The Forgotten Raid: Militarized Police Against Czech Mosques and Muslims. Shooting People For a Book?

Without any doubt, the most shameful day of Czech Islamic history was Friday, April 25th, 2014, when heavily armed assault elements of masked Czech Militarized Police (PCR) breached into two main objects of Islamic worship in Prague with full force, just during Friday prayers, extremely important for all Muslims, making open threats of shooting peaceful worshippers of Allah, and all this futile violence and aggression occured just because of allegedly harmful Anti-Jewish book by Bilal Philips, “The Fundamentals of Tawheed”, which was allegedly distributed at these sacred sites, and translated by Czech Islamic community.

police-militarization-military-conspiracy-civic-rights-terrorism-islamic-state-government-state-security-force-swat-special-forces-specops-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe brutal raid, where also military-grade assault weaponry (G36C carbines) with devastating dum-dum projectiles and APCs (armored personnel carriers) with 30mm cannons, loaded with armor-piercing and anti-personnel incendiary WIP (White Phosphorus) ammunition was deployed by participating police forces, who executed the assault as a full-scale counter-terrorist operation, had highly questionable pretext, as the mentioned book was distributed openly at least two years before, sold even by public e-shops.

Concerns of Militarization of the Czech Police

Moreover, the timing of the highly questionable operation suggested open effort to humiliate Muslims, as there was no rational reason, to execute the assault just during the Friday prayers, when many completely unrelated, uninvolved people, including innocent women and children, were present at the Prague mosque (located at Cerny Most suburbs) and also a prayer room (Islamic community center) in central Politickych veznu street (=meaning “Street of Political Prisoners”, that should be a warning sign for the Police planners).

Not only the Czech Muslims complained after the raid, also foreign countries through their diplomats, present at the obligatory Friday prayer, who were hand-cuffed and detained, like some criminals. After the event, a joint prayer was organized by Muslims just besides the Ministry of Interior main building, where allegedly 500 persons participated, to declare their strong protest against disturbing religious freedom such shameful and futile way, as in the end, no court sentence was ever made, as the court returned the case back to police, to deliver more supporting evidence, and the case effectively became cold… so much unlawful acts for nothing.

concerned-czech-muslims-ccm-islam-allah-muslim-prague-czech-republic-teplice-middle-east-persian-gulf-saudi-arabia-kuwait-qatar-oman-emirates-uae-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut “nice” memories of ruthless Czech policemen, shouting “Don’t move, or we will shoot!” remain in the minds of many Muslims, who are not willing to accept and tolerate such humiliation of Islam easily. And now, Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), an alleged Jihadi organization from highly Islamized Teplice region (Western Bohemia), reopened the old affair in full width and depth, making new official complaint, with openly declared willingness and devotion to find the culprits from the Czech judiciary system and Police, responsible for launching the humiliating raid, and during Friday prayers, so the move can be perceived as highly religiously insensitive, entering a sacred house of Allah without any respect, wearing military boots and assault weapons.

muslims-against-czech-police-dogs-jihad-canine-security-military-raid-mosque-unlawful-protest-muslim-teplice-conspiracy-military-special-forces-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe current Minister of Interior, Milan Chovanec, known to make various positive steps towards Czech Islamic community, like a solution of police dogs issue, presented a strong defence immediately, that a court decision was issued before the raid, and the document stated clearly, expressively and strictly, that the assault operation needs to be executed allegedly immediately, to secure the critical evidence, so the Police had allegedly no other choice, but to simply do it, as ordered… without regards, how culturally sensitive such operation can be.

Naturally, CCM started demanding to see this key paper, to study it and use during a prepared court action, but it was no surprise, that suddenly, the particular court and Ministry of Justice presented various excuses, why this step can’t be made, in clear effort to protect their official personnel, who can’t wear balaclavas, like SWAT policemen with concealed faces.

prison-islam-with-allah-you-survive-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAlthough judges enjoy high level of protection in the Czech state, including relative immunity regarding their court decisions, no one of them would be too pleased, if a clique of Czech Islamized Gypsies from Teplice, who are not afraid of prisons, who have nothing to lose and alleged Bosnian Salafi connections, openly declaring to walk on the path of Islamic Jihad against infidel oppression, would start sending complaints to the official Czech Judges Guild, inserting their name there, because in the end, the Guild would most likely decide to sacrifice a scapegoat, by acknowledging his or her mistakes in the particular case, in order to escape a nasty affair, which would be yet emphasized by omnipresent, sniffing and ruthless tabloid media, like Heavy Slander.

CCM calculated with this complications in advance, and they now apply pressure back on the Ministry of Interior, as they demand a clear proof, supporting sweet claims of the Police, that they are “innocent” in the case, and they “had to submit”. So, CCM is raising provoking public questions, whether additional control mechanisms shouldn’t be introduced, so the Police won’t be literally a sheep slave of potentially wrong court decisions, ordering questionable executive action, and as a result, such unfortunate religious and cultural conflicts can happen, totally unacceptable phenomenon in society, which claims to respect human rights and religious freedoms.

Another point of pressure and complaints is a vocal order by one of the policemen, caught on a publicly available amateur video, who said to the sitting Muslims loudly, quote: “Don’t move, or we will shoot!” in English language, but it could be also “Don’t move, or you will be shot!”, as the record has low sound quality.

To shoot people because of a book? And inside a mosque, a sacred house of Allah, where people come to worship Him in peace? In a postmodern Western society, where everybody has human rights, and human life is allegedly sacred, as Czech consitution says proudly?

CCM are known to be really devoted, even merciless servants of Allah, always seeing only higher interests of faith, not afraid to insult almost anyone, so they presented rather shocking opinion, that “… imagine, if an Islamic martyr would be hurt or even killed by the Czech Police during the raid, for example, by an accident. Imagine, what a beautiful affair it would become, how many police leaders would be forced to resign and stand in front of ruthless courts, how many worldwide protests would be called against evil Czech infidel oppressors of Islam, and now also killers, in front of Czech world embassies, where Czech national flags would be publicly burned by angry crowds.”

The Czech Islam Divisions Apostasy Muslim Islamic Ummah community Allah sympathy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThis highly controversial statement was followed by a disturbing answer to an incidental question, whether someone of CCM actually read the mentioned book by Bilal Philips, as asked by a Heavy Slander journalist, indicating, that CCM plans to use the affair also to “settle the open accounts” and “clean bad blood” inside the deeply divided Czech Islamic community, where CCM are openly ostracized and even despised by majority and particularly half-Islamic female converts and alleged dog-worshipping apostates, like Romana Cervenkova, labeling them as Islamic radicals, Wahhabists and Salafists with possible links to terrorist groups, as the Islamic cells from Prague and Brno mosques consider CCM as inconvenient business competitors, “stealing Saudi money and favor from us”.

“No, no one of us read the book, as we don’t need any other book to understand Allah, except the Holy Qur’an,” the CCM spokesman stated firmly. “With all respect to our Prague and Brno brothers and sisters in Islam, these weak fools are not even able to construct minarets for their mosques, and they lose time translating and reading some book, written by a mortal, who means nothing, instead of real worshipping Allah, but a raid like this is an attack against Islam as whole. Anyway, it’s even a blessing, sent by Allah, to help our cause, to promote our righteous interests in the end, so the Czech infidel sheep will understand, that their only way to salvation is not consumerism and decadence, but accepting Islam and full submission to the will of Allah.”

club-mecca-prague-czech-republic-muslim-islam-insult-name-blashphemy-allah-offensive-saudi-arabia-religion-faith-legal-action-concerned-renaming-rebranding-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsSuch is the face of Islam: anything you try to damage Muslims, will turn against you in the end, as Allah is the best of deceivers, as Qur’an states. So, in practice, CCM are even grateful to Czech Police for making this apparent mistake, promising sweet reward to their unknown covert assets, who maybe helped them to this achievement, damaging infidels of the Czech Police, courts and state in the process, to force them to make yet more concessions, so Islam in Czech lands can grow, as these belong solely to Allah, as CCM states, and even private businesses have to respect that, like former Club Mecca in Prague, forced to change its name, after wide pressure by Muslims.

Indeed, Allah teaches His followers, how to turn apparent tragedies, defeats and losses into big final victories, if their faith is deep enough and they make invocations of their mighty Lord with devotion, asking for His ultimate help and endless Compassion and Mercy, forgiving human sins, mistakes and weaknesses.

Indeed, it’s so great to live for Islam and Allah, as He always give you the most simple, but the most effective advices, how to live, and how to cope with any situation in life successfully, never losing faith and hope in Allah, who knows the best, what should be given to or taken from believers. Such is the ultimate power of Islam, the only complete and perfected religion of peace.

Dominika Myslivcova Blonde Ambassador of Islam Muslim Islamic Czech Teplice Allah - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThis is, what CCM brings to Czech people, unlike the rest of Czech Islamic community, which was never able to reach real masses of new converts. But CCM’s effort is nothing smaller, than “thousands of new followers”, highly disturbing statement for the Czech society, but appraised by their apparent right-wing enemies, like Dominika Myslivcova, who collect political points from the other side, so CCM and anti-Islamic activists work in the perfect synergy in the end, simply splitting power and influence in the Czech lands, a very advantageous situation for both sides.

silesia-affair-czech-poland-polish-territory-conflict-muslim-islam-islamic-allah-invasion-military-region-silesian-ostrava-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnd there is also the current Silesian affair, organized by CCM, with literally unlimited perspectives for political and social gains by many hungry parties, even from abroad, internationally, not excluding foreign Intelligence services, particularly Polish and Russian, which really like a tempting peace of meat, thrown to them by CCM masterminds, apparently uneducated Gypsies, who found themselves in Islam, becoming big players, not sheep like before, if given strength by Allah.

The eternal question, who is standing behind mysterious CCM, rumored to be a front organization of an unknown entity, is still unanswered, and Special Forces of the Czech Army, with their deep and dangerous military-industrial complex connections, are a primary suspect.

But only Allah knows the truth, testing His believers and leading them to final victory in Czech lands and everywhere else.

Rise of Czech Islam: Bohemia Belongs To Allah

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