Wu Corporation: The Gronholm Method (PSY testing of human subjects)

This special psychological procedure, called The Gronholm Method, allows to find special features, hidden deep inside human mind, including antisocial tendencies, inclination to violence and vices, plus to reveal all secrets of a subject, so his or her special skills can be found, identified and exploited for Wu Corporation‘s special interests, including corporate and industrial espionage, direct action, black operations, Active Measures (incl. politicial assassinations), etc.

It was developed by German Military during First World War, to identify favorable recruits with potential to become officers, and later adopted by other world armies, particularly for Special Forces use.

Today, it serves in Wu’s corporate environment to understand the personality of any potential employee well, including CounterIntelligence efforts of Wu’s feared Internal Affairs (IA) department (preventing infitration of foreign assets, to steal secrets of Wu Corp, in fact a corporate CounterIntelligence service with immense internal and external power).

There are rumors, that Imprivata, a Wu’s health care subsidiary, uses similar procedure for testing children (for human augmentation purposes).

To assure total loyalty and devotion of collaborators and employees

Rumored brainwashing/CORPSEC (Corporate Sectarianism) procedures

Covert goal of the test questions: to raise anger, resentment, frustration and depression, so the subject can be easily manipulated to commit various crimes in the Wu’s interest, and to be generally favored towards Wu worldwide interests and operations.

See Sample Questions

Notice: as these questions can be relatively easily answered the “correct way” by those with PSY education or Intelligence training, and thus bypassed, there is a “control” measure, used to “check” the integrity of answers: MLT, or Multi Layer testing. The exact procedure is kept secret, but it’s allegedly based on covert, and much improved polygraph (lie detector) scanning the body of the subject.

Wu Corporation: Recruitment Operations


Alan Svejk