The Device is allegedly a time displacement machine

Although the basic principles of The Device‘s functions and operation were released through many public channels already, including some technical schemes and details, some people still believe, that The Device is in fact a time displacement machine, allowing to copy anything and anybody from the past, present or future, and possessing special functions, but the manufacturer intentionally masks the real capabilities, to avoid possible political, economical and even military intervention of superpowers, which could feel at risk of losing their influence.

A wide group of individuals worldwide is gathered around the phenomenon of The Device, calling themselves “The Believers”. Consisting mostly of people without any deeper life purpose and goal, they express their fascination with The Device publicly, perceiving it as even religious symbol.

“In our complex modern society, there are still people who want to worship and believe in something supernatural,” a reputable sociologist says. “The Device is still new and fascinating, so it attracts deep attention. But through time, when it will become a normal matter in our world, those believers will slowly disappear.”

The Corporation’s PR department handles this group with sensitivity, even distributing “special invitations” for using The Device, and they interfere with this distinctive movement only indirectly, supporting its informal leaders, to maintain public order – to protect The Facility from unauthorized attempts to enter, for example. This way, the group regulates itself quite natural way.

The Military Police, responsible for maintaining the perimeter around The Facility sealed, keeps all curious visitors in proper distance from the outer fence, but generally leaves everybody alone. “You can watch, but don’t touch,” two lightly armed MP members instructed a young family with smile, and then they continued with their patrol.

“There is not much to see, anyway,” one of the tourists by the fence shared his impressions with disappointment. “The bunker’s access route is deliberately hidden from view, under the terrain level, so you can’t see any traffic inside and outside. I will rather go to collect some mushrooms, for a soup.”

However, using military-grade binoculars, you can see defenses of The Facility, particularly advanced 20mm cannon turrets, covering full 360 degreess fire zones, sniper nest on the roof, and prepared trenches around the building. In another article, we bring you detailed report of our journalistic visit of The Facility.

Alan Svejk -