The Future of Men

Autumn 2015
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Islamic State controlled no-go zone under Sharia law

It was a kind of strange amusement activity for the Dutch elite police officers, to visit massage parlors in an off-limit quarter of Rotterdam, where uniformed police deliberately avoided to patrol, as local strong Muslim community declared Sharia law there, although without any authorization from the municipal government, which turned their faces away to avoid confrontation and keep political correctness.

Any police car that occured there, which crossed the border lines, marked by a very expressive graffiti on the walls, was soon under fire of heavy stones, causing serious damage on municipal property, even jeopardizing lives of officers. It had no sense to try to catch the culprits, young, even underage boys, who had nothing to lose, and nobody to fear, as they felt fully protected and blessed by Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, and local Muslim community, supported by regular Friday presentations in local mosques about their identity, purpose, value and mission.

However, anybody, who came on foot, and he was a man, was ignored and left alone by roaming boys, guarding the streets, even greeted by local sincere vendors. No one could slip inside without noticing: and any unveiled woman, who wandered here, was soon introduced to local rules, including very persuasive and even painful methods. These were the rules there – you have our respect, but you have to respect our rules.

One of the police officers was lying in a dark room, naked already, waiting for his service. Men had very good reasons to come here, as the local service provided was of utmost quality, serving for full satisfaction. But this pleasure had a price to pay: not only in terms of money.

In the reception, he was told, that there is a new woman here, who just arrived here from a distant land. “She is something, I am telling you,” the salon patron told the officer with all-promising smile.

The man who came, although married, knew very well, how much satisfaction he could find there. And he could always explain this trip as “inflitrating enemy territory” and “intelligence gathering activities”, even to ask for repayment from the police accountants. “War On Terror” had many faces, including very strange ones, that wouldn’t be completely favored by the public…

And then she was there. A veiled woman, who entered the room, was quite small, but her firm steps indicated that she knows well, how to make a man satisfied.

The man only exhaled in expectation, as she slowly approached the bed he was lying on. He could only see her eyes, watching him rather coldly, but he couldn’t see her face, well hidden under veil.

She started working, at first silently. But when she spoke, her voice was so charming, so sexy, but still, pleasant, understanding, even maternal.

“They told me,” she started conversation, “that you are a very nice man. I will be happy to serve you,” she put oil on his naked body.

“Thank you, I like to come here,” he answered in ecstasy of her soft touches.

“Tell me something about you. How do you feel? Your muscles are so strong, but so tense. Too much stress, no? Poor boy. This modern world is crushing you. But you are a fighter, I can feel that! So strong, so devoted to your mission. You are a man any woman should love and respect,” she told him with admiration in her voice, which seemed genuine.

“Yes, we live in complicated times. Everybody is stressed these days,” he replied rather carefully and with distance.

“And you want to get out of all this mess sometimes, no? Out of this eternal stress and doubts about everything you do. Does it have even sense? You live in eternal doubts and fear, you feel that you are losing, no? Do you know that feeling?” she continued her work and made her touches not only soft, but also firm, to his deepest pleasure.

“Every epoch has its challenges. It was always like that, it will always be,” he replied with distance again.

“But there is a way out, my beloved,” she promised. “There is a way, how to find your destiny, how to put all your abilities and strength into something good and beneficial for you, and the society. How to discover a highly satisfying present and future for you. How to lose those eternal doubts and fear.

How does it feel to be a man these days? Don’t you feel weakness and ignorance by your Western women you incline to so much, like a puppy? But they are despising you, more or less openly, and you know that! How could they respect you, if you are so weak? You are a toy they made from you, using all these crap tales about emancipation, women inclusion, equality of genders, political correctness, all these unnatural lies, illusions and corruption.

But you were born as a man, strong, who deserves respect! But they are not willing to respect you, to admire who you are, what you can do. You are a loser for them, full of fear of not hurting them, always asking them: ‘May I, my dear?’ like some poor beggar, even if you feel, that you have a right to take, to taker what you want, without asking.

But you can’t, you are their slave, you accepted their propaganda they poured into your mind, and what became of you? Answer yourself, if you are satisfied with your life, with position in life and society they gave you mercifully, although a sign of a real man is, to take what belongs to him, without any asking or miserable begging,” she challenged him, but she didn’t stop her highly exciting work on his manly body.

“I have to admit, that we men are something like dogs on a short chain these days,” he replied with painful agreement. “Women are full of empowering shit they read in their female magazines, and they are the ones who has upper hand now. And we men follow their lead, we listen to them, like they were our mothers and we were still their weak sons, without abillity to make any own decisions and choosing our own way of doing things. There are walls everywhere, they told us that our society is open, but you are still only a sheep behind thousand fences,” he complained.

“There is only one way to acquire your manhood again, my beloved, and you know that. Did you notice, what happened, when you entered this quarter? Suddenly, you were in a different world, where you have respect you deserve, where all other men accept you as a brother, and women don’t provoke you with their sexuality, respecting your inner peace, so you can concentrate on doing something good, to live in morality. Did you notice?”

“Maybe I did. The atmosphere is different here, and I feel good here,” he admitted.

“This is the way how things go from Turkey to Afghanistan,” she explained. “It’s just about accepting Allah as the only God, submitting to His will. This is the only way out from slavery, my beloved! This is the only way how to become a man you always were determined to be, but you let your weakness to rule instead. But Allah offers you a redemption from these walls and fences you waited for so long, and you couldn’t liberate yourself from slavery of consummerism and faithless emptiness,” her voice became agitated, as he was coming close to orgasm and ejaculation.

“You were not born to suffer. Allah created you to be a man, as He created all life and things. You are His tool, serving for his purpose. The longer you will deny that, the more you will suffer, the more you will go away from inner peace and happiness of living with a purpose, of enjoying the real manhood. I would like to help you, my beloved brother! This is the only thing I can give you. Will you accept a good advice from a woman, inferior to you?

Allah created us women deliberately weaker, to be in submission to you men, so you can lead us to our destiny. We want to be conquered and ruled, but only a strong man, living in faith, can achieve that. And there is the only entity who can give you the strength you need: it’s Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful,” she finished her speech, and a wave of hot white liquid covered her face.

“It feels so great to dominate me, doesn’t it? But there is a choice you have to make! Allah is patient, but don’t run from your destiny, you would just lose time. Accept it finally, accept what you fear, accept Allah, accept your manhood, in your best interest!

Choose living for Allah in manhood and strength, or dying in weakness, serving as a miserable tool for false female prophets and their evil plans how to submit and rule you, to destroy you,” she cleaned her hands and face with a towel, and she left the room without saying goodbye, as a ghost, and he was watching her, as some disappearing goddess.

This is the way, how they are persuading us, misusing our weakest moments, he thought, and he also realized, that he should file a report immediately, what happens here. But her words, so strong and concrete, were hard to get out of his mind. Who was she, anyway? An Islamic State operative, with mission to inspire him to convert to Islam?

When he left the parlor, his eyes were watching the world around different way. Fear… doubts… insecurity… mindless consummerism and submission to false prophets and lying corrupted politicians in the media… yes, that was his world, outside borders of this quarter.

And bitches… no, sorry, he had to correct himself, “modern women”, who are “self-confident, balanced and intelligent”… maybe on their facade, but inside, only fear and insecurity can be found, and they transmit this deadly disease to you, infecting you with the same doom they live in, lost and wandering, never satisfied, never in peace. They made themselves distant from their real nature: and vast consequences of this ultimately bad step had to follow.

And he submitted to their false religion, he realized with anger. He connected to their false calling of Sirens.

In that moment, he despised himself too much. He was fooled.

This has to stop eventually, as she said, “in his own interest”!

But accepting Allah, accepting the religion of the terrorist enemy? Oh, what people would think about him!

If only Islam wouldn’t be so strong, conquering his land so quickly, piece by piece ruling the Dutch society, infiltrating everywhere, as local mosques have grew in numbers day by day and their minarets grew in height…

Where did he belong, anyway? And who was he, anyway? A loser, serving to a lost cause, subjogated by “modern women”, who are both crazy and blind… obsessed with power and aggressive… adapting manly patterns and behavior, promoting their sick opinions, using their secret female weapons, how to rule others, how to spread the sick religion of postomodern times, full of unnatural concepts, false statistics and lies…

At least, that there is a way out of all this shit slavery, as she said. He will think about it very seriously, he thought…

Not to mention, that later, he completely forgot to report malicious activities of the Islamic State in that neighborhood.

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