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You always wanted to know more about fascinating Islamic culture of the Middle East, which always attracted you so deeply, but you were too afraid, that your domestic CounterIntelligence service BIS will label you as a potential security threat with Wahhabi links, or a Jihadi like those CCM, jeopardizing your professional career?

You always wanted to get lost in a desert of Arabia, to feel close to your creator, Allah, and immense wealth of Middle East?

You always wanted to hear the truth from Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, who executes her special da’wah (Islamic missionary activity) in the most luxuurious VIP club of the world, Armani Prive Lounge, located at famous Burj Khalifa?

Marketa Maryam Korinkova: The Islamic Princess

You want to know more about Islam, as you consider conversion to Islam secretly, as you simply feel the urge to submit to Almighty Allah, to receive endless rewards and advantages, obtained just by worshipping Him?

You want to break the chains of your evelasting, painful infidel misery, emptiness, wandering the world endlessly, like a fool?

And you want it all to be fully discreet, so you can become a perfect tool of Allah, an advantageous “fifth Islamic column”, well positioned at the infidel rear?

You want to discover your truly destiny?

Then search no more! You just found a perfect way!

VIP Islamic Tours, part of VIP Tourism, a Wu Corporation‘s subsidiary for ultimately exciting travels, offers ultimate packages for all those, who want to be more just mere dumb tourists in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), under patronage of Desert Gate, the main travel operator in the UAE!


The process is simple: as you know, Wu Corporation’s main offices are located at Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and even many infidels are visiting there, to become Wu’s clients or employees.

Wu Corporation: Main Offices Dubai

This shiny, but remote location was chosen deliberately, to be far from European sniffing Intelligence operatives and omnipresent electronic mass surveillance of the corrupted Western governments. Because you have the sacred right for Islamic privacy!

Come here, brother or sister! The Emirates are calling you, to discover Islam, to make your own opinion, and also choice, if you like: to become one of us, a proud member of 2 billion Islamic community, the Ummah, worshipping only one master, the only one God: Allah!

With Allah and Islam, you have purpose and mission. With Allah and Islam, life is worth living, because there is never enough of worshipping Allah and good deeds!

If your corrupted infidel masterminds disappointed you, then it’s time to find another master, and His ultimate guidance for your life: Allah! Become a Muslim, a devoted servant and slave of Allah! Do something good for yourself, finally, after all that lost years of hesitating, spent with mindless consuming, like a dumb fool, a Western empty sheep, walking with invisible chains, serving to evil masters and their wicked plans!

This is your real destiny! Liberate yourself, by making a proper choice! You feel that, you know that, and Allah knows about everything you do, as He is All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All Knowing, and with Him rests the end and decision of all affairs. Even now, you are submitted to His will.

Just imagine, to peel off your filthy infidel skin, soaked with sins and fornication, and becoming the person you always wanted to be: clean and pure in all senses, free, living for truth, but also for superiority and dominance.

Man, discover true manhood, power, will and might: Allah

Woman, discover ultimate submission and protection: Allah

The premium VIP package includes:

Visiting Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, where Marketa Korinkova converted to Islam, and private audience with an Imam, where you can share all your secret feelings, emotions and thoughts, regarding Islam or wordly matters. If you decide to convert, if your faith is true and your heart firm, if you understand extreme importance of this step, which can’t be undone, as Islam is for life, the Imam can assist you. No one will send you home to “reconsider”! If you want it, you will get it, there is no time to lose time again! Remember, conversion on deathbed in invalid, and who knows, how long you will live?
Mosque Islam 10 - Alan Svejk VIP Military Affairs

Visiting beautiful, stylish and glamorous Armani Prive Lounge (located at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building of the world, on 144th floor), when Marketa Korinkova will be present, if Allah will permit, explaining Islam to curious VIP people like you.

Seven nights in Burj al-Arab Jumeirah, the most luxurious hotel of the world, because you deserve only the best, and you will receive a diamond from famous Amwaj Jewellery as a goodbye gift (these features are sponsored by Islamic Affairs department of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s office, as he considers as his Islamic duty, to support visitors of Dubai in finding Allah in their lives)

Trip to the desert and evening with Bedouins in their remote camp, who can teach you something about old way of life, simple living, more healthy, balanced and sustainable, than present ‘Information Age’ of Western madness, propaganda, pressure and lies! You need to return to this pure state, to get rid of all that heavy burden of endless bothering thoughts, and fears!

Optional: become seduced by an irresistible Arabic member of opposite gender, if you want to experience ultimate Islamic romance, and you want her/him to lead you to your Islamic destiny! Notice: This content is provided by external Love Jihad operatives, and Wu has no control over their actions, regarding you.

So, this can be risky, influencing your life in unforeseen ways, that you fall in love, like a fool, becoming completely lost and burning all your previous infidel bridges, asking for divorce, etc. But what is so bad to help someone young and sexy, who needs an EU residence permit, to import more Islam into this decadent land, which desperately needs liberation? Or to provide interesting information for Espionage purposes, becoming a victim of a decent Honey Trap?

You know, that the infidel Chinese (Lucy Lao, Lea Liao) and the Jews (Nataly Hay, Ivana Benova) do such crimes too… will you share your secrets with them, or with your brothers and sisters in Islam???

And much more will happen… but Wu Corp. likes secrets, and surprises!

Price: depends on how well and extensively you will fill the basic questionnaire of Wu Corporation

Rules: No Alcohol, No Fornication and Adultery, No Sodomy, No Contraband (kafir religious books, symbols, idolatry and propaganda), No Insults of Islam and UAE government, including royal Al Maktoum family. Such crimes will be severely punished, in both judical and extrajudical sense.

Part 2:
Alhambra, Granada
Islamic Wonder Of The World

Islamic Republic Granada, Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain)
(includes seven nights in luxurious Hotel Alhambra Palace)
La Ghalib Illa Allah No Victor Conqueror Except Allah Motto Emirate of Granada Alhambra Nasrid Al-Andalus Islamic Republic IRG - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Part 3: Istanbul, Turkey

Part 4: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia The Desert Dream KSA Kingdom Islam Islamic Muslim Allah Mecca Middle East Persian Gulf Arabia Arabic Oil Wealth Wahhabi Salafi - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Part 5: Teplice

Wu Corporation: VIP Islamic Tourism

Islamic Conspiracy: Allah Is The Best Of Deceivers


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