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A man called Marc, originating from a wealthy suburbs of Paris, was once a French singer of medium media influence, struggling to make his living, or possibly even a fortune, by producing sweet, seducing love songs, to get favors, admiration and financial support from his almost purely female audience.

A handsome, well dressed man, as the rules of this special business ask, he could have any woman he would want, he knows everything about females and their souls, how to conquer them, how to play with them easily: but at some moment, he felt in the midst of personal crisis. not willing to sleep with them again, not willing to connect to them again, not willing to play the game again, and thinking about starting a completely new life, cutting of his estrogene addiction, very unhealthy for male integrity, and replacing it with Islam, as an ultimate cure.

Sitting in a cozy street café in Paris, called “Cafe de la Paix”, he declares, that too deep connecting to females, in order to deliver them exactly the product they will appreciate and buy, it was literally destroying his own personality and manhood, and he relates this crisis to the current situation in France, where the extrajudical status (=limiting civic rights until the situation, jeopardizing the national security, is resolved), declared by the French president François Hollande, is still in effect.

“When the Paris terrorist attacks happened in November 2015, it had vast consequences for the whole French society, of course. But suprisingly, this crisis also hit me: it destroyed my life, so something new could be established, perhaps.

You see, when the government start sending military troops in full gear into the streets, armed with assault weapons, their tactical vests loaded with generous supply of military-grade ammunition, like if there should be some war in the centre of Paris soon, only idiots could say, they feel more secure.

If you meet a regular policeman, even militarized, you know, that this man is the tool of law, always afraid of consequences, if he makes a slightest mistake against the thousand of rules he has to obey. He knows, that he is always watched, under public control, and he can hardly hide from his mistakes.

But these soldiers… they are different. You see something in their eyes, of course with faces hidden in their balaclavas, something really dangerous and nasty, that they have a completely different mindset, willing to start shooting at anybody, terrorist or civilian, if they will receive an order. They are trained not to think, not to question the orders: so do such objectively dangerous people, like them, belong between the civilians, if armed?

Call it my personal opinion, but I don’t like them, I don’t want them here at all, I don’t trust them. They belong to some war, to some battlefield, facing real enemies, shooting each other… but not here, scaring common peaceful people, bringing war closer to us, into our eyes and minds daily. This is the world we are supposed to live in? This is the happiness and paradise our politicians promised us? It’s June 2016 now, and the extrajudical status is still valid, after several long months!

Will it be ever revoked? Or will we live in the status of domestic war until the end of our lives?

At first, terrorists come, to hurt you, and then, the government comes, to ‘protect you’. And you don’t like them both, you don’t like what they do, and you think: somehow, they are connected to each other, working in perfect symbiosis, one helping each other in certain sense.

When I started seeing them in the streets, I mean the ruthless soldiers with fingers on the triggers of their weapons, who can shoot literally anybody, for example by mistake, when a firefight will start, something changed inside me. I don’t know why, but I just had a look into mirror, to see myself, in the midst of this alleged war: and what I saw, I didn’t like it.

I realized, that I am playing an idiotic role. Composing my sweet songs at my cozy recording studio, thinking how I should touch hearts of women, so they will be pleased, and they will be willing to ‘help me’, I am just a lousy puppet, not a man.

Of course, this was my choice, or let’s say necessity, to be able to pay the rent: it’s still the economic crisis out there, it never ended from 2008 until now, it’s hard to find a decent job with the future… this world becomes so strange, things start, I mean bad things, but then they never end, like that ‘War On Terror’, declared boldly 15 years ago, and it will last forever.

And this is the world we are living in, composing sweet songs, like if nothing happened, so your girlfriend can have her heart pleased, and then she will leave you, as I will give her good advices in my lyrics, like ‘Don’t stay where flowers don’t grow, go where is the green meadow’ or ‘A broken vase can’t be repaired, and fragments only hurt’ or ‘It was just illusion, your girlish dream, but it’s time to wake up, to become a woman’.

But something happened indeed, and it’s the matter of your intelligence, granted for you by Allah, to adapt, to reconsider.

You see, the Republic of France of today, it’s a colony of Islam, no doubt about it. If you have a look at the map, the capital we all love, Paris, is literally surrounded by so called ‘banlieues’, or let’s say, bad suburbs, excluded suburbs, or how the leftist are calling it.

Anyway, those are the places where you don’t want to go, you avoid them completely naturally, but you know about them, sometimes even more, when public unrests start, like in 2005, it was almost a civil war in the streets. Even today, a hundred cars is burned during some nights… of course, that multiculturalism failed, but it was not their fault, the people there in the suburbs, it was our fault, of course. Blaming yourself, it’s a very fashionable thing in Western Europe.

The Christianity teaches you to suffer, to take the pain: this postmodern ‘religion’ teaches to blame everything bad in the world on you! Now you see, that the Western civilization is really lost and eating herself.

Anyway, here, in France, you live in the middle of Islam, you are a scared white Western sheep, and you dodge with your eyes, to be able to live your life. But some of us, really desperate because of the life we are living, started watching that direction intentionally, asking a simple question: if Allah is out there, what good can He give me? Would He be willing to accept me, a white trash?

And you start reading about Islam, you find, that there is no discrimination by Allah, between Arabs and non-Arabs, blacks or whites, men or women, they have all the same value, they are loved by him… and sooner or later, you freeze and think: ‘Man, this is the way out of that hell of failures and fear!’

You find, that instead avoiding Islam, like a scared rat, pretending that everything is OK and we all are happy… it will be better to accept it, to get rid of all that bad feelings, and to gain immense power. Why should you suffer? Why should you accept and swallow all the shit around you, why should you take the blame, that we failed, our religion failed, our state failed, we failed?

In Islam, you gain the strength to change yourself. And if you change yourself for better, the world is changed as well. So you can start from yourself, with the ultimate help and guidance of Allah, who is always with you, knowing about all you do, appreciating your good deeds.

So you start doing good deeds. Not because of you, not because of others, but to please and worship Allah: and rewards are instant, you become somebody, you start feeling better, fear leaves you instantly. It’s so great!

And you also improve your relationship to females, you stop being their slave. They know, how to enslave men, believe me, even if they are physically weaker… but Allah granted them other skills, to test you.

Islam simply solves all problems in life. They simply disappear, and you have no problem in your life. Everything is just between you and Allah, no one is allowed to judge you: you missed a prayer? Don’t apologize and give reasons for it, no one will provide mercy. Only Allah knows, what you do, and you are responsible only to Him, not the state. So ask Allah for repentance, He is always accepting it!

As a Muslim, if you see that heavily armed soldiers, friendly or enemy, you have to laugh. You see, what kind of preposterous game they are playing with non-believers, who are full of fear, and government likes to use this fact.

Allah liberates people from all oppression. You are oppressed in your life by many entitites: some enslaved you actively, with their skills, to others you bow by your own decision, as you need their protection, money, or support, as the world is full of miserable, weak fools, like I was once.

With Allah, you don’t bow in front of anyone: only in front of Him. So life is much simpler. Conventient, pleasant, and fulfilling. You stop being a fool, a slave of other humans. Be rather a slave of Allah! It makes sense, as only He can give you all what you really need and want.

For us men, the only hope is Allah. We are destroyed by porn, computer games, social media, we drink the water, full of female hormones, originating from the contraception pills they eat, and then they pee, but the water purifiers can’t get rid the water of these chemicals, so you drink them back.

With Allah, you don’t have to think about chemistry lessons. With Allah, you don’t have to think excessively. Just follow the simple rules, and all clouds will disappear, and you will find yourself, like never in your life. And this process can’t be revoked: once you accept Allah, there is nothing to be lost, as you have the ultimate protection and guidance. The life is complete, when you accept the only complete and perfected religion…

To be a Muslim, it’s an ultimate blessing. I am saying to all fools: keep all the women, all the gold, all the cars and expensive houses, it’s useless, it won’t bring you closer to happiness, not a little bit… but with Allah, life becomes ultimately rich, and you have a purpose, you know exactly, what to do. How could you be unsuccessful then? If you are balanced, then everything is possible… if you serve not to your ego, but to Him and Him only.

As a Muslim, you don’t have to fear anybody: whoever shows strength at you, to rise fear in you, will never win. Fear means, that you are afraid of losing something: life, health, money, property, or love. But it also indicates, that you are too dependent on the value, you are a slave of it.

But with Allah? You don’t need to keep anything. He is the Most Wise, and He will give you anything you really need in life. If something is lost… He took it back, thank Him, and be grateful. If you received something: it’s His gift, thank Him, and be grateful.

To conclude my tale… I still do songs, I love music, but now another kind of them. In my songs, I celebrate Allah, I show people, men or women, what He can give them. They have the sacred right to be informed about His endless Mercy, Compassion, and countless advantages He can provide for them, including peace, freedom, morality, purpose and destiny, healing from fear and grieving because of losses.

I live for Allah now: and He is out there for us all.’

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