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You must understand, fools, that Hollywood has its special rules, and woman’s life too. One would say, that woman’s power is directly connected to her fertility, ability to be impregnated, to produce eggs from her ovaries, which can be fertilized by male sperm… but that would be too simplified definition, and sometimes, when a woman loses this magical ability, defining her gender, she acquires others, and she can become a devastating machine, cold and ruthless, who understands, that no concessions can be made, if so called higher interests are at stake.

A typical example is Katerina Motovska, a Woman War Machine, next Czech Minister of Defence, who once maybe believed, that her future is family, peaceful life, but shocking disappearance of her husband Jan Motovsky and collapsing of all her values sent her to another life path, when she is called Princess of Swords, loved by many, feared by enemies of the Czech state, particularly treacherous Poles, the aggressive Northern neighbours of Czechia, who won’t dare to touch the Czech national territory with their filthy military boots again, like they did in 1920, 1938 and 1968, as even a nuclear retaliatory weapon can be launched by her against them, she won’t hesitate to wipe out these rats, in the name of higher interest and sustainable future of peaceful Czech nation, to get rid of this everlasting geopolitical threat once and forever, and even admiring poems are composed about Motovska by Special Forces personnel.

Who knows, how another woman of the edges, Bridget Moynahan (*1971) achieved quite a decent Hollywood career. Maybe she was simply good, or maybe she fucked her career upstairs through the beds of Hollywood producers and powerful men of the movie industry, you know the rules… indeed, she wouldn’t be the first, or the last of those L.A. sluts, hungry for power and particularly fame.

Or was she so beautiful, so seducing, so innocently looking, that no one could resist her, all those producers, directors and audience alike? Indeed, as a former elite fashion model, and quite prominent, even on international level, she had her definite vantage… and she succeeded in her acting career, no doubt about it, playing main female roles in many “A” movies, like her colleague, who later converted to Islam, Lindsay Lohan, becoming a Woman of Islam.

But in life, infidels never have enough, always asking: what will be next? Where to move further? Where to advance, not to stand at one place for too long, and to lose momentum? Indeed, those infidels, not protected and guided by Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High, who advises well to always have sense for proportion of things, they are under constant pressure, and as an actress, if you are so dependent on your seducing female beauty, the stress for a generally vulnerable, fragile woman must be overwhelming.

And aging doesn’t avoid even this high-quality slut Bridget Moynahan, although she made everything possible to last longer, some smaller medical intervention at reputated GHC Clinic, even becoming a media face for some cosmetics corporate rats, to promise other women, that with these miraculous consumer Anti-Aging products, like PHE-AA, they can be young maybe forever… like she, at least on the cinema reels, which will preserve her youth forever, but don’t try to look at the mirror then, and rather believe, what you want to believe, that you will live and shine forever.

Anyway, a necessary, even, critical part of female professional media career is so called media branding, extremely important in show business, where you “show” in front of an audience, and you need to influence them, so they perceive you “correctly”, as you want, to secure more professional opportunities and never waning interest of press about you, which makes you a celebrity, a social leader.

To create, maintain and develop their desirable, superior and effective “personal brand” and “public picture”, the acting bitches use either services of PR professionals, like Saatchi PR, or like Marketa Maryam Korinkova once was, also a former fashion model, studying elite Charles University, particularly Marketing Communication and Public Relations field of study, before becoming The Islamic Princess, and starting completely different career in the Emirates

Or they use their own instincts, abilities and ideas, so there wil be no loose ends, no malicious tongues, which could reveal their secrets, how a star was born, by creating lies and propaganda, to be “likeable” for the vulgar masses of fools, who provide media power for you, just because they are interested in you, so journalists are willing to write about you… or you can simply bribe the fools to write about you, the journalistic rats are cheap and always hungry for sacks of gold coins, or, and that’s definitely the best option, you create some “publicity stunt”, a deliberate controversy, like showing your tits, shouting some slogans, disrupting some high-profile politicial meeting, to produce media attention, creating uproar… only your creativity is limit here.

But these aggressive, straightforward measures are rather for cheap, unsuccessful sluts, thirsty for attention, not like Bridget Moynahan, who needs to protect her reputation with her life, only doing actions “adequate” to her high position.

So, when Bridget Moynahan was considering her next career, how to build her media picture further, when her former young beauty started to melt, her choices were practically two: either to mingle with politics, or women empowerment, very safe and efficient way to attention of more than 50% of the worldwide population, because Social Engineering is very trendy issue nowadays, feeding many girls and women from various NGOs and public interest groups.

Still, you need to remember, that almost all the movie producers, top executives and owners of the key corporations of the film industry, who decide your next roles, are men, so you can’t be too radical, not to upset them, so they would start avoiding you, stealing all opportunities from you, effectively liquidating your career.

Therefore, clever Bridget played it rather “safe” in the beginning, avoiding those radical feminists, and too radical ideas of women empowerment, like promoting female superiority openly, as she needed to find the perfect point, where she will be appreciated by both sides: by women, that she is “one of them”, fighting for their rights, but also by men, who will see her as “moderate”, not jeopardizing the society, only with slight effort to “improve it”, so the special skills of women will be better used, that the whole issue won’t be about divisions, conflicts, even some gender warfare: the same strategy was deployed by Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel in the ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, origin of Islam, to corrupt Saudi Women, and also by Princess Haya Bint Hussein in the Emirates.

Still, Bridget felt, that there could be much more achievements, perks and rewards in this realm, but only if she would be protected by some ultimate power, so she can open her mouth completely, to be heard, to be distinctive, to be unique, to tell her own opinions, not to be just a part of the general women empowerment movement, because you need to shine on every stage, to be noticed, remembered and appreciated, as there is always plently of small roles in movies, but places for leaders are limited.

Bridget knew, that she could develop her further career in this direction just perfectly, to avoid destructive influence of aging on her professional life, but still, when she was still dependent on those male producer rats, she needed to keep low-profile, and that was not good, because people could think about her, that her female activism is only a show for the media, only for effect, as any woman of public interest always participates in some charity foundation or noble cause, to be liked by masses, who will stop envying her success and wealth, creating a perfect smoke screen against hatred and rejection, like mentioned Katerina Motovska at Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, or Tatana Kucharova, Miss World 2006, and her suspicious organization “Beauty of Helping”, rumored to extract money from senior citizens, by altering their last wills, for later use in various Illuminati conspiracies.

Then, one day, like a shark in a shallow sea, this new, extremely influential organization occured, World Women United (WWU), very obviously backed generously by someone, and this fact naturally attracted Bridget’s interest, so she send her spies, to find out more.

When it was revealed, that WWU is a subsidiary of a Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, a member of Triad of MegaCorporations (Huawei, Alibaba, Wu), one of the most powerful companies of the world, established allegedly to “promote healthy ideas of women empowerment and secure opportunities for disadvantaged females”, and also to help to achieve global dominance of Chinese Conspiracy by supporting of various subversive activities at the West, including terrorism, Bridget knew exactly, that this is her chance, if she will be quick and efficient enough, if she will be able to persuade WWU leaders, that exactly her and her quite high social position could be very beneficial for WWU’s and Wu’s (or rather CPC, Communist Party of China) interests.

She avoided to contact them directly, but using media assets on her private payroll, she took care of being noticed by all… and meeting with WWU representatives later, particularly Ivana Benova and Beyonce, who signed the famous Declaration of Estrogen Conspiracy, to “discuss options of beneficial mutual cooperation”, was completely natural, as WWU needed leaders, and leaders needed WWU, as these Chinese could not only help you in your career, they could literally create you from ashes, as they even had their Influence Operations (Media) subsidiary created, particularly so called ShowBiz Center, which sole mission was to “process and create stars”… or to destroy them, throwing them as defenceless meat to the masses, to provide entertainment, if they became inconvenient, betrayed, or their fall was simply “medially interesting”, as Pavel Novotny, chief reporter of Heavy Slander gossip magazines, liked to say.

Indeed, in the end, both parties made a deal… and this new connection should change history, as Bridget’s famous and memorable speech at 2017 WWU Convention at Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States, literally entered into historical textbooks, adding explosive power to all women empowerment efforts, and also creating extremely wide controversy, raising deep interest of men and women alike, provoking endless discussions, on popular and academic level alike, even in highest levels of wordlwide politics, in all possible countries, even in extremely “macho” Colombia, and conservative Saudi Arabia.

It must be reminded, that this fateful speech took place just one week before Annual Technological Convention 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which was planned to cause most serious consequences for human kind. In certain sense, the WWU convention was intended as a foreplay, a primer, and opening of a big show, preparing the world battleground for big, breaking, fateful offensive, backed by Wu, Illuminati, estrogen conspirators, or who knows… only historians and school children will care, but the world had to cope with these most serious events, changing the world history with unstoppable, devastating effectivity, although no one gave the permission to such action to Wu, Illuminati rats or anybody.

The title of the speech was “Queen Mothers And Lazy Effeminate Dependent Men”.

“To assure our victory, we must to take all the strength, power and influence from men,” Bridget Moynahan reminded the basic stratagem of their struggle. “But I don’t believe in futile war with them… let’s offer them a business instead, so they will give up all their power voluntarily! Let’s offer them something they desire for, dream for, deep in their nature! This way, they will become our collaborators, even pawns and puppets, who will even support our cause and victory, as we will supply them with pleasant lifestyle, which they will enjoy so much, because we know them well, their desires, obsessions and vices!

Ask yourself, sisters: what is man’s real dream? Not fighting and dominance, because he is very lazy in his nature! He want to lie down, eat, sleep, have sex, watch TV, play video games. That’s it, this primitive weak lazy animal doesn’t want anything more, if not forces by circumstances!

Those are his basic needs, when he feels ultimately satisfied… another thing is his mother, he dreams about his mother, taking care of him, never rejecting him, fulfilling all his wishes, not like us, alleged independent strong women, who don’t want to give him anything, who make no attachment, but this phase of our approach towards men must be ended… imagine, that you would suddenly become his mother! How much power over him this position would gave you… he would become your slave, obeying, listening to you, even fighting for you… voluntarily, to realize his own interests, and he knows that!

I am suggesting to put all men into this desirable ‘pampered son’ state, because in that moment, all their power will effectively vanish, transferred to us completely! There will be no fight for power… if our adversary will give it to us voluntarily! There will be peace and order in the world!

To achieve this, we must completely change the perception of an ideal man, using Public Relations and Media. Suddenly, we will start promoting a new model, it’s very important, that this vision has some particular visual shape, defined in details, so men and women can identify with it.

So, what is the vision of a man, which we want?

Dependent on us, but pampered. He exchanges his freedom for our care and maternal love
Having plenty of food and ‘easy sex‘, as we know, that this is what he wants, so we want to give it to him
Playing video games, sitting in front of computer, lazy, not doing any sport
Avoiding conflicts and confrontation, has features of beta male, because alfa males only cause wars and violence, and we reject it, every reasonable person should reject it, including men! We will connect alpha men with war and death, destroying their image!
Not pushed into anything, seduced to lazy lifestyle, even supported to it
Physical appearance: overweight, no muscles, we don’t want muscles, we even reject them strongly, as means of violence against us! We will remind men about all their sins against us, rapes, domestic violence, and we will suggest them to change, if they want to be real modern men, with updated version of chivalry, gentlemen!
We prefer intellect and particularly IT skills over physical appearance, as this is the trend of digital society of the present, so he will spend all the time in front of PC voluntarily
We will encourage him to become an IT employee, to connect his professional future with computers, so he will be sitting on his ass whole day, gaining weight, becoming lazy, addicted to Internet porn and videogames, not willing to study or develop or enter politics, just to enjoy the reality we created for him, where he feels pampered, like a fat lazy king

Imagine this vision, sisters:

In the morning, you prepate big breakfast for him, a lot of short sugars and fat food, like eggs, bacon, white bread, mayonese, orange juice. The purpose is to make him both fat and hungry again very quickly, craving for more food, as his blood sugar level drops soon.
Only if he eats it, like ‘good boy’ to have ‘enourg energy for love’, you let him to fuck you, but nothing complicated, no exhausting activity for him, nothing demanding, just relax, as he likes it.
Then, he goes to work, drives a car there, not to have any physical acitvity, staring into computer the whole day, with break to lunch, and he eats very large portion of food, a ‘mega-size’, because he is hungry, and because ‘he is a man’, and you told him, that you like proper ‘bears’ and that ‘it suits him’, and he wants you to like him, as he is dependent on you, weak, wants to please you.
Whole afternoon the same routine, sitting on his fat ass without any movement, but happy, doing, what he loves, where he is good, as men are talented for computers, and they can find satisfaction there easily, as there are quick and easily accessible rewards.
Then, he drives car home, where another big portion of delicious food awaits him, prepared by you ‘with love’, and then, he sits back to computer, because there is so much to do! There is his life!

An evening sweet snack from you, you bring it directly to his computer, so he doesn’t have to wake up from table, or pay some attention to you, not to be disturbed, you even asking him with cordial interest, ‘how is the work’ and ‘this project is so interesting’, to encourage him, to sit there longer, to get involved yet deeper! And you don’t mind, if he spends whole evening there!
Sex. No complicated positions, just he lying on you, until he ejaculaes, you demand no orgasm, because you are modest, submissive and passive… allegedly.

Repeat, because exactly this is a lifestyle he wants.

In general, we need to promote a vision of a man, who is computer geek, fully adapted to this digital society, including his body. Why would he need his muscles for, if he is supposed to sit the whole day? On the contrary, decently overweight male body will start to be widely accepted, even secretly admired, as ‘manly’, because we women like ‘bears’! Moreover, as stated, muscles will be directly connected with violence, using subliminal messages in media… believe me, sisters, gyms will get empty very quickly, if we will organize public rejection of all muscular men, targeting their group and individuals alike, rejecting to sleep with them, as they are ‘violent’!

Surely a man is lazy, doing any exercise, only because of social pressure. He thinks, that we want him to be slender and muscular. But what if we will tell him openly, that we want another version of him? Of course, he will listen, because instead of sweat and exhaustion, he will have food and sitting allowed!

This way, we can recreate all men, who will appreciate our care about them, becoming our allies, supporting our struggle, because they will be pampered, we will be their mothers.

But visual side is also important. So let’s show them his new and desirable body, with emphasized belly, slim limbs, but intelligence, which we admire, and IT ability, it means a lot of money, because computers rule today!

Yes, another important thing is, to lure men into IT industry, and offer them big money, so they will forget all other careers, like crafts, where they have physical work. No! We need them only sitting in front of computers, passive, lazy, weak, living in fake reality, which we will support in reality:

You want sex: here! Just lie down on me, I don’t need no foreplay, no orgasm, just stick it into me, copulate, and ejaculate! Simple, no complications, exactly as you like it!

You want food? Here! I am cooking every day for you, and very big portions, plus snacks. And you won’t complain, that you are getting fat, because being fat is completely normal, even trendy, and sexy for me! I don’t like slender men, they are so weak, they can’t protect me!

There will be even a scientific study widely published, that women don’t need muscles, only raw body weight, it means, that there is no difference between muscles or fat for them,, they only watch absolute body mass.

Self-acceptance of his ‘new body’: assure him every day, how greatly he looks, how manly he is! And here, have some food… you feel stressed from work? Here, have a sweet snack from your mama, who loves you, who cares! I will feed you directly into your mouth, like my beloved baby! He must be eating day and night…

Don’t deny sex from him, ever! He must be accustomed to very easy sex, BUT! Only if he listens to you in other things! You are bad boy, you show any aggressivity? Nothing, I don’t want you! You want to play football? I am angry, I don’t want you to sweat and get hurt by that violent men!

We want him lying in the sofa, with his belly full and balls empty, not willing to go anywhere and fight, but the most perfect position is of course in front of computer, locking him there, creating ultimate addiction!

Video games, Internet, social media, porn, movies, music, studying… there is so much to do in front of computer! We need to show him, to get him attracted, trapped… and in the nature, there is so much threats, like ticks, wasps… Honey, will you rather show me this game, instead of walk? It’s so interesting! And how capable you are with computers! Can you fix mine? And do you know that PHP? Will you learn? Honey, learn, so I will love you more!

Yes, increase his love of this IT lifestyle by always asking him for help with phone or computer, and reward him… the primitive animal will learn, like a Pavlov’s dog, that there will be reward for his IT skills…

Sisters. can you see it? This is exactly, what we needed… now nothing can stop us! Victory will be ours… this is dawn of matriarchy and end of violence, because only we females can secure sustainable future for our children! Think about kids, not that men, who only want to destroy, if not taken care of properly… and this is, what we are gonna do, so there will be no more wars, aggression and violence!

Sisters, since today, we are creating our destiny, and the future of the world! Return to your husbands, fathers, boyfriends and sons now… you know, what to do!

And regarding fathers: liberate from their oppression finally! You need to reveal their secret vision of you as their female prey, whom they want or wanted to rape, to get control over them!

Simply tell them: ‘Daddy, I know, that you want to fuck me. I see it in your eyes, and how your dick is hard, when I embrace you. You are a bad boy, but I understand you, because I am your queen, and I will take care of my bad boy, but you need to submit to me!’

We will get them under our complete control… all of them!

If he will leave you, he has nowhere to go, because other woman will be completely the same, like you! He will understand, that this is the reality, and normality, so he won’t feel the urge to find someone ‘better’, because he will understand, that you are the best, you are his destiny!

And this is, what you wanted, not to be left by a treacherous fool, who hurts your heart… this fat puppy will never leave, and you can play with him, as you like, becoming totally dominant factor of his life!

Control and dominance, authority… this is, what we want and need, and we will take it from men! There will be female superiority indeed, and even they will see it and acknowledge it! There will be no protest and rebellion, only acceptance… or humilation and destruction of those who would try to oppose our righteus cause!”

Estrogen Conspiracy

Fashion Models Elite

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