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For a moment, it seemed, that in the end of October 2012, the professional career of a Czech top female fashion model, Marketa Korinkova, who converted to Islam at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, located at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and accepted a new Islamic first name Maryam, is seriously jeopardized, when she was betrayed by her Israeli benefactors, who desired to regain control of their pampered human asset, sent to Dubai, to infiltrate the closest vicinity of the ruling Al Maktoum family, particularly His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, UAE’s Vice President and Prime Minister.

But the girl made the best decision she could: she simply listened to Almighty Allah, who indicated to her, that any worldly challenge can be a hidden blessing: for example, to get rid of any oppression, and to end too wide Israeli influence on the Marketa’s rising career, when her Jewish allies literally backstabbed her, leaving her without any media support or financial resources abroad, 6.000 kilometers from home, without friends, in a very vulnerable both social and professional position, without any word of explanation or excuse.

Against all odds, with the blessing of Allah, Marketa Korinkova found a way, how to turn the tide to her favor, but also to do something great for Islam, walking on the Straight Path, influencing others, thousands of them, including VIPs.

The bold and ingenious, surprising move she made, which opened many doors for her and the interests of Islam, was simply to apply for a very special job: a hostess in the most exclusive night club of the world, called Armani Prive Lounge, established on the 144th floor of the highest skycraper of the world, Burj Khalifa, located at Dubai, and run by the famous Italian fashion brand.

Marketa Korinkova offered them very special service: to provide company for their ultra VIP guests, and to introduce them to Islam, executing so called Da’wah (=Islamic missionary activity), with clear intention to change the public and media perception of such establishments, suspected from providing sexual services, using many women from Eastern Europe.

But when Marketa came there, with her immense beauty hidden in hijab and abaya, as demanded by Allah, the club management, the public and the visitors had to understand, that she is a woman of Islam, honorable, proud, devoted, dedicated and determined, and she has a mission, to improve the world around her, to be an example for thousands of others, offering a simple cure for all possible challenges of life, and the world: Islam, because Allah, the creator of all, loves simplicity, and He is able to remove all obstacles and hardship from the path of His followers.

The news about her special missionary activity in the most luxurious club of the world spread quickly, and VIP people started coming to meet Marketa, to listen to her, to understand better, that there is a fine solution for everything they needed and missed: to return to their creator, Allah, to surrender to Him, and to listen to Him, worshipping Him and doing good deeds, gaining immense advantages and rewards in the process, acquiring inner peace and freedom, able not only to sustain any challenge, but also to become the persons they always wanted to be: balanced, peaceful, but powerful, understanding, that no one is entitled to judge them, except Allah.

Marketa’s effort was directed at both genders, but naturally, it was emphasized by her, as a proud woman, that Islam, and submitting to the will of Allah, can liberate women from any oppression, and if they seek for equality, then Allah is the one who can provide it to them, instead of those social engineering fools, like Katerina Valachova, representatives of faithless, corrupted and decadent Western society, oppressing people with endless fear and doubts about themselves, presenting so called celebrities as examples to follow, only to become another sheep, consuming merchandise from multinational companies mindlessly.

Men and women were highly impressed by the young and shining fashion model, the winner of famous Miss Motors International 2012 beaty contest, who simply changed her path of life, finding and following Allah, and improving lives of others just by her good example.

Soon, the news arrived to three critical places: to the headquarters of Giorgio Armani corporation, located in Milan, Italy, to the Dubai press, and to the Sheikh himself, who was not only impressed, but also humiliated, how badly he behaved to the young woman, listening to the advices of his aides, to limit contact with her, although she attracted him in many senses, when it was discovered by the Emirates Counterintelligence, that Marketa Korinkova is somehow connected with the Israelis, the archenemy of the Arabic world.

The high management of Giorgio Armani analyzed and discussed the consequences of Marketa’s activities for their brand’s interest and reputation very thoroughly, making the final assessment, that she is beneficial for them, also creating an attractive controversy, suitable for the publicity purposes. From this reason, Armani activated their Dubai’s local journalistic assets, to inform the public about newest development, with clear intention, to promote their brand in the Islamic country, using Marketa as their black Islamic horse, and presenting themselves as active assets of improving the society, not only making money, participating in women empowerment activities, beneficial for the sustainable future. Concurrently, they announced, that Marketa is becoming one of their media faces, not only because of her immense beauty, but because she represents the new, hopeful generation of young people, the Millennials, able to change the world.

Thus, they helped Marketa immensely: she needed the publicity, in order to survive and prevail in the show business, getting further opportunities, so the circle was closed desirably for all sides, including Al Maktoum family, when a series of respectable articles occured in the key media of the Emirates, called “Dubai Today”, informing the readers, that it was originally Sheikh’s own idea, that Marketa will be activated for the welfare of others, and Armani simply begged her to use their premises, wishing to bring the most exclusive company for their demanding VIP clients, and paying Marketa a generous wage of 300.000 USD a year, which she gave for the charity purposes: to support Islamic scholarships for talented female school children of the Eastern Europe, so “… vulnerable women from the region will be able to orientate themselves in life well, avoiding mistakes”.

She hasn’t said expressively, that they won’t be persuaded, or even forced to work as prostitutes (in Dubai, for example), so even the covert pimps, operating in the Emirates, appreciated this soft approach, when it was explained to them, that the effort of the Marketa’s campaign is not to damage their shady business, but to promote and spread Islam in the Eastern Europe, an faithless island, where Islam was needed desperately, so she avoided to have them as adversaries, making good strategic move, while still providing women a chance for liberation from oppression and getting an ultimate protection by Allah.

Marketa Korinkova also found a perfect way, how to turn the disappointment of not being engaged for the main female part of Ramy Ayach’s critical video clip “Majnoun”, supported widely by Dubai municipality and many multinational companies: she simply said, and the Lebanese singer confirmed it for the media, that she let the part to Alexandra Pianka voluntarily, as “… she needs the opportunity more, than me. So I suggested to Ramy, to give Alexandra this chance, as she was struggling to get good fashion modeling jobs lately, although she is a perfect asset, and now, she will prove it to the audience. I believe, that this music video will be simply perfect, with Alexandra starring.”

Marketa’s covert effort was to manipulate Alexandra Pianka, a supermodel, that she is not as powerful as she thinks, and she should consider following Allah, to be protected from the worldly influences and interventions of various open or covert masterminds, making anybody only a pawn of their plans. Acquiring such female asset as Alexandra for Islam, that would be a perfect da’wah, and Allah would be pleased, as she could bring thousands of others to Islam, as an undisputable social leader.

Making such bold moves, Marketa slowly became a very important part of Dubai’s structures of power and influence, and this desirable status of her had to attract the most powerful player in the region: Saudi Arabia, knowing well, that Marketa can serve for their interests very well, particularly for their “Superior Woman” worldwide campaign, rumored to be created according to Marketa Korinkova’s shining example of a converted Western woman, a fashion model, leading others to Islam.

Saudis were willing to back Marketa’s efforts with anything she would need, but she was in a different position now, having wide support from all possible sides. Still, Saudi Arabia couldn’t be ignored: the spiritual centre of Earth and Islam was in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and Saudis were giving much of their immense oil money to promote Islam in the world, meeting with Marketa in their interests.

The critical question was: how would be such cooperation arranged, if Marketa Korinkova would like to keep her independence on any party, having good relationships with all of them, but never pledging allegiance to anybody, being responsible only to Allah? She tasted the feeling of being a slave once, when she needed Israelis to get up in the social ranks, but for the future, she was willing to be only a servant and slave of Allah, no other entity, ever.

When she received an invitation to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to meet with the king, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, personally, there could be no hesitation, as Saudis could make the Hajj (=pilgrimage to Mecca) for Marketa much easier and safer, avoiding the risk of being crushed in feared stampedes of two million crowds of pilgrims every year.

Regarding the Dubai’s ruling family Al Maktoum, Marketa simply ignored them yet, as there is a basic advice for any woman: “Feed the wolf, and let him starve, he will come to you, willing to submit”. When she will meet the Sheikh again, she has to stand in such high social position, that he will have to accept her as an equal partner, not a weak puppy to protect, fully dependent on Sheikh’s mercy.

Thinking like this, Marketa much exceeded the bold plans of her original Israeli benefactors, covertly supported by the Czech Army, particularly a highly classified paramilitary PSYWAR unit, who supplied the Israeli side with Marketa’s complete personal file, including her deep psychological assessment, indicating full suitability for the infiltration operation, called SKINNY PUPPY (=Marketa’s code name, as a Special Unit C102: PSYOPS asset).

Of course, that Marketa still calculated with the Sheikh in her plans… she simply improved the procedure, suggested by Operation LATERNA and ENTITA, the predecessors, so the military planners would be much surprised, how far these concepts could go, achieving immense power in such competitive and critical region, as Middle East, not only home, in the Czech Republic: but in the end, the plan was serving for the interests of Allah and Islam, not for any state entity.

Marketa’s affair was widely discussed at the highest state levels back home, in the Czech Republic, where a secret meeting between the Minister of Defence, and the chairman of Special Parliamentary Comission of Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons was arranged.

Although the minister again denied any involvement of the Czech Army in the affair, he was informed, that the Comission considers charging Marketa Korinkova with the crime of high treason, to prevent her potential Islamization efforts in the Czech Republic, if she would decide to return back home one day.

But Petr Pelikan, an Arabist, a convert to Islam and a veteran of the Gulf War 1991, cooperating with the Czech Military Counterintelligence in special affairs, invited as an advisor, warned against this reckless step.

“The asset is now critically important for the overall Islamic interests, and the whole Islamic world, two billion people, will never allow incident, damaging her anyhow. The reaction of Muslims community, the Ummah, would be simply devastating: thousands, maybe millions of people like her would come here, exploiting our weaknesses, to fulfill her dream of our country and Europe Islamized, to tribute her legacy. In fact, we could cause what we fear, just by making this horribly wrong move.

I suggest to let the Israelis to resolve the situation. It was their operation after all, and the Czech State accepts no factual or legal responsibility, how they used, or misused our citizen: we could even complaint, how far this operation has gone, that it’s their mistake, what happened.

The sad fact is, that the Czech Republic will be an object of the history again, not the subject, creating its own destiny. The future will judge the mistakes of us all: including me, who had the last chance to stop her, meeting her at the Prague airport, before her flight to Dubai.

If Islamization of the Czech Republic is our destiny, we should accept it: it would simply happen, with or without her, sooner or later. We played with fire, and now we can only watch, how the fire grows stronger, and consumes the forest around us.

Still, we can rely on the wide experience of Israelis. They were able to contain much serious threats, than this one single woman. So let’s liberate ourselves from doubts and fear, and let’s hope, that our allies will defend the interests of the Western civilization properly, together with their own, Jewish interests.”

But Israelis made no comment, when asked for consultancy, declaring, that any such operation never happened, displeasing their Czech collaborators, who had to understand, that the affair is now completely out of their control, or supervision.

Thus, any further plan the Israelis had with Marketa Korinkova, remained completely unknown. Will they only watch, as she changes the world to Islam, or will they intervene against her, even with their feared executive action measures, to contain this threat?

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Islamic Princess Maryam: Marketa Korinkova
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