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There are two kinds of people. Those who read the newspapers – and those who create them.

Our decision was nothing smaller, than to change the world forever, to leave the trace, which will persist long after we will turn to ashes.

To control the past, present and future was always the ultimate dream of all scientists and inventors. But they all failed – except us.

We intentionally chose a special corporate logo, which fully confirms, that the impossible became possible.

Now, your wildest dreams can be fulfilled.

The Device is here.


Founding member of Triad Of MegaCorporations (Wu, Alibaba, Huawei)

Covertly sponsored and backed by CPC (Communist Party of China), MSS (Ministry of State Security) and PLA (People’s Liberation Army)

Main subsidiaries: Shanghai, Salzburg, Teplice

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PSY Weapons for Peace - Military, Security, Special Operations, Counterinsurgency, Middle East, defeating Islamic State terrorists - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs

Other Business activities:

Woman’s Destiny, our high-quality Arabic/Islamic fashion brand from Saudi Arabia, manufacturing PHE-XX, an ultimate parfum of feminity:

Any modern woman needs to read our NUSHI Fashion Magazine:

Read our famous gossip magazine Heavy Slander:
Heavy Slander Gossip Magazine - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs H

Read about our alleged worldwide conspiracy, in connection with infamous Illuminati:

Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy
Operation Naked Truth The Illuminati Conspiracy in Business and Military Zuzana Kajnarova Corporation multinational - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Read about our satisfied customer from the Czech Military (arsenal):

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS
Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Chinese Conspiracy: China Will Make The World Right
Chinese Conspiracy China Communist Party Dominance Global Superpower Superiority Asian Control Victory Soft Power Lawfare CPC PLA Army Liberation People - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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