomenon. But still, it was hard to adjust to understanding, that your senses are deceiving and deluding you, as you are too weak to resist the ultimate PSY power, you can’t see it, but it’s around you, infiltrating the deepest corners of your mind.

When Caroline disappeared, he couldn’t be sure, whether it really happened. He just followed her final advice, to stick to the manual, not to think too much.

All systems seemed to work perfectly. The console was flashing with green LED lights, indicating, that the mission continues, as planned, without any unexpected disruption, or failure. Only this time, there was no surveillance installed on the operator, so Rudolph couldn’t be a witness, from natural reasons. Such tape could be a very explosive, and pretty incriminating evidence.

Still, to remain in the bunker alone, it was creepy, to watch the machine working ruthlessly, without emotions, doubts or regrets, never willing to say ‘stop’. The man perceived its immense processing power, unbelievable amount of data transferred, the most advanced technology ever created by the mankind… his head started to ache, so he left the console for a moment, he went just outside the bunker room, where he could see the green land outside, through a well masked windows in former casemates of the bunker.

The harbor was still beautiful, the blue sea under the blue sky, and Rudolph was glad, to see the reality again, to leave the place of total deception and dream behind him, making him nervous, and even anxious. The reason was, that he realized, how limited is human mind, and some experiences are simply too hard for it to process and understand.

He sighed, decided to return back to the console, to check, whether everything is fine. No, he had no fear for Caroline, it was her decision, and some part of him even wished secretly, that she will never return, that she will leave his life forever, as her influence was too strong… she was a Device herself, always in the shadows of deception and lies!

But something caught his attention, just as he was leaving from the window. He reached the room quickly, checked the machine status, and then he searched his backpack, where the heavy military binoculars was.

In the harbor, there was a boat suddenly. Rudolph thought at first, that it’s the part of his vision, created by The Device, but he persuaded himself to believe it, that it’s the reality. Maybe just an occasional visitor, but Rudolph still wanted to have a closer look, to be able to understand the situation.

The boat seemed deserted, there was no movement, but it was too far away to see the details. It was a common local boat, for transporting tourists and supplies between islands. But Rudolph had no good feeling about this: what if they attracted attention, just by activating power source for the machine? And now, someone came to investigate maybe.

No, the manual said nothing about this situation, but the seal should hold, Caroline assured him. Not only concealment was used, but also high quality steel and concrete. And he can still cancel the mission, if things will get hot. He hoped, that an emergency exit was installed here somewhere.

Now, it was a time to move to the computer, with access to surveillance cameras, and start watching. Maybe it was only a coincidence. And it would take time for any visitor to reach this place anyway.

Still, more than hour and half remained. Shouldn’t he cancel the mission, retrieve Caroline, and run away together from the site? Or even to start the self destruction sequence, to disable the machine from misusing, being seized by an enemy?

But she would never agree with such rash and emotional decision, made from fear and insecurity. She had her exact future plans with the site. Losing it would be a very unfortunate event. Maybe it was their last asset.

So he can only stay and watch both the machine and the cameras. To be passive, like always. Even if he would see some people on the cameras, he still shouldn’t stop the mission. But they won’t come here, they are just some tourists, and they will never reach for the bunker, he tried to calm himself…

April 19, 1996.

She was also young once.

Caroline was standing on the Charles bridge in Prague, it was around eight in the evening, but it was still light outside. Tourists flowed around her, taking photos of many beautiful ancient buildings around, and no one paid any attention to her.

The panorama of the Prague Castle was still the same, like in the future. From this point, there was almost no change. It was quite calming feeling. She felt like quite a natural part of the old world.

But she came here for a mission, so she started walking. With a thick pack of money in her pocket, she could feel like a VIP tourist. She could go into a luxurious hotel, to experience, how would it be to sleep in the past… they never thought about such small, but interesting and exciting details, she realized.

They always had a vision of a quick action, allowing no doubts because of speed, a performance for the public and the media, a commando of operatives with Special Forces background, to promote the Military, quickly in, quickly out… but there was much more to do in the past. But would the power source sustain it? Would it be even possible then, to return from your dream, so sweet, as your own mind could never create?

She noticed them. They were three. A young woman, Daniela Kyrova, missing for twenty years in the future, and two of her companions. All were drinking a cheap red wine from the bottle, smiling and relaxing, although the passing exam was awaiting them soon. But it was simply a nice evening, so why to spoil it, thinking about the worries of the future? The young people lived in the present.

Caroline was absolutely positive, that it’s the girl. She was easy to spot, anyway: with her 173 centimeters, distinctive dark hair and beautiful eyes, she was hard to miss in the crowd. No wonder, that she participated in the Miss Czech 1995 contest.

The older woman took a position close to them. Soon, the girl will leave, and old secrets will be revealed maybe.

She had to admit, that she envies them. The youth, all in life in front of them, including all that mistakes they could still avoid… yes, Caroline could go there, saying, ‘don’t leave, you will disappear, you will die, all will end just after it started’, but no one would believe her.

They knew well in the future, why they allowed themselves only Intelligence missions, like this, not to intervene, never. No one knew, what would happen, and no one was crazy enough to test it. Everybody was scared, that altering the past, the future can be damaged, or even destroyed.

And then it happened: the girl left her place by a statue, and she said something to her companions, leaving her purse.

Caroline was like an experienced hunter in that moment. She followed the girl carefully, but with her eyes sharp. Her target really went down the stairs below the bridge, around a house where a local resident, now seen by Caroline in the window, an elder woman, who spent her days just watching the lively street, spotted the girl for the last time.

The girl disappeared below the bridge, maybe looking for a place instead of bathroom. It was much darker down there, colder, and Caroline thought, how careless they young girl was… no wonder, what happened. Young people make mistakes, and old make them too…

With certainty, Caroline continued into the darkness, following the hot trail of the girl, decided to find the truth…

Twenty light years from her, in the future, there was a man, hidden in a bunker, guarding Caroline from the immense distance, and he was full of fear, when he noticed, that the visitors are not only coming, they are equipped with tools, and assult rifles. Without any doubt, they were of Asian origin, there was twelve of them, they moved quickly, efficiently, like a team… without any doubt, they were somehow related to the Military.

Rudolph listened to Caroline’s last advice, to stick to the manual. So he read the section of ‘common problems’ very carefully.

“If a threat of foreign physical intervention will occur during a transmission,” some overeducated fool started to describe the problem, “following steps can be taken, depending on seriousness of the threat. Firstly, make sure, that security system is in ‘armed’ position, with security rules of the object and entrance tightened, as the violating of perimeter is imminent. Secondly, activate the PSY self defence security module, which should be sufficient to repel attackers. This module is activated via the console, using ‘SDEF’ command.

Note: under no circumstances, the transmission should be allowed to be disrupted unexpectedly: prior to entering of foreign entities into the object, endangering the correct function of primary power source, the mission has to be cancelled, and all assets retrieved.

The decision to activate the self destructing sequence should be made after a consideration, whether surrendering couldn’t be used as a special means of combat, preserving The Device in the process. Before eventual surrendering (recommended), disable The Device using ‘D’ command from the console, which will make the machine locked and core switched off, with all internal data unaccessible, until a special procedure of reactivating will be executed.

The self destructing sequence is the last means of defence of the object, and preserving intellectual rights and secrets of The Corporation. After activating, using SDES command and confirming twice, this action can’t be revoked, and only ten minutes (or less, depending on current settings) will remain to clear the object, before the explosive charges are activated.

Remember, that activating the final SDES sequence is possible even if a transmission is pending, but this action is not recommended, as it will have consequences: the asset can’t be retrieved without using the exact data package, originating from the machine, sent automatically before shutting down, via the secure satellite network. However, the transmission, although encrypted, can be intercepted by an enemy, and if any other party will have access to another specimen of The Device, they can approach the Asset easily, to capture or disable him.

Note: make sure to be in maximum distance from the object, if SDES is activated. The chain explosion of C4 explosive and hydrogen fuse reactors will be deliberately directed upside, to limit the killing range. Still, there is a risk of being injured by falling debris.

While Rudolph was reading the instructions, the visitors worked on the entrance doors already, using a special laser saw, a DEW, directed energy weapon.

He tried to remain calm, and activated the security system. But the attackers still continued in their work, like if the PSY defence function wouldn’t influence them. He could already see their faces, and microphones were hearing their voices.

Rudolph checked the security computer for voice analysis, with effort to know in advance, where are they coming from. Probably China?

Wrong. Some ‘DPRK’, the computer said. DPRK? What is that, Rudolph was astonished.

After a second, he translated the strange name. It was North Korea, allegedly the most serious threat to world peace and stability.

Such pity, that Caroline wasn’t there, she would be surprised…

“What the fuck are you doing here,” someone stepped in Caroline’s way, being as much surprised as she was.

“Commander, come here,” the man, who looked quite normal, around forty, called his colleague. “We have a problem. Look who came to visit us!”

Caroline understood immediately, that she was the problem, seeing two other men, grasping Daniela Kyrova, covering her mouth, so she couldn’t cry.

“I see that you resumed field testing, even against strict UN prohibiton,” Caroline said with satisfied smile, and with fair flavor of irony. “These unexpected meetings in the past… it’s something new. I am glad that with our mutual help, we can discover the unlimited options of The Device appropriately.”

“Secure the asset,” the commander remained calm. “And detain this woman. We will decide later, what to do with her.”

“Excuse me, but what gives you right to detain me? How can you have the same rights, if you come from the future, like me? Are your police or Intelligence service passes still valid, even here?” Caroline was simply amused.

The commander remained serious. “This is an unexpected situation, indeed, but you should rather cooperate, Mrs. Rubesova, in your own interest. I appreciate what you did for the state in the past, that it’s purely your merit that we are here today, but don’t overestimate your current position,” he said, when both women were put into a car nearby, the girl into the trunk.

“We should waste her, right here, she saw it,” Caroline heard one of the men, and he was definitely talking about her. And they can use it to another field testing: if she will be killed here, will she disappear from the future, as well? Interesting situation… but not completely beneficial for Caroline.

The car started moving, with the girl in the trunk, who was definitely scared, but still, not realizing, that the men came for her directly. The question was: what do they want do with her?

To bring her back into the future, to rescue her, and keeping the time line of events in the past intact? But to bring assets from the past into the future… the UN wouldn’t like it, definitely! So do they want to move her secretly, so she will become a test subject of their experiments? Some secret, unsanctioned experiments, where no expected patterns of behavior and treating of the detainees can be expected? Daniela will be missed, but the time continuation will be preserved, she would disappear anyway…

The men were definitely from the Intelligence service, Caroline thought, and if they crossed the lines even against the UN will… then removing a woman, an unconvenient witness, was the least sin for them.

But in some hour, all should end and Caroline will return to the future. And them? If they will realize, that her return can be a big problem for them… won’t they solve the situation immediately, to prevent it? And only a corpse will return, all trails and evidence will be erased.

She knew, what she has to do: to tell them, that she is under surveillance, and there will always be a strong evidence against them. But will they believe her?

The car stopped unexpectedly in a small alley in Little Quarter, and the commander turned from his front seat to Caroline.

“How much remaining time do you have, Mrs. Rubesova?”

“You can call me Caroline,” she replied friendly, but evasively. She definitely shouldn’t tell them such information.

“Bitch, are you fucking kidding?” the man, sitting beside Caroline, plunged her into the left hip. “I say, let’s waste her, commander! Let’s ignore any of her alleged merits, she is a threat for the operation now! Why did she come here? By accident? No, she came to get a filth against us, to extort us, to be back in the game, if she will possess this information!”

The commander studied Caroline’s face, like if he would like to find truth there. It was clear that he considers options.

“We will let you go, Caroline,” he decided after a while. “The mission command said nothing about you, and in fact, you are not a real threat for the operation, as you will definitely keep this experience for yourself. Otherwise, I promise you, that I will find you, and I will eliminate you very painfully, as you would ruin my professional career, speaking about what you saw here. It wouldn’t worth it, to speak about the girl.

Such pity that we don’t have a time for a proper interrogation, at a nice quit place behind Prague. I would find out, what you are up to, believe me! But I presume that your time here is limited, and you will disappear at any moment, so it has no sense to start a conversation. Maybe we can talk sometimes in our time, what do you say? We will now split ways as friends.”

Caroline felt, that he is playing her, to start being careless, to reveal her secrets. “Commander, you can imagine, that if I am here personally, something very big is happening. Let’s say, that we both play for the same team, so your good manners are more than expected. Anyway, be assured, that your correct decision will be appreciated at the higher places. Maybe one day, we will talk in peace, about what exactly happened here today. But I will have to go soon, my mission time is limited, as you estimated correctly.”

“Don’t overrate my kindness,” he warned her. “I chose only a lesser evil. Letting you go and reporting to my superiors, that I had no exact instruction about you, is much more secure, than eliminating you, and then being punished that I wasted a critical asset, plus a human life. They wouldn’t like that, definitely not.

If something would happen, if you would talk, we are able to contain it, I am sure. So no hard feelings. But I will have much to explain to my superiors. You complicated my day, and my after action report, but women are always like this, so I am not surprised. This law is valid in the past, in the present, and in the future as well, simply everywhere, where a woman occurs.”

“That was a nasty insult, but I forgive you,” Caroline smiled generously. “I will walk a little, to use the remaining time. Good bye, mister.”

“Pleasure was mine,” the commander ordered to open the back door of the car, and they let Caroline go outside.

She was already closing the door of the car, thinking, what will they do to the girl? Something here, or ‘there’? But it wouldn’t be reasonable to ask them, and to feel some pity or regret towards the girl. This was a big game, and you had to move pawns ruthlessly, even losing them without any emotion…

But who knows, maybe she just saved the girl’s life.

In the last moment, Caroline felt something like a premonition, and she still held the door handle, like it could be the last connection with the future. When the car will leave, she will be alone here, and it scared her suddenly.

“Mrs. Rubesova, we have a secret operation going on, so please, leave already. Don’t provoke my patience yet further,” the commander tried to end their unfortunate meeting.

“Commander, one more thing,” Caroline decided to create an insurance policy, but her voice couldn’t hide her sudden anxiety. “You pledged to protect the Czech state, and its citizens. And me, as the asset of the state, right now, I am in a risky situation, when my return to our times is jeopardized. So please, inform your superiors, that if I won’t be present at my beach bar ‘Lena’, located on an island fifty clicks southwest of Barbados in the Caribbean, in one week at latest, then I am most likely stuck here, unable to return, and I ask to be retrieved and saved, using the transmission data of The Device, located at a black site at Sunda Islands, Indonesia…”

The commander got out of the car quickly. “What the fuck are you talking about, woman? Did you come here to fuck my operation, and to destroy me, or what? I don’t care about your problems! Who sent you here, anyway?”

“Sir, I need you to stay with you, so I can give you all information. Right now, you are possibly the only link between this time and our time, where we both belong. You will return safely, but I am possibly in life threatening situation. You can save me now, nobody else. And you will be rewarded, that you haven’t left a person behind, in a moment of distress.

I always served the Czech state well, you know that. So I am asking you to return the favor, just by handling the information about my whereabouts to your superiors. You are an Intelligence officer, and this piece of information can have a very large value. I am the person who can help you with improving The Device yet further, who else? Your people will never understand it completely. But you personally, you could bring me on a silver plate. Think what it would mean for your career, and of course for your mission you have chosen by entering the Service,” the woman continued in her persuasion.

“Listen, Caroline… you sound genuine, but I would go too far with favors right now. The operation is a priority, and I am losing time with you here. So I propose you this solution: if you won’t be able to return, wait in the following seven consecutive days in front of InterContinental hotel, at exact noon. Either me, or someone else will get there to collect the Intelligence from you, as it could be important for the Czech state, as you said. The password is ‘Lena’. Is that OK with you?”

“Affirmative, sir. Thank you, I count with your word, and I am your debtor now,” Caroline said modestly, and closed the doors finally.

When the car left, Caroline turned her head away. If this only link will fail, she will have to accept her fate. Of course, there could be many possibilities: to know the future in twenty next years, it could be a tremendous advantage. Why should she return there, what good is expecting her there?

She could make a good fortune here. She is forty now, a lot of good things can be in front of her… and she is not obliged to visit the place of appointment. It will be only her choice, but she should decide in reality, where she is now, to see the options and chances.

In that moment, she even wished to be let here forever, to be betrayed by her old colleague, sitting in a former Japanese bunker twenty light years from now, who just had her fate in her hands…

“On behalf of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and on personal request of our great Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, I challenge you, to share your technological inventions and secrets with us, to preserve the peace, stability and balance of the world, by stopping expanding American imperialism and oppression,” Rudolph heard a decisive voice.

He was still sitting by the console of The Device, and the group of North Koreans seemed quite friendly, putting their weapons down, not surprised to find him there, speaking calmly, like if they could do good business together.

Were they also a part of the crazy show?

“Your suggestion is welcomed, and I will be glad to assist to the people of DPRK,” Rudolph heard his own voice from the distance, not willing to admit, what kind of the most serious crime he is commiting right now.

“As former No. 2 of The Corporation, and as No. 1 is missing right now, so all executive rights were passed on me, I hereby declare my will to relay all assets of The Corporation to the people of DPRK, including this fully functional site, thorough documentation and all data related to The Device, and this whole island, the exclusive property of the company. I present my deepest trust, that under the great leadership of Kim Jong-un, the invention will be used for the welfare of all people of the world.”

They shook hands with North Korean leader, watching each other in mutual respect.

“What are your orders?” Rudolph asked as an obedient servant.

“Prepare The Device of an immediate mission. Here is the time destination and exact coordinates,” the North Korean said firmly, presenting a piece of paper with hand written numbers.

Rudolph checked the data, and he raised his eyebrows in utmost surprise.

The North Korea spent more than sixty years in isolation, but starting this day, everything will be different.

“Confirmed. Starting launch sequence,” Rudolph replied, watching the North Koreans, changing their dresses to military uniforms of South Korea, with general’s ranks, speaking shortly in their language.

“This is the moment of reunification of Korea, without foreign treacherous and malicious influences,” their leader said to him, moving to second console of The Device, with the manual in his hand. “This is the moment of reconciliation of Korean people, the end of forced division. One day, maybe our great leader will present his gratitude to you personally.”

Activating auxiliary power. Setting nominal levels,” Rudolph said, without full understanding, how deep consequences will this words have for the world history. He completely forgot about everything before, all what he was learned to believe. And Caroline? He couldn’t even remember her face, feeling, that he was finally liberated from his own oppression.

Now, he was free. But the world will maybe pay a large price for his freedom…

(Continuation: The Fool’s Testimony)

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
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