The end of false prophets. Scared European sheep find a real shepherd of freedom: it’s Allah

As the continent of Europe quickly collapses under the crushing weight of massive social, political and geopolitical challenges of the contemporary extremely complicated world, new social divisions, fractions and boundaries, together with growing hatred, suspicion and rejection, are dividing the EU society and putting it into disarray and final disintegration.

And this is exactly what the Islamic State wanted and needed to achieve their malicious goals: together with Boko Haram, another highly influential and powerful terrorist organization, originating from Africa, the terrorists feel that the victory is theirs, and their black flag of conquest will wave over Rome and other European cities soon: the final step will be achieved in Syria, where world forces are expected to clash, launching another cold or hot fateful war.

But under any conditions and development of the international affairs, the Intelligence and Security services of the state always have to be ahead, to correctly estimate the future development with highest possible probability of finding the truth in advance, in order to protect the highest state interests. No wonder, that these forces use all possible means to reveal the truth, including using of alleged PSY skills of fortune-tellers, like Anie, and infiltration into various social groups and organizations.

When it was revealed during Autumn 2015 through a field research by Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite Military Counterintelligence and Special Operations unit, deliberately put out of the official Army structures and any governmental control, that there is a new and highly challenging covert social group, that could be defined as a new generation sect, or extremely advanced religious organization, formed of highly positioned business executives, and thus highly challenging, even dangerous, operating in the Czech region, under normal conditions, proper steps would be taken immediately, to contain this new threat to national security and defence of the state, via means of classic infiltration of their covert operatives and information gathering.

Special Unit C102 PSYOPS by Alan Svejk BCIt should be mentioned, that Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, filed under Special Forces Group, is the only entity in the whole Czech Army and relatively unique in NATO structures, which paid any attention to the issues of sects, or religious organizations, studying closely their recruitment procedures and ways of motivating perspective members to join in, in order to use this kind of information for purposes of Psychological Warfare and Information Warfare.

A highly classified report, originating from The Unit, exists, dated Spring 2014, where the overall methods of well known Jehova Witnesses were thoroughly analyzed, and it was suggested, how to use this special knowledge for persuading and influencing individuals and social groups, in order to achieve certain political, social and economic goals with extreme effectivity (see here in CZ language). In a related report, also the MLM, or Multi Level Marketing was studied (see here in Czech), as these business structures often use similiar measures to motivate people to participate in this kind of business, promising them literally a paradise on Earth, not only in terms of money and success, but also to build a social networking structure around them, lose their loneliness and fulfill their dreams.

Fethullah Gulen FETO terrorist apostate conspiracy traitor Hizmet Turkey IslamBut all this valuable information became relatively outdated, as the new, upcoming organization, defined as “nextgen”, or next generation, brought many unique features into the field of sects, changing the paradigm once and forever. From many reasons, it was suspected, that the formation is connected to Fetullah Gülen and his Islamic sect, originating from Turkey, as its methods were too advanced.

The first massive difference was, that the organization deliberately chose to avoid using any exact name or designation, thus remaining completely in the dark, out of all Security and Intelligence radars. The members of this unofficial and covert organization never promoted any name, and internally, they called their group only as “The Community”, a fully neutral name, in order to avoid any undesirable attention from private and state entities and individuals, directed at identifying, studying and countering other fully known religious organizations, perceiving them as certain threats to the public order, as Jehova Witnesses or Church of Scientology.

Secondly, as the organization avodied to present herself openly, and attaching her full, partial or collaborating members publicly, this ingenious measure allowed them to infiltrate into high social and public levels without any exposing of their private goals, or even identity. Thus, a lot of high public figures supported them somehow, or had no reason to deny them, without any knowledge, that the people they are negotiating with are not some fragmented individuals, meeting occasionally, but working as a single synergic entity, with clearly set goals and perfectly executed plans.

In other words, The Community used many single individuals to achieve a common  goal, so nobody from their persons of interest ever recognized, that they are being played. All used assets utilized their special skills, particularly females: The Community relied heavily on single women over 30 years of age, and without any doubt, these mature women know very well, how to persuade people, either men or women.

Choosing women as the leading force of The Community was no coincidence, as making assets from them was ridiculously easy under current social conditions, related to Autumn 2015: the Islamic State, spreading continuos fear into European lands, using heavy media propaganda, awoke deep fear inside many females, born to be more emotonal, thus making them extremely easy targets to persuade and recruit, promising them protection and salvation from terrorist threats.

However, everything in life costs a price, and The Community forced their members and collaborators to pay these debts in full. In the beginning, they used the classic strategy of all sects: isolating an individual of interest from the society, “love bombing” him or her, and then offering a purpose and place for his or her “special, even unique skills”.

Playing on the side of human pride and ego always pays off, plus, knowing the facts that many people feel lonely, unfulfilled and unsuccessful in the present atomized, fragmented and stressing society. But now, they were gently offered an easy way, how to help the society to prevent and contain the terrorist threat on European women, and to maintain the culture and social conditions of the Czech society.

It was interesting, that Islam and muslims were never directly mentioned in these discussions, how to improve the society, never identified as an enemy, or arcienemy. This feature lead to certain suspicion later, that The Community was in fact a covert, front (shell) organization of the all-present Islamic State, or mentioned Gülenists, with purpose to infiltrate the society by means of using… fear of Islamic State. How ironic! But it was an effective way, how to make friends and collaborators from original enemies and adversaries.

It was the question, whether the leading personnel of The Community even knew, who can be their real masters, hidden in the shadows? Were they the ones who were played, or were they just another con artists, desiring to gain money profit from scared women and men, who wanted to help these scared lambs?

The basic arsenal of female collaborators was exactly this: playing scared sheep, and whether this role was genuine or not was not important, as the effect on men and women was completely clear: women felt an urge to join the herd, in order to find protection in the mass, and men rediscovered their manhood, inspiring them to protect females at all costs.

The Community often used this sentence: “The nation that is not able to protect its women is not entitled to survive”, and there was no way to disagree with this inspiring quote for anyone. No wonder, that ranks of their members were widened gradually and massively, as the new members were promised highly attractive gifts.

But again: there is always a price to pay. Every member was thoroughly analyzed in terms of her or his strong or weak points, special skills, access in the society, etc., including checking police files, and then, he or she was used for a certain mission, or set of missions, suiting him or her well. For example: some highly sensitive women with acting skills were sent as “scouts”, raising fear or interest in target women and men, and then, highly persuasive successors came in, often with extensive experience in business development, who lured the target for an inconspicuous public meeting or public discussion, apparently fully open to strangers, but in fact, fully directed by The Community.

These meetings were critical for obtaining new recruits and collaborators. “Outsider” people who attended there realized too late, if ever, that the other participants are somehow playing the game with them, again, everybody of them has a set role, and they work in perfect synergy.

There was one person always present: a rather small woman around 40 years of age with suspected PSY skills, allegedly able to “sense” the real nature of the targets. She used simple human touch with her palm to identify the core energy of a potential asset, immediately able to recognize, what strategy should be used. This touch was executed as an innocent accident, or a friendly gesture, again, raising no suspicion.

Then, the most favorite strategy was to send a member of the opposite gender, appropriately equipped with physical and psychological skills. The Community had many handsome men and women in their arsenal, and they could manage miracles when negotiating with targets this way.

Sexual encounters were promised and indicated by these operatives more than openly, but never consummed and realized. The agents exactly followed the strategy “give food to a wolf, then let him starve, he will come to you, begging for your love”, leading their targets deeper and deeper into the organization, luring them with their sexual energy, using these gifts as an effective bait.

Later, when fully caught, the individual was promised to freely choose a sexual partner from the highest management of the organization, even for mating purposes, but there was one serious condition: only if such chosen individual was willing or able to execute some special operation for the organization, particularly in terms of widening their influence in the society. Here, the journalists, both male and female, were the most desirable targets.

This highly effective strategy promised many advantages for The Community, without raising any public awareness, negative media attention and general animosity, unlike the other sects. There was even a possibility of influencing the public and political life directly, maybe surpassing the mysterious Illuminati. The future seemed more than promising for The Community, as the fear of Islamic State was steadily rising, particularly after 2016 New Year Cologne anti-woman attacks, allegedly orchestrated by their local terror cells.

But it turned out that to play with human fear can be a double-bladed weapon. Through time, intensive fear and all-present terror spread through The Community ranks, and more and more female members realized, that in order to escape their fear, the best solution will be to submit to Allah, to accept Islam, and to gain real protection they hoped to gain, when they joined the organization.

But in comparison with Almighty Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, no human ideas and concepts could be a real competition for such powerful religion, giving men the real manhood: no wonder, that men of The Community followed immediately, the organization suddenly disappeared, even vapored, and no traces of it can be found nowadays.

But there is a theory, that The Community pursues their noble goals further… only serving to another leader, Allah, but they are perfectly masked, so the Czech Counterintelligence service is completely unable to infiltrate them, and to stop them in spreading Islam in these faithless lands.

Now, when rumors about The Community hit the security and intelligence environment, there is many questions and theories, who and why, and the potential involvement of the Islamic State, suspected of executing a VIP kidnapping, mass extortion and another special operation in Czech republic in order to acquire old buried German blueprints for constructing their ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) near the town of Stechovice, is widely discussed.

But the truth will be hardly ever discovered, as everybody denies any direct involvement with The Community now, including the aforementioned woman leader. Today, she allegedly provides some expensive personal development courses somewhere in the Carribean, far away from the thousand of towers of Prague, never to return home, as the influence of women in the Czech society is quickly dropping, and they are covertly converting to Islam in masses, accepting the superiority and mercy of Allah and their own destiny, set by Him to them.

The last report indicates that another sect, originating from Asia, tries to get more followers in the Czech republic nowadays. They call themselves “The Church of God Mother”, originating from South Korea and deviating from Christianity, and they are using young innocent Korean women for inconspicuous street recruriting. But as they offer no real salvation and wide personal advantages as Islam does, their influence remains still marginal, and suspicion of certain North Korean involvement is rumored.

It seems however, that the “golden times” of religious sects and New Age cults as this phenomenon of the decadent, fragmented and deeply divided Western society are over, and all desires of the lost insecure Western sheep are fully satisfied by Islam, spreading more and more into Europe, and domestic security forces are “adjusting to another priorities”.

In the end, the most powerful always wins, and sheep always find their shepherd, providing them security, safety, something to believe and to follow, a sustainable life.

For Europe, Allah becomes the shepherd of the future, and more and more European citizens understand that He was never an enemy of their values and culture. Islam simply comes to liberate Europe from oppression of lies and decadent ideas of postmodern social engineering, destroying the society, families and children, like so called “inclusion” of infamous Czech Ministry of Education Katerina Valachova, who dedicated her life to a questionable goal of “improving” the Czech schools and their pupils.

Not such foolish unhealthy women as Katerina should lead anymore: more suitable and sustainable inspiration comes from Saudi Arabia: The Superior Woman.

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