The Device tested successfully during NATO combat exercise

The first field testing of the military version of The Device was conducted during international NATO Special Forces joint exercise, taking place in a classified location in Poland, with very strange outcome. The experiment was supervised by many high NATO military officials, mostly from states who consider buying this special technology of the future warfare, allegedly able to defeat whole armies of the enemy without using a single human soldier.

The trial was very simple. One of the participating SPECOPS units was chosen by chance at 12.00 one day, and this particular unit was tasked with executing an assault against a village held by OPFOR (Opposite Force) at 4.00 in the morning, sixteen hours later.

The chosen Unit was clearly informed, that The Device will be used against them. So the Unit’s command, in effort to maintain good reputation of their national Army, tried to motivate, persuade and even force soldiers to acomplish the mission at all costs, warning the soldiers about serious reprimanding if they will fail.

The Unit was allowed to spend the remaining time before the planned assault anywhere in the vast training area, full of deep forests, bushes and high grass, able to hide them perfectly, and they were also allowed to split into smaller groups, with the condition, that at least 75% of the soldiers must be participating in the assault, or the Unit will fail the test.

All NATO Special Forces units, participating in the exercise, were informed of the experiment in advance, and they were allowed to prepare any countermeasures, with only one condition: the soldiers, chosen as attacking force, will stay in the training area for 16 hours.

An independent observer was attached to the Unit, watching possible events and making the report about the experiment. “I am still not aware of anything unusual,” he reported around midnight.

Around 3.30AM, there was a strange turning point, when the Unit’s command complained to the NATO staff, that the conditions of the experiment are unfair, and they disagree to participate in the action further. Although they were warned, that in such case they will fail the test, they still insisted on disrupting the test. The NATO staff officers rejected this complaint, and they decided to wait until 4.00, to have some clear result of the experiment.

Just before the set time in the morning, the guards at the training area perimeter reported, that the Unit is leaving, probably to foil any effort to interrogate the soldiers.

However, at least one soldier of the Unit reported later: “They forbade us to sleep or to stay alone, and they equipped us with some anti-PSY equipment. All went well until approximately 2AM, when suddenly we were all scared, that during the assault, OPFOR will use live ammunition against us. I don’t know who said that first, or whether this idea was said at all, but in the matter of minutes, it spread like an avalanche through the unit, like some group conciousness, one mind influencing others, all minds influencing one, and now full of fear. To save face, our superiors had to make a complaint, and later they ordered us to leave the grounds. All of us were seriously reprimanded, however, our military sent emissaries to negotiate buying The Device immediately. So I guess that they understood the possibilities of this toy well.”

The spokeperson of The Corporation, manufacturing The Device, commented this event very coldly: “Nothing can stop The Device from succeeding. It’s total revolution in modern warfare and you can see it now. We advise all NATO armies: buy it, and buy it quickly, otherwise you will have serious disadvantage in maintaining national security of your country. When you will own The Device, even the strongest enemy will be scared to make a single step into your sacred national territory.”

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