The Device – The Facility (Underground Bunker)

Approximately fifty kilometers from Prague, between deep woods, near the Islamic Czech city of Teplice, there is the original site, where the first operational Device was built, at the former SPECOPS (Special Forces) main base of the Czech Army, together with The Dark Sun, nuclear weapon of the Czech Military.

An underground complex was later changed to a museum, as The Device was moved to another location, for security purposes (following an unsuccessful armed assault of unknown origin, the investigation of this violent incident is still pending).

Many visitors and tourists from all over the world come here daily, to see the most substantial technological miracle of our history. You can even visit the interior of the bunker, and become a direct witness of all events during that famous evening, when The Device was announced to the world, and the unstoppable chain of events, later analyzed in thousands books and articles, commenced.

In the main hall, there is a physical replica of The Device in its original configuration (triangle shape) exhibited. However, this replica is intentionally simplified, to deceive foreign Intelligence services, still eager to get their hands on this technological miracle, which changed the world history, and The Alloy, an extremely conductive material, used to manufacture the invention.

Remember: 126 soldiers lost their lives here, while they defended The Device soon after the announcement against unknown attackers, who used overwhelming force. Please, approach the site with appropriate respect.

Notice: The site has still extrajudical status, as a military installation, under the strict supervision of the Czech Military Police. All visitors are warned, that extrajudical punishment can be used, if any offensive action or desacration of the site will be commited, and serious bodily harm, including death, can be suffered during visit, as you are entering a military installation, where weapons, live ammunition and explosives were stored and used in the past, including combat action.

Read a series about journalistic visit of “Heavy Slander” magazine of the site, which ended the most unexpected way: Inside The Facility: This place changed the world history, a part of The Device’s overall history, described in a novel, Operation Naked Truth: The Illuminati Conspiracy.

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