The Device – Military Version

This is a restricted version of The Device and exact details are classified.

However, key abilities can be revealed:

1) Macro application means the option to influence more individuals at once, even whole social groups, using “group conciousness”.

2) The Device brings high efficiency of all Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) and Information Operations (INFOOPS), able to disrupt all resolution and determination of any adversary, saving human lives.

3) The Device perceives the female essence (indirect approach, soft power) as an ultimate tool of modern warfare. Tanks, aircraft or other military hardware, no matter how advanced, can never win against simple power of emotions.

4) The Device can work at long range. In combination with laser armament, it will change anti-aircraft warfare once and forever. After a first prototype of such PSYDEW (Directed Energy Weapon), 3rd generation of “Avenger 3 PSY-DEW” was released, PSY arsenal was officially supplied for Czech Military’s Pandur II 8×8 PSY-AA support tactical vehicle, for extremely effective ground and air warfare

5) There is no efficient defense against the influence of The Device. All human beings share some features without exception, and The Device simply uses this fact.

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Alan Svejk