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The Device

“Recover Your Dreams”


You are honored to be a witness of the most substantial event of Czech national history. Today, our country will contribute to the sustainable future of the world, gaining strong political, economical and social power in global scale.

“The Device”, an ultimate creation, will finally allow people to have all their dreams fulfilled, as they always desired, plus there are many possible advantages of business, educational, even military application, to maintain our national security and to support our NATO allies.

Recover Your Dreams

It all starts by understanding our basic human needs and desires, our dreams. Just remember all moments in your life, that you enjoyed so much and you were so sad when they passed. Just remember all the people you once loved and they left from any reason. Remember all the places, events and people you once had, missed, lost or desired for.

You know that you should move on, go forward in life, but still… deep inside you, you want all the lost things, people, places and events to be back. And The Device is the only entity in the world, who is able to bring them back to you.

Imagine all exotic locations you never visited, because you had too little time, or you lacked necessary funds. Imagine all interesting people you always wanted to meet, but you missed them on your journey, you were too shy to speak to them or too busy to notice them. Imagine all men and women you wanted to meet, to spend time with. Imagine all the beautiful houses with calming green gardens you would like to walk through, to find inner peace you need.

You can get it all – that things you lost or you never had. The Device will give you all what you are looking for, in full vibrant colors, and yet more, in an improved and perfected version, made just for you.

Your dreams were too modest maybe. The Device will give you the most intensive experience you could imagine. You want the best, you desire the best, you deserve the best. The Device will give it to you.

Enjoy endless exciting journeys and scenarios. Fulfill your dreams. Meet your loved ones again or for the first time. Discover the whole world. Possibilities of using The Device are limitless. It’s not a game, or a cheap virtual reality – it all becomes as real as you can imagine.

“Get what you missed, free yourself from desire – and go forward in life, with inner peace, open and ready for anything the life brings.”

Advanced Psychology, Big Data and Technology combined in one ultimate package.

The Device is manufactured in two versions: “CIV” or “Civilian”, public version (micro application), serving for fun, entertainment or education of individuals, and highly restricted “MIL” or “Military” version, more advanced (macro application), serving for special security operations (offensive PSY application/A-PSYOPS/INFOOPS).

Note: Exact details of the military version are classified and following specifications apply to “CIV” version only.

The Device works in simple and efficient way, able to fully satisfy all possible needs of anybody, bringing ultimate fun, entertainment and experience you always wanted.

In Phase One, the subject is asked to share a dream he or she wants to get fulfilled. His or her demand can be simple or complicated, short or complex, common or unusual. The Device has no limits. To simplify the selection process, the subject can choose from offered “experience packages”, or to prepare some own suggestion, and then, the details are adjusted precisely, using advanced psychological examination, and also technological means (neurograph, sensors, optical recognition systems).

In Phase Two, The Device processes all acquired data and compares them with its vast internal databases and all available open sources, searching systematically for all existing matches, possible connections and relations. All discovered data are reviewed in sense of suitability and relevance for the subject.

The Device is able to use and to create all necesary data independently, using most advanced algorithms, close to full A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), to manufacture a precise, original and detailed “scenario”, ten times more interesting than the subject could ever expect.

In Phase Three, the subject participates in “live session”, alone or accompanied by his or her family, a significant other or friends. This escort is invited to enjoy the session as well, but only as passive participants, “watchers” (receiving the data only).

During the scenario, the subject is allowed to choose his or her own responses and choices. The action is fully dynamic, the development of the story can be influenced “live”, the decisions can be made by the subject, and the whole story can be altered (in certain key points, to preserve basic stability of the scenario). The Device is prepared for all possible developments, it’s even able to evaluate all newly acquired data and to make substantial adjustments in real time. The subject gets the content without any delays. The Device makes its own choices, thousand times faster than the best screenwriter in Hollywood.

The exact way, how the data is delivered to the participant, remains classified as our business secret. However, The Device uses special technology, developed by our international scientific team, far advanced in comparison with any currently commercially available virtual reality systems.

What makes an Artist

As you correctly understand, The Device works as an entity, fully realizing itself and its mission. To create this special feature, making The Device so unique, we could say, that The Device is not an “it” – but “she”, a female. It has own personality, based on “Yin” female essence.

However, The Device is not a single person, but a collective entity. We interviewed and psychologically assessed more than 2000 women worldwide, from different ages, social backgrounds and environments, with various levels of education and intelligence.

This way, The Device is a woman. Creative, sensitive, unpredictable, full of emotions and deep feelings, with empathy, understanding your needs, and able to satisfy your desires. That’s “her” secret for making so persuasive art and love stories, made for your private entertainment and deepest satisfaction.

It can be revealed today, that The Device is originally a result of a highly classified military research. It was developed in close cooperation with SPECOPS (Special Operations) military personnel, to help the Military to accept wide challenges of modern “hybrid” warfare, and the basic thought was to use the special female skills and capabilities for effective psychological combat, using absolute unpredictability, emotions and even burning love, through ultimate A-PSYOPS (Advanced Psychological Operations) and INFOOPS (Information Operations).

Special Functions

To deliver our customers the best experience beyond their imagination, we implement many interesting “Premium” functions.

Free Form Scenarios. There is an exciting option for any customer to choose from “Strict” and “Free” forms of scenario. The first option forces The Device to follow instructions only, suppressing its creativity. However, most of the users choose “Free” form, enabling The Device to add some suitable suggestions and small, but interesting changes and twists, to surprise and please the subject, to deepen the experience, to make it variable and always fresh.

This way, The Device not only re-creates some precisely defined things, events or people. It even improves them, making a new story, with unlimited number of possible “altered” scenarios.

Location Beacons. Upon customer’s special request, we are able to re-create any place on the Earth with ultimate precision, using small beacons (portable sensors with video and audio functions, measuring also humidity, pressure and so on, combined with data transmitters). These beacons, when located appropriately around the place, can receive enough complex data to imitate the particular place absolutely, including weather conditions, and even people around. Users reported, that they were not able to recognize any difference from the real places – they even met the locals whom they knew. However, to comply with the privacy laws, only public places are copied and accessible, and you can’t have any interaction with the real persons.

Concurrently, The Device can insert “external” persons into the “exact copy” of the place, with immense advantages for scenario options and depth of experience.

DNA sampling. This premium service is highly restricted and very expensive, but the most amazing of them all. If a DNA sample of a person can be recovered (under strict conditions), The Device is able to process it and the result is astonishing. Visual, psychological and character traits of a person can be re-created perfectly. However, to comply with the privacy laws, using of any DNA sample must be approved by the state offices, the sample has to be taken under official supervision, and there yet are more conditions: it has to be from a deceased person, who passed away at least seventy years ago, plus the person can’t be a carrier of any state secrets or similar classified information – generally, a person who could jeopardize the national security today.

The sample is then checked, whether it’s is genuine, and it belongs to the particular person (another, official visual evidence must exist, proving the appearance of the person, preferably a picture from an ID pass). Only if both visuals match, then a DNA sample can be used – if not, the sample is discarded and all data erased permanently, under close state supervision. We take the privacy rights very seriously.

This way, you can meet your deceased relatives again – or their very persuasive copy, to be exact.


How much it costs?

Using of The Device is free of charge for users, excluding the Premium services. The general operation of The Device is funded by selling licenses for partial use of our special technology to another IT companies, for a fee. The direct users pay nothing, but the places are limited. Although The Device could work day and night without any support, human operators are still needed to review the action and results, to check if all systems are working properly and to make appropriate adjustments in real time.

I can imagine that The Device is able to easily re-create some publicly well known place or building, for example a monument, known from postcards. But what if the subjects wants to meet somebody, who is not publicly known, he or she lived fifty years before, so The Device can get no data or pictures to re-create this person? The subject knows exactly, how this person looks… and The Device doesn’t!

The Device is able to re-create a person even under such conditions. It simply asks the participant to provide answers, not through some verbal questions, but using its advanced sensors. The subject’s body reacts, and The Device adjusts the person’s appearance, character, personality and behavior so long, until the subject is satisfied, and the final picture is a precise copy of subject’s own memories.

If I meet someone in the scenario, and I don’t know the person, how is his or her personality created? Are they thinking and behaving as real persons? Can they decide independently? Will they react to my actions in their vicinity with spontaneity? Will I believe they are real?

The precision of the virtual creation depends on the amount of information The Device can gather about a person. A famous personality can be created very precisely, but less known persons as well – The Device is able to “sense” many “common” patterns from the available data, and if a customer delivers a DNA sample (see DNA sampling above), the person can be created with perfection.

The depicted persons react and respond quite naturally. You can talk to the people freely, and they will talk to you, as if they had own egos and personalities. Some of them will send you away, not trusting you, another can become your friends. They are diverse and different, as in the real life, plus they have natural needs and demands. The Device implements all human features, and it learns yet more, examining further data about people daily, studying new unique personalities.

Can I break the law during the virtual session?

You are responsible for keeping the valid law when using The Device, during your actions or conversations. Although many actions in real life can be considered only questionable, and not explicitly illegal, we have a strict user policy. However, The Device is not a cop, it will allow you to drop a paper on the ground, for example, as you can still pick it up later and the social danger of such behavior is low, but more serious illegal actions won’t be tolerated.

Is the usage of The Device regulated somehow?

Without any doubt, The Device brings some substantial legal and moral challenges. We were open to discussion from the start, what legal status should The Device and its use receive. The “Military” version of The Device was created with direct and constant supervision of the state, and when the first “MIL” version of The Device became fully operational, it was transferred into the command, responsibility and protection of the state structures.

However, we fully realize and accept the responsibility, connected with the creation of The Device, which changes the world history irrevocably. We suggested establishing a commission, led by the UN (United Nations), where all states of the world will have their deputies, and this collective board will think about the best way, how this ultimate invention could help the humanity to develop further, keeping it sustainable. Plus, this commission will provide necessary control and supervision.

There are disturbing public rumors, that The Device in fact works as a time displacement machine, so it’s able to retrieve anything from the past with ultimate precision, but the manufacturer intentionally masks its real function by pretending, that The Device is some simple dream machine, to cover the truth. Is it true?

We never intended to make such creation from sci-fi movies, from very simple reason: The Device is more advanced. It allows not only creating the past or the future, but also changing it, to user’s advantage.

Is The Device able to change the future?

We all change our future daily, just by making decisions, right and wrong. The Device is strong and powerful, but it’s still only a machine, made to entertain people. How many times somebody saw a movie and it inspired him or her to change the life? Many people, events and arts influence our future daily – the difference is, that you choose to use The Device, you make the decision. Many times, people around don’t ask us for a permission to influence your future. The Device respects your free choices as no human being does.


Forget all bad. Forget all losses.

The Device can find all what seemed lost.

Even to fulfill your forgotten dreams and wishes.


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