The Dark Sun: Nuclear Weapon of Czech Military (Ballistic Missile – Warhead – Launch Silo)

In order to improve the overall defence capabilities of the Czech state, and to prevent any future invasion of the foreign agressors into the Czech lands, like in 1920 (Poland), 1939 (Nazi Germany, Poland), 1968 (Russia, Poland) and 2016 (Islamic State), the Czech Military was ordered with a highly sensitive mission: to construct and implement their own nuclear armament, as the most effective deterrent measure, and also means of necessary retaliation against any attacker, or threat, jeopardizing the Czech national security ultimately.

As wide protests, even ruthless executive counteractions both from allies and adversaries could be expected, including sabotage, false flag terrorist ambushes of the construction site, assassinations or extortion of the key scientists, even aerial bombing and cyber attacks (like Israel did against Iranian nuclear development project, without regards to international law or national borders), the whole operation was executed in utmost secrecy, preventing any party from intervening, NATO allies or adversaries alike.

The development project, codename Project 258, a part of Operation DARK SUN, consisted of five demanding and risky tasks:

1) to retrieve stolen blueprints of an old Nazi Germany nuclear project, buried near Stechovice in 1945 and acquired by terrorists from the Islamic State
2) to manufacture an international ballistic missile (ICBM) with effective range at least 8.000 km (reaching the territory of North Korea, particularly the capital, Pyongyang, was the basic demand of the military command)
3) to construct a suitable nuclear warhead, with yield at least 10 megaton of TNT
4) to build an underground launch silo with sufficient protection
5) to combine the new arsenal with other project: The Device

As the primary question of the project were development costs, it was decided, to use the old Nazi Germany project of nuclear armament and ballistic missile, which constructions plans were hidden in the ground at the end of war, together with sufficient supply of enriched uranium.

islamic-state-march-against-europe-is-isis-isil-terrorist-terrorism-conspiracy-assault-iraq-syria-libya-caliphate-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThis secret stash was discovered by the Islamic State terrorists, who desired to build their own offensive nuclear capability: and this intention had to be stopped, of course, by launching a massive raid of the Special Forces of the Czech Military in Northern Syria, where the crates with the content of immense value were transferred, and succcessfully tracked by the means of advanced surveillance.

special-unit-c102-psyops-executive-action-ex-special-forces-czech-assassination-targeted-killing-military-assassin-army-islamic-state-terrorist-terrorism-syria-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairBut no one can stop the perfectly trained assassins from Executive Action (EX) department of the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, if accompanied by Marketa Vselichova, and her “best friend”, The Syrian Shark (a signature M-82 antimaterial sniper rifle of high caliber).

After the successful retrieval operation, the Czech Military hid the content safely, at a secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice, considering its immediate destruction, to prevent any other hijacking attempts in the future.

However, certain powerful and influential clique inside the Army, called The Inner Circle (ICE), started to suggest, to use this dangerous legacy, to perceive it as a blessing, not a threat, so the Czech state and citizens can enjoy the sustainable future, when no invader will dare to step into the Czech national territory again, knowing, that full-scale retaliation could be launched against him.

Wu Corporation Multinational China Chinese Conspiracy Global Dominance Illuminati Executive Military Special Forces Czech Prague Scandal Controversy Media - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsConcurrently, Wu Corporation, a private multinational defense supplier with deep Chinese ties, not excluding the highest ranks of the Chinese Communist Party, offered a beneficial business to the Czech Army generals: the company will handle all the construction of the Project 258 herself, and the Czech state will only pay the direct costs, lowered massively, as the old German stash contained everything necessary to build the weapon itself, only the launch silo had to be constructed from the scratch, but as the mentioned military base had a massive Cold War underground bunker built beneath, where the Russian nuclear stockpile was placed originally, this task was a breeze.

Moreover, basic works to enlarge the bunker into full four undergrounfd floors were already running intensively, as The Corporation intended to build their ultimate invention there, called The Device, a rumored project of the first operational TDE (Time Displacement Equipment) in human history, with extremely wide opportunities for the future, and installed next-gen hydrogen fuse reactors were functional already, located at Floor 3, providing sufficient internal source of power for both projects, which was independent on the regular electricity network of the Czech state, prone to sabotages, blackouts etc.

Another advantage of the particular site was, that security precautions were extremely high there, as it was a Special Forces training ground, even the residence of superior Special Forces Command (SFC), where the top-tier operatives were trained for deployment both home and abroad, including executive action (understand, assassinations), and the base perimeter had the state-of-the-art defenses installed, including automated cannon turrets, motion sensors, mines and various traps.

With the effective help of experienced Chinese engineers, who arrived incognito into the country, masked as mere agriculture peasants, the construction works went well and quickly, hidden underground perfectly, not to be seen by the lurking spy satellites from the sky, with only one discrepancy: the original German project of an advanced ballistic missile, which was needed as a carrier of the nuclear warhead, used almost the same shape, as infamous V-2 rocket, used at the end of war against European cities, including London.

german-rocket-v-2-nazi-1942-1945-war-ballistic-icbm-project-nuclear-stechovice-czech-treasure-terrorist-islamic-state-secret-stash-discovery-special-forces-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut to make a new shape of the rocket, it would demand many additional work, costs and tests, not only in an aerodynamic tunnel, but also in the air: and the whole world would see, what is being built. On the other hand, the original German design of V-2 was tested massively after the war, both by Soviets and Americans, thus many documentation and trial results existed, allowing to use this fully approved design, with later improvements (like Russian R1 and “Scud” tactical missiles), also widely known and documented.

Although the Chinese suggested to use one of their modern rocket designs, the Czech military command, after wide discussion between the general staff, agreed unanimously, that using the German design will assure the world, that the weapon is functional and operational, even without executed testing and trials. So, in the end, it was decided to use the German design, only to enlarge it to 220% of the original rocket (to over 30 meters of length), as the missile needed large amount of solid rocket fuel, to reach the other side of the world.

Regarding the warhead, the selection was quite simple: the intended weapon served as the strategic measure of nuclear retaliation, not to suppress the enemy military assets and offensive capabilities, so quite a simplistic design of the warhead could be used. At the re-entry into the atmosphere from space, at the beginning of the descending stage, when the missile reaches the highest speed, the warhead splits into three single parts, able to hit three targets simultaneosly (the capital of the designated enemy and two other major urban centers), and it also makes the probability of successful hit and avoiding the enemy anti-air assets much higher, while deploying various decoys, electronic countermeasures, even maneuvering erratically before final explosion, to making the aiming of enemy radar systems more difficult.

The final weapon system got the name “The Dark Sun”, reminding the potential dangerous, devastating energy of the sun, otherwise the source of all life, and the Unit’s WMD department (Weapons of Mass Destruction) took control and supervision of the nuclear silo, while the Special Forces Command (SFC) is allegedly one of the entities, able to issue a launch order, except mentioned ICE (suspected).

Detailed overview of the WMD system:

Although no festive opening of the newly operational missile silo was planned, from logical reasons, surprisingly, the ambassador of North Korea asked to be invited, to check the site personally.

And this request was granted, as North Korea was perceived as important country for the future, and normalizing the relations with the North Koreans, led by their Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, seemed more than suitable, in order to avoid a potential future nuclear attack of the allegedly unstable dictator. Moreover, the Public Relations departments of the Czech Army and Wu Corporation knew very well, how to use this event for their welfare: they even send a Letter To North Korea, to thank the dictator for all alleged help in developing the nuclear arsenal.

Letter To North Korea

Pavel Novotny - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSo, under strict security precautions, the North Korean ambassador visited the site, and there was no secrecy, on the contrary: both countries considered as highly suitable, if the new stage of mutual relations will be presented to the world, so even the Chief Reporter Pavel Novotny, from Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, was invited, to create a detailed report about the whole evening, and to publish it for masses. And exactly his selection had many very serious and beneficial reasons.

Marketa Korinkova Maryam Islam Muslim Allah Fashion Model Dubai UAE Czech MM8Not only is this man the most powerful media asset in the country, he has also the Jewish ancestry and wide relations with the Jewish state, Israel, the new principal ally of the Czech Republic, instead of crumbling United States: indeed, it was very important, that Israelis will be informed about the exact development of the Czech nuclear affair, as the ties of their Mossad, an Intelligence agency for executive action abroad, and the Czech Military, were more than intensive, and also questionable, including highly disturbing actions at the Middle East (see The Maryam Affair).

Without any doubt, the new ultimate weapon made the deepest impression on Novotny, as the following “Special Issue” of Heavy Slander, called “Facing The Dark Sun”, was one of the most quickly sold out newspaper editions in the Czech media history, as the whole country was eager to know the most about the newest military installation, sinister and intimidating, which will infuence their future:

Facing the Dark Sun: Heavy Slander/Special Issue

In March 2017, an exhibiton, dedicated to Czech nuclear armament, was opened in Centrum Chodov shopping mall Prague, to execute proper propaganda and brainwashing on poor school children:

The Great Nuclear Expo
Expo Czech Nuclear Armament WMD weapon hydrogen enriched missile rocket V-2 warhead uranium centrum chodov exhibition public school - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

The Dark Sun: Nuclear Weapon of the Czech Military

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