The Diary of Denisa by Alan Svejk

In this new world without boundaries and borders, everything is changing, including the methods of warfare, in the direction of Unconventional Warfare. Also the role of security operators is changing – more well-educated and capable female security and military assets are authorized with special security tasks. Denisa, an elite female operative of Military Counterintelligence, is one of them. Her tales will show us the future of both business and military operations.

The Diary of Denisa by Alan Svejk“Denisa” is one of the key figures in my recently released novel, “Svejk 2: The Army Elite”, a spin-off of the famous novel “Good Soldier Švejk”. But her figure is soinspirative and important, that I decided to dedicate another literary artistic (fictional) work just to her and her unique route both in civilian and military environments.

It is the biggest challenge for any author to write artistically about a person of opposite gender. But I firmly believe, that the future will belong to women like Denisa, as I clearly indicated in the article “Women, UN and Global Cyber-Security”, and this project is dedicated for showing them a respect, and encouraging them to seriously think about a security/military career.

Form: Spin-off / original screenplay / novel

Plot: An artistic insight into the critical phase of life and career of an elite female operative of Military Counterintelligence both in civilian (infiltrating advanced cult-like business corporation) and military environments (unconventional warfare operations on the battlefield).

Goals: to describe the activation of female military/security assets as colourfully as never before. To describe the future Unconventional Warfare in practice, so the NATO, insufficiently prepared today, can improve their defence abilities.

Part 1: “Business”

In my original novel, Denisa was authorized with infiltrating an cult-like business corporation, infamous for using advanced psychological methods (PSYOPS) to acquire high assets both in society and military.

But all went wrong. It was found, that this corporation was strong enough to arrange a deal with higher places, not to fight each other, but to cooperate. The Military Counterintelligence command decided to stop any offensive operations against them, and instead they planned using them and take control of them gradually.

Denisa was a part of the deal. She was particularly asked by the corporation, and she was forced to become one of the corporation’s own assets, with the blessing from higher places. Now, it will be revealed why – because they will have a critical mission for her, to participate in a most advanced and bold psychological operation (PSYOP) in human history.

This business corporation is unique with methods and approach to business. No wonder, that they grow fast. They promise vast opportunities for their employees, but they ask them to follow some simple rules. Firstly, they ask for total dedication to the company. Second, they ask only for the elite people. Third, they will push their employees to the limit, using straightforward, but the most effective strategies for driving their personal assets.

They have a simple motto: “Our company will fulfill the dreams of everybody.”

At first, the state security structures consider this corporation as a threat to the Constitution. But later, as written previously, it is decided to cooperate, to gain some advantages. However, the principal question is: will the company play for the state, or will the state be played? Is it even possible to confirm, who is ruling who? There are no borders between superiors and subordinates. People may think that they influence things in the corporation, but aren´t they just pawns for this business entity?

Denisa will be introduced into this new world and conditions. And then, they will offer her a proposal she couldn´t refuse. But there will be a big price to pay for her. She will touch her limits and she will be forced to make the hardest decisions she could ever imagine.

When she will show the hesitation and doubts, if this could be perceived as high treason, they will explain her, that there is nothing like that in the Intelligence community. The reason is, that any action will make the state security structures stronger eventually. Allegedly, It is even beneficial to have a strong adversary, if he can be controlled and influenced.

Part 2: “Military”

There is an artistic, unexpected future invasion of large foreign military forces into Europe, widely using Unconventional Warfare techniques. This operation is so fast, efficient and ruthless, without any warning or indication, that all defence is crumbling, and NATO is unable to react adequately. The enemy has his own, distinctive rules and approach, never seen before.

Denisa is summoned to the high military command and assigned as a member of Counter Unconventional Warfare element. This female-only unit, composed only of women, must covertly cross the front lines to attack in the rear of enemy, and to organize female resistance. She will be a direct witness of desperate attempts to stop the enemy, negative changes in the society under this new unstable conditions, and she will even participate in a military action.

But there is a serious complication for Denisa. In that previous business operation, a criminal group attempted to stop her. She managed to disrupt their plan, and three of original five culprits were jailed. But the last two, a man and woman, highly determined, they seek ultimate revenge to Denisa.

So they use the new conditions and opportunities to their advantage. They offer a cooperation to the opposite side, to hunt down fragmented paramilitary elements in the rear of the enemy. They will receive this permission and they are authorized to use any means necessary: in ther words, all their actions will be excused by the new jurisdiction. And they decide to fully enjoy this ultimate power, in large.

Now, Denisa is deep behind enemy lines, and as a target of a dangerous adversaries, who were able to access her personal file in the Military Counterintelligence headquarters, using fake security IDs and all that commotion and confusion.

“How long can she last and carry out her orders successfully?”

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