The Corporation – Products (Military) – Rules of development and manufacturing

In The Corporation, we fully realize the high responsibility, related to developing, manufacturing and selling arms, and participating in military-industrial complex.

For this purpose, we publicly declare these Rules of development:

1) Non-lethal means only – in the past, arms were always directly connected with violence and body harm. This has to be changed: all tactical objectives can be achieved using non-violent means. Our arsenal causes no body harm, and no permament consequences for human body. PSY measures only temporarily influence emotions.

2) Avoiding collateral damage – protecting lives, health and homes of all innocent civilians, friendly or adversary. To drag civilians into a war and to cause collateral damage is unacceptable.

3) Avoiding environmental damage – usage of weapons can’t damage environment any way. Our arsenal doesn’t damage the environment or wild or domestic animals in any way.

4) High effectivity of use – to prevent escalating of conflict, or to avoid using countermeasures or relatiation of the enemy, protecting the weapon’s operators

5) Low electricity demands – limiting the energy consumption of the weapons, plus providing power from sustainable, clean sources, like hydrogen fuse

6) Low complexity – for easy, reliable usability, requiring less maintenance and costs for replacement of parts

7) Sustainability of manufacture – the manufacturing process shouldn’t harm the environment. Using of fully recyclable, biologically harmless special materials.

8) Limited dependence on technology – preventing enemy to disrupt offensive operations by using EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) countermeasures. EMP doesn’t affect our arsenal in any way. Guaranteed.

9) High portability – for effective service in the enemy rear, the weapon’s physical dimensions have to be minimal, allowing full portability and easy smuggling by operatives, to end a war quickly, to restore peace again.

10) Made for preserving peace – what is the purpose of all weapons? To prevent enemy from attacking. Manufactured solely for defense purposes. The sale and circulation of armament is closely monitored, and it is possible to deactivate the weapon remotely, if there is a suspicion of any misuse.

We fully accept the responsibility of first introduction of PSY weapons to the mankind. We believe, that this arsenal can serve for preserving peace, and saving lives of people.

Weapons for Peace

Some of our military products: Avenger 3 PSY-DEW (anti-air), Pandur II 8×8 PSY-AA (urban warfare), Assault Device (portable/classified)

Alan Svejk

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