The Estrogen Mafia takes prisoners

Men, be careful! It was just leaked in the Czech tabloid media, how advanced strategies are the modern women using, to make a slave from you, to get control of you, so they can enjoy and even distribute your own resources! But to achieve this task, they have to manipulate you to submit to them, and voluntarily, at first.

Fortunately, unlike the terrorists from the Islamic State, who recently conquered Prague, these merciful women take the prisoners, and that will be YOU, because they know your desires and weaknesses well, and they will (mis)use them against you, and for their interest: to get to the resources!

Nikola Dotkova Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Female Warfare fashion model PSYOPS - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAllegedly, the following highly disturbing content comes from a training manual for the FEMWAR (Female Warfare) operatives of the Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army. Although the mere existence of this alleged shady organization was never confirmed by the Czech Ministry of Defence, the Czech public knows well, that this intimidating group influences the highest levels of the Czech society, and also foreign affairs, including their operations in Austria and United Arab Emirates, where a fashion model and a top-tier member of the Unit, designated as Asset A55, named Nikola Dotkova, codename CAT’S PAWN, was deployed in Operation SKINNY PUPPY, related to misusing our Islamic Czech celebrity, Marketa Korinkova Maryam, to have an affair with the Sheikh Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, so our Israeli allies could disrupt the axis of the Islamic power in the world, getting even mighty Saudi Arabia onto the knees later (see The Maryam Affair).

But don’t be naive, that all the operatives look so impressively and conspicuously, like Nikola Dotkova, who is allegedly the author of following pamphlet herself. Most of them are quite common women, and deliberately, not raising too much suspicion, so your attention will be eliminated, and these ruthless female wolves, presenting as innocent sheep to fool you, can start with their dangerous games with your heart, soul and mind. Why? Of course, in the highest state interests!

Remember, fools: in nature, there is nothing like an easy prey. What seems easy, will stuck inside you, and you will realize too late, how foolish and wrong you were, like always: you believed that all the good feelings are true.

“Feed a wolf, then let him starve. He will come back to you, willing to be submitted.”

Firstly, be inacessible, hard to reach, distant, present yourself as a difficult prey, who evades the male attention and any charges of a man completely naturally, because she is sensitive, shy, timid, pure and innocent angel.

Create desirable contrast between your personal presentation and professional background, create a controversy for attracting male attention, to force the male to search for the truth about you endlessly and with determination, to attach his energy, thoughts, time and resource toward yourself.

Describe yourself as a corporate ace, in strange combination with your shy soul. It can be explained by your religious background, because you are a devoted Christian, indicating to the man, that you are not some cheap modern whore, but a woman, who deserves proper attention, because she seems as a perfect partner, wife and mother of children.

Your background is not a city, but a small village, indicating better relationships between people, faith and values, to be appreciated.

Next stage is creating a victim from you, to awake his compassion and protective instincts. Something bad happened to you, for example, your Internet accounts were hacked, you don’t know computers or cell phones, so the male will feel like your savior, that by helping you, he can get close to you, gain your trust and gratitude, so you will more likely be “friendly” towards him.

Always force him to direct his resources and sympathy towards you, because you are fragile and vulnerable, awake his protecting side inside him all the time, so he will forget all the other women, paying the complete attention to you, as you will make him completely busy in all senses.

Following stage yet expands this strategy: you had a relationship recently, but it failed, and all your dreams are spoiled now, because that previous idiot left you, he didn’t know, what treasure he has.

Thus, you will force the new man to pledge allegiance to you, promising to heal you from the bad feelings and disappointments, to show you, that not all men are the same traitors and treacherous rats, and he will take it as his personal mission, a crusade, when he will give you everything without limits, because saving fallen angels is a basic male mission, creating even a obsession, when they feel like knights and heroes, whereas in the real world, they are just losers, who can’t kill and commit violence, as is in deeply written in their male nature, because modern society stripped them of such options.

(Notice: there were many cases of men in the history, who completely destroyed themselves and lost everything, from property to sanity, to “save” clever and ruthless women, who played their role well: firstly, they presented themselves as fragile victims, who need protection and support, and then, they created complete chains of artificial crises and deliberate threats, exhausting the man in all senses, with the help of their relatives, presented as enemies, but in fact fully cooperating in the operation in practice)

Following tactics was successfully deployed by recruiting female members of various new age cults and religious sects: when you will meet with the target, explain your motivation for a date just by desire to meet another man, who seems to be better and hopefully, he will show you that males are not the same.

Then project your mutual attraction immediately, make an ultimately perfect date for him, be a woman whe wants you to be: attentive, funny, relaxed, not counting hours together, move yet closer to him physically, so he will be enchanted, and the fire of endless male sexual desire will start to burn, without ability to be contained, and the man will switch his thinking towards having sex with you, as a primary male goal.

Misuse this fact for your advantage, by further tempting him, that “with the previous man, I slept too soon, almost immediately”, so the fool would like to experience the same pleasure and gain a new trophy, but this time, you “decided to do it differently, because otherwise, the promising relationship would be spoiled”. This way, you will slow him, you will control the tempo and development of all affairs: in other words, you will have full control.

Deny sex from the man, and explain it, that you protect your deepening relationship and your heart, not to be hurt again. Make him unsatisifed inside, obsessed, change his moods from loving you, worshipping you, admiring you, to anger, pain, uncertainty and hatred, to lower his self-confidence, to make him unstable and his mood dependent on you.

Humiliate him inconspicuosly by remembering him his mistakes and weaknesses softly, to hurt him from thousand small wounds daily, but don’t let him bleed him too much: only remain him systematically, that he is not a king, and other are better.

So, remind him the qualities of your ex-men, and always touch the sensitive points of the man, like his insufficient education, failed career, physical imperfections, etc. But be careful, when deploying this measure, not to make his soul closed, by feeling rejected! Rather inspire him, that you can be a remedy for his mistakes, to attach him more to you! Because now, you will be more than a woman: you will be his angel, and how can any man deny any wish of his angel to be fulfilled without conditions?

In other words, create problems deliberately, and then offer solutions. Cause pain for him, and then relief… repeat endlessly, and you will break him soon. He will submit.

To achieve this purpose, use the very favorite, and highly malicious strategy of female sociopaths: change your behavior towards the man unexpectedly.

In one moment, be sweet as a cake, loving, taking care, soothing, caressing, embracing, desiring physical touch, dedicated only to him, pleasant… and in next moment, but not too soon, so he won’t suspect you from being emotionally unstable, change into a ice queen, because he did something bad, anything, and deny to tell him exactly, but indicate clearly, that it’s all his fault, that you are the good and pure one, but he is just a horny fool, rough, making mistakes, hurting you all the time, and he should be glad, that you spend time with him, because you want to help him, to heal him, to save him. But he is making it difficult to you, so he doesn’t deserve your body… yet!

When the proper time for a sexual intercourse will come, inform him in advance and intensively, that you are taking no pills, so he will be excited with imagination of making you pregnant, fulfilling his male mission of spreading his sperm and genetics. Of course, men like unprotected sex, and you will “succumb” to his insisting… but the fool won’t know, that he will pay a very big price for the sin.

Something has to happen, but not pregnancy at the first place, as men know this trick well, moreover, it puts them under too much stress, and undesirable, unexpected, even violent response can’t be excluded, jeopardizing the operation and your personal safety. Control is the key, and pregnancy is too much shock, shaking the affair too much, and making you potential enemy in his eyes.

Rather use alleged transmission of a minor sexual disease, because he slept with half of the city in the past, and now, he makes you suffer. Deepen the guilt inside him, so he will forget all the others, and he will be filled with guilt and compassion towards you, keeping close to you and fulfilling your wishes to make it up to you, to compensate his sins, accepting the connection between you two, even if he could have better women.

He has to know always, that you have wide male protection in your family, and your brother, uncle and father, described deliberately as ruthless bodybuilders and armed mafiosos, would like to “talk” to him, if he would hurt you, but you “protect him” from their unpleasant interest.

The fool has to be under pressure all the time, but at the same time, dreaming secretly to get to the resources of your “wealthy family”, which seems very promising, even using the means of deliberately impregnating you, or at least he will think so, that through a child, he will get to the immense money and family property: you could even provoke him, to begin the “impregnating operation”, so he will wait patiently to be allowed for access to your reproductive system, perceiving you as a woman of value, an opportunity to get into a good, wealthy family, to improve his social status and opportunities (particularly effective on men with insufficient material background).

Deepen his addiction on you by brining nice surprising moments of him, when you are a perfect partner suddently, cooking, making oral sex for him without expecting counter service, bringing him gifts, organizing a surprising romantic trip to a spa… being simply sweet, passive and under his control, apparently… he will remember these sweet moments, and he will be willing to tolerate your worse moods, when you will be a ruling bitch.

Maybe he will be even attracted, if he is secretly submissive man, because he had unbalanced relationship with his mother… don’t forget to test this feature, as discovering this weakness could give you immense power over him!

Always test him, always search for weaknesses: and then exploit them, sister in arms… and if your target is a politician, an ambitious business executive, or a member of a terrorist organization, generally a man who considers himself special and born to achieve great things, deploy an ultimate measure against him: simply tell him with serious voice, that you fear him.

Then, feeling like a powerful king of the world, as someone discovered and confirmed his hidden qualities finally, he will reveal all his secrets to you with utmost gratitude, and you can bring perfect Intelligence items to your superior officers, deserving state medals, protecting the national security of the state, and allowing other assets to slip inside the structures of the enemy, which you opened so nicely, with your superior tactics!”

Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsJust terrible, isn’t it, brothers? These female military operatives are ruthless indeed! And there was even a list of women attached, who deployed these strategies successully, just have a look at Estrogen Mafia page! And read a continuation of the article: Don’t Listen To Seducing Voice of Estrogen Mafia. She Knows, How To Play With Your Weakness.

Don’t forget, fools: if you are Muslims, if you are submitted to Allah and His will, then none of these strategies can be effective on you, and you will be liberated from your own desires, dumbness and female games with you. In Islam, a man always wins over a woman, because instead of her, he worships only Allah: indeed, Islam is the only way to male freedom!

Estrogen Mafia women leaders female empowerment rule world ambition executive - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

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