The Islamic Romance

Except all the benefits, advantages and rewards of Islam, the Almighty Allah provides one more ultimate gift to male Muslims: the existence of Muslim women, who are the utmost challenge in love affairs, unlike the decadent, cheap and half-naked Western females, who can be easily conquered and brought into the bed for casual sex, that’s their only value, to be a sexual object, it’s their own choice, because no one trusts them anymore, that they can be good mothers and caretakers, these selfish, “modern” female creatures, full of fear and doubts about themselves, and their mission.

But a Muslim woman, particularly in hijab, covering her beauty obediently and modestly, presenting herself as a devoted servant of Allah, the only master she worships, the only entity, in front she bows… that is something! That is a challenge for life… like Islam itself. And the male fools like ultimate challenges indeed, to entertain themselves, to walk on a path.

If a Western woman tests you, provokes you, seduces you, plays the games with you, uses her feared “bitch shield” to eliminate unsuitable admirers, and only the strong ones will prevail in this battle without rules, to lay down… then an Arabic woman from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Libya, Turkey or Morocco is a complete nightmare in the sense of conquering.

Not only she is forbidden from extramarital sexual relationships, as any Muslim… but she is simply somewhere else, than her cheap European counterparts, who exchanged their value, dignity and pride for “modernity” and “independence”.

Protected by extremely massive “security” apparatus of her extended family, a Muslim woman is always strong and certain, not speaking about Allah, her sole master, who protects her, who leads her, who provides the right way of life of her.

To force her to submit is indeed a challenge, if you are out of her social circles, and her family thus doesn’t have sufficient information about you, and your family, so they can estimate your value for potential marriage.

It’s so much different, than in Europe, where everybody is having sex without any notification to his or her vicinity. Here, the completely different set of rules apply.

It’s indeed a strange vision, to date with a woman, who doesn’t remove her hijab in front of you, until engagement, so you even don’t see, how she looks, her hair, not speaking about seeing the qualities of her naked body, or even “testing” sexual intercourse with her.

It’s hard to imagine the degree of madness inside a male soul, which the Muslim woman triggers. While the cheap European females are easy to get, watch and consume, the Arabic fruit is most luxurious, extremely hard to approach and possess.

But where the ultimate challenge would be, then?

And the Arabic woman lies. She lies so ruthlessly and calmly, that she doesn’t even blink, without regard, whether you are a Muslim, or not.

She simply expects the extremely high degree of manhood from you, which is hardly to see or demand in Europe. Indeed, it’s a different planet.

But once you start to admire Muslim women, appreciating their unique qualities, there is no way back, like in Islam: it’s for life.

And the best part comes: most likely, she is a virgin, and she will be until marriage, protecting her body temple from incursion of any male, unlike the Europeans, who were fucked by many men before you, and these “male friends” inserted their sperm into your love’s body system, and you, a fool, started to take such dirty, decadent arrangement as normal, worshipping such bitches, like a fool, promising them eternal love, while the foreign sperm is still flowing between their thighs slowly, and the stains are hardly to be removed by a mere shower.

Indeed, for any man, there are only two possible choices in life: to become a Muslim, to accept Islam, to self-surrender to the will of Allah, and to marry a Muslim woman, who provides all the values a female should have, but decadent Europeans “made a discount deal”, to satisfy their obsessions and sexual madness, and they will pay the price for their mindless, faithless consuming.

It’s completely correct, that a Muslim woman is forbidden from marrying a non-Muslim, an infidel, an apostate: how could such a deviated man be allowed to enter her pure temple, to infect her and the future children with some deviate faith, or atheism, denying the mere existence of Allah?

Indeed, Islam is about purity and morality, and Muslim women are the most beautiful confirmation of the Islamic faith, the only complete and perfected religion.

An Islamic romance… it’s a dream, and it’s keeping you close to your Creator.

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