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helicopter-alan svejk vip affairsThe Device tested successfully during NATO combat exercise
The first field testing of the military version of The Device was conducted during international NATO Special Forces joint exercise, taking place in a classified location in Poland, with very strange outcome. The experiment was supervised by many high NATO military officials, mostly from states who consider buying this special technology of the future warfare, allegedly able to defeat whole armies of the enemy without using a single human soldier.

bride- alan svejk vip affairsFashion Models in unrest. The Device needs a media face
All women with high media ambitions have bad sleep in these days. The reason is, that The Corporation, manufacturing The Device, that ultimately advanced piece of hardware, able to fulfill your dreams, announced their plan to find a new media face, who will represent this breaking change of world history. Anybody knows, that the winner of the competition can expect anything and everything – money are just a number for The Corporation.

hollywood- alan svejk vip affairsHollywood studios and cinemas want to ban The Device
Today, more than twenty major Hollywood studios and several multinational cinema chains announced, that their top lawyers are preparing a joint legal action against The Device. All executives wrote an open letter to the U.S. president, where they expressed doubts about the future of the famous American movie industry, after The Device entered the media scene, promising unlimited experience opportunities for entertainment and education of masses.

architect-alan svejk vip affairsThe state paid 5 millions USD for law expertises on The Device
The Czech politics has another nasty affair – when a document leaked, that the Czech state already paid more than 5 millions USD for law expertises concerning The Device, and the results are useless, the opposition accused the Ministry of Justice of wasteful behavior, and tax payers also expressed their deepest dissatisfaction. “Imagine, how many flats for young families could be built, how many work places could be established,” the opposition deputy Cimbura complained during today’s Parliament meeting.

Operation Aztec Gold - Special Unit C102 PSYOPSStechovice treasure found in a covert military operation
Here is an excerpt from a headline news article, published after successful accomplishment of the Unit’s most delicate and sensitive Information operation (INFOOP), with deepest consequences for the national history: “Stechovice Treasure Found! After almost seventy years of speculations, inquiries and investigations, conducted by thousands of government operatives and also private companies, the famous Stechovice Treasure from 1945, believed to be hidden somewhere southeast of Prague, was actually discovered and extracted in a secret military operation, near Lhota village, just ten kilometers from Stechovice.”

the device by alan svejk vip affairsThe Device is allegedly a time displacement machine
Although the basic principles of The Device‘s functions and operation were released through many public channels already, including some technical schemes and details, some people still believe, that The Device is in fact a time displacement machine, allowing to copy anything and anybody from the past, present or future, and possessing special functions, but the manufacturer intentionally masks the real capabilities.

roadPeople ask why The Device isn’t used against ISIS terrorists
Due to recent massive wave of worldwide terrorist attacks, allegedly backed by so called Islamic State (IS, ISIS or ISIL), many people in Western countries are outraged and calling for decisive military action against the terrorists – however, NATO still hesitates to strike into the heart of insurgents in Iraq and Syria, and limited air strikes are not able to stop the rising terrorist threat to world peace, stability and sustainability.

business woman- alan svejk vip affairsInside The Corporation: Magic land of Special Skills
Some call her the most important company in the world history, some despise her and her special recruitment methods, which brought her immense business success: The Corporation still remains mysterious, even perceived dangerous, but seductive and addictive for many, as an ultimate woman, including highly positioned politicans, Intelligence and security services, worldwide journalists and common citizens.

tarot-oracle-cards- alan svejk vip affairsTarot cards decks will be enhanced, integrating The Device
The whole world simply had to accept the fact, how substantial is The Device for the future of mankind. And now, when the first wave of shock and astonishment calmed, it clearly emerges, how many unexpected places and branches of human activities are influenced by this ultimate invention. The historians say, that famous tarot cards were invented in Egypt thousands of years ago, so they are well established and conservative.

bride 2- alan svejk vip affairsElite female operative Denise still missing, with all secrets
It’s one of the biggest and most discussed mysteries of the world history. Thousands of pages were written about this particular person by hundreds of experts, journalists, writers, politicians, conspiracy theoretists and common citizens, and every of the contributors has a clear view of her eventual fate. However, the truth is still waiting to be uncovered: and some people say, that it should rather stay buried forever, both the truth and the famous missing operative Denise D., because the consequences of such revelations could be disastrous in many senses.

china police - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsChina warns the world: Don’t use The Device near our borders
Earlier today, under heavy attention of the world politicians, Intelligence services and press, the Chinese prime minister came with very sharp public statement to the grounds of United Nations headquarters in New York. In front of the gathered assembly of deputies of 157 countries, he issued a serious warning to the world, that China will consider any usage of The Device near her border as an offensive act, and they won’t tolerate such “unfriendly behavior” that will have “serious consequences for anybody, disrupting the peace of our people”.

bunker-622510_1280Dark secrets of the past revealed: The Last Witness (1945)
What is known for sure, and confirmed by witnesses, that the incident was commited by members of SS division “Viking”, which executed ruthless and completely pointless counter-insurgent operation at Masaryk Train Station area, just before German forces retreated from Prague. “Such pity, that no known witness of the crime is still alive. He or she could provide crucial answers. But the last person who was present there died in 1994, as far as I know,” a reputated historian, who is specialized in Prague Uprising, which took place between 5th and 8th May 1945, commented in a TV program “Cold Trails”, dedicated to find the truth.

monument- alan svejk vip affairsSingle mothers: New strong allies of The Corporation
Yesterday evening, during large press conference, which took place in the State Opera historical building in Prague, with massive attention of press and public, The Corporation announced their new and unique CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) nationwide programme for single mothers with small children, which seem to change the future of social welfare services completely.

fence- Alan Svejk VIP AffairsInside The Facility: This place changed the world history
It’s June 30th and the editorial office of our NUSHI Fashion magazine is in large unrest. The reason is, that we were so lucky to be chosen to visit The Facility, perceived as “Eighth wonder of the world” by the public, just when wide rumors surfaced, that this unique and internationally admired museum could be soon closed, because The Corporation, who built it, allegedly plans to announce big reorganization, in fact, disintegration into smaller business fragments, and The Facility should be changed to an UNESCO protected world heritage site.

The Corporation by Alan Svejk VIP Affairs HInside The Facility: The eighth wonder of the world
“We are now in so called Entrance Security Station 1, or ECS1, as we called it,” the guide, representing The Corporation, explains. “The building was organized into four floors. Floor Zero, where we are now, was mostly serving for security purposes. It contains living quarters and storage rooms for the security personnel, who manned the defenses of the bunker and the entrance, who were also responsible for supervision and maintaining perimeter of the nearby area, and under normal circumastances, they were strictly off-limits to the other three floors. From this reason, there is also ECS2, down the hall, accessible only for our scientific personnel.”

fire - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsInside The Facility: The truth disappears in flames
The forest was silent and deserted. All local animal inhabitants were safely hidden in their burrows, after unusual noise started nearby, and intensified. Distant gunfire could be heard. Endless staccato of automatic cannons and machine guns, explosions of tank grenades, rockets and RPGs. Heavy black smoke from napalm canisters, destroyed tanks and APCs covered the sky. Suddenly, a shade occured between trees. Another followed, one by one. Dressed in black combat uniforms, in full gear, with their faces covered with balaclavas, the soldiers moved through the wood silently, like ghosts.

watch-tower Alan Svejk VIP AffairsInside The Facility: The security incident
To celebrate the last day of official operation of The Facility under supervision of the Military and United Nations, The Corporation prepared a small celebration at the site. It was announced that both the President and Minister of Defence will attend, plus deputies of United Nations and The Corporation of course, and they all will meet the last tourist group, which visited The Facility. Some important news should be announced too, which will influence the future of the country.

EXFOR - Public Interest Comission for Investigating Contemporary Supernatural Phenomena and Threats by Extraterrestial Forces - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsEXFOR: The future of Counterterrorist Operations and defeating IS
Their intimidating reputation begins with the most strange, sinister and purely Orwellian name you ever heard: EXFOR, or Public Interest Comission for Investigating Contemporary Supernatural Phenomena and Threats by Extraterrestial Forces, using the motto “Una Hora Ultima”, or “One of the hours on the clock is the last”, is a privately owned counterpart of CIA’s Special Activities Division.

Belly Dancer 3 - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsArabic, Israeli and EXFOR belly dancers in Middle Eastern cultural warfare
But this fragile peace and slightly improved relationships are only one act of eternal warfare for power and influence in the region, where a new strong player occured currently: EXFOR, with unclear goals and structure, but with powerful tools and procedures, including attractive belly dancers. And these women can’t be underestimated: in the Middle Eastern region, they strongly participate in so called cultural warfare.

Woman 10 - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsMysterious disappearance of fashion model Daniela Kyrova allegedly solved after 20 years, using classified Military technology: The Device
Several weeks before the 20th anniversary of mysterious disappearance of a young Czech fashion model Daniela Kyrova (*1977), never solved even by the experienced Czech police forces, perceived as one of the best security organizations around the world, the case was opened again, and in large, causing wide public disturbance, even a strict statement of several Parliamentary deputies, who protested against alleged Military involvement and possible misusing of advanced Military arsenal in the controversial affair.

Beach Bar Caribbean - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsIntermezzo at the Carribean
He sat on a bar chair, like an anonymous beach guest, watching her silently. She was dressed only in a tiny bikini swimsuit, still beautiful, tanned, her body was impressive, she was in great shape, she swam every morning and every evening in the sea, smiling at her customers, who asked her occasionally, whether she knows Caroline Rubesova, a Woman of The Year, because she reminds her so much…

Face - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs BInside The Facility: Stronger Than Us
“Thank you for everything, and see you soon, my beloved,” she said instead goodbye. “Hold them here, please, and until they will arrive, think of a very good explanation for the Minister of Defence. When he will find out, what happened… he won’t be just angry, he will be mad, and if I won’t ever return, of course that you put all blame and sins on me, I think that I won’t mind anymore, so you can continue on our path, with Lucy maybe, she is very talented, and trustworthy. Peace upon you, my dear!”

Black Site - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsCaroline’s Decision
Her friend, collaborator and never a lover Rudolph was not a fan of this sport activity, as he perceived it too dangerous. Piracy was happening everywhere, as fishes were disappearing from the oceans and poor fishermen, who had nothing to lose, were searching for “alternative” source of income, and to be dependent on a small vessel without propulsion in the middle of nowhere, on the restless sea where the weather changed quickly, so Caroline had a big work to persuade him, to accompany her on her trips around the Caribbean.

Comission - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs BThe Public Interest
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to annual 40th meeting of our Special Parliamentary Comission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weaponry, critical for the highest public interests,” the chairman, a member of Parliament called Cimbura, welcomed all participants of the meeting, but no one seemed too pleased, or excited. These meetings were usually only boring, a lose of time, to keep the face, to seem important for the voters.

Black Site - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsThe Black Site
In the morning, the yacht with former top executives of The Corporation, who invented The Device, allegedly a time displacement equipment, or a dream machine, arrived at the beaches of their destination, a small island near Lombok, Indonesia. The place seemed completely deserted, like a paradise, untouched by human obsession for profit, and it was hard to believe, that there is a black site here, a specimen of The Device built.

Poland NATO - Alan Svejk VIP Military AffairsThe Secret War
During Monday morning, as soon as the Czech news shelves were flooded by a fresh Special Issue of Heavy Slander tabloid magazine, called “The Secret War” and impatiently expected by many, a massive wave of uproar shook the whole Czech society, as the issue contained most serious revelations about alleged wide covert operations of a classified Military Unit both home and abroad, forcing many to ask, whether the price of preserving freedom, national security and defeating terrorism isn’t too high.

Václav Havel, Senát, vyznamenáníThe Fool’s Testimony
It used to be a village grammar school in Druzec, Prague-West, but now, one year earlier, after the defence of the whole West bank of Vltava river fell, and after the surprising unconditional surrender was signed, the enemy started gathering local high value detainees here, before pulling out of the country unexpectedly, explaining his agressive move later as “unfortunate international misunderstanding” and “preventive self-defence strike”. Of course, the real reason was, to disrupt the newly established operations of The Device, allegedly a time displacement machine, constructed in a large underground bunker, considered as a critical security risk for the geopolitical interests of the enemy.

Alan Svejk