The Czech Military Allegedly Wants to Construct a Nuclear Weapon, at a secret Special Forces base near Teplice. Ballistic Rocket ICBM Warhead Atomic Fission Project Hydrogen Plutonium Army SPECOPS

At the end of 2015 year, it was reported, that Islamic State operatives were searching for an alleged hidden stash of old German blueprints from 1945, located near the Czech town of Stechovice, allegedly containing the construction plans for a nuclear weapon, with sufficient supply of uranium attached, and also the project of an advanced ballistic missile, a derivative from infamous V-2 rocket, used by Germans at the end of the war against Western European metropolitan areas, like London.

Then, in September 2016. it was revealed by the Czech tabloid media, that the target documents were somehow retrieved by the Special Forces of the Czech Army, probably by force, during a raid in Northern Syria, and the content is now allegedly located at the SpecOps main base near Teplice city, Northwestern Bohemia, under strict guard, whereas the Czech government and Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons considers the final destruction of the dangerous package, to avoid possible future misuse by terrorists, or a violent religious sect or an apocalyptic cult, like Gülenists, originating from Turkey.

However, many politicians are opposing this radical step, which couldn’t be undone in a future case of necessity, and they are insisting, that this dangerous legacy of Nazi Germany should be preserved from “historical reasons”, and the blueprints could help the overall interests of the national security of the Czech state, in these unstable times.

Kim Jong Un is Joyful - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs“We, the Military, have the sacred duty to use all assets, which can improve the defence capabilities of our armed forces,” the spokesperson of the Czech Army said in a rather shocking media statement. “If the Czech Republic would possess a nuclear weapon, of course only for defensive purposes, and a proper ICBM carrier with sufficient effective range, to reach the borders of North Korea, the archenemy of the free world, which has these dangerous toys as well, we would become one of the eight most powerful countries of the world, and the world would have to respect us much more, so our citizens could enjoy fully sustainable future.

No enemy would dare to touch us again, to filthy invader would make a single step into our national territory again, like in 1938, 1968 and 2016, bringing us another humiliation and shame, knowing in advance this time, that our response would be merciless and devastating.

Or, do you want the bitter history to be repeated? To be submitted and enslaved again? Your beloved ones executed by SS murderers? Terrorists, walking and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ on the Old Town Square, like recently? Polish aggressors, invading Bohemia thrice in just fifty years? And how could this happen? Just remember, that it was our own treacherous politicians, who allowed the Nazi Germany to come, allegedly to ‘protect us’.

And it should be reminded, that it was our Czech uranium, which helped Russians to build their own nuclear arsenal, bringing the world closer to final war. So we are not innocent, we are not neutral, we can’t stay out of this madness to possess this ultimate kind of weaponry.

The stance of the high Military command is clear: we should use this legacy, left here as a blessing of God, to protect us, our people, our future.”

When this bold statement hit the media, many evil tongues said, that the Military won’t allow anybody to touch the documents, as they would consider it as an offensive step against the Czech national security, and they will defend the blueprints even for the price of launching an Illuminati-backed military coup against the government, or even removing an inconvenient politician, using force, masking themselves as terrorists deliberately, like during that extremely controversial Operation HARD PROOF, a military conspiracy, to achieve larger military budget, and gaining overall public support for the domestic Military: again, to fulfill the sacred duty of protecting the country.

In the end, it seems, that the Islamic State, revealing the physical existence of such substantial documents, helped the suspected military clique in the Czech Army, possibly connected to the sinister Illuminati, and this alleged ‘fifth column’ is rumored to execute the aforementioned false flag operation, to extend their influence in the Czech structures of power and influence yet more.

But it’s a generally well known fact, that the ISIS serves as a perfect cat’s pawn to many states, organizations, weapon manufacturers and conspirators, to promote their own questionable interests, while the alleged terrorist threat is used as a battering ram.

Special Unit C102 PSYOPS CHEMWAR Chemical Warfare Phe-X substance pheromone female artificial israeli czech industrial conspiracy illuminati dubai austria - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThis is the world you are living in: extremely complicated, unclear, not black and white, and to cope with the sensitive Nazi Germany legacy will be a very complicated task. But the Military has the upper hand here, not allowing anyone to enter their mysterious Special Forces base near Teplice, where allegedly also Chemical Weapons research is conducted, and the first operational prototype of The Device, suspected to be a TDE (Time Displacement Equipment), being constructed.

It’s the most strange fact, that the site of this Special Forces base is a former Nazi Werwolf training center, so there is certain disturbing continuation between the past (=Nazi postwar terrorism) and the present (=Unconventional Warfare training and research, including preparation of various assassins, like Marketa Vselichova, who has over 100 confirmed kills of Islamic State terrorists of Northern Syria, achieved with her famous “The Syrian Shark” sniper rifle, for deployment).

special-unit-c102-psyops-weapons-of-mass-destruction-wmd-nuclear-chemical-biological-czech-special-forces-military-research-classified-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut the Czech people agree silently with the decisive stance of the Army, so nobody attempts to break the strictly guarded base perimeter, to check, what is really happening in the alleged massive underground bunker below, rumored to have full four floors. But as the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS has their Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) department established as well, it can’t be excluded, that a nuclear weapon is constructed at the site as well, or least such experiments ae conducted there, to test, whether the old German project can be made operational. The effort allegedly has codename “Project 258”, and it should be a part of Operation DARK SUN.

But whatever is happening there, it will be someting very important, without any doubt: and many people are even eager to know, when this secret will be revealed, to be proud of their country again, to belive in the future, not shaped only by superpowers, like U.S., Russia and China, while the Czech Republic will remain only a passive element of the world politics.

Miroslav Kalousek, the chairman of the Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interest and Control of Special Weapons, commented the issue:

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs“I tried to ask the Military for an official visit of the site, but it was politely rejected, allegedly from reasons of preserving national security,” he said with utmost disappointment, even anger. “The Army is not willing to accept the fact, that this Commission was established as the highest measure of public control of special weaponry, which can be really dangerous, even without being constructed, as the first international reactions clearly confirmed.”

Indeed, the reaction of other states was very swift. Whereas the allies, like the U.S. and Israel, expressed their rejection of idea of extending the nuclear arsenal of the Western allies, Russia promised immediate reaction, even retaliation, if the WMD system will be made functional.

China presented their opinion, that this development won’t bring any peace to the world, and it should be ceased, whereas the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un himself, promised to “raze the Prague Castle to the ground without mercy and bring nuclear winter into Bohemia”, if the operational range of the future ballistic rocket will be sufficient to hit the North Korean territory.

Heavy Slander Gossip Magazine - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs HThe Military denied any such sensitive research at the site, and called all the conspiracy theories as “completely foolish, made by tabloid media idiots, like Pavel Novotny, to make their questionable fame by spreading lies, jeopardizing the Czech national security”, and called for banning the Heavy Slander, the key Czech gossip magazine, and the primary source of information about the project.

Anyway, many citizens appreciate, that the Czech Republic is in the center of the world interest, claiming, that “it’s good to mean something again”, and many tourists are coming to the perimeter fence of the base, making selfies and triyng to befriend with Military Police members, guarding the area.

But these men, with faces hidden under black balaclavas, are remaining cold, with their fingers on the triggers of their assault rifles all the time, and only the local squirrels could maybe say, what is really happening inside the base. Will it be anything nice, positive, or terrifying, bringing us destruction?

“The Americans and Israelis are simply jealous, that we will have the same critical arsenal, and soon,” an unnamed Army official, allegedly well informed about the WMD project, said. “So they try to stop it with various means, but they won’t succeed. It was enough of playing miserable servant dogs for them! Either they will accept as equal, accepting us into their elite ‘nuclear club’ with respect and cordial welcome, or we will simply kick the door in, without asking for their permission.”

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