The end of gender warfare and rise of men comes: from the Middle East

Since the ancient times, there was always one big weakness of all men: and it was mating desire, strong, everlasting hunger for touching, consuming a female soft body. Of course, that women learned very quickly, how to use this flaw to their wide advantages, to effectively counter male higher physical power, even aggressivity and violence that men were willing to use to get to women, for example from a different tribe.

In postmodern times, relations between genders developed to proclaimed equality, and women were protected by thousand laws, so no one could touch them without their consent, because the basic mission of the society is to protect the weaker ones. And they also started their big educational and professional careers. Instead of lying in bed with their legs open and succumbing to mating desire, instead of taking care of their children, instead of cooking with love for the family, they went to pursue their questionable career dreams that the postmodern society put somehow into their minds, and they also started to regulate their own reproducing mechanism, using the contraception pills that wise scientists developed to “satisfy their needs”.

Men, unable to use their physical force to get to mating anymore, were losing ground substantially. And yet worse: the society learned them to think, instead of simple fighting, to analyze, to live in the world of eternal thinking, doubts and fear, as women often do. Women shared their curse with men, and the results were terrible: the alcohol consumption arose, and the fertility rate dropped significantly in the Western world, in economically developed countries.

Suddenly, the society was full of totally lost people, who wandered here and there, unable to find their life mission, as the religion disappeared also, and although the atheist society was full of freedom and liberties to choose, without any leading thought, the only one value remained: consummerism, materialism, obsession with money, education, career, big houses, big cars and big bank accounts.

The feminist movement tried to promote women, but they were just pawns of multinational companies, who knew very well, that in the culture of fear, you can sell a lot of merchandise. So, the feminists became just a front organization for achieving completely another goals, to spread further instability of the society.

No wonder, that the opinion of women about men became very negative, even despising them. “They are losers… show me a real man,” the women begged and inhaled deeply, because they met only weak men, who couldn’t satisfy their extremely high needs and expectations. No wonder, that families started to disintegrate, under this influence, and extramarital affairs were on the rise, as the people were still looking for “somebody better”.

In the end, the world was full of men and women, who wandered endlessly, never able to satisfy their extremely high imaginations about their own value and demands to their potential partner. But what was positive for the multinational companies, this army of people had to fill their emptiness by consuming, so they were buying a lot of useless stuff, even making huge debts, to be “somebody”, to own and possess all the things a right person should have: a house in the suburbs, a German car, regular exotic vacations in the Carribean, and so on.

So, this was the paradise we lived in. And the media propaganda really contributed, spreading endless ideas about “modern woman” and “modern man” ruthlessly. They showed you who you should be, what you should do: and you, a lost insecure sheep, followed these wise directions, to get satisfaction, and to get “the right to mate”.

Around year 2000, just before that fake “Y2K” bubble, “” bubble and September 11,  a new term occured in the media: “a metrosexual”. It was the first and open call for men to adapt feminine features, like obsessive body care, obsessive analyzing of the world, sharing emotions and related insecurity. “Effeminacy” became a norm in the modern society, with clear goal to erase all wars and male violence, bringing another level of paradise into the world.

But we all know, what happened, what disrupted all these dreams of a perfect, ideal society, where everybody is equal, where everybody is free. Since September 11, 2001, the Western society was fed with fear of Islam, and islamic terrorism, like a basic enemy. It was the former U.S. president G.W. Bush, who called to arms, to eradicate the enemies of the free world once and forever.

But unexpectedly long wars in Afghanistan in Iraq became a nightmare. As the U.S. Military became battle-weary, and the political will of the nation was against continuation of these neverending armed intervences in the Middle East, causing many casualties and extremely high costs for the economy, which struggled with massive 2008 global economic crisis, it became clear that the islamic world can’t be defeated militarily. So another approach was chosen: to organize revolutions.

So called Arab Spring in 2011 was a perfect success of CIA’s foreign efforts. Or we could say almost: because in unstable Syria and Iraq, a new and formidable enemy was born: the Islamic State (IS), a front organization of unknown entities and complicated interests, backed widely with money, weaponry and manpower, which started to grow quickly, and no political proclamations or NATO air strikes were able to stop it.

Unable to contain this new threat, the IS ended all hopes of Americans for ending the neverending Middle East crisis, and also any previous expectations about Barrack Obama’s presidency, that should bring a new hope for the U.S. superiority in the world, seriously threatened by Chinese dragon, which gets stronger every day, every minute, avoiding any open confrontation wisely, just building a massive empire of power silently, pulling strings from the distance.

In this hard moment, when the U.S. Presidential Election 2016 became close, a new hope occured: a female candidate, Hillary Clinton, who had the real chance to win the election, to become the first female U.S. president, and to change something with her feminine, more sensitive approach.

But these dreams won’t get fulfilled. That beautiful vision of females, leading the world, leading us to paradise again, is spoiled forever, and Hillary has no real chance to win now. Also, all female dreams about their superiority ended.

In May 2015, just before the beginning of the massive influx of refugees into Europe, the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite unit of the Czech Military and a clandestine part of 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion (Special Forces), received an order from the highest places (Ministry of Defence level). This unit had originally four principal tasks, one of them was “to promote the importance of feminine element in the modern military power”. And according to the aforementioned order, the Unit was instructed to end all operations, related to this task, with immediate validity.

This came as a big surprise, as the Unit’s operations to gain wide public influence for Military interests by using females proved highly successful. In a classified instruction, received from the Czech Military Counterintelligence, it was suggested to orientate to male matters in the future, particularly switching to so called “Military hip hop”, a purely male matter, with clear intention to infiltrate the Middle East, by means of music (Operation FALLEN KING), and to redirect all secret financial funds there.

This order became something as a prediction for the matters of close future. In one month later, the Western media were suddenly flooded with upcoming European Refugee crisis 2015, with vast consequences for the future of the whole European continent.

But there was one serious side effect of this unprecedented media massage: it lasted simply for too long, whole four months at least, daily spreading unprecendented fear into the minds of European citizens. Suddenly, it was publicly realized how high influence the religion of Islam has on them, on their lands, affairs and their future, and that the future of our world will be shaped at the most unexpected location: at the Middle East.

Related changes on the European social and political map could be seen immediately, including upcoming paradigm shift in gender relations, as the religion of Islam gains more and more attention and publicity, as in the last 14 years (since September 11, 2001). That classified military document from Operation FALLEN KING really predicted the future: the switch to male dominance again, as expected in times like this.

If a society feels threatened somehow, it usually calls men to arms, and the male importance rises, as exactly happened here. But the special matter is, that this crisis is just the beginning of something much larger, possibly a dramatic change in the world geopolitical map forever, where not the Europe or the U.S. will rule anymore, but the Middle East will prevail, and this region is deeply connected with the influence and culture of Islam.

The influx of Syrian people into the Europe allegedly means a breaking point for the European-Middle Eastern relationships, and the overall perception of Islam by Europeans. It was perceived as a threat for too long: and now, it is possible, that another approach will be suggested by the social elite: to get to know Islam, to understand it more, to accept it as a reality that concerns the continent widely.

This will affect gender relations without any doubt, advising females to change, to reconsider their lives, their mission. The influential voices, suggesting women to follow their original nature again, which was changed in the postmodern Western society to pursue careers, will get stronger.

Effiminacy in the male world will also be over. As the importance of Military and defence matters will rise significantly, the men will be persuaded to discover their real nature again, rejecting all attempts of females to keep them soft and weak.

The massive coming of Syrian people is the most substantial change for European affairs in the whole history. And relations between men and women will be changed once and forever. We should accept it: and the LOVE DREAM project of a new generation social network will adapt to this new cultural and social changes, with basic mission: to lead people on a correct journey to their personal sustainable future, under all possible conditions.

It was mentioned earlier, that Syrian people and the Middle East can bring us much good, for example in better and more stable family relationships, necessary for continuation of the society. And females can also reconsider their personal values, to be more satisfied in life, to experience less doubts and insecurity.

In the end, it seems, that the Western men will be saved by Syrian refugees. And a side effect will be peace between genders, at last.

But firstly, we should stop thinking too much, as it lowers the overall quality of our lives. Guides in Love Dream project, particularly Klaus, will teach us how.

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