Daniel Landa: lost in the endless mountains of Afghanistan and surrounded by Islamic beliefs

Afghanistan is a mystical country. It has its own way of life, past, present and future, and nobody can change it, including foreign military forces. British, Russians, even NATO, lead by Americans and their massive military arsenal, tried to conquer this proud country by military means, but they all failed, as Afghanistan will survive all occupants and their plans, and as soon as they will leave, exhausted by endless war of attrition, this land continues to manage their affairs their own way.

Does anyone remember that excited time after 9/11, when Americans were seeking revenge for WTC terrorist attacks? Their president George W. Bush marked Afghanistan as a country, supporting terrorists, although this statement was more than questionable, and NATO decided to take offensive action immediately, launching an invasion into Afghanistan in October 2001. Wasn’t there anybody wise to warn them, that they can never win?

After more than ten years of futile “pacification” efforts, NATO left Afganistan with countless losses and billions of spent money, and feared Taliban reclaimed their lands immediately. Also the spreading Islamic State tries to establish their bridgeheads there, acquiring recruits: and there is now nobody to stop them from widening their influence in the region.

The Czech connection with Afghanistan was mostly military. As the Czech military forces participated in the NATO military operation, the Czech Army took an opportunity to get combat experience in a new epoch of warfare, and they earned recognition from their U.S. allies for their alleged bravery. Also, they naturally sustained losses there, in that endless mountains of Afghanistan, suitable for ambushes and guerilla war: and all Czech soldiers, who returned either in coffins or crippled for life, were declared “heroes of freedom” and received many military medals.

But the general Czech public was always against this futile war, calling Czech soldiers “mercenaries”, and pointing at the disturbing fact, that Czech republic participates in an occupation of a country on the other side of the world, which never attacked Czech republic, so this invasion could be called an aggressive act. But the politicians explained patiently and coldly, that we simply have to join our U.S. allies, if they declare, that they were attacked: and if one NATO member feels attacked, all members of NATO have to participate in a counter action.

To be a member of NATO doesn’t mean only rights, protection and advantages, but also duties and making questionable decisions against public will. The same applies to EU: they promised us economical paradise of open borders, but disadvantages were revealed too late: for example unprecedented migrant crisis and massive rise of domestic terrorism.

But all that politicians who decided to send military contingent into Afghanistan are long gone from the scene, and only bitterness of a lost war remains. The fates of the Czech soldiers are forgotten, and only sad memories of declaration of bold “War On Terror” by George W. Bush remain, as the Islamic State continues to conquer many new world territories, and another terrorist organizations worldwide pledge them allegiance and coordination of combat operations against alleged Western oppressors.

Many Czech citizens were surprised, when it was revealed, that Daniel Landa, famous Czech singer with well known extreme right wing and nationalist connections from the past, launched his own private operation in Afghanistan, allegedly to combat terrorism. The Czech government wasn’t pleased with this effort, calling it risky, or marginalizing it.

Some people called Daniel Landa simply crazy, others were disturbed by Landa’s proclaimed brotherhood with the people of Afghanistan, as this country was always publicly perceived as a lair of terrorism and Islamic radicalism, including sharia law, allegedly incompatible with Western values.

In January 2016, a Czech public figure, Jakub Horak, visited Afghanistan together with Daniel Landa, to finally find the truth about this alleged operation. During this visit, Horak was impressed by Landa’s determination, and he wrote an extensive report about this visit. It was later published in a newspaper, and the message was clear: Daniel Landa deserves a recognition for his effort and boldness.

But the Czech Intelligence services saw the whole affair in a different perspective: Landa’s high public influence, in connection with Afghani politicians and leading figures, all of them Muslims, could mean a high security risk for the Czech republic.

“We are completely sure, that Landa will convert to Islam, sooner or later, as he is already too deep in this connection,” an unnamed security analyst with relation to the Czech Counterintelligence service (BIS) claims openly. “Nobody can remain unmarked after so intensive contacts with that people, who have so strong faith. Landa can become their puppet too easily: at first, they can show him respect, but later, they will show him the only way, how to gain power he desires: by converting to Islam, by submitting to Allah‘s will.”

It was mentioned, that Landa was connected to extreme right wing activism since the beginning of his media career. Yet before the “Velvet Revolution” and fall of the Communism in the Eastern bloc, he played a main role in famous Czech movie about hooliganism from 1987, called “Proc?” (“Why?”). Later, he became famous as a singer in popular skinhead band “Orlik”, and although he constantly denied any relation to neo-nazism, claiming to only follows Hussite national tradition, he was always praised by the extreme right wing scene.

Nazism and neo-nazism always had a strange relationship with the Islamic world, quite respecting each other, even sharing their common arcienemy: Jews and the state of Israel. For extreme right political and activist scene, physical power and might was always a basic value – and Islam is the religion of control of dominance, fulfilling dreams of manhood.

No wonder, that many European right wing activists evaluate Islam very highly, and as Islam is spreading through Europe now, there is no doubt, that many right wing activist will accept Islam as their religion, as they will feel that this is the future. There is simply too many common values to share, and accepting Islam can be a logical choice for the future.

After the massive refugee crisis started, it was expected, that extreme right will stand against refugees and spreading of Islam through Europe. But this wave of resistance was weaker, than expected – simply because extremists felt undeniable affection to the values of Islamic world. In the end, common people had to take lead of anti-refugee and anti-islamization movements, while right wing remained unexpectedly silent and passive.

“We know, that sooner or later, there will be a plague of converting to Islam between neonazis, hooligans and right wing extremists,” the security analyst claims. “If only several of their leading figures will convert to Islam, another masses will quickly follow, and there will be no way back.”

Now, here is Landa, openly claiming his relation to an Islamic country of Afghanistan. Couldn’t he become a symbol of this change?

“As I told you, nobody can keep their original faith too long, if he or she is connected to Muslims. Women follow Muslims almost immediately by converting, and men, after realizing, what special values Islam possesses and impersonates for them, can hardly resist too long. Allah is simply too mighty and his followers are too persuasive.”

Intelligence services simply fear, that right wing scene will convert to Islam completely, with utmost consequences for the security of the European Union.

“To be honest, it’s their completely logical choice,” the analyst continues. “If they will see that Europe is collapsing in comparison with the Islamic world, they will follow the strong leader, as they will realize, that their original values and beliefs are lost. They fought for the ‘White Europe’, and now they see, that dream is gone forever. But a human mind is always trying to adapt to new conditions. In this case, the reaction is completely natural: you follow the winning side. And there is still their hatred of Israel and Jews, shared with some part of Muslims. Joining forces is inevitable.”

It’s not known, whether Daniel Landa converted to Islam already, but the Intelligence services, always trying to predict the future, they see his effort and mindset quite clearly.

“The day Landa will convert to Islam and he will announce it, this day will shake the Czech politics and public, believe me. And this day will come,” the analyst predicts. “Anyway, regardless whether that ‘person zero’ will be Landa or someone else with similar public influence… there will be an earthquake in Czech republic.”

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