The Infidel Dream

Let’s face the truth: the principal weakness of any man, is a woman, her powerful, seducing, even devastating essence. She can lead him astray, unless he is protected and led by Allah wisely. If he starts pursuing her, if he allows her to drag him into her complex world, full of perfected lies, permanent changes and emotional instability, he will not only lose, he will even become her slave, unless he is protected and led by Allah wisely, to avoid all such seducing traps.

But the decadent, corrupted, infidel Western society wants to have control even of your thoughts, your dreams, so you will stay in your infidel world, satisfied, as a sheep behind a fence, never bold and decisive enough to leave it, to search for endless Mercy and Compassion of Allah.

So they seduce you, they suggest you, whom you should be, to find happiness and satisfaction, at least allegedly and apparently: but you will never find any real freedom, peace, truth, morality, purity, protection, and destiny, without Allah.

They want you to live in a dream: sweet, seducing, as a woman can be. But in the end, after the big Saturday party, there will be just emptiness, which will have to be filled with something: either further sins, or accepting the uniqueness and oneness of Allah, submitting to Him, to find peace, and to become a person you always determined to be.

Following video, “ZHU – Faded”, is an impresonation of such kaffir dream. Notice, how that decisive man climbs the stairs, how he looks self-confident, balanced, flexible, in perfect phyysical condition, like if he should conquer the world tomorrow. But what does he do in reality? He will spend a night between all the naked bitches, who will steal all the strength from him, if he will accept their game, and he will, as they will play hard on him.

It’s a mission of any woman, and the corrupted Western civilization as well: to strip any man from his dangerous strength, making a puppy from him, who can be controlled, and misused. And this is, what you allowed them to become: you live in a dream they inserted into you, not to see the truth: the only way to manhood is Islam. Remember, only Allah, submitting to His will, can liberate you from this sink of lies and estrogen.

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

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Alan Svejk