The Islamic Diet: Only Allah Will Fulfill Your Dreams, Not Only About Perfect Body Shape

Indeed, many infidels, and particularly women, are literally obsessed with losing weight, getting slim, into good physical shape, so they can feel better, have higher self-confidence, and attract success. But to achieve this task is much more difficult, than getting a good education, and making a good career in a reputated multinational corporation, where you can reach the stars: or at least you can live in this infidel dream, in practice being no king or queen, but just another corporate slave, mindlessly consuming, reading and accepting wide propaganda of the corrupted Western media, simply living an empty life without serious purpose, serving bad masters, influenced by bad thoughts by various PR rats, like that omnipresent fools from Imprivata health care, promising you eternal life, but in practice, you will just sign to the Devil in many senses.

On the other hand, there is Islam (=submitting to the will of Allah, which results in peace), the only complete and perfected religion and way of life, bringing immense advantages and rewards by Almighty Allah, the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful, who guides two billion of his followers to freedom, peace, truth, morality, purity, protection and destiny. And surprisingly, even proper weight management is one of the such countless advantages of Islam.

Submitting to Allah means, that you accept the fact, that He is your Creator, and you are in fact His tool, with the purpose of life in worshipping Him, so Allah has always be at the first place of your beliefs and values, because He is the one, who provides you everything, including your body and all possessions and achievements, which would be never gained without His knowledge and permission.

If you accept this fact, then you will start to behave better to your body, because Islam teaches its followers to be moderate in all affairs and circumstances, so the peace inside him or her can be preserved, including food intake and physical movement: and one of the five pillars of Islam is salat, the Islamic prayer, which is not only spiritual, but also physical, so it changes the life of anyone, because he or she executes regular physical activity, not too demanding and exhausting, but greatly relaxing, making any body much more flexible and healthy.

The reason, why infidels fail in their diets, is too much changes, pressure and disappointment from the outside world. But in Islam, you simply serve to Allah, you worship only Him, you know exactly, what to do, what is right, and you can gain peace, by ceasing to listen to all those harassing voices outside, who try to teach you, what is allegedly right, how to live, what to think, what person to be. And they know their job well, all that PR specialists, advertisement masters and various sociopats, so they can destroy your mood very easily, and what you do: you break the diet again, to heal your bad feelings by (over)eating, and you fail again.

And the second day, you are just in the position, where you were always, for so many years with only temporary and partial improvements. Such is the fate of infidels… they can’t be ever happy and content. Something will alwas be missing, bringing you doom.

But in Islam? If you have Allah, you have everything, and you can happily ignore all that obsessions of infidels, leading them astray. If you are a follower of Islam, then everything, what happens in the outside world, has only limited effect on you, because your principal light is always Allah, who never disappoints you or leaves you, unlike humans, weak, unstable and often treacherous mortals.

In Islam, you don’t have to plan a precise diet, you don’t need alleged miraculous pills or trainers: you will know absolutely easily, what is right and what is wrong in all senses, including getting desirable weight, how to achieve it, and how to keep it.

By praying five times a day, you always remind yourself, that your body is important, and you have to take care of it appropriately. But it’s enough to be simply moderate in everything, not obsessed with health, fitness and beauty, like all that infidel fools and their fake prophets, called celebrities, who “teach” you, what person you should be, to be liked by others… oh, how terribly and miserably it only sounds!

Only in Islam, you don’t need others and their bad advices, only Allah, the most wise guidance, incomparable to any human being. That is freedom! That is free will, unaltered by all the vicious and dumb mortals outside, who project their own malicious plans and weaknesses towards you.

It was always a key value for any diet, to be stable, to be balanced, to have inner peace. But this desirable status can be achieved only in Islam, because only then, you become immune to all those rats with PR education, who want to play with you, their devoted slave.

When you have peace, then any diet is a breeze: but if you are not balanced and you can be influenced by outside events, sooner or later you will become obsessed to compensate your bad feelings with food, finding endless reasons, why to overeat again. Moreover, during a diet, when you have lower energy intake, your mind is much more fragile, and you can fail any time, when some temptation will come: all that supermarkets, full of cheap junk food and chocolate (with harmful palm oil, so the rats can make more money), where it’s too easy to fill your shopping bag with bad and junk food, for which your body desires.

And there is another extremely important reason, why you will succeed in a diet only with Islam: the religion forbids consummation of any alcohol, and alcohol is extremely dangerous for any diet, not speaking about many other bad consequences. During a diet, alcohol can seduce you to eating very easily, because it makes an animal from you, desiring for large amount of unhealthy food, extramarital sex and comitting other sins.

If you struggled with weight so long, and never succeeded, then accepting Islam will solve your issue once and forever, not speaking about countless of other advantages and rewards, like freedom and peace, when you can become the person Allah want you to be, not them, all that infidel rats.

Submit to the will of Allah, as He has a precise intention with you, and He loves you, as you are: serve Him, worship only Him, and you will find satisfaction in all senses in life: including getting slim body, if you perceive it important to be yet better worshipper of Him.

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