The Elite of Fashion Models

Without any doubt, fashion models firmly belong to the social elite of the Western world. The reason is, that they shine and inspire the wide public, they remind them the ultimate value of youth, beauty and style.

Islamic Affairs - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs V2 AHowever, these women are not just mannequins. Many of them have their strong personal stories, philosophy, life routes and messages, even vulnerabilities, revealing, how beneficial are their personalities for the society, which needs examples and patterns to follow: this is the reason, why many people, including fashion models, are discovering Islam, finding peace, freedom and destiny in the wise guidance of Allah. The most repuated examples are Marketa Maryam Korinkova (United Arab Emirates), Alexandra Pianka (United Arab Emirates, later China), Maria Kukucova (Slovakia) and Countess Joy du Lau D’Allemans (USA).

Anyway, fashion models always set trends, not only in wardrobe and style, but also in life values and personal missions, with one goal: to bring something good for the society. The future of the world allegedly belongs to females: and fashion models are leaders in general effort for sustainable economic and social future.

A good example of a fashion model, who found her mission in helping others, is a Czech fashion model Iveta Klimesova, a graduated lawyer, who is about to take her barrister exams, and who is respected in the professional world because of her balanced approach and integrity. She achieved an impressive modeling career abroad, but today, she is slowly retiring from the fashion realm, to help the people to get their justice in various cases and feuds. She is not interested in media attention, like many of her colleagues. She dedicated her professional life to asserting of the law.

Many people in the world of Czech law incline to underestimate her professional capabilities, however, her innocent look, beautiful brown eyes and soft verbal expressions are accompanied with her systematic, calm, realistic, even Zen approach to law matters, allowing her to be a highly effective help for individuals in need. Although she is still in the beginning of her professional career, she represents the new generation of females, those Millennials, who will change our society once and forever.

Tereza Lipanova - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs VAnother fashion model, Tereza Lipanova, is physically most impressive. With her 179 cm of height, perfect body measures and sharp look of her brown eyes, she personifies an example of striking female beauty. However, she has the most unexpected education background: she graduated in Social work, with the aim at disadvantaged and endangered individuals. Such field of study is not an option for anybody who simply needs to receive a diploma – social work is one of the most demanding branches.

Although she still works in fashion branch and she is highly successful abroad, we can only hope, that she will use her education and abilities to make a difference in Czech Social Affairs one day, because our society needs specialists like her so much. To take care of others is the most noble mission of any modern female, and particularly youngsters, our future, need extensive care, support and inspiration, to find their place and mission in the society.

Both aforementioned fashion models are registered under the wings of the most famous and respected Czech agency, called Czechoslovak models. Under the previous owner, Milada Karasova, the agency prospered and gained high professional, social and media reputation for long 20 years. In 2010, due to her age, she sold the agency to the new and most capable owner: Vaclav Dejcmar, a respected businessman and entrepreneur, with strong connections into the fashion world. Under his leadership, the agency not only continued in the good tradition, but added a layer of global reach, for example, by organizing so called Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week.

Many young girls and women come to the agency, to have their dreams fulfilled. The high reputation of Czechoslovak models is the reason for trust: they help young people to become somebody, to find themselves. So their role is not only business, it also has some social dimension. They are participating in shaping the young generation of females, who will be shaping our society later. So their importance is very high, and sensitive approach is highly suitable.

Elishka Ku - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs VBut there can be only one queen in the Czech fashion branch. Elishka Ku (born as Eliska Kubalakova) clearly confirms, that to become a fashion model leader, you don’t have to be the most pretty, with the most impressive figure, and covered with eternal media attention, by generating cheap gossip and false, artificially created scandals and alleged controversy. Even so, she is perceived as the best fashion model in Czech national history, from several substantial reasons.

Although this country contributed to world female beauty with many well-known names in last 25 years, recognized internationally and globally, only one of them represents our country as a creative, artistic asset. She effectively connects her wide artistic talent with high physical qualities and skills, with the ultimate result: she is not just a model anymore. She creates the art, she influences the fashion branch, but not from the backstage. She is both subject and object of the art, a model and creative director at the same time. Whatever she does, it carries her distinctive signature.

She is perfectly qualified for acting. She can show thousand different faces and personalities, and she is always natural and easy to believe. She brings unusual depth into her emotions and behavior: again, the art projects she participates in are influenced by her, to some simple, distinctive line. You can recognize her between the crowd, always: she is so positively different.

What she does is not only a work. It’s a precise, deep and original artistic process. She brings art into the fashion world, which is often perceived as shallow by the public. But whoever discovers her works, he or she is captivated instantly. Watching her, you forget to compare her with others, because she is simply only one. She shines and contributes to cultural heritage of the world: and soon, she will be a respected actress, there is no other option. Her fashion model background and experience will be very useful for this new stage of career.

Her unique, deep personality with high integrity and balanced character is perfectly mirrored in her paintings and drawings. Her own visual works are not shocking and disturbing, to attract media and to generate necessary publicity, but rather smooth, regular, calm and pleasant to watch, although we would expect a different approach from a fashion model. She uses mostly neutral colors, including black and grey. In result, her paintings don’t shine, they are not aggressive, they are just peaceful and balanced.

It comes completely natural to admire her, to feel even an affection to her. Especially, when she talks. Then, she reveals the depth of her soul, mind and dreams. Then, she becomes and inspiration, a voice that should be heard. She claims the plan to write a book: she really has much to say. She also sees the fashion branch in healthy, realistic, mostly artistic perspective, and her wide insights are highly valuable, because she is opened, frank, without any need to make something better from herself than she really is. She simply shares her knowledge with others.

“I am working on several projects same time, as human limits do not exist. We are going to succeed in anything in life if we really want that, and working hard on that.”

(About her professional future) “I want to create projects, and businesses based on human awareness and respect. People who have certain power are the people with responsibility to make the World a better place. A place where dreams can come true. I will do anything in life what lies in my heart and will work in parallel with my conscience.”

“I really love my job. If somebody tell me that I should choose between holidays on some island or work I would always choose my work, some jobs are shot on the island too, and it gives me everything I need for my life happiness & fun.”

(About her creative process) “I really love creativity myself and appreciate working with creative people. There are many genious creative minds in my industry. It makes a big difference. Also I love to be surrounded by creative people, people with passion. They live for creation, eat and sleep for creation. These people for me are the most powerful minds existing, and thanks to their professional fire/desire to express their ideas and emotion, they all have my great respect.”

(About importance of team work in fashion) “Working with professional team, a fashion model does not have to care about anything, people care about her because they realize and are aware of her importance on the set. But in general it is a team-work. Every single person working in the team is kind of responsible for the whole team emotions/vibes. Professional people know their job well, and want do make the best performance. Plus they actually love their job.”

(About wide emotions she uses in her work) “I have a great joy during work. I am not ashamed about my emotion positive as well as negative. It is absolutely natural. I know I might look silly or angry or so on but isn’t that more fun? Plus every brand style is different and needs different emotion.”

“People in general are pointing on another peoples silliness (and so on) but the real power lies inside of us, and if we can make fun of ourselves, that is one of the most powerful freeing feeling existing. The best models know how to show their emotions without taking anything personal because they know their quality and their abilities. They know who they are and what they can respect themselves for.”

“About emotions I look up to children. They are the purest beings on this World, does not matter which country they are coming from, they are still not destroyed by culture and education system. And their senses are open to any development and feel naturally what is right and what is wrong.”

“I believe it is a bit of both. Professional aproach and state of mind complement each other. Like being a model is not about parties and activities similar to it but it is about a healthy life style which can be an example for others. Healthy lifestyle creates healthy & powerful life.”

Except the mentioned infidel Czech fashion models, there are Islamic assets in the branch as well, the great examples, how Islam can make a better, and even more successful person from you:

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The Czech fashion model, who made it farthest, who converted to Islam in United Arab Emirates and changed the world, is Marketa Korinkova (Maryam), a Woman of Islam, called Islamic Princess.

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