The Czech Islam: Divisions and Apostasy

Unlike the non-believer fools, who are isolated, lonely and fragmented, if you are a Muslim, you have extremely beneficial access into the vast Ummah, the worldwide Islamic community of two billion people. In many countries, where you travel, you can find brothers and sisters in Islam, who can offer you a helping hand, and if you visit any local mosque, you feel like home in all senses.

Indeed, the world is one big mosque, and anywhere you turn, to East or West, there is the presence of Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, your Creator and Sustainer, Giver of All Kindness.

But to be a part of any community, it means also responsibility. Although all the members share the same complete and perfected religion, and way of life, certain social rules are enforced, but you simply have to belong somewhere, and you will be evaluated and controlled by other Muslims in certain kind.

You can worship Allah alone, He knows about anything you do, and protects you everywhere, you don’t need other people to approve your faith, but the real power, and also responsibility of Islam, lies in the Ummah.

And any local part of Ummah has certain control measures, both in security and social sense. In Western countries, possible radicalization and connection to Islamic terrorism has to be under control, so anyone visits a mosque for prayer, and he or she is obviously not a part of the local community, no one recognizes him or her, then he or she is tested, and basic information about him or her is acquired.

Social control obviously means, that the rules of Islam are kept by all Muslims of the community, and no exceptions, deviations and sins are allowed. In practice, it means, that except Allah, you have to consider the interests of Ummah, and to stay united with the others, as that is the source of the immense power of the Islamic community.

They will test you in many senses and ways, and they will influence you. Sooner or later, you find, that you have to respect not only the fatwas, issued by highest religious Islamic authorities, but also the will of your community, the people you meet there regularly, who are standing, bowing and prostrating by your sides during the prayers, to worship Allah as one single mass.

Brothers and sisters keep together, stand up for each other: but this value has certain price, and you will have to decide, whether you want to enjoy such advantages, and pay the price, or remain more distant.

But they will want to suck you inside their inner circle, so they can control you, even manipulate you. Islam is perfect, but people not. And it means, that sometimes, the Muslims can even complain about the pressure, that is applied on them.

Maybe it’s an integral part of any religion, including sect and cults: to project certain power not only outside, against the non-believers and the outside world, but also inside, to keep the community running and working the right way.

Of course, that Allah is always first in the row of your values, before your family, loved ones, and the Ummah, and He is the only one you worship: but in practice, you lose a lot from the Islamic religion, if you remain outside the Ummah.

And a situation can come, when you will hesitate between your loyalty to Allah, and the will of Ummah, if you will be persuaded to execute some task, which can be called questionable in the Islamic sense.

A typical example happened just recently, in August 2016, in the Czech Republic, revealing dangerous divisions and internal conflicts in the Czech Ummah.

After the assassination of a Christian priest in France by the alleged Islamic State followers, there was a massive wave of denial of terrorism by the worldwide Ummah, when the Muslims loudly and openly condemned such malicious crimes, which are against Islam, the religion of peace.

Such proclamation was righteous, although questionable, quite denying the basics of Islamic faith: a belief, that everything happens ONLY with the permission of Allah, ONLY He creates fates, ONLY He controls everything, and ONLY He decides, who and when will die. So, if He decides to take a man or woman from this world, be it a Muslim or infidel, be it a fool or a priest, Muslims perceive this act not as a consequence of some human aggressive act, like murder, but Allah’s will, and Allah, the supreme Creator, has His own intentions, which can be hardly questioned by some foolish mortals, again, Muslims or infidels.

So, from this and many other reasons, not all Muslims agreed with some ways it was presented to the outside world, when some kind of excessive sympathy was shown towards the Christians (=infidels, although People of the Book), even attending their funeral masses, visiting the Christian churches, as such act can be defined as highly questionable in Islam, and who executes it, can be called as apostate (=renegade from the faith).

Some evil Western voices were saying, that Muslims here simply execute the Taqiya (deliberate dodging from the Islamic beliefs in the moments of distress, threat and persecution), but in practice, there was some kind of distinctive internal conflict in the general Ummah, when many Muslims rejected such “stepping behind the line”, while others recommended to make a public act with the Christians, to condemn terrorism, and support the other People of the Book.

The conflict happened in the Czech Islamic community as well, when it was announced by Romana Cervenkova, a high-profile Islamic Czech convert, that a public rally will be organized in Prague, located near a Christian church, and a Christian mass will be visited by the Muslims.

It’s well known, that the Czech Islamic community is highly influenced by women, particularly local converts, and females always have more sympathy for others, including infidels and unclean animal creatures. But there are some limits, created by the Islamic faith, and submission to Allah.

Eman Ghaleb Yemen Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsAnyway, Eman Ghaleb, originating from Yemen, and a key Islamic asset in the Czech Republic, living in the Islamic Czech city of Teplice, she originally supported the idea publicly, and promised to attend the event: she even challenged others to come, and they would follow her obediently, as she is an undisputed Islamic social leader, setting trends in the whole country, and her importance and influence in the community is rising every day, as she is allegedly backed and pampered by the influential, wealthy Muslims of Teplice, including rumored support of Persian Gulf states and their vast oil money, like Saudi Arabia.

Teplice: Islamic Czech City, Worshipping Allah
Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

But surprisingly, in the end, she was not participating there, and her good friend Albatool Jahaf neither: Eman disappeared from the Czech Republic for an “urgent” tourist trip to Turkey, but many evil tongues commented it, that she was simply persuaded to step away from any support of the rally, which was never supported by the community as a whole, only by a certain part, organized around Mohamed Abbas (The Muslim Union), although the organizers claimed (falsely), that they are representing the community as whole.

Memory of Istanbul: Allah Rules These Lands

For Eman Ghaleb, the best choice to avoid embarassement, and not to support her adversaries and competitors in the community, was indeed to travel out of the country from “urgent reasons”, so she had a perfect explanation and excuse at the same time, why she couldn’t attend, not speaking about upcoming ruthless battle for the leadership of the Czech Islamic community, where Eman will participate most certainly, backed by her powerful foreign friends, once she will acquire the Czech citizenship in September 2016 and finish her high school studies in 2017, although her personal motives, agenda and ideology are still unclear.

But Eman Ghaleb is perceived as the only hope for the crumbling and weak Czech Islamic community by many: and Saudi Arabia made clear condition for sending another massive financial support, to build other planned mosques in Czech Republic, that this issue has to be resolved, so they suggested to deliver their own assets, including Islamic scholars from Egypt and Saudi clerics, so Romana Cervenkova’s questionable influence will be limited.

But there has to be also a new, not corrupted leader elected: and Saudis suggested a young woman, as she will fit much better into the infidel lands, obsessed with women empowerment, so more power for the Muslims can be gained, and the new mosques can be built more easily, but this time with minarets, unlike in the past, when the weak Muslim men leaders were so afraid of negative public reaction, that they built two relatively poor looking, inconspicuous mosques without them, so Islam can hardly get some respect from the Czechs. But with Eman Ghaleb in front… even this situation can change, and soon.

Anyway, this event only revealed certain and everlasting discrepancy in the Czech Islamic community, and certain division between the members, plus a substantial question was asked:

Who is the Islamic authority in CZ, which can issue a valid fatwa, regarding the public support of infidels, and even visiting their church, their mass?

Because in this case, some Czech Muslims simply decided to organize the rally, even without full, complete and unlimited support of the community, which should by united under all circumstances.

And regarding Romana Cervenkova: although she tries hard to serve Allah well, her unhealthy admiration of dogs, an unclean creature in Islam, when she even takes them home from a dog pound, makes many Muslims wonder: isn’t she a first-class apostate?

Why doesn’t she take care of the cats instead, for example, favored by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) himself? There is so many animals on the streets, including squirrels, birds and hedgehogs, who need help desperately… and Romana Cervenkova chooses just dogs, when there are clear fatwas issued and publicly known, that at least the saliva of the animal is unclean? And she sleeps with them in her bed, as her Facebook photos clearly confirmed!

How can the Czech Muslims trust her, and how can such an apostate woman speak for other Muslims?

But in practice, she did speak… and other Muslims had to decide, whether to condemn her questionable effort towards Christians, possibly against the Islamic faith, or to appreciate her, that she used the opportunity to project power of Muslims in the Czech society, and against Christians in practice, originally the leading religion in the Czech lands.

Is her faith so strong, so deep, that she is even willing to become an apostate, to spread Islam, to make it to prevail in these faithless lands, to infiltrate the world of non-believers, to create a disruption between kuffar, so Islam can win?

There was a similar case of an extremely devoted Czech Muslim, Lukas Lhotan, who was suspected to be a top-tier operative of the Czech Counterintelligence, BIS. This man, after so many years of the loyal service to the Ummah, decided to become an apostate, reverted to Christianity, and started spreading hatred and “public warnings” against Islam, publishing various articles and pamphlets against his former religion, his former brothers, friends and collaborators.

But such cases of renegades can indeed be an ingenious measure, how to spread the faith successfully. The well known sect, using this means, are the Jehova Witnesses, who spread their deviated faith, using the same “renegades”, who keep spreading the word about the sect in the media, sharing their “painful tales”, how they escaped or were liberated from the ruthless sect… but in practice, they only make advertisement and publicity for it. The same case was a Czech infidel actor, Tomas Krejcir, who loudly announced his “leaving” from the Mormons.

The same thing happens with Michaela Homolkova, and Dominika Myslivcova: they present themselves as opponents of Islam, but in practice, they are serving Islam well.

Anyway, the public rally really happened in the end.

For any Muslim, to see the women in hijabs in a Christian church, and making a “live protecting chain” around the church, was a very strange show (mostly, when someone noticed, that the human chain is clearly broken, not complete, not protecting, because at least one devoted Muslim man kept the rules by not touching a woman, standing by his side).

But there was at least two explanations: it was a mistake, it shouldn’t be repeated, such questionable events should be controlled by official fatwas, and Romana Cervenkova should be banned from such activities, as she damages the Ummah and Islam… or should she and the others be appraised, that they use the opportunity to spread and advertise Islam, plus to protect it from the hatred of the Czech people, improving the position of Islam for further unstoppable expansion in the Czech lands?

Wasn’t it the moment of victory, when the strong Muslim women, an army of Islam, stood between the weak Christians?

Indeed, this effort for promoting and protecting Islam was fruitful and successful in practice, as many Czech infidel fools stated, that they appreciate this particular move of Muslims, and sharp edges were softened, at least for a moment: and that is exactly what the Ummah wanted, and needed.

Still, the Czech Islamic community remains divided, and it makes it generally weak: unless it’s a part of a plan again, to create deliberate division, so more power can be gained?

Islam made much of world success, using this “dividing” strategy: for example, if an Islamic country is invaded by infidel crusaders, like Afghanistan or Iraq, it makes not too much sense to fight against the overwhelming military superiority directly, rather to split into two parts: one presents itself as “moderate”, cooperating with the invaders, accepting “humanitarian aid” and overall support, including vast finance, investments into the state infrastructure and even weaponry, to support the local Military, so the occupants can leave, leaving the local affairs in the hands of locals, and the other part organizes insurgency, using the same weapons and ammunition, which “disappear” from the warehouses – what an irony, that in the end, the occupation forces are attacked with the ordnance they delivered themselves. But that is, how the present world works: no lines are clear, and to find the truth is absolutely impossible.

Anyway, from general angle of view, shouldn’t be the influence of Romana Cervenkova and similar individuals be limited, for the welfare of the Ummah? Shouldn’t be her unhealthy relationship to dogs evaluated again? Or is the Ummah so weak, that they see such photos, saying nothing? Maybe there is no problem in worshipping dogs… this is the face of a “modern Islam”???

And the “fatwa problem” is still remaining. Who is the highest authority here? Did Muneeb Hassan Alrawi, perceived as a leader of the Czech Muslims, release some binding opinion, and recommendation for other Muslims, which stance to take, in the case of mentioned public rally and participation at the mass of other, deviated religion? Although other prime Muslim, Vladimir Sanka, participated at the rally personally, his current position in the community is rather symbolic only.

Anyway, the affair ended very strange way: Romana Cervenkova’s “Arabic” Facebook profile disappeared, and the event’s page also. Maybe someone was making a “cleaning”, after this inconvenient affair?

Only the time and the will of Allah will show, whether the latest move was good, or bad. But Allah knows the best, how to make good from bad: He allows you to win every time, and Islam as well.


After the event, it was revealed, that at least one Czech Muslim warned others publicly, that by attending the Christian mass, they can become apostates: Imam Samer Shehadeh was immediately marked as a radical and extremist by the “united” community, his Islamic education was questioned, and he was expelled from the community, which is ruled by deviant women like Romana Cervenkova.

In the end, it’s was confirmed once again, that the divisions in the Czech Islamic community are extreme, which results in total weakness of such community, which is not able to build a single minaret to Prague or Brunn mosque, which is not able to get state recognition as a religious entity with full rights, including prison and military clerics, and general terrorist threat is (mis)used to “settle internal accounts of the community”.

Eman Ghaleb, allegedly a future hope for the Czech Islam, reacted to the affair most swiftly: she promised to “erase the Heavy Slander magazine from the Czech media space once and forever, using ruthless legal action”.

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