The End of Czech Canine paradise: Czech Muslims Defend Their Sacred Mosques Against Police Dogs

Earlier today, it was announced by Czech Minister of Interior, Milan Chovanec, that during future Czech Militarized Police (PCR) SWAT raids against Czech mosques, the deployed canine (K9) units of search dogs will be equipped with protective slippers on their paws and covers on their mouths, as these police inverventions against Islamic community are highly culturally sensitive, and Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), an alleged Jihadi organization from Teplice region, strongly protested against using of dogs, an unclean animal according to Islam, during these incursions into Islamic sacred sites of worship.


There are many current tensions between Czech Ministry of Interior, and Muslim community, originating from infamous SWAT raid against Prague and Brno mosques, launched during Friday sermons, where military-grade assault weapons, loaded with dum-dum highly devastating ammunition, were pointed at praying peaceful Muslims, even present foreign diplomats were detained, like criminals, causing high disturbance in the Czech Islamic community, as in the end, nobody was prosecuted because of alleged problematic book, allegedly distributed in Czech mosques, with alleged anti-Jewish content.

The Forgotten Raid: Militarized Police Against Czech Mosques. Shooting People For a Book?

This affair is still not resolved, on the contrary, as after quite a long time from the extremely controversial event, CCM now filed official complaint, asking for punishing the culprits of this brutal, futile police assault against freedom of religion, where excessive force and controversial security procedures were used, like in a counter-terrorist operation. So, to appease Muslims, at least temporarily, the Ministry of Interior offered a “peace offering”, to “preserve good relationships between Czech security forces and Czech Islamic community”.


In relation to this past event, CCM also announced, that future Teplice mosque, planned to be built with two minarets from Saudi money, will use advanced countermeasures against assault access of dogs, as “Muslims have sacred right to defend against attacks and oppression, and we are respnsible only to Allah for our deeds, not Czech government, police, courts or prisons. We are not afraid of you, infidel fools, we fear only Allah.”

Teplice: Islamic Czech City, Worshipping Allah
Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Another important reason, except pressure from human rights activists, why the Ministry made this substantial concession, called as weakness by many evil voices, is current wave of poisoning of dogs in Teplice region, particularly around Sanov park, where more than dozen of dogs died in past weeks, and Anti-Canine Essences (ACE), an advanced military product from Wu Corporation for Special Forces combat use, was allegedly used in these attacks, as Czech tabloid media informed, angering local citizens and dog lovers, who started to call for banning of CCM immediately and deep police investigation of the incident. But CCM denies any involvement in this affair swiftly.


“Although dogs, or at least their saliva, are considered unclean, according to some Islamic scholars and fatwas, they are a creation of Allah, protected by Him, and Muslims have duty to protect the environment without exceptions, including animals, including dogs,” CCM commented the public allegations. “We would never do such a thing, like hurting an animal without acceptable reason, and we openly suspect our enemies from executing a false flag operation against us, to redirect the blame on us intentionally. To promote righteous interests of Ummah, we use only peaceful measures, with the permission of Allah, and democratic discussion. We are not terrorists, we believe, that peaceful coexistence between religions is possible… if they will pay us religious tax, of course, because Islam is superior to them all.”

And the palette of present CCM enemies is really wide: firstly, powerful and plentiful Czech adversaries of Islam, like Dominika Myslivcova, then Miroslav Kalousek from National Defence Commission, who promotes more armed commando raids against Czech mosques, but also internal competitors in the Czech Islamic community, Ummah, Prague and Brno Islamic cells, highly hostile towards CCM, as they consider them as business competitors, and mark them as Wahhabi/Salafi extremists deliberately, to damage their public picture and provoke police interest, as the CCM are allegedly stealing Saudi Arabia oil money and support from them.

Dominika Myslivcova: Ambassador of Islam
Dominika Myslivcova Blonde Ambassador of Islam Muslim Islamic Czech Teplice Allah - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons

Czech Islam: Divisions and Apostasy
The Czech Islam Divisions Apostasy Muslim Islamic Ummah community Allah sympathy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

But there is also another possible culprit, as Heavy Slander reported: Wu Corporation, Chinese multinational manufacturer of Anti-Canine Essences, a special assault equipment for Special Forces units, to protect them against K9 assets, who could make a very malicious viral advertisement campaign for their disturbing product, which caused many protests worldwide. Their spokeswoman reacted to this suspicion just by marking it as “completely absurd”.


And there is also very strange connection, because just behind the Teplice city borders, there is a large military base with SPECOPS personnel, particularly Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged elite paramilitary formation, using ACE as a part of their combat arsenal, particularly their Executive Action (EX) department of alleged assassins, which belongs under “Delta” (Military) Division.

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS – Executive Action (EX) operational department

Could the ACE substance be stolen from the base, meaning, that its defensive perimeter is badly secured? That would be really bad news for the Czech citizens, because this strictly guarded base contains an underground silo with Czech nuclear arsenal, a ballistic rocket with 10 megaton warhead, called The Dark Sun, a weapon of nucelar retaliation.


Or, is The Unit’s Active Measures Group (AMG) somehow involved in the affair? That would be completely natural, as the Czech Army is not only a green fabric anymore, distant from the civilian affairs, they intervene into many public matters today, using exactly The Unit as their unaccountable battering ram, as the mere existence of The Unit was still not confirmed by the Ministry of Defence.

In the end, it seems, that rather than Islamic Jihad against dogs, the whole affair could be a conspiracy with many possible players, and interests, where no one is able to see the truth, as all the relations are immensely complex, like during Syrian civil war. And the dogs are used as cat’s pawn, as a tool for promoting unknown interests.

But without any doubt, CCM confirms, that their importance in Czech Islamic affairs is rising, after The Mecca Club of Prague was renamed upon their request, causing great disturbance even at the highest places, as this new enemy is hard to contain, quite immune to common Counterintelligence efforts, how to disrupt unity and cohesion of an hostile organization, and infiltrate it with state controlled assets.

Czech Muslims Require Renaming the Mecca Club in Prague, Perceiving Its Name As Insult of Islam

The reason is, that CCM is consisting only from Islamized Gypsies (Tsiganes), and it’s really hard to find racially suitable operatives for such demanding infiltration operation.

Anyway, at the press conference, where the Ministry of Interior announced the changes in their K9 deployment strategy, not to insult Muslims any more, an incident happened, when one of the police dog-handlers started shouting at present CCM deputies, quote: “I swear to God, that if anything will happen to my dog, you don’t want to meet me!”

But CCM are far from being afraid of anybody, and their reaction was merciless indeed, quote: “Cancer on you, and your filthy beast, infidel fool,” which caused immediate violent brawl between the man and CCM personnel, so present police assets had to intervene at once, but no charges were made, as nobody had interest is inflating the affair yet more.

Anyway, it’s possible, that Czech Republic ceases to be a dog’s paradise, like before, where these animals were literally worshipped, living there with impressive numbers and enjoying high level of freedom. But it’s strongly conflicting with the interests of Muslims and their values, and principal problem is sharing Teplice’s central Sanov park, where many spa guests from Middle East are gathering, together with local dog owners, who use the beasts to “show the Arabs, who owns this land”, so clashed are inevitable.

This situation resulted in many conflicts in the past, including aggressive, almost violent approach from both sides – in order to defende themselves, and their families, young Muslim boys threw firecrackers against approaching dogs in their vicinity, as the canine beasts are known to be deeply afraid of loud sounds, and the dog owners tried to protect their pets, which intensified the feuds, so even Municipal Police had to be called to calm the situation.

Tensions in Teplice are high, and local municipal administration, still under Jaroslav Kubera leadership, considers deploying new rules of using the park, restricting access of dogs, allegedly for “hygienic reasons”. But Kubera himself is under pressure from more sides: the reason of his current anxiety of losing political power is named Eman Ghaleb, a young Muslim female, originating from Yemen, who received Czech citizenship recently, allowing her not only to vote, but also to be voted, and she is rumored to become next mayor of the city with rising importance for general Czech affairs, as local Muslim community stands firmly behind her, supporting her candidacy in all senses.

Women of Islam: Eman Ghaleb
Eman Ghaleb Yemen Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs 3

Voices are getting stronger in the Czech society, that Teplice will decide the fate of the whole country. “If we will lose Teplice, then more cities will follow, and in the end, a mosque will be standing just near Prague Castle,” evil voices are saying in the Czech media, and the general society.

And this statement is very true, as Muslims recently presented a suggestion to the capital’s administration, to change urban construction plan, so a mosque will be built on Hradcanske square, adjacent to the Castle, instead of current small park, to “satisfy spiritual needs of Prague Muslims”.

The plan of Muslims is to insert an literal Islamic dagger into the heart of infidel land, and to directly compete with the country’s presidential office for power and influence. Then, other procedures against dogs on public spaces, and in public transport, would be definitely asserted by Muslims. Such suggestion, to ban dogs from Teplice’s public transport, was already sent to Jaroslav Kubera’s office, to “protect Arabic guests of the local spa from aggressive dogs, and their aggressive owners”.

The Islamic Czech plans are bold, but it will be Allah and only Him, who will decide the end of this affair, and all the others. And fates of Czech dogs are in His hands.


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